Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #21 The Joking of Prophet

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea of "hammer" and its origin, with some acknowledging its difficulty in determining its origin. They also touch on the use of "naught" to signal lack of professionalism and the potential for harmsome behavior. The discussion on "offense" in jokes and the use of "naught" to signal harmsome behavior is also mentioned. Lastly, the transcript describes a study on animal behavior and cultural references, including the use of animals in studies.
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So on equal health law

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can move closer please be

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better and closer to the summit shall have come closer to the speaker

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SMIL Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah mama aluminum and fauna on fan of Mr. Olympia Anna

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was it not in camera? I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us that increased us in knowledge and in your blind I mean,

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along the Vatican if you jump into her vagina with your mom or Homer or John body to follow grandma sooner or later shall fina would have been an shocky and

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us all from the from the Shaitan ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people at the end of the gathering will be told como McFaul and get up all your sins are forgiven. And like you mentioned the Subhan Allah on last Thursday in the class we the talk we gave Subhan Allah Allah here that hadith touched my heart that Allah subhanaw taala just because the person was passing by and he was far more than overfill. And he was a major sinner, he is continuously sinning. And the angels told Allah He did not intend to come and sit with these people to listen to the class. He was just passing by. He was just meeting somebody who was just picking up

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something Subhan Allah, Allah Allah subhanaw taala said, whom will como Lashkar jelly so he will also be forgiven chum, may Allah forgive all our sins?

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the chatter today is chapter 36. And that magia fee suffered Misa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the reports pertaining to the sense of humor of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhanallah

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even though we've been studying this book for a while now, but I just want to remind you, that we are actually studying the

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actions of the best man ever created. Do you know how lucky we are? That we are been blessed to study? Beside the Sierra we also studied the Sierra many times we heard so many things about the Sierra, but to study how are you salatu salam looked, how he walked how he talked, how he leaned, how he drank, how he slept, how he joked everything Subhanallah Yeah, and he his life was an open book. He is probably not probably definitely the only person ever created that you know everything about about his life, from the way he he slept to the way he ruled a country the way he ran war Subhan Allah so today's

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chapter is about his sense of humor in salatu salam that shows us that when someone

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is a practicing Muslim, that does not instantly mean or indicate that you have to be frowning

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on time sisters you know when you're

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when you request in a lecture, I was giving a lecture and you requested people if they have any questions to write them down. So one sister wrote down do you people

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joke around you laugh? The smile Subhanallah for why you asked me this question because chef mashallah you're always joking and this and all the others you the frowning of this you know like your little going to hell

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no, this is not the way it's no Rasulullah Salah was and he is our you know he is the one we look up to

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So, the only difference is with the joking of a Salah Salem is that whatever he joked about actually took place

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Yeah, and he whatever he joked about 3d happened. You know sometimes we we say things

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to make people laugh, but they actually loud.

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Anybody knows that if Why don't live in Canada the thickness. I will cover call Alia salatu salam severe punishment to the person who lie just to make people laugh.

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He lies or she lies just to make others to need to call Catherine a bike to meet Alcon excessive laughter kills the heart, kills the heart and make you lose respect. Lose your value.

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Oh, this guy is always joking. We cannot take him seriously. Please bring me somebody else. I don't want this guy. He is you cannot take him seriously. You cannot give him a

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job to take care of. He's always joking. That's it's nice to be funny and have a sense of humor. But excessiveness of that will make you lose your value. Okay?

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So the chef said the jokes of Rasulullah salaam were always truthful and intended to bring to bring forth a stability he joked with his companions only according to the need. For this reason, one should be moderate in his sense of humor, and refrain from insulting and mocking others. Sometimes people, they insult or make fun of others, to make others laugh.

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Look at this guy, how fat he is. Look how, you know how tall he is. Look out whatever they start making. Look how he talks, look how he walks. This is mocking people, and making fun of them just to make others laugh. Wow, this is a major sin. You have to keep in mind who created that guy?

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Allah so you're, you're accusing Allah subhanaw taala of deficiency? Oh no, Allah is always perfection. His creation is always perfect.

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We do not make fun of the creation of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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We said before that

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one of the ways that is not considered not considered Riba.

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There are six ways that are not considered Riba, one of them is if you want to identify somebody

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I'm telling the use of you know, brother, Rima, you should know which tomorrow tomorrow he plays federal with us, Russia, he's always in the budget. No, I don't know him. So then I told him, he's a little bit bold.

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So I'm not making fun of him, because he's both I'm trying to identify with identification is allowed. But to make fun. Oh, the fat one, the black one, the Pakistani one. This one? You know, it's not, this is not allowed, if you're joking around. But if you're just making it only for identification, and you have to purify your intention, are you really identifying the guy? Or are you just saying the one who is you know, the black one or the fat one, four, just to make fun? No, if your intention is really to identify the person that is not considered Riba, if you're making fun of the person, then you're you're falling into into Riba. So the forbidden type of joking is that

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which is in moderate and highly frequent, constantly joking. For this hardens the heart and makes laughing a habit of the person, distracting the individual from the remembrance of Allah and religious obligation. Somebody who's constantly joking, is not going to be remembering Allah subhanaw taala all the time.

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Not to mention that excessive joking can often lead to hurting the feeling of others, thereby including hatred, and compromising one's dignity and respect before before the people. If the joke is free of all these defects, then it is lawful. First have you

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had definite mood, mood of Nova color definite abou Santa and Sherry can announce him in our analysis of nomadic con in the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call it out? Yes, and also name.

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Yeah, then was the name. And as Malik narrated that resource SLM was called him, or the one with the two ears

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is everybody doesn't have two ears. So this is from a form of joking around, you know, you have another name and you have an idea in your mind the two eyes. So this is a form of joking, the statement

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was to joke with him. And it shows his humbleness as he jokes with his servants, Pamela, some people treat their servants very, very bad. You know, they treat them arrogantly. So as soon as I saw them, you know, like I said, I he never told me why didn't you do so? Or why did you do so? SubhanAllah? Can you imagine someone working for you for 10 years? And never, never ever scolded you or yelled at you? Or told you may well, have you been? Well, never. Why is this done like that? Why is that done yet? Never. This is an unbelievable o'clock. SubhanAllah. So the statement of the messenger was said to praise at us for being an attentive listener. And he he was trying to praise him because he's

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always listening to a source as I'm waiting for his orders. So the man with the to the man with the two ears

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this hadith wasn't

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Abu Dawood and this hadith I'm about to narrate which is most of you know it by heart isn't Buhari

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also and others and others of nomadic cod in in Canada solos I seldom

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let you have Letona had a Akun the ugly and Lisa here. Yeah about Mayor Moran and new hire. Yeah about Mayor Moran and lawyer

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ponderable Issa

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which has an Hadith and interview so I sent him can you manage with he and who can who diamond sorry Ron Faqad Allah Who Huya about omega.

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So under some nomadic narrated, that are soulless, I seldom used to mix with us, any him and his family to the extent that he wants said to my younger brother about

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his younger brother, he called them up or maybe he gave him a Kanye. He gave him a nickname or mayor. What happened to the new hire? Mr. Mayor used to have a bird and what happened to the bird?

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The bird died. So as soon as Hasulam Subhan Allah Annie, Daddy, I want you to imagine that this man was establishing Islam. This man was ruling the Smith. You know, a sheikh now is so busy with answering questions right? How about the founder of Islam? How many questions he has to and his founding, law workable? And he has time to joke around with with a child? Do you have time to sit down with your children and joke around with them and have fun with them play lie on the ground and then go on your back. But neither of us have jumped on.

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So big so joy

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is joking around giving him you give the young kids a nickname. Son use of Abu Chavez Right. Right. Your name is Chavez from now on normal uses. Chavez okay. We give them a nickname. So you give them a nickname so it makes them feel the kid feel that he's he's responsible abou something. So he called him

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about what happened to the new hire to the OTO. Small Berg

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this hadith? Yeah. About homemade. NASA. I didn't know him.

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Yeah, about Omega naffaa Island, New Island.

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Imam Shafi rahamallah.

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Listen, we read and they read. He read this hadith. How many rulings took from it?

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6066 05 rulings from Yabba where

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you're allowed to give a cornea to the young kids. Kids are allowed to have pets.

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You're allowed to visit people that house your yard if 60 rulings from this yard. Yeah, about a mile from nowhere.

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Allahu Akbar. You're allowed to put the bird in the cage. You're allowed. Yeah, Annie 60 rulings SubhanAllah. From this statement, six, seven words.

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So she said no way this type of bird and the salah Salem used a Kunia to call the young child to bring joy to His heart as he knew that this bird had died. So the kid can you imagine a kid has a pet? This beautiful bird and the bird died. So the kid is sad. He lost his bird. So salva says up Subhanallah will mean for him.

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Luka Rama even with the little kids, you saw the kids upset. So he called him and spoke to him. You can imagine. Little kid

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the King, the President, that was all he's talking to him and joking around with them. How does he feel?

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He was he was he's a solar side salad and what can I say? So

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a new type of bird. Alberto, he said this had he shows that it's allowed to rhyme. If it is Subhanallah another ruling. When you speak you can rhyme or male lawyer.

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It is national and intended the focus of the study. It is allowed to have birds in a cage to enjoy to enjoy their color or play with with so long as they are fed and looked after. It is allowed to call children with a cornea. It is allowed to joke as long as a joke does not involve sin. It shows the kind manners of the and the compassion for Salah Salem. It is from the recommended good manners to look after the vulnerable ones and bring happiness to their to their hearts. All these are rulings from yah Mayor McFarland lawyer

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has definitely a decimal Mohammed duty called definitely if there hasn't been shocky called embedder Abdullah

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have been Mubarak and Osama bin Zayed and so he will look Bori and Ebihara can call yours for Allah in nichetto the Ebola con in Nila Akuto Illa Haqqani Submarino narrated that Salah Salem, the Companions, central Salah Salem, they said yada so Allah, we noticed that you always joke around with us joke around with us. He said yes, except, I do not say but the truth. I joke around, but I only say the truth.

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Another Hadith

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had never heard of not dilla and homemade and an emblematic and original stepmother Rasulullah Salem, Farrakhan in the maloca and whether the NACA for ConAgra soul Allah Now it's not to be one of the NACA for color salaallah alayhi wa sallam will tell you to label ill and no Subhanallah and as I'm reading the reading, Eman requested from Rasulullah cisilion A means of transportation. So this man came and asked for samosa Salam, if he could give him means transportation in his cabinet, donkey, whatever.

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So, and the man I remember, the man was, was a big man.

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So the messenger of Allah said, I will give you the baby of a camel to write.

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I will give you the baby of a camel.

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So the man complained to the other sort of Allah. What should I do with the baby of the camera? What should I

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so the minute the word baby comes out? First thing comes to your mind? It's probably a small cabin, you know, very small cabin, and the man is probably looking at himself. What am I gonna do with the baby cabin? So but what did wrestlers actually mean? As soon as I said and said,

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Do you not know that every Cameron is the baby of a camel?

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Right? I'm the baby of my mother. Right? And he's the baby still we are all babies of someone. So similarly, that camel is the baby of another cabin. But the way he said it Subhanallah made the guy feel like I mean the big guy give me a baby. But you know any cabin could be the baby of a cabin and just shows the the humor of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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I'll say one more inshallah and we go to the next chapter next week in JAMA at the abdomen homemade cada hidef animal suburban Madame Kola definitely Mobarak been forgotten and it hasn't gone at it as us on in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for call it yeah Rasul Allah Allah and your kin Anil Jana

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Farrakhan Yeah, for them in the agenda let us

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call for when the turkey so when the turkey for con.

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Hula we're here I choose in Allah to Allah Quran in the Hoonah in sha Allah Allah Honda Africa, Otto when I travel and hustle number three narrated an old woman came through salsa and she said yeah Rasul Allah, make dua that I will enter Jen. So as soon as I told her, Oh Mother of so and so. All the women will not enter Jana, old woman will not enter Jana.

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So the woman started crying and began to leave, she started crying. As soon as I said I was telling her all over don't antigen because she's nothing. She's done. And she's about to leave. And then sue masala insulin, he said, Say to the woman, that she will not enter Jannah

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as an old woman, in a state of an old age, this is what he meant. He would not lie, but because Allah because Allah subhanaw taala said in Hana in sha we have

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Allah subhanaw taala said we have created them from a new creation and made them virgins, lovers and equal in age. So the statement was was salam was intended to teach the woman in a humorous manner that older women will be created new and that age when they enter Jannah will be 33 as stated in in the Hadith. So the way he told her, although that antigen got upset, of course crying, everybody would cry for so sometimes you're not entering gender. But this was excellent. He meant that like another Hadith said, all of us in sha Allah Tala me you Allah made us from the people of Jana, me you our children or grandchildren our fathers or grandfathers or great grandfather's ob 33 or 33

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Everybody's there steady three Subhanallah everybody's saying ah, hola hola como

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when time was telling the children about gender and telling the agenda

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we all be 33 So, one guy raised his hand kid said, Chef, you said that, you know we can have whatever we want in Jannah. So can I be 25?

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The kids ask a question.

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We've asked him questions that

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you want to be 25

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Allah said they have whatever they want. When you want to be baby, whatever you want, like the, the Arabic as soon as I said, we are salah, beef Allah. I want to be a farmer, Farmer.

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Whenever you want to plant plant, do whatever you want in sha Allah, may Allah make us all from the people agenda. May Allah gather us with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is that complicated welcome Luffy come Subhana Allah will be 100 Question Allah Allah and the staff Heruka

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Salalah and