Muhammad West – Rizq Series Part 4 – Management

Muhammad West
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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jermaine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, but Santa Monica Monica de la Hill but I

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mean all praise to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah in the law we have a witness that none has the right to worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala within our love in greeting so beloved Nabil Mohammed salatu salam, to inspire some people family to his companions and all those who follow his suit until the end of time. May Allah subhana wa tada granted steadfastness on the tsunami, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam mela, Allah forgive us and bless us and granted genital philadelphus I mean, when hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us to be and this past week past weekend also has been a difficult week. And if you are a part of being an A Muslim is to be informed part of knowledge is to know what's happening around you. And sometimes we become so engrossed in our own day to day work and moving from one deadline to the next that we don't really take note of what's happening around us. So, you should know for example, and then reports coming out just quite recently, that in Delhi, for example, in India, Delhi, they are riots going on where Muslims are being targeted quite badly, and make my daughter this ins, but it is Hindu extremism where all the

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induce minority, but a very powerful minority of Hindus that are supported by the government are burning mosques and killing Muslims. And we feel a place like India, which is very sectarian, it can become out of hand very quickly. So we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy that this talk will mention certain things that will frustrate you. But remember, there are people who are going through bigger frustrations, and what can we do about these frustrations? I think that's the more important question. So there's that happening. And we watch that in detail. the very least everyone should be informed, go and find out what's happening and make dwama Allah subhanaw taala

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protect them. Then of course, you should know by now you've heard about the Coronavirus

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spreading. And unfortunately, it doesn't look like you know, we're able to fully contain this virus and it's gone to countries outside of China, and so much to discuss maybe a whole topic devoted to that. We also what what was important yesterday was that Saudi Arabia has now stopped issuing visas formula, and that people are coming into Saudi some people who have booked tickets, they might not get a visa, my own mom, for example, she's in South Africa, she's got a visa to go, we're not sure if we'll be able to travel next week, who's behind Allah, it's it's wanting science. And it also shows you our, our weakness before Allah subhanaw taala this virus is actually so small, you can't

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even see it. But all our technology, all our grandia all those things can do nothing against the might of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we take some mention to the vehcile salaam listen to this Hadith, the prophet who says, If you is what he was saying, if you hear that it is these plague a virus in one land, they don't travel to that land. And if it breaks out in your land, they don't leave, hopefully, you stay behind. And so on a lot of time, when there was no concept of viruses and the spreading of virus, this is a miracle in itself. But it's guidance for us that quarantine is the way to do it. And then we pray the last one grants us a cure for that.

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On the local front, we saw the killing of children, you know, smile, very sad, our own kids are not protected. What do we do as a community these questions? Can you mean, you know, how do we call out if our kids are not safe? Then what exactly is it that our government provides for us? And then, of course, what is important, and on that point, all we can do again as a community is to get together, work hard in our you know, being angry and frustrated. It's fine, we all angry and frustrated. But that anger must be channeled into something constructive. And that is we we need to discuss what do we do as a community. But these are all the things happening in our community, we must be aware of

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this, then, of course, the big thing that happened last week, or this week, which is relevant to all of us and to all of you is the budget speech, and that is what my focus on football is today. But in the context of that from this budget speech, again, a lot of things that will frustrate you, failure of government, which is going to make you and me poor, it's going to cost you and myself money. But again, when we look back when we look at what's happening in the rest of the world, I'm not saying don't be frustrated, don't do anything about it. But who said hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah if our only worry is that financially, if our only concern is financial and then hamdulillah Yeah, Allah then we

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can we are socially so give sugar to what we have. So this talk was purely based on the budget speech and then these other issues arose and I thought it was right, we have to mention them and inshallah we'll devote a full topic before Juma Hooda. on these issues. We also have the law the representatives of IDP. Jeremy is in the crowd.

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We'll wait him out later on insha Allah, you should actually be giving the hook. But let's getting back to our topic of today.

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So you should know. And I, as I mentioned, as Muslims, we should be aware of what's happening in the world. And more important, you should be aware of the things that influences you directly. And there was his budget speech, which I know you heard about, but many of us don't really fully understand, what is the relevance to me, how does this impact my life? What does that mean for me, and I will give you some of the financial implications. A lot of this is you'd be charged a lot more, if you were to get this information outside of Juma, you'd be charged by the hour but then from the law, you get this, you get this free of charges, magdoff was some points to consider on this. As a

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nation, we have about 29% unemployed people 30% of the country is not working, we should be working. That is not that is a very what they call the summarized number, the true number is around 40, because they have a 10% of the population who can't work and have stopped looking for a job. So 40% of the working people that should be working, is sitting at home, not working, not productive. And that is catastrophic. Most likely, you don't find countries in the world, except countries going through war that have numbers like that. And it shows your society cannot be sustainable. If half of its people that should be working, is not working, our economy is going to grow less than 1%, which

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means we are basically getting poorer. As a country, we are getting poorer. The government dict I think of your own day, everyone has debts we owe people we owe the bank. Only Sharia compliant did for all of us. Of course, if not, you have to fix it. But the government takes

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66% of its GDP. What does that mean? Basically, the government owes so much money, that if it paid back a billion Rand every day, every single day, 1 billion Rand back to the bank, it will take 10 years to pay that back. 3.6 trillion Rand, that's how much the government owes, and it's just getting bigger and bigger. So who owes that money? When I say the government, it means you and me, you and I will have to find a solution for that. And as the debt grows, you know, in this river system, the interest grows. And so

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if you look at where the government is spending money, the third biggest expenditure of the education of the social grants

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is to pay back debt. The third biggest thing the government is paying back is to the bank. More than it's painful police to protect your children more than it's painful, old people, school hospitals and these things, it needs to pay back banks. This is what why due to reckless spending, due to stealing due to corruption. That's the reason why we in such bad debt, if we were in big debt, and we could say Alhamdulillah, we can show we both things we've made roads and houses and educated millions, we haven't done any of that. So this money has been purely misappropriated. And what makes this worse is the people who have to shoulder the state, if 40% is not working, only about 3 million

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out of the 56 million are contributing, you know, to 95% of the tax, meaning. For those of you Yeah, you have that 3 million you're paying your taxes, you have to shoulder the burden of 20 people in this country, for every one of us that are paying a decent amount of tax, your burden, you are a burden to look after 20% 20 other people. And if you add up what you really pay in taxes. So for those of you who work for a company, you play 20 30% Pay As You earn, the government takes it off before I mean that you're your boss, your work takes it off, and you get the net amount. When you pay 15% VAT on every single time you buy a loaf of bread, you pay anything, you're paying 15% back,

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your pixel has special taxes on it, your rates that you pay to the government, yes, taxes and its effect on that. So you have taxes on the taxes. If you look at it, you are paying close to 50% of your we'll work production is for the government to keep the government have looked that is what's happening. The only consolation that you have the only thing that gives me some kind of comfort is that we pray on the day of karma, we can say Allah 50% of whatever I earned was for sadaqa because at 50 we pray goes to children to orphans to widows, that's the only consolation we get. So the government has a big problem to balance its books. I'm just giving you back information. And it can

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no longer tax the working man anymore. It realizes it can't do that. It cannot do that. Because it's getting to a point that if you tax him even more, if you try to milk the cow any more than the cow is going to die. He will immigrate to Australia basically. So what needs to be done now and what the government has realized to make this decision, they have to cut the spending, and they have to basically cut the salaries of its government employees. That's where it's gonna go. So if any of you are working for the government, for the municipality, for provincial government, national government, you are policemen. You are a nurse, a teacher, a nurse, whatever it might be.

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You are going to shoulder the bulk of this burden, the government is going to try and save and 60 billion by cutting salaries, reducing your increases through that, and this is going to be a big fight. Obviously, unions aren't happy about this. And so Subhanallah it's going to be pain and misery, and again, why it wasn't the fault of teachers or nurses. It was the fault of the people on top, the corrupt people on top that have stolen and mismanaged and wasted billions, that now the government is trying to get out of this hole. So what does that mean for us again, what do we do? And this would be you've heard it before, but inshallah it's more relevant now. Since all of us are

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feeling more impoverished, to the fact that we have a job and hamdulillah but all of us are looking for ways of increasing our risk of putting Baraka Allah in the little we have made go a little bit further, how can we increase our subsistence and put Baraka in our in our risk? When I when I do this foot bus, usually I speak to my colleagues and a friend of mine when he was sitting next to me said, one of the ways to increase risk stopping taxes, unfortunately, that's not an option. It will increase your your your outcome, but inshallah we have to pay those things, when we do other accounts, etc, in the end of the day, so how do we increase our risk some points for you and for me,

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if your salary is not going up, you're a government employee. And I hope I pray Allah grants you a good raise whatever it might be. But if it doesn't happen, there are alternatives for you. I'm in a company, unfortunately, things are not going so well. So you don't see the bonuses you don't see increases like you expect Alhamdulillah we have a job. So how but how do I supplement my income from a spiritual side, because Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about this thing called Baraka, that for one person, the same amount, the same cup will go a lot further than for someone else. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, if he blesses a little, it will bring you a lot of goodies from that, whereas

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others will have so much, but they are like a leaking bucket that it will not be of any benefit, it will never they won't be able to hold this thing. So how do we put Baraka in our risk? And how do we increase it?

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The first thing we need to do is you have to seek your risk. Allah has provided us with sustenance, but if you do not look for it, we'll search for it, it will not come to you, it will not come to you directly. And therefore there are many people who don't work. We might know family members that complain about how things are, but they're not putting in the effort that they should to either find the job or if there is no job that they don't have a skill to better themselves. So many people we know they've lived matric, they never matriculated. But they couldn't find a job well, either you need to go back to school or go to a nightclub, get a matric certificate, and try this many

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opportunities to learn. If you're not working, and you should be learning, there's only two options for you. Unless you're completely unable to work. You're too old, too young, too sick to work, when in that case, when you can get a social grant. Other than that Subhanallah you should be working the prophets of Salaam says that if you really had through tawakkol reliance on Allah, and part of relying on Allah is to take the ASVAB taking the means to achieve your your destination. So if you truly relied on Allah, the Prophet says, If you relied a lot on salam, he Allah will provide for you, just like he provides for the birds, in what way the birds go out in the morning with no food

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in the stomach, but they all of them returned back full. There's not a single bird you find fell on the floor. starvation tax was too much they couldn't find this. You don't find any of the pigeons of the birds, they go out search for it. And Allah has put these out every single one of them every single day. But they need to go out and fly and look for it. And that's the same for all of us. There's a lot of people in our country, that it is the answer lies in laziness. And so should we look for examples of a famous slide he says when there's hot aka when there's action, these Baraka Baraka only comes after the action, so secretly to make a change if your job is not giving you what

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you want, make a change, you know, you have to also take control of your destiny. The second thing to put Baraka, Baraka is a spiritual thing

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is to seek is to make a step far one of the beautiful things obviously far one of the good byproducts of his default so you made a sudden you say yeah Allah forgive me Your mind is on that sin and protection from punishment. On the side Allah puts Baraka in your wealth how now we know sit to his people for cool to stop fearing robber coming in no kind of a foreigner to them. ask Allah for forgiveness. Surely he's forgiving me. Allah will forgive you. You will see some Alico Mirada that Allah will Vincent but only when He forgive you since he will seem the skies up in the shower was upon showers, you will get blessing rain, what you need to come be unwell and he will increase

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in your affluence He will make you rich just by making a stokfella so if you have a worry in your mind financially and we also handle their financial worries, we make your Allah for the five minutes extra every day I'm going to say another 100 stocks at a loss

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I'm going to do that and see what happens to your paycheck. See what happens to expenses. And Allah says you will increase you in the Baraka in your children and your family and then he will give you Jeanette, you will give you gardens and plantations, onehowto and rivers, all kinds of money and all kinds of wealth will come to you. cost you nothing, mean nothing to make you step far, a lot. Someone says, I promise you make it stiffer, you will get an increase in that. Number three, taco taco, of course, his relationship with Allah. But what it also means in the context of money, it's about doing the right thing. For the sake of Allah, even if it doesn't make sense here on the dunya

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you've always pleased with me, I have a decision to make a financial decision in particular, but I choose it for the sake of Allah, I find myself in a difficulty someone is harming me at work, something is not going right in my life. You just do what is right. Last week we spoke about dealing with difficult people. You do what is right, what Allah even if it means to sacrifice something. And then Allah says to you, well, maybe tequila and whoever is in a problem, but he is conscious of Allah. Allahu Maharaja, Allah says, I will forgive you away out. You don't worry about how to get out of that Miss, it's my job to do that. Why are Sukhumi faithful and I will provide you the risk

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from a way you could not have ever predicted. If you do everything you're supposed to do. you've searched for your risk. You've worked hard, you've made your your dependency and Allah you've made da. Now the ball is you know, metaphorically speaking in a loss court. Now it's a last turn to do his job. And so Allah says if you do your part and have Taqwa he will provide for you of risk from a way you cannot imagine. Maybe the budget minister should have misread this. He can't he says Where do I find this money? There's no Avenue anymore. do what's right minister have a coin Allah do what is right. Allah will make that budget balanced for you don't have to worry.

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Another I also know that if the people of the city I know they believe what the coup and they had a taqwa of me left Atlanta I would have opened up I lay him upon them Baraka 30 minutes and I will, I will open up the treasures of the earth and the sky for him.

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For 1000s of years under the feet of the Arabs, there was this gold of his black gold. And when Allah decided to come and is more under the earth and more in the sky, the teachers have a lovey, but you only give it to people when and if they are deserving of it. So let's find the grantors of good Avi stages in a good way in this era. Close to taqwa. Number four is avoiding haraam income and spending in her arm. Allah mentions what ever you pay as Riba and yeah, whatever you give it to him and yeah, again, it's important Allah actually spoke about the one who gives, of course receiving is even worse. But when you give Riba you're paying that Riba bond, you're paying Riba on your call,

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what is the let's say, so that it may increase you the wealth of people does not it will not increase, your wealth will not increase, you will stay indebted and you'll stay in poverty.

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Now, sometimes I know we want to buy a house, I'm in the same situation as you. You can't buy afford to buy a car. They are Sharia compliant alternatives you need to do is pick up the phone and phone one of the banks and say give me a shadier alternative. That's what you have done your job. But so long as you continue paying your Reba bond, you continue paying Riba on your car, you continue investing in Haram, Allah says your wealth will not increase you have chosen that way. And so that is why the wealth will not increase and we seek without government is exactly the same. We have decided to go on the route of borrowing and paying interest and now we are in a hole that is very

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difficult to get out. Number five, number five, to increase your sustenance in risk is amazing thing of hygiene. And I know the visas are now short. And Allah grant this to to open up and to be molecule this disease and grant us to return to the holy lands of McCann, Medina, but the prophets of Salaam says follow up between hodzic meramec as much hijama as you can, because they both eliminate poverty and sin, like the blacksmith or the furnace eliminates impurities from iron golden silver. And there's nobody would of course for height except genital Jenna, there's nobody would find except that he shipped. Jenna. So this Hadeeth it's amazing Hadeeth. And I'm amazed when I

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teach, for example, hedge classes, and you find people take years to save up to go for the first overall hedge and then afterwards, it just becomes frequent that they go from raw hedge. Where did that money come from? The exchange, it's getting more expensive. Visa costs are more expensive. Tickets are more expensive, but now every year that's going on hydrometer How is that possible? This is the Baraka that Allah spawn has placed in that you've made that journey you could have gone overseas for that holiday for that money for some holiday but you chose an ombre and so Allah will put Baraka in your sustenance instead

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Issue number six establishing family ties the profits of some seeds, whoever is pleased with the fact that he's risk be increased and his lifespan. That's an amazing thing. I don't know of any other thing that increases your life. But yes, you have an expiration date, but you want to make it go longer, then let him establish and keep family ties. So be good to your family may be the answer. And I think this for myself, maybe the answer in my job, the dead end I have in my job, all the problems I have financially is not lying in working hard at work or fighting hard at work, but it is to be a better husband or father or, or son to my parents maybe lies in that that brother I've never

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spoken to, to, to keep the family ties and then Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you that raise that you wanted that bonus that you did not you hope for. Another way of increasing risk is attached to that is marriage, to marry for the right reasons. Of course, if you're not able to also, you should not get married, but if you're able financially, physically mentally, maturely to get married. Then Allah says that you should wanky hold I am in Kumasi in that marry those among you who are single marry the single people. And the good do is have your mail even if their sleeves mean a bicycle, my email income, right? So even if you're married back in the day, you had slavery right?

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Today, so the only slavery is in marriage, outside of marriage. So in the past, people would not marry a slave. Even if he was a pious person, a good Muslim. People would say why would I marry a slave is a poor person, but Allah says if the person is a good person, she's a good good woman. Good man. buddies means in our terms, you have two options. The person who has a high flyer they've got a well paying job, got all the degrees and Mashallah driving the fancy car but the deen is lacking and you have another brother who is also interested in you, but the dean is there but the dunya isn't the last one says marry that person who is good for your deen. And that but if in your Kunal fukada,

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if they are poor use Newman law homing fugly he that Allah will increase them in his with his with his bounties. But if that person is a good person, that Allah subhanaw taala will look after them. So always remember, when we get some of you of us we are at that age when we're getting married. When you look for a partner for your for your daughter, your son, not financial be the first thing that you look at yesterday, important thing to consider, but rather marry that person to your son or your daughter who has a good relationship with Allah. Because if they see to the rights of Allah always feel safe, Allah will see to them and Allah will look after them and make sure that they

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don't fall out of the sky Like you said, like the birds, they will get the risk wherever it is. Number eight giving charity, this increases your risk. This increases your risk. Allah swans is Mandela ukri la COVID en hacer una who is it of you who will give Allah alone? Alone? Why is it alone? Every South Africa is alone, why sort of donation? So accounting wise, yes, I put this donation meaning you're not going to get that back. But in the sight of Allah when Allah does that equals its alone, meaning you must be paid back. And Allah is the only one who pays interest, he gives back with interest,

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a guaranteed interest. So that Allah says who's going to give a lot a good loan, so that he can give you and multiplied many times over you're not going to get a percentage of what you gave, you are going to get multiples of it, in return. And it is Allah and Allah says remember when you give to me when you give to my cause, when you give to any institution for the sake of Allah, Allah says anything but I am the one that gives an IRA takeaway. So if you're good with me, no must be to give you where you need it.

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Allah says though, the likeness of the one who sins visa vd like America, we know this very famous idea. But if you don't want to donate one seed, one grain in the path of Allah, then that grain will grow into a plant that will reap 700 grains. One Rand Allah says, In return, Allah think that investment return is 700 times more, you won't get any other return on Earth, no other business, no other thing will give you a return like that. And the profits is also the only reason that you are eating victory, and provided maybe the owner of the property, maybe the only reason you have a job, that you have a paycheck every 25th of the month, is because that's what the sustenance do to you

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because of the weak people in the community, that you support the weak. It is because you're giving charity because you're looking after your family, not because of you that you still have a risk every month. And the more you give, the more loss pantalla will give to you in return.

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Number nine, being honest in your business dealings, the profits also and this is why we see the reality of our country today. There was a lack of honesty.

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The suppliers want to cheat the government the government was cheap the suppliers corruption is in so now everyone becomes poor

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When the Baraka is taken out, the whole community becomes impoverished. So the prophecies solo seldom, when two parties have a transit, the two parts of transaction have the right meaning as long as they don't separate from each other, they have the right to a novel contract. So when you're buying, so while you're still in negotiations, you're not forced in it. So if they were now while you're negotiating the prophecies, so some of them so if they were to fool to one another, and honest in explaining the defects, then they will be blessed in that transaction, both of them, I was going to make both of them when the buyer and the seller, the thing you both will have Baraka in it,

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and the seller will got the money also put barakah in what he got. But if they lied, and they eat the defects of the item, the blessings of the transaction are destroyed, and that entire thing will become a more of a curse than a blessing. And so every time you do, you cut a corner, you think you're going to overcharge this guy, you're going to put that faulty part in the car, you're going to something in your business. Remember, it will come back to bite you later on. The product is gone, and alone will not only take the buttock out, but you don't know how much it will affect you not maybe as we said, financial knocks are the easy ones. What about the knocks of your health or

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your family? May Allah protect those things are some things we can't, we can't tolerate. So simple things, be an honest, in the dealing. Yes, we live in a dishonest society. Maybe you love that you work in a dishonest department or company or even when you maintain your honesty and your integrity. That's what it needs to be a Muslim if it means you're the stranger. Alhamdulillah been glad tidings to the stranger.

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Number 10. To to worship Allah as he deserved. So yes, you have to go out and give time to search your disk and for your kids and your family. But don't take that which is belongs to Allah so that you may acquire money and I give an example, more relevant to you and me. We're time muscle time some people say I'm working I can't I need to miss my workouts. If that's the case of heinola then that's unacceptable. You have taken what belongs to Allah and you've prioritized your job over that. You have to perform your sada on time and look at what Allah says if you prioritize work over Allah, then or money over Allah, Allah says, Oh son of Adam, take time out to constantly worship me. And I

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will fool your chest with the rich richness and I will remove your poverty

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and if you do not do so, but if you don't do that, you put a lot on the back burner. Your career comes first you make the tattoo to that

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of the shy all your works together. Then Allah says in that case, I will make your hands very busy filled with occupation, you will work very, very hard, but your poverty will not be removed. You will work hard and hard in your job but you will go no week. That is the promise from Allah subhanaw taala. So take your time, give Allah is work hard and Allah will increase your risk. And all of this even better than that he will put wealth in your heart, your heart will become filled with with addiction sci fi will sleep at night feeling better than the richest people on earth. Very close to that on the day of Juma Allah someone says that, Oh, you were believed when the call to pray comes,

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then come for Juma. Close your business now close that shop. Now it is better for you. Then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave your trade that is better for you. If only you knew if you prioritize Allah, Allah says what you get in return. You and we have done this Alhamdulillah we heard the call to pray, you left your job, you left your meetings, you live everything and you came to tomorrow. This was the beta transaction. And then when you go out Allah Swansea's, then go out and look for the bounties of Allah and remember and still remember Allah, go out and do your job. But remember, keep Allah in mind. Remember the football you've learned inculcated in your life. And

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this is going to be this will grant you success, you will get the success index from Surah calf which we should be reading every Friday. I hope you all read it today or you read it before Margaret in sha Allah, try this as a sunan Fridays are sitting in traffic put Soraka on if you haven't memorized it, you don't have to listen to it to recite it. This is one of the great that gives you a light and a prediction for that week, three examples of how to preserve your wealth. Number one, we know the rich man and he looked at his portfolio, his gardens and he looked at all Marsha, you know, she didn't say much. That's the problem. He looked at all these wonderful things. His cause is and

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he says, I don't think this will ever ever come to an end. My Empire will last forever. And if I should you know even if they have kiama comes surely I'll get even bigger than this. He forgot where he came from. He forgot where he got this. He didn't say Masha Allah. And because of that, because of his arrogance, Allah Subhana Allah in one word Allah says and we set out to be somebody we surrounded everything that he had, and he lost everything so quickly, Allah, Allah can change

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

The tables Don't forget when you're on top where you came from and who gave it to you who gave Who Who gave it to you and who can take it away. So if you are sitting comfortably if you log on and you when you get when you get that bank when you get that payday that chick or that chicks that is run along with each other when you get the EFT right you see that? Say Masha Allah say Michelle that along with Baraka, when you look at your family, Masha Allah, your wife will become more beautiful to you Your kids will become more pleasing to you. You call you start Masha Allah meaning this is from the this is by the decree of Allah Allah in His infinite knowledge and wisdom before the

00:30:38 --> 00:31:18

creation of time he had decreed this portion of risk will go to Muhammad, this woman will be your wife. These kids will be used Masha Allah not me. Not me. Now Subhan Allah say that remember who is the originator of everything. So say Masha Allah a lot. Me number two on surah calf, we know this we know that NaVi moose and Fidelis Salaam were trying to cross a river. They didn't to ambia Allah the Holy Spirit on Earth, but one Rand on st in a pocket. Think about that also. And they couldn't cross the river. And so the only they found a boat that allowed him to come for free. And these weren't miskeen they were poor people. And so these poor people allow them to travel for free. And we know

00:31:19 --> 00:31:46

the damage the boat. And he explained later on that there was a king who was going to come and seize the boat, take it from them, and it would have killed him. But he speed because it was damaged, he lifted. The moral of the story is they use that boat for the service of Allah. They gave me the charity, not knowing who these two poor people they didn't know this is Moosa and he did. They just thought these are two people we need to cross the river has come on board. And because they use it for the service of Allah, Allah save the entire boat,

00:31:47 --> 00:31:56

your assets, your wealth, your children and yourself your knowledge, give a portion of it for the sake of Allah and Allah will bless the entire thing.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:38

Number four, Number Number 14, we know the story of the orphans as well. The father was a pious man, and he lifted Tisha for them, and Allah has protected that treasure. So one of the ways that Baraka can come to you is through the piety of a grandfather or parent, whoever it might be. That may be the blessings that you and I have is because of a granny 50 years ago that made dua for her grandkids. That's why you have a job. And also if you want to put Baraka in your kids, if you are a pious person, then that Baraka can even go down to our children and Allah protect our children and have mercy on our parents and that they foster general widows. Lastly, with all this bad news,

00:32:38 --> 00:33:19

again, when we look at the problems of the world, if all you have a financial problems when handling only problems or financial what hamdulillah if it means that the only problem is I can't go on an extra holiday, I can't have the latest call when I'm hungry. Now those are the real problems. So we make to our eldest brother blesses us and have mercy on that on those who don't have so Allah says that what are in checker to lazy then accompany future skip sugar and say and hamdulillah for what you have, and not focus on all the things you don't have, then you will find an increase in what you have, Allah will give you more be grateful for what you have and say sugar to Allah you've given me

00:33:19 --> 00:33:53

this i'd love more yeah Allah but if this is all you give me what hamdulillah that Allah will increase you in that smell. Allah bless you and myself in our wealth and in our family in all our efforts. Allah make easy for all that people are going through difficulty whether it is financial sickness, mela grant mercy to those who have passed away, make it easy in the cupboard and I'll make it easy for the mentioned for those few announcements and hamdulillah next week, Sunday the eighth of March Jamie learning sha Allah will be doing the course that I owe the courses our courses are very interactive, fun session, the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire many of you are watching

00:33:53 --> 00:34:28

through on Netflix. So if you want to learn about you should take your dean from Netflix please do not take your Islam from Netflix rather come in learn fact from fiction learn the reality learn of a time when we were ruling the world but when we had when it was to be a Muslim it counted for something when the Muslim spoke that he said the world's paid attention and not took advantage of us. So this is the glory age of one of the glory days of Islam. So eighth of eighth of March at Islamic auditorium please attend inshallah, if you'd like something that you'd like to know more please speak to me after Juma when our YouTube channel has gone live last week but I know YouTube

00:34:29 --> 00:34:48

brand Allah Islam so you can go check it on YouTube. On Tuesdays we continue our classes the age of the believers, the death we've finished the death of Satan and you're on the line and we'll do back to basics in sha Allah for discussing what it means to be a Muslim Why should I be a Muslim? We're going to do the miracles of the Quran inshallah this Tuesday, so please attend any questions concerns with Mohammed


  • A difficult week
  • In light of the budget speech
  • Ways to increase wealth
  • Seeking your rizq
  • Seeking forgiveness and repentance
  • Taqwa
  • Avoiding haram income and spending
  • Frequently perform haj and umrah
  • Establishing family ties
  • Marriage
  • Giving charity
  • Being honest in one’s dealings
  • Constantly worshipping Allah
  • Prioritising Allah over money
  • 3 examples from Surah Kahf
  • Thanking Allah
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