Reflections #25 – Obey Allh and obey the Messenger and do not invalidate your deeds

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The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the legalization of certain Islam practices and the use of symbolism to indicate deeds. The speakers also discuss the history of deeds and the recognition of good deeds, such as the actions of the shotsman and the use of symbolism to indicate deeds.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today's reflection is going to be on ion number 33 shutter number 47 surah Muhammad peace be upon him in this ayah Almighty Allah commands the believers as follows He says, Yeah you have a loving man who play law however LTE or otherwise who will Allah tuba played who

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over you believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger of Allah and do not invalidate your good deeds. There are many things to ponder over in this ayah

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even the language itself so when Allah Almighty says all you believe I'll to your Allah then he says again our two year old Rasool it makes a huge difference than simply saying, I'll tell your Allah Allah rasool Allah, what difference does it make?

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When Allah Almighty says our three year Allah then he says alter your Rasul that means, if there is a commandment, an order, or even a prohibition recommendation, which the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said or did or approved, and it is not mentioned in the Quran, it is as if Allah Almighty himself has commanded it or prohibited it.

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Because the obedience of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam is required and his commandments are as authentic and as powerful as the commandment of the Almighty Allah.

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I have many examples. Take for innocence. The ordain the ordain mint of sada cattle, or the cattle fed by the end of Ramadan and before the eighth prayer, it has no mention in the Quran, but it is obligatory. It is one of the

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prescribed forms of Zika.

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Interview Salalah selama said it is not permissible to marry a woman

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and her en paternal or maternal, that's not mentioned in the Quran, but it is as Haram as if it is mentioned in the Quran. That's why I said our to Allah then He repeated the word LTO and obey independently or Rasul

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Allah to the three Luo Man, do not render your good deeds invalid and how could this happen?

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Good deeds could be rejected

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via one of the following

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evil practices, number one shirt, because a mushrik who does so many good deeds, it will not be accepted from the Almighty Allah. This is in Allah Allah al Pharaoh unusual raka Bua of Medina, daddy Kelly, Manisha

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and the Almighty Allah said by the end of Surah LKF cool hand on a bill Conville Serena our mana Alladhina Walesa, Johan Phil hayati, dunya, homea, Sedona, Ana Simona, sunnah, shall we not inform you about the greatest losers irrespective of deeds. So in fact, in the dunya, they have done a lot of good deeds, and they have actually worship but they didn't worship Allah. And when they did good deeds, they did not do the good deeds to please Allah or to anticipate the reward from Allah had or from whatever they were worshipping.

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That's why on the Day of Judgment, Allah Almighty label them as L. Serene, Mariela, not only ha serene, rather Alok serene, the greatest losers. So what happened to the good deeds in vain, invalid, not accepted, and if a Muslim who believes in the Oneness of Allah and does any good deed, but while showing off, so the deed will be invalidated, and he will not earn any words out of that is called a React

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Alladhina Homura now, I am now gonna ruin a lot of mighty threatened and warned those who pray while showing off in order to be admired by people. So he said for Wayne Lin mousseline

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the Almighty Allah also mentioned that,

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to build tools. So Ducati Kanban manual added, which means a person may have donated from local earning and donated generously, and maybe it was sincerity, but afterward, he keeps talking about his generosity, reminding those whom he have done good to them or give them any charity, and here's their feeling. So that invalidates the good deed which has been done. Also among the acts, which invalidates the good deeds, innovations, when a person does a good deed, but he adds to it or he alters it, even though it is prescribed this way. Or he is doing something which seems to him as a good deed, but it is out of what Allah has prescribed. Then in this case, it's an innovation and the

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Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said every matter which is an innovation in this religion will be rejected. The person will not be rewarded for it, rather, he will be punished for it. So remember, yeah, you Hallerin Manu, Atelier Allah will tell you why Sudha went to the table. Amana calm Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Ibaka