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The shia clans and the Shia Shia movement have a history of shia culture, including the formation of the sixth largest group within JAMA, the use of light and day differences within JAMA, and the origin of the Shia clans and the Z's. The Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement, and the Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement. The Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement, and the Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement. The Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement, and the Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement. The Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement, and the Shia Shia movement was created by the Shia Shia movement. The Shia Shia movement was created by the Sh

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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise be to Allah subhana wa tada Lord master cherish the creator of the universe we submit ourselves to Allah, we put these none worthy of worship besides you all our hope all our trust all our dependencies on new guidance, hear a lot and we send our love our greetings and salutations to our enemy Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to his, his family, his companions and all the muslimeen that follow his soon until the end of time here a lot of them in this dunya and in the Akira amin

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Alhamdulillah, Part Eight of our series on Shiism, and we have been discussing up until this point, the theology of the International year we said the Chisholm has a number of six a number of groups, as is the case with Gemma. They are sects within Shiism, different groups and factions. But the majority the dominant sect of Shiism is, as we said, The is naturally mme, the mme twelvers. This is the Shia of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, the ones that we are familiar with the Shia in Cape Town, or mme. 12 is by and large, and as I said, they make about 80 to 90% of Shiism, but there are other sects and other groups that are perhaps not as prominent in today's day and age, but they will the

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more prominent group in the past. So part of the series, we inshallah would like to discuss these other groups, and also make us understand why we cannot have a blanket factor upon OSHA, because they're not all the same. We discuss the beliefs, all the beliefs that we spoke about thus far, refer to the army 12 hours, and we went through the 19 different beliefs. So inshallah over the next two, three weeks, we as we round up and we conclude on the series of Shiism, we would like to also discuss the different the history of Shia Islam itself, the different sects, how it has developed. So she has

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and the slide might be a bit difficult to follow. There are a number of different sects. We have the case Sania this idea, the smiley V, Miami, 12, to Syria, the president of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, from a different sects of Shiism. And there are a number of different groups that have come from different sects with enthusiasm, and therefore part of the discussion, we will talk about them. So demographics, we see the car in total make up about 10 to 15% of the Muslim ummah. They identify as Muslims, around 200 million people

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openly profess to be Shia. And countries like Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain actually have a majority population of Shia. These countries, they are majority Shia, and there are large Shia populations in countries like Lebanon, almost 50 40%, Pakistan, Yemen, we know there's a war happening in Yemen, because partly because of a she she Sunni divide, and Kuwait. And she isn't the Shia, especially in Iran, the 12 enemies, they are very open to the fact that they are splitting the beliefs and the ideology. They and they have come like in South Africa 5030 years ago, we did not have Shia, now we have a shear Masjid, we have a community that's full. And these people have not

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been born here. They were converted to or they were introduced to Shiism. So this is an open practice of Dawa from the Shia, and we will talk now inshallah about some of the other groups and six within Judaism. So first question is, why do we have so many sects within Judaism? And this will give you an understanding where the sixth way that she has evolved from and developed this, this next slide is very complicated, don't expect not that one, the one after this very complicated, but it's another six as well move on to the next slide. So why do we have so many sects within Judaism, Judaism, as we said, what they all agree on is the concept that say knowledge should have been the

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leader. When the majority of them went to the extent to say he should that say knowledge is the leader. He is the Wali of NaVi so some of Allah He is the link between men and Allah. He's a special category called an Imam. We've said this before, and the vast majority of Shias believe in this concept of Imam but they differed with amongst themselves who should be the Imam. So every time an Imam died, one group would say, this son should be the Imam another group would say that son is the Imam and then they would split into a new sick you understand? So this is one of the major reasons why Shiism throughout history has always split and mad many six because they differed as to who

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should be the next Imam in line.

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For example, when Satan had Sangre de Alon was, was martyred when he was killed. When he died, some people said Hasson son should be the next amount and not per se. Right? Because it goes from father to son. According to them. That's the case, I need a very small group. They don't exist anymore. So understand this, this issue, another reason why she has so many groups, and within Shiism, you'd find vastly differences of, of ideology and theology, because they have made the PA easy. So therefore, once lying, and the tear is really tantamount to lying, once you are okay with lying and changing the truth and massaging the truth, every group will have its own version of facts, and it

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will change over time. Similarly, that if every new Imam can look at the Quran and interpret it in a new way, then we end up like Christianity, we take the Bible, and each group can change it as they please, you end up with totally new strands and new religions. So within Judaism, you'd find like light and day extreme differences. We know that within

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the object, you have your Wahhabi selfies, you have your selfies, you have your different groups, but even amongst extreme sects within JAMA, you would find large amounts of common belief on fundamentals, because we are stuck and bound by one inter by an interpretation. Whereas if an Imam can come and say and say, we have revised the interpretation of the Quran, and what he says is low, it's like making a new religion. So we will talk about some of these groups. And it will sound fantastical, it will sound absurd that a Muslim people can believe in these things. And I was actually listening to a lecture, listen to a lecture on this. She was talking about the six. And he

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said when you hear these things, don't just take my word for it. In the back of your mind, you must say *, this doesn't make sense. This is fairy tales, you're talking about that Muslims can believe these things. Go and do the research yourself, look into history. To search it, you'll find that what we're saying here, unfortunately, is the reality. So the sixth that we will be discussing, we spoke about the imami twelvers. This is the majority of Shiism, when we have the Z's, we'll talk about the smilies. The other clans, the kilometer, the neisseria, the fatimids, the Druze the new Samaria or the other weights and the highest, which we spoke about already, the the Shia, and we've

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heard about the Z DCF. People must have heard about them, z Shia, where do they originate from? They are probably the oldest Shia branch or the oldest branch of Shiism, the Maumee 12 was a relatively new, we'll talk about how they became into prominence over the last two 300 years. But they these are really the default or the original Shia, the original Sheriff scenario of the law.

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And how this occurred, we see she hasn't began not as a religion or as a religious movement. It was a political movement, claiming that the debate should be the political leaders. They didn't believe in a moment. They didn't believe that he's a link between us and Allah. They said the domains are corrupt, we need to rule this is this is ad Shia. So this ad is of the death of Imam Hussain at Karbala when he was martyred. His son Ali Zayn labin, the great grandson of Nagisa sallam, he was the only surviving member of Hussein's family. Remember Cincinnati, he was the only surviving member of Karbala, and Allison lived in a great great city. The fact that his title is Angel Aberdeen, that

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he's the beautification or the personification of a battle for Allah, everyone, Sunni and Shia agree that this was a pious Wali of Allah subhana wa tada that we mentioned that story. The Khalifa at the time wanted to perform hajj and he wanted to kiss the Hydra. So what but what is army he couldn't disperse the crowd was too much. Then Alexander Aberdeen walks into the harem, and the crowd moves out of the way for him. And Holly first, who is that man, as that is Alison library, the great grandson of Nabisco, solemn, very pious man, and he didn't involve himself in any kind of political issues. He remained in Medina and he lived there and he died in Medina. He is the fourth Imam in the

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Shia chain of imams.

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Any signal Aberdeen around the alarm he had number of sons his eldest son is Mohammed Al Burkett, who was like his father and Ireland is a an Abbot, he remained out of politics. He didn't want to involve himself in this fighting in this, this issue with the Romanians he remained and a CT. But he had a younger brother Zaid, he had a younger brother Zaid, and they basically said that the Imams job or the job we celebrate, he took from his grandfather Hussein, we need to stop the corruption of the Romanian government. And basically he started an uprising against the oma it's because was justified, what they were doing was immoral and corrupt. And he basically and those who followed him

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would be known as disease and this army they

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did exactly what Hussein did that were in Medina. When corruption spread from Romania government. The people of Kufa of Iraq said come to us, we'll support you. When he got the they asked him one question, we'll support you but we ask you one question, what do you say about Omar and Abu Bakr and Omar? So they mean and he said swala oma Mercado de la whom these are the hollyford visa Salam Sahaba. What more can I say that they are the best of humanity. So they said, We want nothing to do with you here in Kufa, we reject the Sahaba. And if you don't reject the Sahaba and you don't curse Abu Bakr and Omar, then we reject you. The she rejected the own Imam like they did with her saying

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they rejecting Zaid. So they actually gave him this term. The word rafidah is a derogatory term for the Shia. It means that ejectors are the one who rebelled we didn't give them that name. Zaid from Allah bait, the Imam, he said you people are now are off either. You have turned away from you, leader. You promised me you'd support me. But when you didn't like what I came to say, you've invented a new religion, that curses Sahaba. We are a political group. We love the Sahaba. But we don't love the Armenian government. So they turned on him. And he was a he wasn't he was he was basically defeated by the roommates and he was executed in a bad way

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was 80s would remain and there would be a minority until today. And therefore we find that the ladies are actually closer to Allah subhana wa jomar than she has. Actually in the past. They were closer to the Sudanese than the Miami twelvers. They don't believe in the concept of a moment. They don't believe in the cursing the Sahaba. They might say say nalli is the greatest of the Sahaba. But they don't call him to a level of an Imam. They have they accept the Hadith and they follow they would say that we are the fifth Madhava Santa Rosa,

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that we are closer in theology to the Zaidi Shia, and the very few of them remain a small community in Yemen. They remain but by and large, and this was the bulk of Shiism for a long time, political Shiism. So this is with regards to the 80s. And therefore the ruling we give to the Z. This is not the same we give to these naturally, mme, they don't have all these funny kinds of beliefs within them.

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Right. So this is with regards to this ad Shia, the next group, the smiley Shia, the smiley bothnia, Shia, this group, this group is the largest group with enthusiasm after the 12 hours, two hours of the big group, they're about 80% of the shear. The remaining 15 or so percent are smiley, this and the smiley In fact, they were the largest group with enthusiasm for about 1000 years. This was the freedom when you spoke about Shiism, you had the 80s, which were basically like Sudanese and you had the Smiley's which were extreme. The twelvers are a new kind of middle ground between these two groups. And this group, the Smiley's, as I said, have strange things and, of course, so much fitna

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within the oma and they remain till today, the presence is still here in the oma. So what's the origin of the smiley Shia? For most of the Shia history, these This group has been the dominant and largest group. In fact, they were playing they ruled a kingdom. But they had halifa that rival the Sunni Khalifa. So most of Islamic history. Well, Gemma halifa nojima was the representative of all those things. But the Smiley's got to a point when they actually had a kingdom more dominant in the Sudanese, the 12 was never had this, the twelver Shia like of Iran, the strong, but they never had a rival, they were never rivaling the Sudanese. The fourth, this is my elite group actually dominated

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and sunova Gemma for a number four, essentially. So

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they have a second largest group of the Shia. And for most of the history, they've seen themselves and they themselves in the past used to say, we are not from the twelvers, we're not from the ladies, we are not from the Sudanese. We are our own group altogether. It's my own beliefs. How did they start? Jaffa sodic, the sixth Shia Imam. So now, I know it's getting confusing. We had, say nalli. This is the doctrine of the Shia. Like we said, these are all Sahaba earlier great scholars say nalley great Sahabi. But he's the first Imam of the 12th then hasn't been Hussein. Then Allison lived in the Shia basically agree on these four. When we had the split bit off the alley, we had

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Mohammed Al Belkin, which is the current Shia and the 80s. There was a split day for number five. The majority of them took Mohammed Al Qaeda is number five, his son Jaffa sodic. Jaffa sodic, the sixth grade Greek Imam, teacher of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and this is where a huge split came in. She hasn't she has his biggest split occurred after Jaffa sodic. What happened? We said this before Jaffa sadhika two sons and eldest son is married and the youngest son moves.

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By all rights his mind should have been the next Imam right

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elverson when Jafar died is my he was going to be the next event, but it's my ill died before his father.

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And this caused a huge controversy within Shiism. So who is the Imam?

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The minority Shia, but they are now the majority. The 12 was basically they were the minority back then. They said Moosa is the among the youngest son. So Jaffa was the mom, his son passed away. So the mama would pass to his to his youngest son Musa, and this is the seventh Imam for the 12 years. But the smiley said no, it's my he was actually the Imam. Before he died, he became the Imam. And when he died, his son which no one saw, which doesn't exist, he is the Maddie. Alright, so now the smiley group emerged and this was the majority of the Shia, the Smiley's believe the 12th Imam is after his 911 Jaffer, we, as the majority say, moussaka from this point on this split within Shiism,

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right and they basically to explain what that split is. And the next slide you can see the names so they differ as to who should be the next Imam in line. So now that is my angle is let's put it this way. They have said this an Imam, Imam doesn't exist anymore. A group of people said they were the first to introduce this concept of a hidden Imam. The 12th said look, these are Mr. Musa is alive. His mind is dead with your email Oh is my English they said no, our email is hidden. No one can see him except a select few of us. We are the representative of the Imam. You see what this is going. You see we this is going to lead to so the founder of the Sikh youth, the elevators, the guys the

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Imams were unknown, no one could see the Imams he was hidden. And only a select few could communicate with this man. We select individuals invented whatever they wanted. And they would say this is the law of the Imam beliefs of the Israeli Shia. Till today you'd find the smilies exists at the hands, the new Syria, the fatimid dynasty that both of us are both Cairo basically without limits. This is the belief and when you hear something like this, a person says La ilaha illAllah believes in reincarnation. He believes in the incarnation of a lower incarnation or lower you have to be like coming in the form of a man like what the Christians say about Jesus. This is part of the

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beliefs. They don't say only they have gone beyond what the twelver Shia say. They say our moms are not just a link between us and Allah, our imams really Allah in the flesh.

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You must say this sounds insane. Read, do your own research. They believe in pantheism with Allah they believe exists in everything that was in the wall lesson the floor. They have and they call this my le botany, botany aborting is the hidden so they believe they will say that our Imam is hidden but he's the reality similarly the Quran what you see on the surface is for you ignorant people the hidden meaning our Imam gives us so when you see salada It doesn't mean Salah it means something else. When you read Hajj for you, England and people in touch to Makkah to us which means go visit the Imam

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because you don't know the truth our Imam knows the truth. So this is how it's my baptism sort of develop.

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Right so this is it's my le doctrine and they were number six with under Islam idealism. We spoke about them before that they don't fast they don't have Hajj they don't make sada it is from this group we spoke about in the Quran, who said that they Imam is the malady and to prove the point that we are different to the Muslims. They said we are Muslim, but we are new religion. They are the ones that came to Makkah and they killed the project in the tawaf and they stole the digital password for 21 years.

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They stole the black stone out of the Kaaba, and they said the Hajj is now but as we have shown that we are the truth, they say that the Quran now is null and void. Our Imam is bringing a new religion and to prove the point we will steal the Blackstone and we said that man had the audacity to say ways Allah ways to tell you don't ever be like Allah season so to feel the birds came to help them when they tried to destroy the Kaaba with the birds. And he started screaming with Allah We are the birds for 21 years, the black stone this group stole the black stone the parameter, right? Then we have within the 40 minutes when the kilometer were defeated, a few of them survived when this group

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of the Smiley's were defeated and the Blackstone's return, a few of them escaped to North Africa. And in Algeria in Libya. They started a new movement with the African tribes, the North African tribes against Islam, and they formed a dynasty based on what they call themselves. fatimids. They said we are and sisters of Fatima, Allah salatu salam, I don't have NaVi solum when this is far, far, far removed, not a drop of blood of Nabisco Salaam in them, but they claim this and they said we'll start a new

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You get a new group of athletes. And this group became powerful. they conquered Egypt. And they are the ones that built Cairo. The capital was victorious. And they built Keitel. They built as a university. Of course, nothing better as of today. hamdulillah is, you know, Cairo has come back. We don't say anything about Egypt in those countries. But at that point in time, the 40 meter ruled North Africa, and they were the strongest Muslim group at that time. They are the ones that began the cursing of the Sahaba. From the member, changing the Adhan introducing many things into Islam. They paved the way for the Crusaders to come and conquer Jerusalem. They are the ones that opened

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the doors, the Jews to the Crusaders to take mazie lochsa. How did they end selaginella up before he defeated the Crusaders, he said, This group is even worse. He got rid of the fatimids first Saladino up great Salahuddin he conquered, he liberated Egypt from the 40 minutes. And then he liberated Palestine from the Crusaders. According to the beliefs of the bosnia they would say, what is what you see making salah and had all these things they would demolish massage it and these things they would say, this is the external of the Quran, where's the internal box in our imams know it, and they halifa they basically venerated him like God. We took the halifa and worshipped him like a lot.

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This is the botany

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Alhamdulillah we said that salado didn't manage to put an end to them. But a group of them survived. And they, they there was a split and they escaped to the north of Persia. in Persia, a group of 40 minutes remained. And they they stayed, and they developed a strong fortress. The word assassins, hashing comes from this group. So they went out they were defeated. But that small group of Shia Islam is living in a certain area in Persia, to still remain us to survive. They trained some of the best assassins in the world, and they would execute any any group that tried to attack them, they would kill that person's family, that person himself, they assassinated to Sunni hollyford they

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almost assassinated So that would mean twice the assassinated Crusader leaders. So based on this, the term obsession comes from them, they develop the seavus concept of assassination. And they remain the for many, many centuries in, in in this area.

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Today, they still exist. This group of Izmir Elisha still exist as the nice area of a hernia.

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They believe, as I said that Allah is within the Imam. They are the only Shia group that still has a living Imam today. So they have an Imam that is still alive today. And he claims to be the Imam of this group, the family of the Imam, when the colonial powers so they stationed they moved from Persia to Afghanistan to Pakistan, in 1800s, the 1900s when the colonial British invaded India, who did they find to support them against the Muslims? This man the head of this group, so this group, the leader, the Imam of the Islamic area, he said we will support the British against the Muslims. So the British gave him the title of Agha Khan, like the King of kings, he is seen as a royal in the

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world. They gave him title and position the only Muslim leader in colonial India that got a special title with the queen, supporting the kuffaar in colonizing a Muslim country where you have the biller, and they claim to be Muslims, so this man, then his idea of a cornea, he was given the title by the British and his great grand central today he is recognized as the 49th Imam, this man, he's the leader of a 20 million Israelis, and he's alive and he says he is basically Allah in the flesh, and he alone understands the Quran. When you make sure that you make Salah to his picture. They pay him these 20 million Muslims sadly, unfortunately, through the ignorance, they pay him 12 and a half

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percent of the charity. The visit only two and a half percent is aka CDs pertain goes to him.

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He lives he has $100 million yachts to private jets. He grew up in Switzerland. He is recognized by the world as a monarch as a king. He's married a number of supermodels. And he claims to be the representative of Islam, that the link Allah If not, if not Allah Himself. In fact, I read somewhere that he is old guy is about to die. So they said his son, when he grew up in Switzerland, they used to joke with him they used to call him Jesus said Why do you call him Jesus said no, because my father is like God and I'm the son of God were

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my friends call me Jesus, because when he dies, I'm going to take over and the 20 million Muslims that worship this man, the other hand, whatever it is, look what his grandfather said. His grandfather said there is no one

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greater than myself. If you think of God of Allah, when you think of me, if you think of appeal, then that's me too. If you think about an Imam, that's also me everything I am you link with Allah, they pay him and he forgives your sins he says make dua and I register everything in my mind. So you recognize by the will in Europe monarchs he has a body sada you don't have to make solder. You just make it two or three times a day. At the end of the day. You praise Him and you ask him for your forgiveness. He is decreed you don't need to read the Quran daily because he is the living Quran he is the he knows what's the Quran the inner the inner and outer Why do you have to worry what you

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have to build what you have to build up Bella? This group of course we cannot say that these things are we agree to disagree on this. So this is not Islam. This is sheer can confer of the highest degree and we make the offer those you know said Smiley's but don't know any better they have never opened the Quran never read the Quran. What is Islam all about? The next group that we will talk about all the Guru's the duties for the for our brothers from the Middle East, they would know this group never heard of them for us, maybe we haven't heard of them before. Another offshoot of Islam idea. So the fourth limit kingdom was ruled by halifa was one of the leaders, the six the 640, mit

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halifa. He was a man that must have been insane. He even took this thing to an extreme. He openly said I'm a law. He would make people worship Him. He would kill people and burn people and do whatever he wanted. People afterwards even assassinated him his own people, but a small cult a group remain that this man is a law, that he's the Messiah, and he will come again in the future. And this group remains still today worshipping this man and hacking be amarilla the sixth leader today they still exist about 6 million of them. They believe you asked him what do you believe the Quran is abrogated. Our Imam brought a new Quran. We don't make any kinds of Salah worship, we worship our

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Imam and how can be amarilla no Farsi no sada. They believe in reincarnation, like the botany they believe in the hidden and that only they know about 2 million of them and look where they live. Many of them live today in Israel. And in Lebanon. They part of the Israeli Defense Force a group of people that says we are Muslim, they take on a bigger box, what religion will take Muslim, but they support Israel in harming the Palestinians. They worship

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a human that died many, many centuries ago, they do lose. And this is a flag You know, this shows them that they're standing there at the gravesite of one of these that have passed away that have passed away based on the beliefs the doodles, so these groups the smiley and a number of groups next week will continue in chalon these different groups, but we understand now, what do we learn from these things? We spoke about the remedies we spoke about the bias. That guidance is from Allah subhanho wa Taala guidance is from Allah that's why we ask Allah for one thing and I saw that he didn't Siracusa clean guidance he Allah, the sweeper, many of these people, sadly, on a bad people,

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they just never learned they never learned that's why the first thing I learned was read, learn. But when we want shortcuts to gender, when we want and we expect that this man is the link between us and Allah. They'll ask what's the difference between you and as when you go? We worship a living Imam, the 49th Imam, the other clan is alive. You go to the grave of someone that's dead and ask that person for assistance. You believe in Abdulkadir Gilani will take you to jail if you worship Him, or you have to build up a cottage and gradually gradually, he's going to take you to jail. You worship the grave of NaVi salsa lamb or the gene or the ancestors or the Olia, what's the difference

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between us and you? In fact, in that case, we said the Christians are in the base because they're worshipping at least someone that's still alive, and he's an abbey nerissa better than all these other other people that are being worshipped. We know that it's La ilaha illAllah. Nan has the right to be worshipped except Allah. None has the right to be worshipped except Allah. There are no shortcuts. Beautiful Hadith we see the result sometimes Fatima

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Fatima your father can save you from janome from the punishment your father can save you.

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Only Allah can save you need to save yourself. Ask me whatever you want of the dounia I'll give it to you. If you want money, I'll give it to you. But the hero that is between you and Allah, everyone must walk that syrup alone. Everyone will cross that bridge alone on piano, your blood, what flows in your veins isn't going to take you to general janam, wife of your own Jenna, wife of Nabina Jana, son of Naveen agenda, based of blood based of houses, but it's what's in the heart that counts many of these groups, and that's why we don't advise any person to engage in debate or to do research independently, because you will find what evidence do you have for all those crazy things that

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you're talking about? What evidence do you have that you can that allows coming human form? What evidence do you have one person's vinyl? I heard this

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He's told me as well he should appeal and appeal told him before you go and had you need my permission. Why? Because Mecca belongs to us earlier to enter our house you need permission at a loss of anodized systems men's Life, Liberty from Pakistan to Cape Town. Why did they do that? What particulars? Allah says in the Quran? Who will let the anthological determine who mean who is to come at hoonah Makita

00:30:25--> 00:31:11

Mutasa we had a lot of fantasies, it is Allah who has seen down to you the book, in the book, liquid an hour verses that are precise or clear, there's no room for second opinions, clear, clear cut, clear cut. They are the foundations of the Quran. This is the bulk of the Quran. But then Allah says we're Ohara but others are ambiguous there is an ambiguous equilibriums even as for those people who have a disease in the heart of your own Amata shabba, who mean hubertushof and fitna, wherever the heart really, those people who have diseases in the hearts, they will pursue those ambiguous is seeking to cause mischief, and seeking an interpretation which suits them. So you find people can

00:31:11--> 00:31:35

open the Quran, and they can prove almost anything to you. So look at this area, to sit like this, look at it upside down, play some mental gymnastics in your mind. And you can come to any interpretation, a loss of 100 dialysis, those people that disease in their heart, they keep doing this. And that is why we say in the day of fitness, the age that we're in, the only thing that can save you and save us after two feet in the guidance of Allah is knowledge.

00:31:36--> 00:32:14

When you read these things, and you realize that they are they they are here, and you begin to see that these groups exists, and they're out. Promoting the power out you protect yourself and your family from these groups. Millions of people fell in the millions of people hundreds of millions of Amity spinalonga below 20 million people making salata this man, they pay him 12 and a half percent of the income and every year he buys himself a boat and they see this man is how can you show how blind Can you be? How blind Can you be? comes down to knowledge? The Sahaba this great Satan armor of the genius, he will love many things. How did I ever worship? He says I think of something and I

00:32:14--> 00:32:54

love this is what what makes you love. I used to make an idol out of this. And it makes Allah and do ask that idol did not get hungry and eat the idol said How could I have been so silly, so dumb to do something like that? The shape on when you go deeper and deeper into ignorance. This was Jerry Lee, you become you can kill your own children. That's what the Jerry Lee Adams did. We kill their own children and their daughters. They buried them alive. shaitaan will put you into that the only way to save us in Serato second gaida Allah and knowledge, knowledge is the only thing. So Gemma can seemingly six exists. And we'll talk a few more of them the continuingly smart idea. We'll talk

00:32:54--> 00:33:30

about the highest and we'll talk about the new Syria, which is the group currently in Syria, the president of Syria, this is the belief that otherwise, what do they believe different to these groups? Even worse, in some, some ways we can understand maybe a little bit of what's happening in Syria. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide the Muslim ummah. To keep us safe. We will live in a time of fitna and absences as we get closer and closer to time to the end of time. knowledge will become scarce. Through through proper Allah will die and you'll find people that are liars according to Jana, they are the ones will be followed. Were the ones who make the headlines. They are the ones

00:33:30--> 00:33:56

that will have the titles and people will flock to them. No easy shortcuts everyone must take the journey of knowledge on your own. So we ask Allah to guide us to forgive us our sins to keep us and our family safe from fitna fitness of the of our hearts of our Eman and fitna in the dunya and in the ashram Allah forgive us and guide us and accept from us the good that we do the other judges according to the basis of our need our intention is to do good if the actions don't meet up yeah Allah we depend on your mercy

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you can mail me once again just a comment here on the on the Tuesday class this Tuesday I might be unavailable might be working late so we've moved across to Monday night seven to eight or 7pm every Monday night is the class and we started last week Alhamdulillah inshallah We hope to see the numbers increase. So on Monday evening is our our normal class on the life on the syrup and also a course code for the first course for the year. It's called The Forgotten jewels. It's a beautiful course you won't find a course similar to this. Anyway. It's the light the lives of prominent females. So we only know of the main Abu hanifa Imam Shafi, what about the women? Will they know

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

female scholars? Will they know female politicians? Yes, they were. Islam was shaped by men and women. But we never hear of the female scholars and the female philosophers and the Warriors even. And this this course is on about 15 or 16 female personalities. And the chef is coming all the way from Canada who studied with me in Medina, and he'll be visiting us in the 20s

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Seventh and 28th of February, and a couple of weeks time, the course will be at UCT. It's a two day course, April 6. I know it's intense, but it's a proper, you know, federal courts. And it's been well received throughout throughout the world. This course is taken throughout the world. It's coming to South Africa, it will be in Johannesburg, it will be in Durban as well. So for your for our wives our sisters can attend for the husbands the brothers attend as well. And even they've arranged a mother's room so small kids usually mothers want to attend, but they want to take the kids with because they cry. No problem is a special room has been arranged for mothers with small

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kids so you can bring them as well. Maybe it's a good thing since the wife and the kids in family law you can do whatever you need to do that day as well. So it works out when like family law. Also just another announcement, someone's shoes was stolen. Unfortunately, please don't leave your shoes in the widow hand area, put in the racks. Put it some way and for the one who steals the shoes we say again, don't come to the teleco myself if the jemar catches you what happens to you the Gemma does do snuck out business whoscored stealing shoes. And then lastly it's mentioned that a few people that fines last week for parking for parking and there was a few fines for parking. If you

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had a fine because you parked for Juma we're not paying the fines but come forward we'll try to write the letter on behalf of the Council. Please don't bring us with you speed over on Saturday night so you jumped it over. Now this doesn't count. If you box for Juma and you got to find we will try to write a letter to the to the municipality to get to the traffic department to in shall have some mercy. So insha Allah please bring for example a high or solo law say now Mohammed Abdul salam,

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Salam Alaikum