Muhammad West – Rizq Series 01 – Getting The Barakah

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of increasing one's risk and success in life through increasing one's deeds and deeds, avoiding risk and not overwhelm others, finding one's wealth to align with one's values and goals, and being mindful of one's work and not being materialistic. They stress the need to pursue one's wealth and not risk, avoid risk and be careful when discussing certain areas of one's business, and be cautious when discussing certain industries and avoiding being complicit in the workplace. They also invite viewers to join a workshop on marriage and wealth management.
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Reliable shaytan al rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali or savage Marine, our beloved brothers and sister in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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operation to Allah subhanaw taala shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive our sins, and we send our greetings and love and salutations development Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family, to his companions, and to the entire man, those who follow him shouldn't until the end of time, Allah grant us to be steadfast in the student of NaVi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to be in his companionship in general for those. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah will begin in sha Allah this this week and

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for the weeks to come, a new series called Getting the Baraka getting the Baraka and mostly with regards to wealth, Baraka, of course, many blessings and health is Baraka. Your kids are Baraka blessings, but in specifically in terms of wealth, we're going to talk about the risk. Because we live in a very tough time financially for most people. Pedro prices are up, taxes are high, and you will see that life just becomes more difficult with in terms of making ends meet. And while hamdulillah most of the people sitting here, you are professional people, your people with jobs, and if it's tough for you, and for others, it's unbearable. It is beyond difficult for certain people

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who don't have employment was behind the law. I don't know how you survive on a welfare check, or a pension Hello Lumsden. How do you survive 1000 1200 and I don't know. So, this series is important, we will discuss insha Allah, how to increase your risk, how to make your sustenance go that much further, how to put Baraka and blessing in that money, how to increase it in a halal way, how to avoid Haram, what are haram transactions and what are the what are the ways in which Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala we can earn from this Baraka is not just for the dunya this Baraka this, this is is a means that could actually give you the opportunity to purchase your after to purchase

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your agenda, how best to utilize this money, so that when we stand in front of Allah on the day of karma, when hamdulillah we can tick that box that whatever you have given me a lot, it was used correctly, and it might be because of your wealth that you intergender so this is our series inshallah, that will begin We ask Allah to grant us the freakin success in it. I mean, we begin by I begin by giving you a reality check. For most of us, we measure success in terms of our bank accounts. We measure success in terms of money, the person who drives a fancy car, he lives in a fancy suburb, he has a big house Alhamdulillah we feel he's made it, he's got it. That's what he's,

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you know, that's success. When things are not so good financially in our lives, we begin to feel I'm not going forward in life. So much the world we live in is a capitalistic materialistic society, and therefore success is always going to come down to well in our minds come down to a number. But in reality, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to remind us Allah says Mahara to Gina will insert a boon, that the objective in life is not about wealth collection, or how much status you have in your bank account. The purpose of life is your worship. Allah says, I have not created man and Gene except that we should worship Allah alone. And it's the connection of Allah to connect to Allah, that is

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ultimately success. And Allah in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala actually mentioned in the ayah that follow, Allah says Maori do mean who mean risky? Do you use a moon in the la hora? zacuto COVID-19. So Allah says, I want you to worship me alone. And I don't want from you my creation, that you may feed me, I don't need you to feed me. I don't need your money. I don't need your money. No, I don't want your money or food. Rather, I am the one that provides for you, I feed you. And Allah is Rosa is the one that provides for all his creation. Allah supports all of his creation, the firm and coffee machine, the firm and the strong salary reminds us that wealth, eating, drinking provisions,

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those things are secondary. Ultimately, it is a loss of ohana our connection with Allah that counts. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us all when he says what we'll talk about in this introductory phase. What is the philosophy of money in Islam? You have some religions that look at money as something detestable bad. Get rid of money as much as you can the least you have the beta, certain philosophies, you know, Subhanallah they own nothing, absolutely nothing because they believe owning property is haram. It's sinful. And there are other philosophies that they don't look they don't care how you earn money, so long as the more you have the better. What is it

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slums philosophy around wealth. A lot explains to us what money is all about. Allah says Allah Manuel Luna Xena to hayati, dunya. Wolbachia to Sahaja, hydro, Rebecca Robin Waheguru. Amara, Allah Subhana Allah says, understand that your money and your children are the adorn the decorations of this dunya, which is the fruit of this dunya they have no wait obeyed in the era, it will not benefit you in in and itself will not benefit you, the man with more money will have no prestige or privilege, a privilege against the man who is poor, only in the dunya. So Allah says this, this is only for the dunya temporary alberca to Saleh, but the things that investment that will remain

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forever are your good deeds, that is the accumulation that you and I need to focus on. That is the account that we should be thinking about how many good deeds I have to my name, that is ultimately the success, not the bank account. Allah says this is only the enjoyment of the dunya by declaring the decorations of the dunya money and kids and Allah goes even further with the prophets of Salaam says

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when you die. And I mentioned this analogy so often all the time when we entered this world, with the EU our country currently residing

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without putting any suburb down Khayelitsha Annenberg, or you living in Bishop Scott Clifton, you entered the dunya, the same, you enter the dunya, naked, owning nothing alone, knowing nothing, and you will die the same, no matter what is in between. It's like a race. But it doesn't matter, you started at the same point, you will all end at the same point. So who cares was in the lead? financially? Ultimately, I will say what's the point? It's all just a momentary, it's like the bank has deposited something in your account for a gave you a loan, and he's going to take it back. So it's not really your money. Allah says, The prophecy tells us the day we die, our families and our

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wealth and our deeds will go with us to the cemetery will be buried, and then our wealth and our family will leave that wealth that you accumulated that empire that you are matched, not one cent of it will go with you to your public, it will be distributed to someone else, only your deeds will remain. So that's the reality. That Yes, money is important. And yes, we're not in Ouma. And our philosophy in Islam is not to be against materialistic.

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materialistic means, but rather we say money is a means to an end. It's not an end unto itself. And it's what you do with it ultimately, is what counts. That's the real thing, what you do with it, the little you have the luck that you have, it's what you do with it. So never ever measure yourself as a man or your success in terms of your bank account. If you have a little, don't feel that you are small in the sight of Allah, if you have a lot, don't think that you are something special and great, because all of it belongs to Allah. And ultimately, it's going back to Allah Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah in the Quran are the same. And this is the real hour explains very clearly what money is Allah says, and be a way that your money and your children is a fitna meaning at least it's a trial. It's a question on an exam for you.

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And ultimately, Allah is the one that has the reward. Money and children is not the point of enjoyment. Yes, we can enjoy it. But that's not the end, how you use it. So the one who has kids, and the one who has money, that is your taste in this life, and the one who doesn't have money and doesn't have kids, that is also your taste allottee some of us with wealth, and all of these, some of us with poverty. Allah will teach those of us with wealth, how you got it, how you spent it, how you use it, the one that doesn't have wealth, I was going to ask you, how will you patient with that? It's purely a taste. It's purely for for this dunya it's not the ownership

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala sees that the one who has money and the one that has children, and then Allah goes on in Surah Taha and enjoin upon your family and be steadfast in Allah says, we ask you not for provisions we provide for you. And Allah is the base of though and and the outcome is with Allah subhana wa Taala that the provisions comes from Allah.

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Another example of this is a taste as we see it in the philosophy of Islam. Wealth is purely a taste. And Allah says in Surah fudger, how incense Eman fluctuates our image should not fluctuate based on our bank account.

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Our demand should not go go down when our bank account is down. Yes we should be more grateful if we receive this payday for some of us, we should be grateful we should sell hamdulillah Allah says for a man insane as for men, when his load tries him gives him alysus when Allah TCM TCM with what with the teats with rewards with riches and gives him honor and he makes him lead gives him an easy life. Then what does he say? Rob be acraman My Lord has honored me my allies good to me when he has a good life when he likes a lot.

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I'm not either what either my patella who but when Allah makes his life a bit difficult, and he strings to him the means of subsistence. Allah withholds that that is when he says, My Lord has disgraced me will become impatient with Allah. That is not how Eman works. Allah subhanaw taala understand, today you in a certain financial position. Tomorrow you can be much richer than you were today or you could be poor or lucky and take away the health that he has that you've given him hamdulillah for our health, and for those who are going through sickness, those someone very close to us who's currently sick. We make the loss from Carranza, a Shiva Kameelah that there is no price

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that we put we can put on our health. So any one of us that if today, today, you're enjoying good health, how much would you pay for that? How much would you pay for this I for that heart that is pumping? How much would you give? And how many have we made sugar for that? We look at our bank account and think Yeah, Allah, He says all I have only this amount of money, but there's so many blessings that we've never gave proper sugar to Allah, that we couldn't put a price tag on that if that if our kids were sick. So we thank Allah subhana wa tada We ask Allah to forgive us for ungratefulness we only see what we don't have, but we never ever consider what Allah has given us.

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Alhamdulillah so the reality of wealth, Allah wants you to realize when we talk about this, and pursuing it is an owning risk and having more and more and more understand ultimately, when you look at your bank account, when you look at your car, when you look at your house, it belongs to Allah, it does not belong to you, it is purely on loan, the more you acquire, it will only be acquired for a few years.

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It is just given to you as an Amana It is like an analogy a lot of muscle Allah Allah we don't give analogies to a lot. But it's like you know, your parents on holiday. Any links you the merch for the weekend, he says look off it. That's not your merch. You can drive around and you can feel fancy in it. But you know, Monday is gonna come it must go back to daddy doesn't belong to you. You don't own that thing. And Ola is saying the same thing to us. You don't own it. Side note, you know, when we pass away, when we pass away, and inevitability will come? You and I we have no say in our world. We can't determine who must get so much. But the sun is my favorite son. That's the I don't like so we

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don't get to structure our Well, we just have to follow the Sharia Why? Because there's just add that to just to remind you, that's not your money anymore, you die, that money goes back to Allah. Now he distributes the way he wants to, it was never used to begin with was alone. And now the bank has collected, now someone else is going to get the loan, and then they will know you will die and it will go to someone else. That's the reality of life. So money belongs to Allah. And it's only given to you and me as an Amana as a trust. How will you use it? The real question is how we use that money.

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So as I said, wealth is a taste and poverty is a taste. And to be very, very clear, the taste of having money is more difficult than the taste of not having money. So if you are poor,

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if you feel that your means are not sufficient, give sugar, give sugar, that you will not be questioned about that so long as your patient, the man with a woman that has a lot will have to answer a lot.

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So while our philosophy is not against money, you found many of the pious setup society, the Sahaba, they turned away from wealth not because they thought it was Haram, if I have money, I'm a bad person, that if I have a comfortable house, it's Haram. No, but they understood they comes with this a responsibility. The more I have, the more I'm going to be questioned about it on piano, the more money I have, the more scrutiny Allah is going to give me on the day of karma, the more I have, the more I must do. So with that comes as a price. It comes with a price tag. So the taste of wealth, my brothers and while hamdulillah To be honest, we as a Muslim community, year, we are above average,

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in terms of wealth, by and large, most of us are as poor as you might feel. We are much higher than the average of our people in our community. We are wealthy people in on average, so that is a man at least from us. Your wealth can ruin you, and it can earn you your agenda. That's what's before you before me when I look at my bank account, this money in that bank account can be taken can it can take me to jahannam and it can take me to Jana, and how you pass this test of wealth, sum in summary very easily. Number one, always acknowledge that what come what you what what comes to you belongs to Allah and it returned to him that and I will see these are going to be structured around this,

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number one, number two, pursue your wealth and you receive

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Hello means you and I, we spend at least eight hours a day five days a week earning risk, if not more. The last thing you the last thing you want

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is on the day of piano to realize those eight hours were done in earning haraam sustenance, but that eight hours was insane. And the money you acquired in that is sin. And therefore what you feed your family was sinful, you don't want that.

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Then it doesn't mean Subhanallah those millions are a curse upon you, may Allah protect us. So we need to ask this very important question. My going to work in the job that I'm in, is it helpful? Is it permissible? Is the money permissible? That's the number one question we're going to discuss. Then secondly, am I spending it correctly? How am I spending that money because you can earn your money halaal but the problem is how you spend it.

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Then also we will look at for those who say Alhamdulillah if you can, and Allah subhanho wa Taala promises insha Allah if we do the basic script, you earn how you spend it on halaal. Okay, that's good, that's fine, you save you made the grade. But of course, they for those of us who want more than that, you actually want to earn gender through your wealth. And it's if you look at the great Sahaba Abu Bakr and Omar, the 10 of the 10 promised genocide North man, many of them were wealthy people, they attained that high level because they use the wealth as another means another blessing. They use the knowledge, the strength, the money to acquire agenda, every blessing Allah gave them

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they use it as a means to an agenda. So in the towards the end of the series, we'll look at how you increase your risk and also how you can use at risk to actually acquire the agenda.

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So never, ever as an introduction to the notes. Never ever let the love for music

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be taken to be more than the love of the Razzaq. We should not love the sustenance more than the Sustainer we should our money the paycheck we get in as happy as we are with that money, we should remember the one who gave it to us.

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That's the one we should love more.

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That when he gives Alhamdulillah we happy when he takes away Alhamdulillah this was for our own good, you would help something. And if you change that mindset, when having a million having a billion having nothing doesn't affect you, your hot money should only affect your pocket, it should not into the heart It should only into your bank account it should not into the heart. And that is the real test of Am I attached to this money. Am I attached to the dunya so how about the OCR Rasulullah sanlam we all like to dress nice, what person doesn't like to wear nice clothes. In terms of arrogance, self delusion. Obviously that's not the kind of arrogance we're talking about. Nothing

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wrong with loving your children and loving a comfortable life. But that love should not exceed the love for Allah. And the objective should not be to attain as much as you can. But it should be to whatever you get to please Allah subhanaw taala and this is not that even Allah himself says this, look at this beautiful ayah Allah says wilberto the female ethical level da da da. So let's see to each and every one of us see cod work hard strive for the afra what Allah has prepared for you the home of the akhira work hard for the Euro make you the hero your number one focus for one answer Merci beaucoup minute dunia, but do not forget your share of the dunya

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This is our philosophy in a nutshell Welcome to the law that we wander upon it nothing dunia has done Hasina was lucky has an hour pinata but not Allah give us the best of the Akira and the base of the dunya. We want the dunya and akhira. That is that's how we operate. We don't shun the dunya we don't reject the dunya and only focus on the euro. And we don't do the opposite. And this is the day of today. We only live for the dounia no love for the Euro first and the dunya. So Allah says Allah is telling you don't forget your share your naseeb your portion of the dunya that must be you must seek it. And it's part of our Deen to seek wealth, to acquire wealth but in the halal way.

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And Allah continues and do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed Allah does not like corrupters so use that drive for the dunya for good.

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So seeking wealth is part of our sooner part of the sooner and this of this Deen and part of the way Allah wanted. Now many of us will talk from an Islamic philosophy. We hear a lot about many Imams and scholars and it's good. They will remind us to not be materialistic. Yes, to not to focus so much on the dunya to not do not strive for your music so much and many people will have to do that they will meet I'll get these questions regularly. frequently. They'll say, you know, should I just give up my job because I'm so busy.

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so engrossed in my job I can't attend an Islamic class. I can't spend the time I want with my family. Am I a bad person? forgiving so if I compare how much time am I on the masala I'm here to worship Allah. But I'm only on the masala maybe at most an hour a day, every day at least eight to 10 hours at work is this haraam? Should I not? Lee is not being dunya focus and materialistic. Also, they will say Allah provides. Why do I even need to work? Allah is that the Hadith says when you are born, of the things that is decreed for you is how much it is that you're going to have. When you live your your quota of risk is pulled out from the day you were born. So why am I even struggling

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and striving and killing myself? The prophets of Salaam says sorry, Muslim, strive for that which will benefit you and seek the help of Allah and do not be helpless. Strive and work. We are not an oma of lazy people. We're not an oma that just says Allah provide and I use it as an excuse to not do anything that Allah provide is sometimes used as an excuse for laziness.

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And that's not what tawakkol is. That's not dependency and Allah, Allah prophets also himself is saying, you go and look and search, we reject Allah put it out there for you, but you need to find it. You need to go and look for it. And if anything happens to you, that is bad, don't say if only I had done this and that and such and such would this would not have been following me. Or rather you should say coddle Allah wa chef, and it is the decree of Allah. And what he has world has, has come to pass. For if only we say Lola, this word if only if only it opens the judiciary towards this very broad Hadith, talking about destiny.

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We believe that a lot decrease everything, including your music specifically. But the risk can be increased. And the one who strives for it will find it. And the one who wants it, Allah will give it to him, the one who works hard for it will receive it. And there's nothing wrong in that if it's done in the correct means. And if you get it, rather, destiny and our dependency and Allah is shown in once we have it when you receive the risk. So you work hard, you were trying to sell this thing you got it sold. Remember, it wasn't your brilliance, new intelligence, they got it. It was the mercy of Allah. And if a negative outcome came, don't say if only the sin only that quarter Allah.

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So we understand this when it comes to medical issues. Usually, when a person is sick, he doesn't say, Well, my death is put out for me. So why am I even going to go for treatment? No, you go to the hospital and you look for that cure. If you get the cure what happened to the law, it was the mercy of Allah. And if the cure does not come Alhamdulillah this was the decree of Allah. This was the decision of Allah. But we need to work hard. So you need to work hard for your risk. You need to sweat for that risk. Because that risk if it's earning Hello, that eight hours you in the job is ibadah. It's worship. It's worship of Allah, that eight hours you're sitting way,

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earning you your money to pay to feed your family and pay your bills and pay your rent. While hungry, that's a vida. It's hours of worship. So don't see going to your work as something haram you're distracted from Allah so long as it's done quickly.

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So let's talk now about is my money halaal halaal income is my income halaal a very important question that you need to ask yourself.

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The prophet SAW Selim tells us in two broad Hadith, and the two very scary Hadith, the Prophet says with regards to wind,

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curses, the cursed people are tin with regards to wine. The one who squeezes the grapes mean the one who makes the wine, the one who asks for it to be squeezed the manager basically of that worker, the one who drinks it, the one who carries it, the one whom it is carried for the one who pours it, the one who sells it, the one who consumes its price, the one who buys it, and the one the one whom it is both, everyone in the chain is cursed. What do we say by this?

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We learn from this hadith and other Hadith we're going to get to with regards to interest which is perhaps more even more dangerous for us is that any transaction which is haram, if you are party to that transaction, you be the son as well. I cannot say well, this man is making the wine. That man is drinking the wine I'm not putting that man is drinking the wine. I'm just transporting it with my Bucky but nothing to do with me. No, you were part of the chain. You made that thing happen therefore you are accountable you an accomplice.

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The Hadith about interest the prophets of Salaam says the one who consumes the Riba is cursed the one who pays the base cost. The one who writes drafts the contract is cursed, the one who witnesses the contract discussed all of them she in that sin and these are major sins. So with regard

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So your job, you need to ask yourself am I is my function in my company in my work? Is it contributing to something haram? Am I if I was not V with this haram transaction? Am I benefiting it? am I helping to make it come into play? Yes or No, you need to ask that question. I need to ask that question. Because as I said, the worst thing is that if we spent all our time in work and it was insane, and the money was insane, yeah, Allah, it's eight hours of disobeying Allah, eight hours of harming ourselves. So into summarization, very difficult question. You first need to ask yourself, the company that you are working at is its primary function. haraam.

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Its major form of business haraam.

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If you work, what's the major form of business of SAP breweries to sell hammer? Yes, they might sell some positive things on the side. Yes, they might be some small things that are positive, but the majority of which are many Islamic perspective is impermissible. It sells Hummer.

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Similarly, certain industries like the * industry, for example, you and it give you a web designer, you just help manage websites, some haraam website context you can you fix our contact details, for example, nothing is designed to do the pictures they but you are complicit in that harem. You we understand this.

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Now something which is very controversial financial industries and banking

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is the organization that you're working for. Its primary function is to earn money and to secure and to split the Riba even if you're not yourself in charge of it, but just the scholars and this is the the view that just being a security guard in the they're just cleaning the floors in the that painting into working in it, you might be complicit in that, because the ultimate objective is heroin. And you think about that, if you're in a financial industry, and I'm a finance I'm an accountant. So I need to think about this very carefully all the time. There are certain areas of my business I cannot go in I cannot be involved in the Treasury function for example, because it means

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I need to secure loans I need to apply for loans and this vanilla is not Sharia compliant. So be very careful Ask yourself the industry I'm in the business I'm in is the nature of it haram selling haram food products, if you are in a Avatar and all the meet these haram you cannot work the you cannot work the animals people will say but this is haram for Muslims non Muslims know we have a principle. We do not assist someone support someone in Haram. If there was a drug dealer

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and you knew by selling to him, or helping him It will support him in manufacturing drugs you will say you cut off for you to do this is similar when it comes to hammer when it comes to Riba when it comes to haram food products. And Someone may say well, I work in a clothing company. These dresses are Haram in terms of the cut. The Sharia is broad, and it's flexible and hamdulillah for this, if there's any way that that product can be used for halau means when you Okay, you didn't ask the man when you sold the knife, are you gonna cut your blade with it or you're gonna stab someone with it? You're not required to do that. selling the knife is permissible selling that miniskirt is

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permissible. She might wait for her husband, Alanna that's between them and Allah. But there is no way that the Rebbe is going to be permitted. This can be used in halaal means drugs can never be used in the halal means alcohol. I mean, if you're making alcohol for consumption, there's no way to allow in every way to use is haram. Obviously, if you're using alcohol for medical purposes, that's a difference. That's permissible, permissible, even if you're making heroin. But I was wondering what is this thing called?

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Like no one the substances for for medical purposes, that's fine. Marijuana even for medical purposes, permissible. Right? That's, that's in a halau context. But if this substance can only be used for harm, then you cannot be party to it. So first question, ask yourself, Is my company

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in the business of halaal overall?

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If yes, then you can enter the company. If no and you in that company, we'll get to the next point. We'll speak about what you do then. If you in a company which is Khalid Al Hamdulillah I work for some of you work for VW for example, nothing around cars are permissible. You work in a clothing company and hamdulillah a food company whatever it might be, and you enter a company which function is permissible, but inside that company, they may be certain departments which are Haram. So for example, in my company, there is a treasury department, which works with Reba is a financial services department, which was

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work to the bar in your company, for example, they may sell many products including the out the alcohol department, as a Muslim, you cannot work in that department as a Muslim, you cannot be part of authorizing, carrying, you know, planning, budgeting anything that is haram, you can't be part of the chain, because you have initiated a haram transaction based on that people ask well, what about accountants that are auditors and it's a gray area always safer to stay away. But if you are accounting for a transaction that occurred already, I didn't initiate the transaction the guy paid the interest 10 months ago, last month, he paid it already nothing to do with me, if I put it down

00:30:44 --> 00:31:23

in a in an account is this permissible gray but the strongest view in my view is permissible. You just accounting you witnessing is that you saw a crime and you accounting on it. But the minute you start providing recommendations, you know what if you move the money to that account to earn more interest, now you are complicit understand, the minute you start calculating that interest and say look, this is how much it should be. Now you have participated in the transaction. So anytime you are initiating and part of the planning or functioning of some haram transaction, you are accountable, and it's very difficult. Some of us might find Ya Allah, I mean a very, very gray area.

00:31:23 --> 00:32:04

Well, I'm in a very difficult situation. What do I do now? I conclude with this ayah Allah Subhana Allah says Minami lasallian mean veteran owned woman for the Louisiana who hire country Eva, what else? Yeah, no BS anymore? Can we ever you are and does the righteous good deeds male or female, while he's a believer, if you do good, you earn your money. halaal you avoid Haram. Allah says, surely, I will give you a good life in this dunya I will make sure your life is good. You do your part. Even if it means I mean, I must give up my job because it's Haram. Even if it means your alarm losing out on some big business deal. Even if it means you're alone, get the house that I want.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:19

Because I can't take that bond. Allah says I will give you a good life, you do your part, you will get a good life in the dunya. And surely, we will give them a full reward according to the base of what they used to do in the akhira. You will obviously in the afterlife even more, it's even better.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:56

Don't think that you will be shortchanged by Allah if you do the right thing. So for us the exercise, we've got paid Alhamdulillah. And this week, ask ourselves how much of this money was halal? How much time did we spend with halal? If the answer is I don't know. I'm not sure you can you can you're welcome to email me message me we can discuss it, you know, one on one. But if the answer is wrong, and you know, in your heart, this is wrong, then you have to make a change, who's in there's no barakah in that money. In fact, then you're failing and that test of wealth, that wealth is actually your means where you have to be led to Jannah and if you're earning your money

00:32:56 --> 00:33:30

halaal even if it is small brothers, for some of us Alhamdulillah we take our jobs, I have a very simple job. All I am is an artisan, we'll learn how many are your money's halaal you don't have to worry about that. You eat Hello, your family's eating Hello, there are people that are maybe 10 times more than you but that money there's so much doubt in it. So don't feel bad about small but it's halaal it's pure, it's deep is Baraka in inside hamdulillah for that was the last time to bless us in our wealth. We asked Allah subhanaw taala to increase us in wealth that is good for Allah give us so that we can do more with good with it. But Allah grant our wealth to be a means that will

00:33:30 --> 00:33:56

interest in the agenda. And Allah keep away from us welfare is bad for us, keep us away from poverty, the hardships and mild will make it easy for those who are going through difficulty next week. inshallah we'll talk about ways to increase our risk what Baraka in what takes out the Baraka and if you have any questions, concerns, comments, you want to discuss your financial planning with me With [email protected] you can email me no commission, no charge or formula just to us. And then on the third of November, so just around the corner.

00:33:57 --> 00:34:32

December time is marriage time everyone goes on he wants to get married in December. And for those of us who would like to get married to or marry this is not just for those getting married. This is actually very good for people who are currently married as well to understand so it's the our closer than a government or marriage workshop. It's a one day Crash Course not that we want you to manage to crash, but it's just not to crash. So if you'd like to attend, let me know because if we have enough students, they will have the course. So the third of November it's a Saturday morning. So please just message me contact me or the office inshallah. I will see these women around the

00:34:32 --> 00:34:51

messenger hamdullah we're up to Episode 25 going really well. If you'd like to join, it's an excellent series where hamdulillah I wait for triple to 1308 or wait for triple to 13 Oh, it's in WhatsApp and you'll be included to the WhatsApp line sokola Hi, what's a lalala cinema hamadryad audio service language anime cinema assalamu aleikum wa barakato

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