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Are the relationships on the regime similar and Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala COVID mursaleen se et now Mohammed Ali also married our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala was merciful most kind of ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us today, you know Russia and the week to come and forgive us our sins of the previous week and the weeks to come. We send our love and salutations to a prophet of Nabil, Mohammed Salalah send them to his family, his children, his offsprings, his companions and all those who follow his son until the end of time, Allah subhanaw taala blisters, Huma Ameen. Alhamdulillah. Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the issue of Ashura and we discuss Karbala. And we said that the historical events around Karbala, they were the reason they were one of the catalysts to what we see today in the

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split within the oma between the novel Gemma and the Shia. And we must mention and I begin this topic by emphasizing that we don't mention and we don't enter into this discussion easily. But it is something that we need to discuss. Just last night, there was a bombing in Lebanon, which killed dozens of innocent people in the name of Sunni Shia divide. And we find wars being fought in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Yemen, across the Muslim world, because of the result of this divide between the Sunni and Shia split. And it's something that we can't ignore. It's on our forefront. This division, there are those who have one view, we have those who have a different view, and we

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need to become aware of it. It's one of the things which we need to understand.

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So inshallah, let us begin in sha Allah. The Sunni and Shia divide is, as I said, last week, it did not begin with to Islams with an obese or seldom departed from this world. It was no different but I have different opinions, different sects. The Sahaba disagreed with one another, no problem. But the political division between the Sahaba resulted in a theological difference. So someone we asked whether she is the from the beginning, in the time whenever he saw Salah, often Elisa Lam, when the time of say no, but no, we see that the oma was united. And they had the same opinions and the same views, they will no six in Islam, they will no divisions within the oma the first sign of division

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was a political division. And Muslims are allowed to be divided politically. I give you an example. Do you have Muslims as part of the ANC? Yes. Do you have Muslims as part of the DA? Yes. Do they? Is there anything different in the Islam? No. But they differ politically. And we said this was the Sahaba. The Sahaba might have fought with one another over political issues, but not theological issues. They did not call one another copy. So they fought with one another. And after the battle, they would make Sinatra Jenna's on one another. This is what they did. And they pledged to one another, and then they had issues with one another. But it was a political issue, not a belief

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issue, not a sick a division. She hasn't took a political issue, and made it a religious issue. This is how she hasn't developed and we discussed and we will quickly quickly I will spend too much time on a summary, a timeline of events to give us some understanding. Now visa salam, he passes away 10 years after the hegira libido salon passes away. And when he dies, abubaker odilon becomes the halifa for two and a half years. They say Norman for 10 years and then say North man for 12 years. So for about 30 years, the oma is under in strength. It's in the on one page, everyone is united behind the halifa. And in those days, we could see what happened Islam spread from Medina to the

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edge of Africa, conquering the Persian Empire bringing the Roman Empire to its knees in the span of 30 years very short period, the Muslim Ummah and a great expansion. Then say now, say North Macedonia law is assassinated 35th 35 years after the hegira by the first sixth known as the Hawaii bridge, and the sixth, no Sahaba hamdulillah are involved in the sick, and this is the only sick which nobody so seldom openly criticized in his life. Now this also says a time will come where a group of people will make sada all Sahaba it will look like this Allah is more serious than your Salah and a fasting will look like it's more more fear when you're forced to Sahaba but these people

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are extreme and they would leave the deen and they will kill the Muslims. So we find the first six in Islam was a sick that was based on religious extremism, that we are pious and holy and you Sahaba you're not good enough Muslims. This is the first six that came in Islam. And this is the one sigma vehcile salaam, he he didn't mention the wahabis or the Salafi so the Sufi to the Shia, who mentioned the Sikh bahawa

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And he said that if I'm alive when they are they, I will fight jihad against them. What do they do? They recite the Quran without understanding young people. And they are the ones that assassinated Satan Earth man saying that he was not Muslim enough that he was captured. This is the the characteristic they make takfeer of Muslims, they declare Muslims cafe if I don't follow the ideology, hunger, no Sahabi involved in this group no Sahabi involved in this group. And this opened the door to what we said the first week now. Now we had difference of opinion, the Sahaba they are they halifa was assassinated. So we had difference of opinion. And we had five years of civil war

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between say nalli and mowing the lawn. And this is where the term she came about. She means parties in the party of the supporter of so you can have today, the Shia of Jacob Zuma, the Shia julius malema, the CFC nalley, meaning the supporters of say nalley political supporters. And in that regard, we are all Shia. We also put a Nally, No, you cannot be a Muslim. And I'd be a Shia of scenario do lon, but then you achieve now we are the only supporters. Anyway, those who say we are not shy of anybody, we are neutral. We don't get involved in any of this fighting. So we had basically two sides the share of Maui rhodiola shi FC Nally, they fought for five years without any

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success. The Hawaii is still alive, they set this. So this cottage, this group that killed say North man and started the problem. Look at the thinking they decide only way to solve the problem, we kill our nc nalley. And they succeed in killing say nalli. And not now. They just they harm him, they severely injure him and for the rest of his life. He suffered by the poison of what they did to him, but he survived. And then we see the 40 year of the hegira save the hassle of the Alon. He brings unity by giving over his speech to malware. And then we have 20 years of peace under mowing the lawn. Then we discuss and this is what we mentioned the last two three weeks, the second fitness of

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the same number our passes away. Remember the shear of Satan alley still the the political party of Satan alley, they were not happy that Mao took over. We see these two groups that she have now he or she have seen it. And she I've seen it basically were told by her son, I support my idea. So you support him. So they gave it's like the DA saying the president of the DA saying I support the ANC and you all must support the ANC. And that's the end of it. You understand? So they were not happy. And when Mao Zedong passed away and he nominated his son, once again this political unrest opened up. We had Hassan rhodiola and we spoke about Karbala. debate of the lions debate and for 12 years.

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The second fitna continues unrest in the oma Civil War, fighting and fighting. Eventually, of course, we say the second fitna ends with once again the Shia of Mao or the Iliad, succeeding, they win, they win the battle and they will rule again for another number of decades, good and bad, and they transform after the second fitna ends, how what is the oma like at the end of the second fitna, what happens number one, we said the Romanians rule and they confirm the con, they change this issue of the halifa to a monarchy. Now we have a kingship where the king dies and his son becomes a we don't look at the base anymore. It becomes King kingship and let's these issues with that as well.

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And we have a huge group from amongst the CFC knowledge of the Alon. We're very unhappy, some of them except the acceptance that we don't want to fight anymore. So we have the situation like we have today. We have the political leader. He's our spiritual leader. He is the Amir. But we have our llama and I will show you that return to guidance before it was the Amir who was the Imam of the masjid and he gave the hook Baba Baccarat de la ley de Sala gave the hookah and he was the leader. This is the base when the political leader is also the spiritual leader. But after this, the kingdom, the kingship formed, we said the politics is in one side. And Islam we look to our dilemma

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for guidance. There was a group that was not happy with the outcome. And they were so upset, especially after the killing of her saying that they develop not a new political party, but they developed a new theological identity. I know this is very heavy stuff. Very, very obvious. A brother told me I'm very confused this past few weeks, but this is vital stuff brothers and sisters, your sons your daughters are going to ask you why are people killing one another? Why was the a bomb in Lebanon? What is this issue of Shia and Sunni? Where does it go about and how do we move forward? inshallah we need to understand this and to summarize 1400 years of history and differences in half

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an hour very difficult. We do our best in sha Allah and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us. So why do we study this? As I said, people will ask and I'm sure there are people in the gym There are three types there are people sitting in the gym I say Why are you talking about this Mohammed Omar is in disaster. Why mentioned more division. We need to be united against the Israel eel and the oppression happening against the Muslims. We should all we don't have time.

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For this division, that is true, we need unity and in certain things we unite, Muslim to emphasis La Ilaha, Illa. Allah, we don't look deeper than that, and hamdullah We are one and we stand together in that there are some who would say, we should be more vocal and make it known that the infiltrating and indoctrinating and they are fighting the Muslims throughout the world with that fear of them. It's also extreme. We take the middle ground where we learn these issues to educate ourselves. We don't worry what they believe. What do I believe? And if I'm confronted with this issue, My children are confronted with this issue. What opinion do I take? So this is basic

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theological theology? What does it mean to be a hallucinogen? Ah, what does it mean? I'm on the side of that side. I never thought about it. It's time we think about it. And we try to through understanding, we were just brought up we hate the Shia, why don't ask just hate them. This is not the way we work. Understand what our differences are, understand where we can unite, where we can say this is a small matter, doesn't matter. He makes a lot like that I'm accelerate that no problem. Understand, we say no, whoa, over a year, we cannot say we agree to disagree. We don't accept that of you. So we need to understand what the issues are. And we have a right to our own opinion, we

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have a right to have our own decision. And this hopefully will bring about a degree of unity. And it's not to make further disunity. Also remember brothers This is the reality is that we're 300 years earlier kamya we went exclusively a Sunni society, we know the Shia are growing. So they are openly mentioning the ideology and propagating the ideology. We at the very least have the right to mention what is our take on this issue? What is our ideology without resulting in a Syria or Yemen we don't want to have hatred and violence, we don't want massage it to be burned down, we still a small minority in an ocean of you know, non Muslims. And still we fight with one another, but we

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need to understand the issue. So this is the Nia and the intention. And I begin before I discuss this very controversial issue. When I say that we ever sees La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul, seldom he accepts the Quran except now besides Mr. Final missing Jesus, the kalama, whatever he does, whatever he looks like, whatever he says, If you say you're a Muslim, we take you at that to possibly make subtle genocide on you, even if you did all kinds of crazy things, you believe all kinds of crazy stuff that's between you and Allah. Duck fear is not my business and your business, not my business to say, This man is a coffee, not a Muslim, that's almost business. I wasn't gonna

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reward you for the number of people who made coffee, isn't it? Would you how many people you brought into the dean? So I will speak about very controversial issues. And I will say this issue is Cooper, you can't believe in that. If you say this, is tantamount to confer. I'm not saying that that man is coffee. So we debate an issue and have the person understand. Understand, okay, so we said already, she refers to the follower or the partisan or the, the supporter of someone, the she of anybody. So what what is meant was the Shia of Satan, Allah, the a lot. That's how it began, we had many Shia of different groups. But when you speak about exclusively, there were political Shia. So you had those

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political people who supported Satan and said that maybe we should have seen it as that I mean, over the years in that case, in fact, we are all political, Shia, we all believe in now. This is the view of the hallucinogenic that we say that the truth was closer, we'll say nalli and the oma had the other groups, listen to him, it might have solved many of the problems we have today. This is this is what the ulama hallucinogens say that we love signally move, the mouth of the lion is superior in language and in character. But we also say number one, and the others had opinions and they had, and the intention was good. But the truth was closer. We'll say now you're on the lawn. So we're all

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political, Shia, but later on this political group, became theological. And the characteristic of this group is that they said that Satan Ali and his offspring alone deserve the right to be the halifa that anybody who is the halifa instead of the debate, or Cofer that gets the act of Kufa and the illegitimate. Now this is where we say no, are you saying Abu Bakar Odeon stole the hell out from say, nalli? Are you saying let's say Norma cheated his way to be the halifa for the dunya. So we don't agree with that. No doubt we love say naledi Alon and his offspring Hassan and Hussein and the great offspring from the haluat. But we don't say that any way in the Quran or the Sunnah, gave

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the whole debate exclusive right to political power.

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Getting deep now.

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So the other name so today when we talk about the Shia, we don't talk about a political group anymore. We talk about a theological group, right? When you talk about the shear we don't mean a specific political group anymore. We think of a group with have certain religious beliefs. So understand, get this in your mind. It began in the time of Sahaba as a political

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Group and they agreed with one another theologically they made solid together. In fact, they would fight as they sit and they will make jealous Allah. The same people that killed has presented on their land made him the Imam when they used to make Sala strange, but they had at least they realized this is not the religion we fighting over its politics we fighting over later on. And today, when we talk about Shia, we talk about a group of people that have theological beliefs that are different to Allison ojama. There are other names, which we termed the Shia today, we refer to as rafidah and derogatory, it's insulting to them. It means rejected because they rejected Abu Bakr

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and Omar reject the Sahaba. And they rejected some of their own imams who did not support the views. This is how the term Rafi lat one of the one of the Imams of the Shia said you people are awful. We didn't give them the name. One of the Imams said because you don't accept abubaker and Omar, and you left me as the email as they say, You people are awful, but it's a derogatory term they don't like and if we don't call people our names, which they don't like. They like the name in Armenia. And this is what the current gr cold email media is naturally a twelvers because they believe in 12 Imams, or seven as they believe in seven imams or fivers different sects within Shiism, there's

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another group called the Somalia, this is a different sector. We'll talk about them both in here. We'll get to that in Sharla. Demographics, the Shia make around 15 to 20%. I think that's outdated. It should actually be more 10 to 15 to 20% of the Muslim world, around 200 million Muslims are Shia, and they are majority in countries like Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, these are majority states and large Shia populations in countries like Lebanon, Pakistan, Yemen, and Kuwait. And in every Muslim country, in every country in the world, where you find a Muslim congregation, you would find the Shia area in South Africa in Cape Town as well. And we mentioned besides Mecca and Medina, of

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course, the holiest places in the world, the Shia are the shrines, the Chroma, the kurama, the climax of Imam Hussain in Mali, in Iraq in Kufa in Karbala, obviously after Makkah and Medina, we can discuss that and we said, and I said yes, last week, sadly, the biggest hedge in the world is to Karbala, to the Kaaba 34 million go for Hajj to Karbala. 819 million people go unhedged Karbala, we see that while we love to say that on the line, this is not permissible, not permissible.

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The Shia have many groups and six, we'll talk about them. And

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so the vast majority of the shadow, and we'll talk about them are called as I said, the Mamiya if naturally, the inami 12 was the 12 hours. This is the Shia that we see on the TV era, what we see in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, what we see in the Muslim the Shia in Cape Town, Muslim utterly, right, we are they follow this understanding of Shiism, with enthusiasm, we have six and we'll focus on the majority sick the biggest sick 90% of them, or what they call Emma Mia is naturally the Mamiya twelvers, the followers of 12 divinely guided Imams, this is what they call themselves. So they say we are Muslim, she are 12 was in Armenia is naturally this like the name this is the name they've

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given themselves. So we give them that name. So how does what is the difference? If I take a hallucinogen ma Sunni Muslim, and Shia 12? What is the difference between them?

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Do they look different? They smell different? What is they believe? What things that differ differentiate them? We can say a small and minor and what things that differentiate them? Can we say? Not acceptable? So how and how did they begin? We said that this the the party of Satan alley, the companions, the Shia of Satan alley. They said that scenario, they lost out, right? So they were against the government, they lost out politically. So they change the message to a theological message saying that say not only rhodiola not only should he have been the halifa in his time, but how he shouldn't have stood up. In fact, Mao is careful, according to them for opposing him, but

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that he was divinely selected, and that nobody so solemn, appointed him as the amine after he died, meaning he should have been the I mean, first in a time of saying that abubaker and that only his offspring can be halifa.

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Okay, and that all that the position of the halifa will talk about this is not just a political issue. He's a spiritual leader. He alone has the right and the ability to understand and interpret the Quran. And what he says what he says, you have to obey, almost like an abbey. In Ensenada. We say that, I mean we OBEY Him, but we have a right to disobey Him in terms of disagree with him or disobey Him. We can disagree with him. He's still a man. He makes mistakes. You won't have all the right decisions she has is no, the Imam like the halifa is an Imam and he has a special place. He is divinely appointed. So think about it. And this is the story

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You have a group or politically outside, they don't have any ability to get to the power. So how do they get people to join them? They would say, Do you know that Nagisa Sallam he appointed his family and his family have a divine ability given to them by a law?

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And then all of these Sahaba and all of these outsiders have usurped the power. And therefore we are a small group trying to defend Islam. You if you don't support us, not a political issue, but nothing to do with government. It's now theology. So this is how this group they developed. And as I said, we will talk about the beliefs today about nine points in sha Allah. Nine issues of belief that you must have heard the view with regards to the halifa versus our view, we view with regards to Sahaba. How do they see Abubakar and Omar on the line? How do we see them? And this is a small issue or a big issue. They as I said, Mr. Matt is a huge in fact the name is Mr. Miyagi, the the

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Imam today Imam Ali Hussain is a huge issue to them. It's a it's an article of belief we need to understand when we say Imam is making salah and that's it. When they say Imam it means something very different. The tea you've heard this term before Mr. Modi, this individual come close to the end of time. What is the view of the Quran is the Quran the Quran Al Quran the same? We need to have a balanced view here regards to the Sunnah debate and other issues, which you've heard several times in the next three, four weeks, discuss these nine points of belief. And we begin with the issue of the caliphate. And I said, This is what began

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a political difference as to who should be the halifa. the losing side, some of them made it a theological point. It's like the ANC saying today, with the DA saying today, we are not in charge and they can't win. They they can't win the election. So they said that in the Bible, it says we need to do and if you don't support us, then you're not Christian. You understand this is basically a political issue that took theological ways to support itself. This is the how she hasn't developed. So, what is the what is our view with regard to the halifa? When we say califa, Abubakar and Rama rhodiola. What do we understand? We say the halifa is the successor, the man who will rule

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the oma after NaVi salsa lamb. But in political since the halifa is not a new Prophet, and he does not have any knowledge of the unseen In fact, Nagisa himself did not have any knowledge of the unseen as per the Quran says, Only Allah has knowledge of the unseen, that the halifa had no special divine power was given to him to Allah subhanaw taala he was just a man and I mean, it may be so salamu do this throughout his life, we sit so many battles. Now recently, we appoint you are the jailer of the Bethel. Not because he had special knowledge, no, because he was the best equipped for the job, the best qualified for the job. He's like a manager. Obviously, we hope that he's also an

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example for us to follow, right, but he is no special power given to him. And we say that the Quran does not mention who should be the halifa node as the tsunami. So Sam, when he passed away, he did not appoint a successor.

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So the Sahaba after the death of NaVi saw Salaam, like any matter, they said, We should rule the oma. They made it they got together and they made him Ashura, the leading Sahaba ibaka number of the line and the leading Sahaba they got together and there was a bit of a meeting for a few days, there was no idea what's going to happen to the Muslim Ummah, and they selected Satan, Abu Bakar rhodiola why abubaker Firstly, we see this method he had, when there's a matter we, it's open to interpretation, if they chose, say nalley Alhamdulillah then we accept that was the business if they chose a normal hamdallah base decision, but they chose Satan abubaker they chose it on us. They

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chose him.

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On what basis they choose him. We know the virtues of Sr borromini In fact, he's the only man I say this again, the only man in the Quran where Allah subhana wa tada describes the Sahaba and Allah says, when the two of you in the cave and you sit to your Sahabi your companion, that

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was my mind I was with us. Right? Allah says when the b2c to his companion in the cave wasn't the case.

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So from the Quran, the only person Allah called Sahabi is a broker of the loss of partner and the same could and we find throughout the world, so no doubt of the status of a broker. If you notice throughout the numbers of the life as he sees that you can debate that a buckaroos at the side and by the N od was made the hegira he was the first man to become the first or second man to become Muslim. We also know when the basis of this is very important. before he passed away, he was very sick, unable to lead the Salah. So who did he make Imam? He made Abu Bakr rhodiola lead the Salah.

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Once he heard say normal leading a Salah I said stop the Salah, tell Omar we don't want him we want only aboubaker must lead the Salah the year before when I recently made Hajj.

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Morocco was two years under Islam. Maybe some didn't go the first year for Hajj Millicent and Amelia to perform Hajj. He chose say no, but could you be the Emir of the Muslims on Hajj? So based on these facts, so whoever made the decision, you were the number one qualified person who was an abyssal Salaam did not let anyone lead the Salah except aboubaker. And if you live the Sala to abubaker, the matter of politics is smaller than sada. This was the thinking that he had made since

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the Shia say no. They say number one in Ibiza Salaam he appointed a successor. How could he die without appointing a successor, you must have appointed a successor and the Sahaba buried the information. And the Sahaba were the they knew that he appointed say Natalia Sahaba and they disobeyed that they deliberately went against the commander of Nagisa Salaam and denied the scenario being the halifa.

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So the Shia say this is from the books. The she on the other hand, they believe that the caliphate was usurped, stolen through a well planned conspiracy in which systematically all the occasions all the sayings or the Hadith of the visa salon appointing say nalli will either erase completely or distorted and misinterpreted in order to justify a knowledge exclusion from immediate succession to the caliphate. So they so this is the view. Right? So we disagree with him on that. We say no, nobody's never pointed say Natarajan. If he did no problem, we'll say Nally but he didn't offend anybody. And the Sahaba they did not will never have disobeyed Nabisco in that matter.

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They believe also that only 12 there'll be 12 Imams, there's a hadith will not be some says 12 divinely guided believers will rule. And then it'll be the end of time. So they took this hadith and they made it into a theological thing, saying that the halifa is a divinely appointed Imam. And when the 12th of them comes, he'll be the Maddie. And we need that. And when he when he's gone, it'll be kiama. So this was, these are the 12 imams as mentioned by the Shia, this the list of them. The last of them was 1200 years ago. And Hamlet is no piano. So what evidence we can ask and I tried to be balanced here. It's very difficult to be balanced. So I said point number one with regards to the

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caliphate. The primary difference between us and Allison. It's not. It's not making solarstone those things are minor. The big issue between Allison well, Gemma and the Shia, is that they say Satan Allah was appointed directly by narcissism. He said and abuse and said, Sonali, you will be the Amit and he said it openly publicly to everybody. And the Sahaba knew that when Ibiza son passed away, before he was even buried, they got together Abu Bakr and Omar and they conspired the plot and they put Abu Bakar in charge, and they knew that if you do if they did this, it is Kufa then we sing the Sahaba coffee if they disobeyed so directly a blatant command of Nagisa salam, our response to say

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Sahaba de mon would never do that. And number two we is this appointment we didn't to be so seldom appointed appointed nearly as that I mean we don't have a problem to say nearly Remember that no problem saying if he did appoint say nearly as I mean hamdulillah is our meat we accept that but we say nothing did not do such a thing. So they give certain evidences and we need to understand the arguments and know what is the response to these arguments they say the Aqua onic evidences Look what I'm saying it should have been me and then there's obviously Heidi and the virtue of say nalley which they use so let's discuss some of the arguments The first thing they would say and this is one

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of the new year

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which is okay so the IR in certainly sir. Allah says yeah, you were letting me know it or LA obey Allah Oh, you believe, obey Allah wa t Rasool and obey the messenger, will me remain calm and those who are put ahead of you in authority, those who are in a position of authority that says you must obey Allah and you must obey the rule, so solemn and you must obey the man who is in charge. I mean, you see, like Allah is infallible, and you can't disobey Him, like nobody so seldom infallible upon disobeying the authority that Amina is also infallible, you can't disobey they've made it on the level of the obedience to Allah and the lawsuit. This is the argument from the Quran response we

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said look at the I was Yeah, you will Edina amanu it Allah obey Allah wa t Rasool.

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Allah does not say and obey specifically the word has changed will remain calm. When our continues read the rest of the ayah for internatia to fishy in but if you disagree in any matter, between you and the halifa and Amir, you and those who are in authority above you if you disobey in any matter for who do Allah in a lawyer or soon will refer back to the matter to Allah and the Rasul go back to Quran and Sunnah. Had this being absolute obedience to the authority that's infallible, Allah would not have given you this option.

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Send a very high grade discussion you know? So they say, you cannot, like you cannot disobey Allah you don't have a question if Allah says jump off the mountain you must obey no choice about it. Nobody says jump up the mountain. Notice no debate. She has is then allowed to seize that authority that an Imam. So he also as absolute obedience, said no read the ayah Allah says then if you disagree with the Imam then go back to a line that are soon look at the Quran and Sunnah. So we say that clearly shows that the Amir is not infallible, and Allah did not appoint a divinely a divine successor. This is one argument which they use continuously. Another

00:30:41--> 00:31:22

another powerful, powerful argument they use and this is something very common. They see the answer to Merida is number 67. Allah says yeah, you are a soul. Messenger of Allah bellisima and McKinsey La La come Arabic see conveyed to the people what I have seen to you were in length and if you don't give the message over from Abba, laughter is a letter then you have not given over the commodity you have not conveyed you have not done your job basically. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect you against the people. So the she I say you see in Ibiza Salaam wanted to say say nalli should be the me but he knew the Sahaba not gonna accept Allah commanded him. I was really insulting them. But

00:31:22--> 00:31:53

this is the this is the interpretation of this. If you read the Shia takes, what is the Tafseer of this ayah they will say that in Ibiza Salaam was no need to appoint a nanny, but he was gonna offend the Sahaba so he was too shy. So Allah revealed the ayah No, Mohammed, you must give over and tell them say Natalie, he should be the Amir. And if you don't worry about it, I will protect you. Right. So this is the argument. You say look at the eye, look at the ayah before an eye off the who is talking about Allah Subhana Allah says in the ayah before it speaks about

00:31:56--> 00:32:31

the people of the Torah and the Injeel. And in the next ayah in is 68 after that Allah Subhana Allah says, Look it up if you don't do this or that the context of the ayah is about the Jews and the Christians. So I was telling them Don't be shy to speak the truth to the Jews and the Christians. Even if they're not happy about it, I will protect you look at the context Allah would not put this ayah in the middle of a discussion with 100 tabs open open circle now either recite the ayah before 67 the ayah of the 67 nothing to do with Muslims being the success of

00:32:33--> 00:32:46

our time. And I this is this is our time is up actually and this is the biggest evidence This is the biggest evidence that she I give and I'll give you an introduction to it. So these are these are these are occasion called are they for the home

00:32:47--> 00:33:11

and she actually take this day as the biggest celebration in fact if you look at the this is a description of one of the websites who then home is celebrated with great rejoicing by the Shia because they commemorate the last instruction of Nabhi Sasa lamb to the believers we appointed Sonali as the meat so we asked the Shia awaited Nabi so Salaam appoints a leader of the Alliance as his successor, they sit at the food at home, the event of today who

00:33:12--> 00:33:50

whom is sick upon at the place of the spawn. Now, these are some sent to the Sahaba. And you will find that this event occurred in our Sunday books, Kocharyan Muslim, it occurred and you'll find Hadith in that place in our texts. And I think from our from the Sunni books in the results from says the Messenger of Allah Salaam stood up and addressed us one day at a well called whom and upon whom he said, between Mecca and Medina, and he praised Allah and he exhorted us to do and he reminded us, then abbyson said, I am leaving you also have and this was just a month or two before Nabisco passed away. He said I'm leaving you two important things, the first being the book of

00:33:50--> 00:34:34

Allah. And the second being my debates, I remind you of the people of my household, I remind you of the people of my household, I remind you of the people of my household, interior media, who say those famous verses or those famous lines, really, at least for me and I am from him, he is the molar the Wali of every believer, whoever takes me as his molar as molana that alley is your mowlana also we find this interior media and Buhari and Muslim. So this is see this is the evidence when abbyson appointed, say nalli as his successor, and you confirm that this event occurred. How do we respond to this? We say, inshallah, next week, we'll discuss how we respond to this. This is a guy

00:34:34--> 00:34:43

called insha. Allah, our time is up. I don't like to go over to him anymore, which Allah so we'll just we'll continue on this discussion. So we discussed some of the evidence. As I just to recap quickly.

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

The point is, it's a political difference. Groups wanted to see and debate leading. They didn't succeed. So they changed the message from a political one. This is hundreds of years later to a theological one, and these are the evidences they giving and we give the response and every week inshallah, I would like to end up with this idea.

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

This one is to remember where Allah Subhana Allah says, and the foremost the only thing we have in the Quran about Sahaba What does Allah say about? Allah says acerbic poonawalla on the very first people who embraced Islam of the Maha Jean, and the answer the people of mocking the people of Medina, and those who then followed exactly the example, Allah or the alarm, allies pleased with them, and they are pleased with Allah and Allah is prepared for them, gardens genette, under which rivers flow to dwell they in forever and this is the supreme success. This is what Allah says about Sahaba Why do we say about the law and Allah? Because Allah says I'm pleased with him. So we even

00:35:37--> 00:35:42

want to talk about Sahaba this idea in your mind, Allah has already given a stamp of approval to these people.

00:35:43--> 00:36:21

Judge What choice do we have 1400 years to second guess the intention and the hearts when Allah put this in the Quran? So inshallah we continue next week in sha Allah cgminer you can mail me people I've said this. You don't actually have to if you want the slides, you don't need only the slides. Bring a USB we have our audio is recorded can also be copied over in Shao Sierra class will begin once again this Tuesday after a mother Uppsala sobre la paz Sivan insha Allah and just on that note we would be very sad the Sierra Club's because a brother was always attending brother what he buys when we sit in a corner they passed away I'll look around granting pipelines in general also look to

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have submarine is out man from our community. father asked me to have patience and sober very difficult year for my wife and signposted when the same emls trying to make easy make this a cafaro and expansion. Also Antezana is sick in the hospital has asked me to offload school stones as always trying to make it easy and over 70 years old so very difficult. Also was announced sadly, someone's shoes was stolen two weeks ago. Don't leave issues there in the wooded area using the Rex and anyone who still shoes and the Jamal catches him We won't stop what even Gemma which has to do with him. I don't come to the chairman or the email channel. And then lastly, I'd also like to announce that

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people have asked that this is time the meetings are happening and it's happening. So if you have a need for an extra clause or a marriage clause speak to me we're going to try to arrange one if the numbers or the we'll try to arrange one quickly in the next week or two. A to Z to marriage A to Z tomorrow one day you need to know everything you need to know to be going on tomorrow. You're gonna get married you intend to get married. So let me know we can ensure arrange something sokola higher or solid state now Mohammed was Salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa barakato