Reviving ramadan #25 – The Night Of Power Brings Signs

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The speaker discusses the signs that the Prophet sallua is watching Laila to Qatar, which is a regular night. The sun is stronger and the sun is later to the night, leading to a sense of peace and quiet. The speaker also mentions the meaning of " alpha" in Islam, which means "the hero," and the meaning of " airplane" in Islam, which means "the power of the airplane" to increase the amplifier."

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does little other have signs to look out for? In these last 10 Nights, we're all on the search for late at Night of Decree, hoping to earn a reward that is greater than 1000 months for having worshipped Allah in this one night. But is it possible to identify Laila to cuddle? The answer is yes, you sha Allah in principle it is possible. And that's why our mother I Isha,

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when she asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if I come to know which night later to Qatar is, what should I say during it? And he gave her a DUA to say so he approved of the question, it can be identified.

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So what are the signs to look out for Abu Dhabi Allahu Anhu. He said we the companions were discussing the topic of Laila to Qatar in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he said to us, are you calm yet? Guru Hanaa Tala al Cameroon Wahhabi flu, Shi T. Jaffna, Whom have you remembers when the moon looked like half a plate of food SubhanAllah. So the moon will not be full, but will look semi circular. This hadith could be of course understood as describing a sign of Leila to cuddle that was specific to the little quarter of that specific Ramadan of that year. Or it could be understood as being a constant sign throughout every Ramadan Allah knows best. Are there

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any other signs? The answer is yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Laila to Kadri Laila to some have been Nohara while the other reader to be Hashem through so it'd be hard to have by if hombre it's a calm and pleasant night, being either hot or cold. And the sun of the next day appears weak and its rays reddish in color. So it's a night that is characterized with peace and serenity. And this is of course understandable as the angels of Allah Almighty are descending to the earth in huge numbers, the serenity of this sense, of course, and experienced by the people of iman, are there any other signs available either as per the next day, meaning when the night has finished?

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Yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what Amara to her and Tala Shem Sophia slobby hi to me have a BA Allah sha Allah ha one of its signs is that the sun rises the next day without rays. Without rays. The sun is much weaker in its rays the next day, meaning that the night before it was most likely later to other.

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Is there any particular day that I should say if I feel that I have identified this night? And the answer is yes. When our mother Aisha, she asked this question, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her say Allah Houma in Nikka awful want to humble alpha for hanging, Oh Allah, you are pardoning and you'd have to pardon so pardon me.

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That's it. Is that all what you told her to say on this tremendous night? When I say if you'd understood the meaning of Apple pardoning, you wouldn't have belittled it. In fact, should Allah Almighty answer this one two out of yours you will be the happiest person in this world and in the Hereafter, I laugh pardoning that you are asking Allah for this, it means no matter what comes the raising and wiping. So the Islamic meaning of alpha is my hero, then be what Joe was one who watercolor ocotea Ali, the erasing of sin,

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the pardoning of a person and to not punish him for his crime. What more could you want? But there is another linguistic meaning of Apple, which is a catheter towards era to increase an amplifier. So as you call upon Allah and you say, Oh Allah, you are allowed for the pardoning and you love our food pardoning so far for our new pardon me. You're asking Allah to have your sins erased. You're asking Allah Almighty to pardon you. You're asking Allah Almighty to spare you from the punishment of these sins. You asking Allah to give you an increase in every goodness, which you'd ask for that wish you hadn't Allahu Akbar, memorize this dua We ask Allah to inspire us to worship Him or later