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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "naughty man" in Islam, a term used by Muslims to describe themselves as "we" and "we are one oma." They also discuss the history of the Darrow campaign, including the use of the symbol " Halifa" to assert their stance on Islam and the importance of the "has been" label. They emphasize the importance of knowing the history of the Darrow campaign and the need for further research to determine the origin of the "has been" label. The segment also touches on the return of the army to Yemen and the return of the army to Yemen, as well as the importance of staying quiet and not giving up on promises. Finally, the segment discusses the success of Muslim men in the media and the rise of Muslim men in the media.
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Are we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah, serene Sayidina Muhammad Ali Ozaki, h My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and Sadam Ali Kumara to LA he obrigado

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala Teresa salutations and peace be upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah subhanho wa Taala bliss as all of us in this oma throughout the world in this difficult times, Allah subhanho wa Taala grant in this walk of Juma I will do is be answered our sins to be forgiven and guide as in sha Allah that next week, you better than the week that we have seen. And I mean, we continue with our discussion which we started last week on understanding she has them and we say that this is a very controversial topic, one of the most controversial topics that we can discuss. And as I said, I will introduce this over and over

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and I'll repeat this over and over that this topic is not meant to further cause hatred and animosity. We see in so many countries violence, killing, that the reason that people are dying simply because they are shy or they Sunni and Subhanallah This is not what we discussed. This is not how as Muslims is our Deen is all about Allah subhanho wa Taala had given us that we are one oma and we are united on the same code and the same nebby anyone who says La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah, salaam, whatever else he believes that's between human and law, it's not for you and for me to say this man is careful. This man is a disbeliever and his blood becomes halaal. People ask

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how can one group bomb a message of another group? How can one group bomb a hospital or school? It begins by saying that this group is Catholic because their caffeine their mood that the blood becomes halaal. And this as we said last week is the methodology of the Harwich levy so Salam spoke only about one sixth, a group that will appear that will be extreme in the Islam, that they will make Sala more, it will appear as though has more taqwa and the Salah of even the Sahaba. And they will force more extremely than a Sahaba but that they will not understand the Quran, and that they will kill the Muslim in. And these are the people that killed the Sahaba. And the reason why we have

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a split between Sunni and Shia was because of them. So we said this, but this is a topic which is common wisdom, which is vital for us to understand when our children ask us why is the what is the difference between Sunni and Shia, and your children are going to university they're going to meet people have different beliefs, we can't hide our head in the sand, we need to know what these differences are. So this discussion is to enlighten and for us to understand, to know what is my belief? And what is the belief? Why do we accept our belief as correct? And why do we not accept the belief as correct? And how do we interact? Can we still unite on certain things? Yes, there is room

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for uniting this room not only to exist together peacefully but to work together. That obviously if we live peacefully with a non Muslim that doesn't even accept the Quran now visa Salam we live side by side with him peacefully. What about someone who is closer in terms of the deen? And also as we said, we should not feel shy of speaking about our beliefs. This is a hallucination? Well, Gemma 90% of the Ummah is Sunni, as we would say. And this is the belief that has always been the doctrine of Islam. This is what South Africa has been for the last 300 years. She has amazing new phenomenon in our community. Therefore, they openly preach and spread the ideology, we have a right to know what

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is our ideology, and what is the response. So we say that the most common there are many sects within Shiism, and the most common sick, or the largest sick with enthusiasm is what we call the internationally mme. Mme, if naturally, the Miami Shia that believes in 12 Imams, this is the doctrine of the Shia in Iran and Iraq, the Shia, we see you know, I said 90% of the Shia follow this belief or this sect of CSM and they will will discuss the beliefs how he agrees, or how it does not conform with a handle sooner. Well, Gemma, we spoken we won't talk too much on this the history of Shiism, how did it begin? It began between a fight a political fight between the Shia, the

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supporters of Satan, the leader of the Alliance, and the supporters have been omiya. Eventually, the Omega two one, and this is history, we cannot change it, whether you like it or not, that means they won. And they ruled the oma for over 100 years. And within the rules, Spain was conquered. They were good leaders. They were bad leaders like yazeed bad, and they were good, great coolabah. But they made it a monarchy. And you had this group of supporters called themselves Shia, that they were outside of the political spectrum. They couldn't win politically. So they developed a new ideology and new theology. And we made the example tomorrow we find the DA says, Look, there's no way we're

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going to win the election. We can't use normal methods. So let's say that if you want to be a Christian, the Bible says you must vote for us. You use religion to

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Support your political claims and people do this. It is religion that we see being used for political reasons in Syria, in Iraq, across the world, all this fighting, nothing to do with Islam. Islam doesn't mean from the fighting. But you find the guy who looks like the molana. He says, you have to do this because Islam said so No, he's saying so, and using Islam as a tool to get political agenda, this is how Shiism began. That if you if you support the halifa, your cafe, how can you say that? How can you say I'm careful for supporting Khalifa? Is it because this Khalifa is illegitimate? Only the family of the prophets of Salaam they have the right to be the halifa? Why

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did you come up with this, and this is how she hasn't developed. So we will discuss in sha Allah, some of the beliefs of the Shia, we said there are 12 or nine, nine cat nine issues within Shia belief which we will discuss. And we said the first one, we only began the first one last week and we will continue and conclude in sha Allah with this point. And it's the most important point, as I said, the split between Sunni and Shia Islam was a political fight. The Sahaba were they fought with one another, and they follow us initially, for each other on political grounds. No one said anyone was copied later on 100 years later, the group that lost out they change the view to a religious

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view and say do you people are Catholic.

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And it began with the caliphate. So we said this is the first step within Shia theology and it's it builds from one to the next one thing leads to the next we say the first issue that the Shia began with was the issue of the halifa. Who should be the halifa, who should literally say halifa. halifa means representative or the one who is your representative in your absence. So when Allah says inside, no beautiful side note, when Allah says in the giant, out of the Hollywood angels, I will put on the earth, my halifa, the one who will represent me on Earth, who's also talking about mankind. We talk about the halifa in political scenes, I'm the halifa of the king or the amine, this

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is the We Are the whole affair of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the responsibility we have on the dounia. So the halifa is the one who will take the place of the one who is no longer the meaning then of Esau Salam polyfill Rasul Salah Sunni view what do we say about the halifa we say that nobody saw Salam when he passed away he did not explicitly appoint anyone he didn't say, Abu Bakr You are the halifa He didn't say Allah halifa didn't say alma mater open for the for his alma to decide. The Shia say no. Now visa Salaam definitely appointed halifa explicitly, you made it clear and the Sahaba knew no and unambiguously, he appointed say nalli as the halifa. They said even the

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Quran straight stated that we say that the halifa is a political leader. And in the time of Nagisa sallam, he appointed military leaders, he appointed political leaders, he appointed leaders when he was the overall leader spiritually. This we say this is how it was in the Navy so solemn, we don't have to follow we have to obey the halifa but he's not our amid in terms of religion. He doesn't link us to Allah. Now visa Salam is our spiritual leader. He soon that is our link to Allah Subhana she has a no, the halifa is also appointed by Allah He has a job, sort of like an OB. He cannot commit sin, He cannot make mistakes. He not only gives political guidance, it gives religious

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guidance very important. Cause we say Abu Bakr rhodiola is greatest you are you cannot make low in Sharia. You have no right to say what is halal and haram. You can say per my understanding of the Quran says halal and haram. But Allah Andros also Salam what they say is halal and haram. That's what stands the CSA know that I mean, the Imam is not only a political leader is also a shalya. He can make halal and haram Allah gives him the divine right to do so. Do you see the position of the halifa is a lot more than politics for the Shia. And of course, they would say the Sahaba we say Sahaba. They made a choice based on HD had the metal was left open, and they were consulted and they

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made a decision according to the best of their ability. The sheer say no, the Sahaba chose someone deliberately abubaker that stole the right of Satan alley against the command of Nabeel Salaam, which is an act of God. They did that it's an act of Kufa. So the CSA and this is where we say we disagree with you, OSHA. The CSA, on the other hand, believe that the califa the caliphate was usurped, stolen through a well planned conspiracy in which systematically all the scenes are going to be so Salama nominated, say nearly as his successor will either completely erased or distorted and misinterpreted in order to exclude Sonali from is the rise of caliphate. So they say the Sahaba

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the Chief sahabas got together they said we know say now it should be the halifa maybe some Sita but he's dead now so we can do what we want. We will cover up all the Hadith will kill whoever we want to kill and we will take his right Abu Bakr and Omar and man they did this. This is what the Shia claim. So we say yes, she will bring us evidence bring us evidence for your version of history. And we say they bring evidence from the Quran which is

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We look at it, it's very flimsy at best when it's when they say they bring the suit the iron number for certain suit and number four is 59. When Allah Subhan says, Oh you who believe obey Allah to Allah who are to suit and obey the messenger, and those in authority among you. So we see the law says you must obey Allah and you must obey the law school and you must obey the anneal.

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So this you see the fact that Allah puts the amine on the label of nebby. And Allah means the amiot is divinely appointed and he's infallible and he must be obeyed like Allah in the lawsuit. You understand the reasoning here? We say no read is complete the ayah Allah Subhan says, but if you quarrel about anything between you and me if there's any disagreement, refer it to Allah and His messenger.

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Why would Allah say go back to the Messenger of Allah if you disobeyed with that you don't agree with the immediate meaning that Amit should only be followed when he follows Quran and Sunnah. And this is what we say. We follow Abu Bakr and Omar any halifa so long as he follows Quran and Sunnah no obedience in this obedience to Allah subhanaw taala there's nothing here and even if this was about the way does it say anything about say knowledge or the line again, we know anything will say knowledge. We are sure I've seen it. If he was appointed as the mayor of the Muslim in hamdulillah. We are the first to obey and we take him as the fourth halifa but we say the Quran has not said that

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you are reading things in the next ayah they say which is Ayah number 67 surah five sudama either they say that Allah says he Oh Nebbiolo Rasul say, announced that which has been revealed to you from your Lord, make known what Allah said to you. And if you don't, then and if you don't convey the message, then you have not conveyed his message. And Allah will protect you from the people. Indeed, Allah does not guide this believing people. So the she I say, Yeah, I was telling me so send me something that you need to tell the people and don't be afraid I will protect you.

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You see, in a resource Allah was going to tell the Sahaba that's a knowledge that Amir, but he was scared of Abu Bakr and Omar and therefore he kept silent until Allah revealed the silence and insulting obeso sadhana. And we say, Where does it say anything about say nalley? Read the ayah before the ayah before he says, and if only they the people of the Torah and the Injeel upheld the thought I'm in G and you read the IR of it. Allah says yeah, look it up. Oh people the scripture was only talking about talking about the Jews and the Christians. Now these are solemn, don't be afraid to tell the Jews and the Christians the truth, even if they don't like it, read the context of the

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Quran. Nothing about Satan Alinea, you've taken one if and when people come with any kind of today so many false ideologies. They will give you look at this ayah it says kill them wherever you find them. It says whoever does not rule by the commander of a lovely he's a coffee. All the governments are Catholic. Read the context of the ayah read the Tafseer of the ayah read the Hadith when did this idea come down? When did Allah say this ayah it was a response to something he was you understanding you can take and I'll show you, you can take any idea in the Quran. And you can prove anything. You can even prove sada and I'll show you you can use the Quran to prove that Salah is

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wrong. I'll show you in Shell as we get towards during the slide. So these are the is the she I give in support that say nalli was the halifa and we say it's very flimsy support. Nothing really in it. Nothing really. And even if we say it is, as they say, no mention of say Nally to begin with rhodiola not mentioned anywhere in the Quran, you know directly indirectly. What about how do we say once again, if you bring us a clear Hadith when a resource some says and we know this to be authentic that Ali is my successor, then we agree with you she are 100% when we accept that this was the commander of Navy's asylum, so now it should have been his successor. And anyone who disobeyed

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acted against an abyssal Salam they did it deliberately tantamount to Cooper. So bring us a hurry. They said we will bring you a hadith from Sahih Muslim in your own books. And they say it's the event of who they are whom I said today today in home over the home is a cold the pond of home. So at the pond of home, this place called home there was a pond when I recently gave a speech and the speech is in Sahih Muslim we agree that the speech happened in that speech look at the words it appoints a nearly as the amine. And we said the Shia and this is from that they they take the day of one of the aides like we have a pop up that they eat over there the eat of who they home where they

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celebrate and they say this is the event when a visa appointed, say nalli as his successor. We said When did this happen and who they are home. And they will say even in your book, sorry, Muslim diva books, your books, you have this debate. So let's read what's a Muslim says.

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The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam stood up and addressed us one day at a well called home right so this is Muslim in our books between Mecca and Medina. So this well is between Mecca and Medina. And then Ibiza salami praise Allah and he exhorted us and he reminded us when he said maybe someone said, I'm leaving among you two very heavy important things, two things which are very, very important. The first one

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is the book of Allah, and he urges us and he urged us as a hobby saying he urged us to adhere to the book of Allah. And he said, and the second thing is, I urge you with regards to my debate the people of my household, I remind you of Allah with regards to the people of my household, and we repeated the statement, I remind your Sahaba how you treat mahalo bytes. And then he continued during this speech, amongst the things it's reported, who said, he says, verily, o le, le rodya line is from me, and I am from him. He is the Valley of every believer to whoever I am. If you take me as your molar, then Ali is also your Mola. Oh, Allah loves the one who loves Ali. And this like the one who

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dislikes Ali virally, at least for me, and I'm from him. And he's the Beloved of every believer after me. All these are not from Cherbourg from Sonia, is that you see you have in your own books, when abyssal Silla made a speech and he says that at least the mowlana the molar like I'm the molar isn't as clear. And you know unequivocal Nagisa Lam openly say nalli as a successor. We say once again, what brought about the speech? Why didn't I be so some of them come about and sit the Sahaba down at this place between Mecca and Medina? Why would he leave in the first place? Why did he give the speech so as I said, the context gives you the answer. If you look at the ayah, away little

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mousseline, so go to the one who makes sada take this ayah alone means cursed is the one who makes Allah from the Quran. Read the following. I already know Lancelot himself who and who are heedless of the Salah. So you can take any, if any Heidi and you look at it alone, and you can draw your own conclusion, you need to look at the context, what is the context? So when did this happen? Now visa Salam was on his journey back from hedge. Okay, so the VSA perform hedge the ledger, we know rabello Well, which is like three months after the ledger, maybe some passed away. Okay, so very short period between the death of NaVi Sol Sol and like a like a month or two before then I recently

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passed away. He gave the speech, which also adds the thing that Luke is talking about the successor, we give the three we acknowledge that maybe salsa lamb performed his hard cheese on his way back to Medina. Eventually he stops the journey since every one of you stopped, we'll stop with this. Well, I need to give a speech. And then he gave the speech that we just mentioned, what is the reason behind the speech and this is in shear books as well. This is history which they agree with. Before hedge, Nabisco some sent an army to Yemen and say nalli was the Emir of that army. And the army was very successful and they captured a lot of war booty and pleasure. So then IBM said you go to Yama

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and you find jihad. When when we come for hygena remember, Medina is south is north of Mecca. We will you go to Yemen, and we will go for Hajj and you meet us at Mecca. So you do your job in Yemen. You don't go back to Medina you meet us at Mecca. Understand alright so bit of geography. I don't know if we can see correctly. Makkah sort of in between Yemen and Medina. So we'll meet up there for Hajj. So the army went to Yemen and they fought Jihad and they were successful. Now they were going to meet up with the rest of the Muslims for Hajj. But they tired they tested the clothes is really bad. So they said yeah, it we've won. We've taken cap we know we have booty, we have clothing with

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horses, let us take from the spoils of war. It's look presentable. And then we can go on Hajj and we can meet the people in a nice way. Which I said no. Nobody so solemn has arrived in the shape of the booty, and he will choose first before anyone else.

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The army was very upset about this. But we have arrived and they did have a right in the booty. But say analysis no, maybe so cinemas first taking shape. We first go to Makkah but in so we look so bad. I don't care. We will first go to Makkah what made things even a little worse was that say nalli being an alibi. He can take from the ship Navy. So Salam albite has a shape. So he took his shape and then he went to Makkah so the army became very upset. You don't want us to take our shape but you took your shape. And he had a right to take he did nothing wrong. Absolutely saying it was 100% correct in what he did. So let's say now he left the army came after him and he saw the army

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had taken from the booty Come on the take off that close and put back your old clothes on and they obeyed they were very upset. So the complaint in abyssal Salaam liquid Allah has done Ali has done this he has done that he has you know abused his authority they complain complain that much time we perform hajj, forget about this. Let me so basically brush them off, at least from my family. Don't insult Ali. Ali is from me. Whatever he does, he did according to the Sharia is obeying the command of Allah He did it under the love of Allah remain silent of the Hajj. They continue to moan and groan when abbyson got fed up and he stopped them at this point on the way back from Medina. And

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that's when he gave the speech. I am from LA, at least from me ever. He really hates me. Whatever upsets Ali has upset with me Keep quiet with regard to Ali and my family. Right so we see the position of Satan in the army.

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Quiet letting debate anymore

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had this be this is the context. And this is agreed this is what happened. She answered me agree this is what happened. And we say Had this been an issue of succession. Maybe Sol Sol lamb would have said this on the sofa in front of the entire Muslim Ummah just a week ago when he gave this great speech, his farewell speech. I advise you with this and that a great spiritual speech. He said it here are only a few people, the hundreds of the majority of the people had lived already from Hajj. This was just the people of Medina. why it didn't make sense. Also, this was a small group of Sahaba were complaining about say Nally Abu Bakar was in a coma wasn't they? They weren't part of

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that army. But they were at the the well and they congratulate Satan Allah, Masha Allah, what a great speech that was given for you, you are our molar as well, to say that all the Sahaba and they were 100 1000s of have on average, all of them that were present, heard this, and they changed within one day in the recent past, have a Bilal who was tortured was eaten to almost to death, that what benefit is it for Bilal to lie, and not give say nearly his right below didn't become the I mean, maybe we can say abubaker you got to be that I mean, Omar, leave them aside, Bill. And when he all his did his whole life was La ilaha illAllah now one note a few hours after nevison passed away,

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he lied. So you know, say nalli you know to me? Of course not he would not have done that for what benefit no benefit. So we say ocea your understanding of this even does not make sense does not make sense with regards to what we know of the Sahaba what we know about the Quran where Allah praises them. This is when a resume was praising, say nalley to avoid them cursing say nalli and finale to this is what the context of this our explanation with regard to

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the incident of suceava This is the event that may say no back to the halifa so there'll be some passes away 12 neurobiol Oh, well off the ledger on a Monday, he passes away. Say now Baccarat is outside of Medina in the outskirts is not at the masjid. And when he hears the news and he rushes back to the masjid and he finds obviously we know the story. catastrophes say normally with a sword saying whatever says Mohammed has died. I'm gonna kill him. How dare you say Mohammed has died, like the entire Muslim Ummah is shocked. They didn't believe it never occurred to them that Nagisa Salam could pass away. No, they didn't obviously say eternal, but they just never thought of it. So

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everything was upside down. A few hours often have recently passed away, the people of Medina, they had gathered and they were the meeting so she I would say there was a meeting with aboubaker and Omar and the leadership of Medina where they chose a halifa say now he wasn't included and he wasn't within that meeting, and sort of a conspiracy and a coup d'etat occurred, where they all knew Satan should be the amine but they had a secret meeting and they took over while Sinhalese busy washing the body of Navy so seldom, he's busy taking care of the burial. You took politics ibaka did they claim so we say let's talk about what occurred and again we take from Buhari what occurred long

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Heidi we can't read the entire Heidi basically what say normally saying I'll tell you is telling people when he was the now he's the Holly 14 years later, he's telling the people let me tell you what happened on that day.

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off then abbyson passed away the leadership of Medina, they had a meeting and they felt you know, you people came from Makkah you like three 400 people from Mecca. Medina is we the majority we 10,000 we are the army. We made Nabisco solemn, that America is not our soul. But now the leader should be from Medina, you're the minority we the majority, this was the meeting they had amongst themselves. And the reasoning was correct. They had good reasoning. So all this meeting was going on, someone came to abubaker and scum came to say normal and said the people of Medina are having a meeting and we think you should go and join that discussion is the fate of the Muslim Ummah to say

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no, say no, I'm gonna sit back and come with an another Sahabi Abu Zubaydah, even a giraffe you know with one of the 10 promised agenda, a man who could have so easily to be in the Hollywood but he died early on. So these three things these three of the 10 so have they were the senior Sahaba is that Sahabi that pulled the armor out of Napoleon's cheek and he lost his tooth in battle offered you know the story of the man who put it out the last dispute. Aveda rhodiola and shabu VEDA Omar and Abu Bakar on the on the go to meet the people of Medina and the wording is very beautiful. So they come in and they find the leadership of Medina having a discussion and say normal as he is you

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know he listens to what they say they saying that we are the majority and we took few people of Makkah in and we should be the leaders now often obeso Salah Medina is after our city you belong Naka you only gonna be so Salama, now he's gone. So it should go back to us. And say number one to do stand up anyone to speak you know he's normal personality and say nobody grabs him pulls him down to keep quiet. You keep quiet. Let him speak Finnish. Someone that I would find a buckler is always the smartest man in the room.

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knew when to speak elite the people of Medina speak Finnish and I'm going to say I prepared in my mind his speech. I want you to say a great speech, but I knew not to upset abubaker the one person I never liked to upset with

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people. I kept quiet. When Obama got up. Omar is telling us he got up and he gave a speech which was better than the one I wanted to give. And he told the people of Medina everything you said about your qualities and your character is 100% correct. And you are the friends of Allah. You are the unsired as described in the Quran, you took us in a new and you are the majority everything that you see we cannot deny. But remember ansara and he pointed to the leader was going to be the I mean, oh sad you will also the I was a navy seal in the seat at the leadership of the Ouma the army must come from kurush and Saturday Yes, I was the beaten did say that, that you will be the helpers but

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Qureshi from kurush will be its leaders. So then Apple boxes so choose one of these two main liquidum worker says choose Rama Aveda choose one of these two minutes as your halifa and we can all be united behind them. And then another man from the inside said okay, let's have a dual halifa one from the Mahajan one from the inside. And then they said yes no and there was a bit of a commotion when say nama jumped up and he grabbed his hand and he said basically, I cannot be the ameet way Abu Bakr is one of the residents or the citizens under me when the visa made him the Imam of Salah if he gave me a visa a Vietnamese and gave him the right to lead the Salah. Then he has the most right and

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he grab a bucket his hand and he said I pledge to you a bucket You are the halifa and in the rest followed suit. And this is how our bucket became Oliver. This is the history the events of suceava say nearly as I said was not the meaning of the Sahaba will not be this event occurred sort of sporadically and they chosen ibaka Guardiola as the halifa. So, this is the event of the story so the Shia will say look, I'm recording him having secret meetings, while Sonali is watching the body of webisodes and we say no. This meeting was convened by Abu Bakar odilon the unser called the meeting the people of Medina, and they had a right to call the meeting. There was no force and

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intimidation. No one took a shoulder and said you have to do this, say in our backyard gay for the speech and the people of Medina. We had the power and the muscle, no one could force them. Abubakar couldn't force the people of Medina, saying that he couldn't force the people of Medina they were in charge. They are the only accepted abubaker. And they pledged also, when we say who was absent from the meeting, there were two very big guy, very big candidates were absent, say now he was absent. And another man as obeyed we spoke about the lives of babies father as a baby and also links to Nabil Salam who says obey. He's the son in law. He's married to America's daughter. If if say now

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Abu Bakar wants to conspire he would have brought his son in law as well in part of this meeting.

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It didn't occur like that plus finale and as obeyed will match the two years younger Abu Bakr and Omar and Abu Zubaydah. So this is what occurred at suceava. This is how senior banker became the holly fan will talk at towards the end time in sha Allah. Is this any evidence how Sahaba chose him? The next, you know, so this is me understand how abubaker became the halifa. And then abubaker odium Of course, he gave a beautiful speech The next day, and the people all of them came to give the pledge even say nalli gave his pledge publicly. He took up buckets and publicly we know even though she agree with us, he publicly made the pledge and said, I think you as our halifa even though there

00:28:29 --> 00:28:41

was some issues, he said you didn't consult me I should have been consulted. I had a say in the matter. But we have no doubt that you are the best man for the job. Right? This is public this evening. She I agree in the books they will say this was the year but history we noticed.

00:28:42 --> 00:29:21

There's another event they will mention is that Santa Clara de la and he had a bit of a dispute with Fatima when he became the haleiwa Fatima Daughter of Nabisco, salaam, and abubaker had a bit of a dispute. And they say look at Buhari, it says, you know, be so lucid for the most parts of me and whoever angers Fatima angers me. You upset her? You anger me? And if I'm upset, you upset a lot. Nicola is upset with you. It's finished with you. Right? So this is we agree this hadith is within its inherent Muslim. And they will say is it not true that Fatima was angry with Abu Bakar again for almost six months? So yes, it's true that she was not happy with abubaker Why? The Shia will say

00:29:21 --> 00:30:00

abubaker stole her inheritance. He is now the halifa she came to him and she said, We is my father's inheritance. My father passed away with my inheritance and a bankruptcy. You have no inheritance. And you have nothing and she was unhappy. And she was angry with a co worker and she passed away. She said look, I'm working stolar inheritance. Let's read again the Howdy. Nabi Salam says, our property meaning the ambia we have no inheritance who ever leave, we don't leave any sadhaka what we leave is knowledge or llama or the inheritance of the MBR. We know that Howdy. The allameh are the inheritors of the MBR the same

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

If we find in the shear books, they said yes, we did say that, that we leave no inheritance, what we leave behind is knowledge. So our worker was right in what he said. Other points to point out who tells us about the Hadith that Abu Bakar and Fatima had a bit of an issue and there was some unhappiness initially, who narrates the Hadith go back to Buhari, I shall tells us this. If we wanted to hide this, I shouldn't have said it. Her father is here at stake. She said my father and Fatima issue, and she was the one that you didn't, wasn't happy about the inheritance. And it's my father said this and that. Also interesting. If abubaker is denying Fatima her rights of

00:30:36 --> 00:30:41

inheritance, he's also denying the waves of inheritance, who's the wife of Lisa? I, shall

00:30:44 --> 00:31:04

we say nearly became the halifa. He didn't take any of that land back and give it to her son and use the halifa now, because he agreed Nabis say Nevada was correct in his judgment. And fourth most upset about this matter. She didn't hear about the Hadith. And some of them knew everything. And this was pretty sad when she I agree that nobody sort of said this. Heidi

00:31:05 --> 00:31:43

will end we'll talk this this this Heidi has really interesting. We said the Hadith whenever someone says whoever upsets Fatima upsets me. When did maybe some say this? As I said, Hadith came and event occurred. And then he said that. So they use this hadith as an evidence against abubaker. We say Oh, Shia tell us when did this hadith occur? this hadith occurred and they will agree with us when Satan Ali wants to marry the daughter of a puja. So you married Fatima and he wants to marry the daughter of Abu Jamal. And in Fatima, we can like any woman very upset that she claimed to cry is going to be so seldom seen. And he said you don't get upset for your daughters. You're my husband, your cousin

00:31:43 --> 00:32:21

wants to marry Abuja house daughter. And you know, besides his icon, tell him it's hot Amitabha you can marry it once. But then you made the speech party much from me if you upset her, you can upset me, the daughter of the Rasulo Salaam will not be in the same house as the daughter of the enemy of Allah. So this Hadees was to say Nally, Sadiq was saying it was saying, and we don't say nothing wrong. You wanted to do what was hard for him. And when he said this, he said, No, I won't go through the marriage. And throughout his life, he only mehdipatnam only when she passed away, he married a second wife, more more wives than this. So this is from so if anyone falls in this Heidi

00:32:21 --> 00:33:00

say nalli is really, there were many instances where husband and wife would be so fancy not in the military, like the wild in the magic, we had a fight with Fatima, we can come get up, don't worry about it. No husband and wife. So this is the context of these ahaadeeth look at where they come from. Lastly, we can quickly rush through these things. We say is there any evidence why the Sahaba chose Abu Bakar to be the base candidate? We see if we look at the Quran, when there's more evidence going to abubaker and say nalley we love them both. When Allah says when he when the second of the two in the caves, they were together when the cave and he said to his Sahaba who said to his

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00:33:03 --> 00:33:42

in allama Anna, don't be afraid Allah is with us. Allah Colton, say now bucket, the second of the two rayful if the first is gone, who comes in please place number two comes in Allah called Abu Bakr it is the second after the prophets of Salaam in the ayah which we this is the most powerful idea with regards to hava and the foremost the first and foremost we embraced Islam from the Mahajan and the answer. So Allah is talking about who are the base those who became Muslim first, then those who made hegira then the answer to the people of Medina and also those who follow them exactly. radi Allahu what to do an AI Allah I'm pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. And Allah has

00:33:42 --> 00:34:21

prepared for them Jenna Jenna and the Witcher reverse flow, and they will be live forever. That means the supreme success. So all I say the people the base of the base are those who became Muslim first. And we know the first grown up male to become Muslim was worker of the law. She agreed with us as well first grown up Nelson Ali was still a boy. And look at this ayah Allah Subhan says we know this when the person passes away we make the others in our case as well. And whoever made a law or a rule, then they will be in the company of those who Allah has an MLA him Allah has bestowed his NEMA His grace upon them, meaning they've been of the prophets, was it the 18 the Siddiq were

00:34:21 --> 00:35:00

Shahada and the martyrs are solid and the righteous one and how excellent are they of companions. So once again, we see the level of superiority, the based off the profits. The next category is the siliques, then the shuhada martyrs, and number four, the righteous to the base, we can be in acidic, like we can't be a newbie, and who's acidic, who is the leader of the suta aboubaker. acidic is the number one man in that category. Maybe some gave him that title, maybe substances in his last book, but before he passed away, he gives it back to three days before he passes away since he couldn't even stand the seven

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Remember and he said, Allah has given a choice between a slave to choose this world or the year after and he chose Allah abubaker is crying even when we think What is this? Why is this old man crying everyone, it's a good choice he made a worker understood nobody was talking about himself. I've chosen a lot. Only abubaker cried because he understood and then he made this besides Allah made the speech he said, the person was fee would be the most of all, both with his companionship and his wealth is abubaker. If I were to take a holiday other than Allah out of taking abubaker as such, but only brother Allah has taken me as Holly, Holly, all the doors, including the budgets of

00:35:37 --> 00:36:13

the houses used to enter the magic lecture, all those those be shut forever, except the door of Abu Bakar. And I have paid back everybody who did me a favor, except abubaker allowed pay him back. This was his last speech that he made. Nobody so seldom gives a beautiful Heidi that only learned this Heidi from this week. Beautiful. How do you think Buhari, he says also, how about a dream. And in the dream I saw, I was pulling buckets out of a well and I did as much as I wanted, when I gave over and above a bucket of salt buckets from the well. And there was some, you know, resistance. There was some it was there was some problems in that pulling. When he gave it over to Omer, when he

00:36:13 --> 00:36:50

started pulling the bucket became a huge like a dam. And I've never seen anyone more of a genius in pulling, you know, water out of oil than normal. Don't do that all the people and animals drank and they were all satisfied. This is a beautiful analogy of what's gonna happen in the future that I was that I made and I took as much as I wanted. Then other workers took over and there were some problems. The owner became with that and he had to fix the oma up. When he passed away he fixed the oma and Omar took over and in his time the expansion city, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, all came under the control and he was the greatest Khalifa in terms of administration.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:29

Who says to a lady era pseudo law, she she needed something she needed money now this has come to me tomorrow. So she said, What if I don't find you meaning if you die, we should I go to go to Africa, go to Abu Bakar. So these are clear cut evidences that nobody so Salaam favor favorite karate Alon even though we also know Gemma, we say there was nothing explicit he didn't appoint abubaker and we said of the most explicit things which justifies his leadership is that he was made that a meat mixer for three days maybe so Salam was unable to lead the Salah. He appointed abubaker Omar one day took over abubaker wasn't a it was out of town and took over and maybe some hurtings was that stop

00:37:29 --> 00:38:10

break the Sala of we don't accept anyone except abubaker. Fitch abubaker to leave the sobre la awkward when he couldn't perform the hygiene abyssal sallam, he made an amine abubaker up the Amir of Hajj. And we said things to think about that signal illegally speech to aboubaker say nalli when when obeso said he had no issue that he fought in the Jihad under abubaker say now he has sons the name of abubaker and dromoland with my ob sons of the other sons. He had a son called a bucket and Omar and man say nalli with one of these daughters from Fatima meaning a fool sister of hustling Hussein to say normal right? This man was careful you can't wait your daughter to COVID our worker

00:38:10 --> 00:38:49

compiled the Quran is a liar and a cheat in the most half that you have was compiled by a lie and cheat by the builder. And we said leave everything aside. What was he like as a halifa? Let's look at his three non Muslim history. What does the non Muslim say? They will tell you that when the visas and passed away the Muslim Ummah crumble. Everyone became martyred besides Medina and Mecca, and they were about to invade Medina, Islam was about to be wiped off from the face of the earth. Two and a half years later, after Booker was in charge, Muslim oma had regained its strength and began the invasion of Syria and the Persian Empire. It fix that in my essay Nabokov odilon So, he

00:38:49 --> 00:39:19

did a great job with Islam, whether you like him or not, he still speaks for itself. So inshallah we continue next week on this issue. And we ask Allah Subhana to grant the love for the Sahaba in our hearts, when we follow the footsteps as Allah says, Whoever follows the footsteps Sahaba They are the ones who are most pleased with and inshallah we hope to meet these great Sahaba in one day, I mean, you can email me for the slides if you'd like and take the audio as well. We just announced that our Tuesday classes now start at seven o'clock so before maharrey but seven and we instantly have the mother example of a personalized signal Mohammed

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