Sleep Technique on Anxiery #shorts

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A person describes a scene where they are on a canyon while trying to sleep, and reminds them of their responsibility as a member of a larger group. They also mention a request from someone named Jesus to take care of an issue.

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I'm going to bed at nights. And I tried to imagine an image where I'm handing my anxiety over to Allah. So obviously not saying like, trying to picture a less amount of data, but something along the lines of, hey, I'm standing over a canyon holding my issue and I'm letting go, or I am on a table and I'm sliding it over. And then I say this before, this is what I did I say this before I go to bed. I'm like, Oh Allah, I'm giving this off to you. And I'm going to sleep you take care of it. So when I say that, it kind of sounded to me that, that it was a route you know, like, just like, I should be responsible. I should do my part. You know, you don't just give somebody

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you know, someone to do with this. Allah Spano Tata. And so I would remind myself after I would do this, I would remind myself that this is what Allah wants from us.