What is meant by “seeking the reward from Allah”?

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mon Sol mamajuana. Amen. We discussed this, why the seven? Why the seven fast Ramadan, seeking the reward from Allah alone. And this year. If you want to summarize it in one word it means sincerity, fasting or my own sincerely for the sake of Allah, expecting your reward from him and no one else. You see, the servant means sincerity. Sincerity means that you want your reward and your appreciation from Allah azza wa jal, and no one else, you want to impress a large version, you want to earn a large acceptance, allowance, happiness allows pleasure you want the reward from Allah, no one else. I don't want reward from this person. I don't

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want reward from him. I don't want reward from anyone not not interested. I didn't even want a word of appreciation from anyone. I want my reward from Allah and Allah alone. So now, if people don't appreciate my fasting, if people don't care about my fasting, or really are in care about what people think about me, and the people's opinion about my fasting, I really don't care. Because I'm fasting deserve and seeking allows reward and appreciation and no one else's acceptance and appreciation. That's it seven. And as I share this word deserve and with you,

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you know, especially in Oman, we have a lot of our young children fasting with us, children, the age of eight 910 13. And, and I find that a lot of parents motivate and encourage their children to fast which is fantastic and excellent. But how do they do it? Most parents, what do they do? Almost organizations or committees, they would say that, okay, any child who fasts Milan, we're going to give him $10 for every day. And family members will do this to encourage their nephews, their nieces too fast. They say any one of you who fast 30 days, I will give them $1,000 a great reward. That's good, motivate them no problems. But it's time to introduce these young children to the concept of

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sincerity. It's time to introduce children to the concept of sincerity. Teach them before you set a grand prize for them for their fasting, tell them we fast deserve and ultimately we want our reward from Allah. We want a lot to be happy with us. We want laws approval or laws acceptance allows reward a level pals we don't want anyone to pay us in this world. And then they because people cannot, you cannot pay for my fasting. You can't reward me for my fasting. Only Allah social can do that. Because when you fast, you've preferred what Allah wants over what you want. Because when you fast, your stomach the you desire to eat and drink, and you have a strong passion and a desire for

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that. But then you say in your remind yourself, but Allah loves from me during the day that I give this up for his sake until now.

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So you prefer last obedience over your obedience, who can reward you for that? No human can reward for that? Because you gave it up for the sake of Allah. How can a human being reward you for this? The reward can only be from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So it's time to introduce our young children to the concept of sincerity. Because sincerity my brothers and sisters in Islam, one law he it is what is going to keep you motivated and consistent in your worship until the day you die.

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If you're not sincere in your worship one law he will not go far in your worship. Because if you're not sin, see, that means you're doing the deed for the people's appreciation and approval. Pretty much the people don't appreciate others very often. They might appreciate you once, twice, and then you'll feel your worship or will will break. you'll fail in your worship if you depend on the people's appreciation and their reward. So teach your children the concept of sincerity. When you do an act sincerely for Allah, and expect a lot to pay you a lot to reward you a lot to appreciate and accept you and be pleased with you. You're motivated and inspired to continue worship until the day

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you die. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is always there always watching over your actions, always rewarding you for every single action you do. Even the moments of thirst during the day. Seek its reward from a loss. So again, what is urban?

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Seek the reward the moment of thirst you feel when you feel thirsty during the day seek that moment seek its reward from Allah azza wa jal one law one life

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It doesn't go to waste Allah would reward you even for that second of thirst during the day.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala would reward you for the second for the moment of hunger that you experienced during the day. And for the moments of hardship that you experienced during the day, a lot of social he says in sort of the Toba, there really can be a normal layer your sleep boom, one on one and also one one, I'm not certain fi sebelah. He said that the end of the AI could develop and be amongst

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a lot of social he said that not a single moment of thirst, the experience or hunger, the experience or hardship, the experience, except the last version would write for them a good deed. And this was primarily speaking about those who went out. Lil g heard for you severely learn, but then this concept, it is included also and fit to describe also the pains that the fasting person goes through while he's fasting disabled. Seek the reward from Allah