Muhammad West – Ashura – Part 03

Muhammad West
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali also big man, my beloved brothers sisters in Islam sidama alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah or Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala was brought us together once again and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive the shortcomings of this last week and to grant us success in the week to come. Allah bless us in this holy Walk of Juma Allah subhanho wa Taala brightness and grant us and our family success and prosperity in the weeks and the days to come. I mean

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zikalala I'd like to begin by thanking the Gemma. I have received many calls and many well wishes for the birth of my son Alhamdulillah. And I you know, it means a lot in sha Allah that the Gemma's so much care and concern. And we ask a lot to bless all our children, that they may grow up in obedience of Allah, that Allah Subhana protect them, keep them safe from the evils of this dunya where they find a world where we leave for them a world better than the one we found and Allah Subhana Allah bless and protect all of us. I mean,

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two weeks ago, I wasn't here last week, two weeks ago, we were discussing Ashura and we spoke about the killing of Imam Hussein. And we said that while many many times when we listen to a lecture on assura, usually it ends at Karbala. But we know that the fitna the second fitna, didn't invade, civil war would continue for about another 10 or 12 years before the oma once again received stability. And this is why it's called the second fitness. So just to recap what we said in the last two weeks, we said after 20 years, I mean winning law of the land, he became the I mean, he became the halifa after the first 1% growth, unity, and mountain was the Hollywood for 20 years before he

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died mowing the lawn. He selected his son he appointed his son as he to be successor, he appointed him as the halifa.

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And to avoid the fitna, many of even though he has he there are many issues with him, even though he was also hobby, even though he was sort of the best of character, he was a fit to be the halifa many of the Sahaba was still alive, most of them, in fact, all of them in fact, they gave the pledge and they accepted yazeed as the halifa to avoid civil war and fitness to amongst the Sahaba, the junior Sahaba second generation so However, they could not find it in themselves to stand and accept injustice. And they stood up and they said that we will not accept you as it is halifa but we don't also want to fight so they left Medina and they went to Makkah and who these two individuals who sit

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the one is of the law even as a debater of Yolanda will speak about him today inshallah and of course for saying rhodiola or saint even alley, even Fatima rhodiola and whom the grandson of NaVi so seldom, and we said we spoke about Karbala with procedural procedural the alliance in Makkah, and the people of Iraq was the first to rebel against yazeed that they said we cannot abide by him he is this and that and many evil things that he was doing, and they told her saying to come and liberate them and save them. Eventually, after almost a year of insistence he has are saying that all the other went to Karbala went to Iraq to the people of Kufa not with an army with his family with his

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women and children. And on his way the army of Yazidi as eat St. ageneral obey the law even Ziad even Ziad he sent a general and army and a government agency yet to stop proceeding from getting to Kufa and they stopped proceeding that odilon at a place called Karbala outside of Kufa.

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And they, they unfortunately they massacred the grandson of NaVi salam, even when he asked them give me permission to go to yazeed personally give me permission to go back to Medina give me permission to be exiled in Let me speak to you in this and as we say that many of the soldiers said that even the non Muslims when we fight Jihad ask us for these terms and conditions, we have no choice but to accept one of them. So these were very reasonable requests from saying about their land. But this young man even Zia, this arrogant this obnoxious man, he insisted you come on your knees, kiss my hand, and if you don't, we'll kill you. And they did that. And they killed Hussein rhodiola and the

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entire family of Hussein. They left none of the older men and the children.

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The males they killed them and these were the grandson of the prophets of Salaam,

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nephews and nieces and and grandchildren of the debate.

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Excuse me, her recovering from a little bit of a cold so they so they killed her saying that are the alarm and the way they did it. They decapitated him and they lift the bodies they in the sun and they tortured and mutilated them. Every one of his family of his children were killed. He only had one son, Ali zainul Aberdeen we've heard about this name Ali, the son of her son. So Ali, even her saying even Ali, the grandson of Satan.

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great grandson of Nabisco Sallam name was Mr. Bean. He was sick on the day of Karbala, so he was in the tent with the ladies

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with a fever, and he was not killed on that day. And just to show the brutality of these people that took the hit of Racine on the lawn, and they brought it in front of the people of Kufa, so he the man evens he had wanted to make a statement, and he took the head of the grandson of libido Salah, and he started hitting the face of procedure of the lion with a stick, and he started insulting Hussein and talking to the people badly until one Sahabi stood up and he says will lie. I saw the lips of Nabeel Salaam on those lips. And this is the face that Nabisco salon could not get enough of. This is the face of this man's face. The VESA salon would kiss Hussein uncontrollably many ID

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few people would have been even said the Hadith with a Bedouin comes from the Bissell salon. And he says I've never seen someone kissing, you know, sons and the children of resources if you don't have Rama, in your heart, alone have Rama on you, meaning the Beatles and openly publicly would kiss and play with his grandsons and hear you hit the face of this man was granted on the Beatles album. They sent the head of cusine to yazeed in Damascus and the women of Hussein the females and alleys in Aberdeen, they went to Damascus. And one good thing we could say about yazeed he spent the life of Ali Ali even her sons in Aberdeen, when his governance told him killed us offspring of her saying

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you always be a problem for you. He didn't kill him, he spit him. And this is this is one thing that you could say about the ezine although there'll be many things about your z that we'll discuss today.

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We said that the result of Kufa in an analysis would we blame? First and foremost Sahaba blame the people of Kufa because they called Hussein they and then they turn the back on him. When he needed the help. They rejected him and he was killed. Then of course, even Ziad and his soldiers and yazeed they obviously pulled the trigger. They were the ones that did did the killing. And we said this event was so bad that till today we have Sunni Shia split, because of this event, all the fighting and the killing and murder we see in the world was because of that event and those people who had a hand in it. They think machines blame Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and have mercy on us. We said

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after that, after the killing of her saying, I want to learn who the people of Kufa, a group known as a Tobin that he painters, they Five, four years, five years after that, they built a shrine

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over the grave of her saying about the land. And sadly, something that we need to note, if you didn't see to about two weeks ago, when we had when was assura. The largest hedge in the world is not to Makkah, but it is the shrine of Racine. More millions of people come to the grave of saying that on their lawn. And unfortunately, the stuff that we see the while we feel sad for him, I'm saying and we lament his death and we feel we feel for them and we support him for saying we hate to see we don't go to the extremes. We don't beat ourselves as these as this group does. And we don't bow to integrate nothing to the grave of Muhammad Al Salaam, and we don't cry and, and and and

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scream and three our clothing. This is not of the way of Nabisco sanlam at anybody deserve this kind of treatment. In the case of hammocks or sell them, we should have been doing this more than that. Right? We should have been bowing at the grave Navy so seldom but we don't bow to integrate we only belt Allah subhanaw taala and but this is part of the result of Karbala. And this is the beginning of Shiism that we know today. This is how it started. The people of Kufa felt so bad at these urging crusade they felt that they were responsible for what happened and they were responsible. So as a way of trying to make Tobin's incorrect, they started to beat themselves and that's why today we

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find groups beat themselves. And they made law and its default at the grave of Racine. And of course, we said it's not permissible only Allah subhanaw taala forgives. But we said the fitna did not in the what happened next. What happened in the oma after this procedure? What did the Sahaba do? This is what we call the second fitna.

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And as we see that when we talk about fitna, you're in South Africa fitna means skin, right. That's not what fitna really means fitna. If and if Dino is a test, a trial, it is what the blacksmith does to go to purify it. So fitna can be a good thing also, but it's something difficult. And when we talk about fitna when the Sahaba spoke about the Great Britain and they talk about times of confusion, will you don't know what is it who is fighting who and what's the right or wrong, like in Syria, for example, we don't know who is killing who and why are people fighting? Everyone's involved. Everyone is getting hurt. It's just a fitna it's a mess. And that's why when we talk about

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the great fitness, the fitness a daily we are all confronted with fitness, temptation, tribulation, all of us. We have minor fitness in our lives and all of us will go through it. But we talk about the great fitness we talk about two things. The great fitness is when the Sahaba fought amongst themselves the first and second time this is the second

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fitness and min Sheree fitness, mercy hit the gel. The great fitness will come in the gel will come where people will not know which way to go, what is good or bad right and wrong, the gel will deceive us. So a situation of complete confusion. This is what we call the great fitness. So the second fitna now is beginning. It starts now with the killing of proceeding around the land the murder of Hussein. We said that in Mecca. Already there was a building surveyor. There's other young Sahabi second generation Sahabi. Withrow same said, we will not give our pledge to yazeed. And the people of Makkah supported him and the people of Marcus and we will not play too jazzy. After the

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kids are saying, now it's even more clear that he has he cannot be a man. We found out so Makkah openly rebelled and the Romanians

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when I say Romanians, we need to know that they were tribes within the kurush. They were tribes one of the tribes was Balu. Maja say North Mandalorian was from the stripe. We had Banu Hashim Nabisco, someone from the stripe, there was another small another new three main tribes, zoomies Pooja * holiday stripe but this tribe would basically disappear and two tribes would be prominent encouraged by new Hashem, which celebrates family of Nabisco salon. Not only the Kabbalah hub was also from balharshah just being from a certain tribe doesn't make you any superior. And the bamboo omiya they had good people and bad people like you had say North man from Romania and yazeed also from Romania

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good and bad. So the bad omiya they are now in charge. They are the governors and yazeed is from the tribe and he's the halifa.

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So by no means so that the authority is being now under three they dealt with foreseen and they saw Abdullah openness debate in Mecca has now rebelled against the authority. So they stay power was in Syria in Sham Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Damascus, and he sends an army yazeed sends an army to stop the people of Mecca from rebelling to go and basically do to the Lebanese debate. What they did to Jose Jose in Makkah, remember her saying one of the things he said while he's leaving Mecca, he doesn't want an army to fight in the harem, or rather go to Iraq, he was fighting going to be done not in Mecca, Mecca, so they sent an army.

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When this occurs the people of Medina So at this point, the people of Medina under the control of yazeed and they accept them they gave the pledge to the governor of yazeed. But now, after discussing with us and seeing he is not a man of moral character, seeing that he's unfit to be a leader, the people of Medina rise up and overthrow the governor and they tell the governor and the roommates in Medina live, we're gonna harm you, we're not gonna kill you. We're not gonna keep you prisoner. You go go to Damascus. We don't want anything to do with the leads anymore. We don't want you to be our rulers. So the people of Medina arise up. So this army that was seen to stop up the

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Lebanese debate in Makkah, they passed by Medina and they said we will deal with Medina first and they entered into Medina and a very severe, sad, shameful battle occurred in Medina, the Battle of Hara, the middle of Medina didn't really have an army. They tried to do what Nazism did in the Battle of a trench, they re dug the trench of Medina, but this was not enough. And the army of yazeed entered Medina, there were only about 1000 men that could fight and defend Medina and they were all massacred easily the army of yazeed was 12,000, well equipped, trained these people fight Jihad on the frontiers with Roman so this was the army of the of the Muslim is basically the

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official army of the Muslims, and they fought a defenseless population. But what occurred after that was the real tragedy. Up until this point, even though we had Civil War, say nearly 40 of the land, say nearly four, you know what I showed on the land this occurred? What the Muslims understood is that they said the quarter unified Muslims, we can't take the females prisoner as captives. We can't steal the property. We if a man surrenders, we don't execute him, that there still are brothers in Islam, that when we fight Muslims amongst ourselves is some kind of decorum of each other. We don't mutilate or harm them. The army of yazeed they did what no army did before. After they conquered

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Medina, the General of the Army in Muslim was Muslim. He said, I give you three days do what you want in Medina, and they kill the army was 1000 but they killed 4000 of the people of Medina in the homes, they killed the people. They raped the women of Medina. These are daughters granddaughters of Sahaba granddaughters of Omar and abubaker, * these women, that few months later, they were many babies born in Medina and they would be called the children of O'Hara. People ran into managing nabawi for defense to protect themselves and in the military. they slaughtered everyone in the military, the blood of the people was bleeding to the grave of rasulillah salam, an army into the

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masjid with the horses and they will tie the horses to the masjid of Nabisco Salaam. The Sahaba sit for three days no Salah was for those three days no one makes Allah in the budget of Allah.

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Once obviously I at least I, I assume I as if the I heard and then being given from a couple of movies or sell them because there's no one to give I then they would say the dogs even into the masjid and no one stopped the dog from urinating in the Muslim and obese or selling them. This is all on its head and on his army so after three days the Battle of Hara they brutally suppressed the people of Medina. Then they move on to Makkah, they moved on now, the objective the job was to stop the liveliness debate in Mecca. So this army continues on after they suppress Medina. And they get to Makkah on the way. The General of the Army Muslim, the man who gave the green light for the sea

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dies suddenly lost and dealt with him. And the new general was a slightly bitter man. They get to Mecca, and they find that Mecca is 45. They can't enter Mecca. So negotiations occur and nothing, no result comes from it. And then they begin to be Sage maker, they start to shoot arrows and they start to starve the people of maca, insisting of the lemons away of the people of maca leave. And of course they reject. Eventually the army gets frustrated and they bring out catapults, and they throw rocks, huge rocks into Makkah, eating women and children. And eventually one of these rocks hit the harem. And the caliber itself catches a light and the Kaaba burns to the ground. And Allah. So when

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we talk about yazeed while we as we don't curse, anyone and we don't say any Muslim, whatever you are, if you say la ilaha illAllah we don't say you are caffeine, what your sins are between you and Allah, Allah will judge between you and him with a calculator. We don't say that, but we have no love for you as he he killed the grandson of me. So Salaam. He killed the people of Medina, and he destroyed the Kaaba, this all occurred in his reign. He has this on his list of resumes. It's kind of our, you know, how bad do you have that as you as the halifa of the Muslims, the ameerul momineen. And these are the things you've done to your name. While they are besieging Makkah,

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something unexpectedly occurs yazeed dies. He was a young man, all of a sudden, he dies during the siege of Mecca. And he son yazeed son, Maria, Somalia, the son of yazeed, the son of Maui, right, so the son of yours, it was also called malware. He was a good man. And he was a weak man, a sick man. And he saw the fighting and he saw his army in Mecca. And he said, I want nothing to do with a Sufi. I don't want to be halifa I don't want the blood of this fighting and killing. I want nothing to do with it. And furthermore, I will not appoint anyone not my son, none of my family will be halifa you people decide amongst yourself, who should be the halifa he says something he says I will not taste

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I will not taste the joy of being halifa I'm a sick man, and all this fighting and upheaval. So I don't want any part in the bitterness of the government of the politics. So he designs and this is you decide who your halifa must be. So the army is in Baca the Omega armies in Makkah besieging Makkah, and they don't have a halifa they don't have an amine, what are they doing? The soldiers say we are fighting in Makkah home. What are we doing in the harem so that it elated to have the Lebanese debate and they say we have no honey for Southern lepen Zubaydah says no one else is calling to be halifa except me. So make me the halifa. And the General of the Army he accepts. He

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says I accept you as the halifa. Yesterday they were fighting each other. today. He says Well, you're the most qualified you can be the halifa. So a new halifa appears now Abdullah will be around the alarm. And when this when this army and the people of Mecca accept them as the halifa obviously the people of Medina also accept him as the halifa. And the people of Yemen and the rest of Arabia except as recognize him as the halifa. The people of Egypt also send the pledge of allegiance to have the Lebanese debate. Iraq at the moment is still like the Wild West. There's so many different groups, how are you Shia, but the majority of the people the governor, the official governor of

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Iraq, he also sings his pledge and says I accept your weapons but as the halifa the only place that remains now is Sham Syria, the headquarters of the Romanians and the governor of Damascus. He also sends his pledge of the livens debate as you as the halifa. So basically the whole room by and large, have accepted the level of debate as the new Khalifa. So who is Abdullah even as debate of the Alon whom he's Abdullah, the son of a Zubaydah been an a worm, as debate one of the 10 companions promised Jen nice father. So one of the 10 promised Jenna levy. So some says, every prophet was given a special disciple, and my special disciple is as a worm, his grandfather, a worm

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was the brother of Khadija rhodiola and Hallo wife of Navy SEALs, salaam Odisha was his aunt.

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His This is his father. His mother was a smart Vint and Rebecca, the daughter of abubaker was his mother.

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Meaning aboubaker was his grandfather

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as the older sister of eyeshadow duologue his aunt was Ayesha and he was in the house of Navy salsa lamb put these on so many times. His paternal grandmother was Sophia, the sister of Abu Talib, the arms of Navy salsa lamb. Look at the close lineage of this man of the Lebanon zubaid. How old was he was born here. They know his age, you will know equals that he draw. He was born on the hegira his mother was heavily pregnant when the heater occurred. She was the one that gave Nabisco Solomon a bucket, the food in the cave. And then she herself came on the job heavily pregnant. So she was born on the hegira he was the first male born of the margerine. And when he was born, the people of

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Medina rejoiced. Why, because when they entered Madeira, the Jews said to the people to the Muslims, we have put a curse on you. They see had a magic on you, that only goes will be born and all your male children will die. And for a few months, it appeared like this was true. Only girls are being born and all the males that are born are dying, when a smile comes from Makkah, heavily pregnant, and she goes into labor in Medina, and when she is born, a healthy baby boy comes out. And they take him to the his grandfather, Abubakar, he's healthy, and the people of Medina raised this boy up Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that this is that the curse of the Jews is not true. And they bring into

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an abyss of Salaam, Nabisco salam, it's a date and put it in the mouth of Abdullah Lebanon's obeyed. And he named him Abdullah and they said that you resemble your grandfather Abu Bakr at the most and the people of Medina rejoice at the Lebanon debate. So he was of the junior Sahaba, only about 10 years old when he passed away, but he would be of the great Junior Sahaba they would say there are three things that nobody could compete with underlying debate in number one, courage. He was a warrior, like his father was a warrior. He would play a great role in the conquest of North Africa, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, these countries would fall under the Islamic banner at the leadership of

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the liveliness debate, when they speak about the heroes of the North African conquest of the lions obeyed was the number one hero of that time that when he fought he was a fantastic warrior. No one ever challenged him in battle and one, he always he was always victorious. And you couldn't challenge him in eloquence. He spoke beautifully was a leader and you couldn't challenge him in cu.

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He's is he seriousness in Salah is taqwa and Salah when we read about the books about tranquility in Salah they would mention of the live and debate. He's the one that used to make salah and the birds would sit on his head because he would stand still for so long. Once a hobby says I entered the masjid I found out the lions are waiting sujood and I recited Al Baqarah early in Milan, Nisa and Merida and he was still in suit. This is how the lions will be no one could compete with him. In Salah in horseshoe in the way he stood, you would make a biter when nobody else could make a batter. the caliber of the Kaaba was once flooded, and people didn't make the loft. And he said, No, we

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should make the loft. So he went swimming around the Kaaba as tough. This is a dilemma. So he's now the halifa. And plans have accepted him as the halifa. And he tries to fix the things that we need broke thrice to reach, restore order and put down the chaos that's occurring in in the oma and he rebuilds the Kaaba correctly. When we say correctly, the Kaaba as it is is not correct. Now visa salam, when he conquered Makkah, he tells I shadowed Yolanda that had you people not be new to Islam had these people have not become new Muslims. I would have rebuilt the Kaaba the way Nabil Brahim built it, it was bigger. And there are two doors and included that semicircle of lobbies main

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feature of his male spots of the Kaaba, so you make Salah in the making Salah in the Kaaba sub de livens obeyed, knew that the Kaaba, this is how it should look. So because it was destroyed, he had the opportunity and he built it correctly. How come it's back the way the wrong way, we'll talk about how it got back to the wrong way today. It's the wrong way. So he fixed the Kaaba and made it the correct way.

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But not everyone, and for 10 years, he rules and there's a bit of peace, and it's a bit of calm, but not everybody accepted his rule. Two areas were problems. Number one, the area of Jordan, Southern Syria. This is the home of the nuclear

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family and the tribes from Syria were in this area, and they had not accepted him as the holly for they'd call them stay should be the haleiwa. Right. And in Iraq that group atolla been they rebelled against a voluminous weight and they said, as we said they shifted Chisholm from a political issue to a theological issue. Now we can see theological Shiism, a sick forming. They said that only debate may be the halifa of the oma only the family only the descendants of Allah the Alon might, should be the hollyfrontier

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Anybody else is rejected that the halifa is not just a political job is a spiritual link and divine our points the halifa. And it is only of the debate, and that anyone that is a leader and not only that they are illegitimate. And that's why we say how come Abu Bakr and Omar occurs because they say that Abu Bakr and Omar should not have been the halifa. But rather earlier the alarm should have been the Khalifa because only elevate must be the halifa we see the beginning of theological Shiism side begins. So this group rises up against the Lebanon surveyor, known as we said, as the Tobin and like you they rose an army under the banner saying that we are going to hunt down the killers of

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prosign. And they do that they hunt down all those who killed Hussein, and they execute them. Remember that men, even Ziad, the main instrument that killed her saying the one who put the hater Poseidon heated, they found him and they executed him. And they brought his head to the same place that Hussein's head was. And so analog interior media, there's not in the sheer books in the books of Timothy, it says, while he was there, and they had his head in front of them, a snake from the ceiling fell down and crawled into the skull of humans yet, as a punishment, Allah showed what he does to this man in the dunya. Even this harvest, it was so shocked when a snake out of no way into

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the skull of this man, even Ziad, the man who killed proceeded rhodiola. And so I'm gonna live in two basins an army against utter well being, because they've risen up and they've fought against the halifa. And while they are fighting, this gives an opportunity for the Americans to re establish the authority. So the Americans remember, they are in a sham in Syria, and they re establish the authority and they manage to take over Syria, and they appoint a young man, Abdul Malik, even mattawan. This name is an important name. I know for many of us who have never heard of these hollyfield become the halifa. And he'll be a great califa we'll talk about that towards the end of

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the Maliki number one. He now is the LEC the head of the Omega, and they re establish the Omega dynasty. They re establish this control in Syria. And while some of the Lebanese debate is fighting October been in Iraq, this keeps them busy. Sham falls under the control of the Omega two, they come back and they send an army in the capital of Egypt with ease. And while the of the labels obeyed until we've been fighting in Iraq, eventually the roommates in an army and they capture Iraq as well. So the only years after almost being completely wiped out, after almost losing everything, the league in Syria and Palestine and Egypt, and now they even capture Iraq, the same place that they

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were expelled from, they came back into control, and ally. If we look at the occurrences in the world, people rise up and they throw down a dictator, only to replace him with a new dictator in Egypt, full circle all the fighting all the killing for nothing. Why? Because there's no patients sometimes that we constantly fight and remove. And two, three months later, we're not happy we replace him with someone else. And the power goes back to the bad guys. It goes back in the hands of the ones who who play the game dirty. So that means and they had they dirty tactics. They regained control of all the lands they lost. And the only area that still ended up the lemons are made after

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10 years is that same place Makkah and Medina.

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So they send an army and their man named * manoussos. Again, very famous name, they would say there is no one who was sharper. There's nothing sharper than the tongue of one of the one of the hate of the mother hip and the sword of hijab, nothing sharper the sword of Hajaj and they would send this man and he would attack Mecca and he would be siege Makkah for six months even Hajj becomes unavailable Hajj, even though jaja unable to perform Hajj because he would control arafa and under lebens obeyed controls Makkah and it's difficult for the people to perform hajj and they use catapults once again, and they give up the lions obeyed. three choices use the hollyford. Now the

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besieged Makkah. And they say we give you three choices. Either you go and change to the halifa Abdulmalik, even Marwan our leader, or you, we leave you and you publicly say I'm not the halifa and I denounce or leadership or you come and fight until you die.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:32

So they give him these three choices. And he's his soldiers and his supporters and his family. Even they leave him.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

So Abdullah opens debate, what does he do? Given these three choices this great warrior is the grandson of Abu Bakar Adil and the son of azubi. He goes to his mother was still alive, over 100 years old and she's still alive. And he goes to his mother. And he says, and he asked her for advice and look at the advice of a mother to a son. And she says he says a mother in death I will find peace and tranquility and I tried my best to both

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

This woman, but the people, they want power, they want wealth, they don't want to do things correctly. My people have left me, even my children, even my family have left me. And I only have a handful of men with me. And the and the people that are willing to give me whatever I want. So the Romanians had this thing of bribery, you will make will take care of you, you just give us the leadership will make you a wealthy man will make you a king. Basically, you just give up the leadership, and they'll give me the world. So what do you suggest your mother, his mother said, you know better than me your own situation. But I say to you this, if you know you upon the truth, then

00:30:37 --> 00:31:16

go forth and die for that thing which you which are through like your companions died. And if you are only off to this world, if you want to be a king, and all this was to be the leader, then you are the worst of people, the most election of men, and you have wasted your life and those who fought with you, and for how long will you live? And if you are on the truth if you are fighting for the truth, but now that you are weak, and you have no army now you want to sit in there that this is not the actions of a man of the man have been doesn't give up his position when things become tough when he says but I don't mind fighting, but I'm afraid that the noumea likely didn't resign, they'll

00:31:16 --> 00:31:51

mutilate me, the crack me up, they will abuse my body after I'm dead. And his mother said, Do you think the sheep feels bad? When they shave when they you know share it take over the wool of the slaughtered this is not going to hurt you. So he kissed on the forehead and he said but Allah I swear this is my opinion, I have no desire for this dunya for my aspiration my Nia was for the life of the author. And for the year after and I've only stood up for truth I only stood up for injustice and to bring to bring peace to the Ummah once again. But I wanted to know your opinion to the GAO opinion may strengthen my opinion. I wanted your blessings, basically, Mother, I wasn't going to

00:31:51 --> 00:32:27

fight without your permission. Then his mother said come closer, she hugs him. And then she feels under his clothing his armor. And he says, Oh my son, what is this for people want Shahada. They don't waste stuff like this. If you really want to be a Shaheed don't wear armor. So he says I only did it. So you may feel comfort. So he said he took it off. And he took it off. And she said tie your belt. You tie your clothing properly. So you're not exposed while you're fighting and fight bravely. Oh, sandbars obey. Remember, your grandfather is abubaker. And your grandmother was Sofia, the aunt of hematologist alum.

00:32:29 --> 00:33:07

Of the six months he's army and they fight finally comes out of makup. And all of his army leaves him and he's the last man of his army still alive. Last Man. And they say that this is about 70 years old, 70 years old enough to live in Germany. And he fought from the her until mostly and the way they would fight they would have the honor of sending one at a time soldier, you know, not all 20 ganging up on him. And he would defeat them one by one, even ask them give me permission. Let me perform a sort of Salah visit fine. And while he's performing so solid, I wanted to teach him the shot arrows not to hit him, but to miss him. And he didn't flinch. He said arrows would fly past his

00:33:07 --> 00:33:21

face and he wouldn't flinch. You didn't even move any Sala finally they became frustrated and then they started stoning him throwing them with stones until he couldn't fight anymore. And then they cut off his legs and they cut off his head. And this is how he was martyred.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:57

And then had judge the leader of the army. He wanted to break the spirit of his mother. And he asked her so how do you you know, how has Allah dealt with this enemy? How's Allah dealt with your son basically. And she answered 100 year old woman, daughter Bucher, she says, You have grown my son's life in this dunya but he has ruined your life in the era. So they be hated him and they crucified Him and they hung him up. They didn't bury him. They hung him up, and they tied a dead animal to him so that he could stink. And they started making takbeer takbeer the army of Hajaj

00:33:58 --> 00:34:10

there was a man the son of Satan, to live in America long old Sahabi now like the son of Satan when he was there, and he says do you make takbeer at his killing for a lie I was there when he was born.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:26

And the people of Medina made takbeer for him and the people of Medina who made takbeer for him Nagisa Salma Bucher and rumor. They may have been for him when he was born. Those people were better than the people of today making tech beat of him when he's dead. are bad people you are

00:34:27 --> 00:34:59

so finally Hajaj for bed and they eventually buried up the loebner zubaid and the oma now fell under the control domain. So after almost losing control, they re take control of Makkah and Medina and all the areas and the new Amir, the new hollyford Abdul Malik, even more one, and he would be even though we don't approve of his tactics, you will be a king and you would love lavishly, but he was a fictive king. He was good at administration, and he was good at governing and he would re establish order and peace in the oma

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

You would select this man who killed up the lemons obeyed, would make him the governor of Iraq, the area, that's always a problem. And he would suppress the uprisings in Iraq. And you'd recapture the lands that will last with leaks in the armies into North Africa and to the Romans and recapture and all of his sons, he had four sons, and they all become halifa. That's why it's called the father of kings, essentially be the halifa. And it will be under the time that Spain would fall to Islam and sinned in he in India would fall to Islam. They reach the borders of Russia and China, even though we don't like sometimes some of the domain rulers. Some of them were good. And this would be the,

00:35:40 --> 00:36:22

the apex of the oma the oma was never stronger and bigger, except Hon, Maliki Marwan and his sons, and this would be the closing of the second fitna. What do we learn about this? What do we learn about advice from the basal cell? Look at this Hadeeth panel on obeso solum is telling us about the future. Maybe for the for the Alon was the keeper of the secrets of NaVi Sol Sol. He says, this is a hobby he says people used to ask the wh o Salaam about good things. What is the best thing I can do here rasulillah what's the best record I can make the best Sala but I used to ask him about the bad things, the evil things about the jail about those kind of things. Because I was afraid I would fall

00:36:22 --> 00:37:03

into the evil. So I said, O Messenger of Allah, we will last in jail. helia and an evil that Allah brought is good to us Islam. So will some evil come off this good thing? Will we go back to being evil again? In the resources? Yes, you go back to being evil. And he asked, Well, some good then come after the evil will goodness come again after the evil and nobody's wanted. Yes, goodness will prevail again, after the evil, but it will be tainted, it won't be the same. It won't be like it used to be. So Allah mentioned what narcissism is talking about the first fitna, so things were good under the whole of our Rashi Deen. Then there was evil Civil War. But then that ended and it became

00:37:03 --> 00:37:06

good again, but not like it was in abubaker. This time, almost time.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:23

When he asked how would it be tainted Yasuda, la sala NaVi system says they will be some people who will lead others on a different path to mind, new innovations, new six and groups will begin to form you will see some good in them and bad in them.

00:37:24 --> 00:38:01

When he asks Will evil once again, come to the oma after the good is restored. And the result is yes, some people will be standing. And there'll be the leaders and they'll be calling out but they are calling to the gates of jahannam. Whoever responds to these leaders or these callers, they will fall into jahannam. So for the verses describe them to zero Salah What do they look like? How will I know them? Maybe sometimes they will be from us, they will look like us and speak our language. Some of them will be Allah, they will have turbans that have beards, there'll be kings, there'll be leaders and they will arise the people up and people will follow them and they will fight with one

00:38:01 --> 00:38:39

another it'll enter into jahannam. So for the river and this is the point we get to and we are today. What do you advise me to do if I should love to see that? What should I do if I find this group and that group and that shift and that's sick and that government and that what should I do now be soon says stick to the Gema stick to the main body of the Muslims and support the leader of the Muslims if there's a majority support the majority because he had Allah mal Gemma, the hand of Allah is with the majority of the Muslims are they if it goes a step further, and this is where we are today Subhana Allah panelist is where we are today. He says what if there is no Gemma and there

00:38:39 --> 00:39:21

is no leader there's no califa there's been 100 years now when the Ottoman Empire fell we have no halifa we have no Gemma so wisdom majority today wahabis the she is the Sufi is the Salah who was the the Jamaat today What should we do? So now vehcile says isolate if you find yourself in such a situation there is no Gemma and there is no leader there's no califa isolate yourself from all these six. don't join the sick or that sick and follow the sooner that I'm on and my Sahaba even if you are alone, and you have to basically isolate yourself eating from the the the ground the roots of the trees until this overcomes you be in that state. So we live in times of fitna Jerusalem in

00:39:21 --> 00:39:56

places like Syria, we don't know where the good guys the bad guys with right or wrong. If you find yourself in fitna take that position of saying take the hassle out of the lawn and the position of the lineman of the labor armor. We don't involve ourselves in any of the fitness we don't get our hands dirty in these different groups and six we don't fight this one or that one. We stick to what is clear of the sooner and we avoided unclear and this is the safest way with regards to the days of fitness. So we live under fitna but we can avoid it and Allah subhanaw taala Allah protect us but Allah arise from amongst us leaders that we love that are best for us that are good. They will be

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

good times in our business and will be bad times and good will replace the bad

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

And evil will come again. It's up to us in sha Allah in what we do in our capacity to avoid the fitna to live what we can do what we can do sometimes we we do in our we want to worry about the big things in so problem to worry about Palestine and Syria and the shareholders. But we forget about our personal things. We don't have our internal matters in order our houses in order but we want to worry about the big things. We can never fix things until we fix ourselves. This is the son of Navy SEAL selling them. This is the way of Navy SEALs, Allah grant has guidance to give our shortcomings and grant us safety and security. I mean, we just a few announcements my email address was Pamela

00:40:38 --> 00:41:06 If you'd like to email me and our Tuesday class I know there's some confusion last Tuesday. I wasn't here and I won't be this Tuesday coming but inshallah next week Tuesday we'll re commence with our Sierra class we beginning with a battle of butter. So inshallah exciting topics to be discussed. So we'll see you in Shaolin this Tuesday. But next Tuesday after Muslim Sala Tuesday evening zharkova hair salon Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salaam

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