Stories of the Prophets Episode 64 The birth of Issa Peace Be Upon Him

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So then why do you come up not to lie to Allah?

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This is real because as he were coming up to the stories of the prophets

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today in shall light would be maybe one one off session because here in Toronto, the mechanic would be in about 10 minutes. inshallah, so I'm just gonna quickly, you know, maybe tell you about, you know, the new time means, those of you on Facebook, those of you in Instagram will just give you the new timings and shallow data so that we can I will not be able to do the full lecture today inshallah, alright, so I apologize.

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But as of inshallah, tada tomorrow on Sunday, will we've changed the timings and what announced that, but I'm just gonna give a minute for more people to join inshallah. And then as they join, I will make the announcement maybe will give a quick, very quick

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preview of, you know, what we talked about last week, and paving the road for eSATA he sent him because this is it, you know, ASAP This is episode number 64. Right after the ASAP, I would have a small surprise for you in short load data, right after the ASAP would have a surprise for you in Charlottetown. Alrighty, so, again, those of you who just joined

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the Santa Monica hot lava castle, the today inshallah tada

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we've, so far we've had 63 episodes and today was supposed to be episode number 64. But because mother in here is in about 10 minutes, right so I will not be able to give the full lecture today. I will inshallah to Allah. Just quickly quickly,

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give you a quick

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summary of what we talked about last week. We were talking about medium Heidi has Sam, Anita and Abby, Daddy obedient, the devout the worshipper. And you know, when Allah subhana wa tada

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sends up to her blow on her womb, and then she became pregnant. You know, that story that we talked about last week

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for Hamlet, for Hamlet v fonteva. That became a kind of a parameter to so what happened was

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when she became pregnant

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when she became pregnant she she was quite upset, not upset but sad in the way that how what am I going to tell people? I wish I was dead. What am I going to tell people if they were to see me if they were to see you know that you know, I got pregnant, so she was worried I may have set up

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but she really said he said he gave her the blood tidy.

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That Allah subhanho wa Taala shall take care of her of her baby as well.

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Allah subhana wa tada

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says something really nice about me this isn't solid familia in verse number 2627 28 onward.

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For Coolio wasabi waka hyena for a methylene I mean especially I had aku Lee Indian of up to the manga Salma federal aka Lima, Yama. insia. So here's the deal with Maria Maddie has set up, you know, when she gave birth,

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when she told her, you know, you're, you know, she was she went by a tree, she isolated herself and then she gave birth, you know, by a palm tree. So he told her as she was going through, you know, childbirth and all that labor, he told her to shake the palm tree, and then dates you know, would fall. She was pregnant and she's a lady, how can she shake the palm tree? But we talked about this last week, you know, this is just, you know, making an effort, but the rest is on Allah subhana wa Tada. I know, she won't be able, of course, to shake the palm tree by herself. So she, you know, she made that effort she made she took action, you know, and then those dates you know,

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fell and then she was eating from the days and drinking from the stream of water that Allah subhanho wa Taala provided her. Allah subhanho wa Taala says for coup de Waal shalabi will COVID-19 the methylene Amina lasagna hada the holy in a lot of water Manya Sol Matt Phelan Kelley Maruyama in sia, I should not talk to anyone. This is the, you know, people would ask questions in in avato. I made an oath not to talk to anyone. I made an oath to Allah subhana wa at

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I like not to wait for for any of the left to the menu sewn that, you know soulmates come from cm, it comes from fasting but here fast enough from food, but abstaining from from talking. So she will she will abstain from talking, you know to people

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as was the oath that she made to Allah subhana wa Tada. So at that B he found my middle and then she gave birth.

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And then she's bringing on holding her baby. And then she went to her tribe back to her tribe. fact that he called my

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mother yum Lapa. The GTA fairy. Oh, Mary. Oh, Mary, you you you brought something unheard of what is this? Oh, Mary, you brought a child with you?

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Oh, sister of heroin. Whose heroin are we talking about here? Because most and he said I'm also had a brother by the name of home. Are we talking about Moses brother? No, we're not talking about Moses brother. Remember, moose out between the moose and Isa is a long line of I mean more than hundreds of years, right? More than hundreds of years. So so it cannot be you know, at home, the brother of Masada he set up But Mary, she had a brother by the name of how on earth he said

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so they said yeah, after our own or system of hottel

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makan Abu Kamala. So when America net Machiavelli Your father was not known to commit adultery and know your mother was bad. He know your mother was not was not a prostitute. You know, so how how would you How can you bring something unheard of how can you bring this child how can you because they accused her right away they accused her of committing committing Zina

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for a shot to LA then she pointed to her baby because she made an oath remember? Why would she you know point to the baby? She made an oath not to talk to abstain from talking to people. She would not be talking. So she pointed to her son he said he said in part who gave a new column Okay, fine. You can be my man McCallum Amen, man can feel Maddy sabia. They said how can we talk to a child in the cradle? He's a baby he just you just gave birth to a baby? How can we talk to a baby because you're pointing to you know towards the baby? How can we ask the baby whose father is he? Alright, whose mom you know whose father we know he's your you know your son but was his father.

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And then Allah subhana wa tada made a PSA talk. I know he said, What did he say? On in Arabic pod means he said pod.

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In the law, first and foremost, I am the son of him. I am the act of Allah. I'm the slave of Allah. I'm the servant of Allah. In the Iboga LA, neo keytab. Elijah had any nebbia he gave me the Scripture. I've been given the Scripture or keytab you know, the, the, the the, in G. The Bible. We'll talk about that. Well, john, well, john any nebia and he made me a prophet. So he said, Now imagine that baby starts talking. A baby starts talking a little baby, you know, the old two days old such stocking.

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I am Abdullah. I am the slave of Allah at 10 year keytab he blessed me with the Scripture.

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And he made me a prophet. He since he was a baby, he knew he was a prophet. Well, if you had any mobile aka a NEMA

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and he made me bless it everyone I was a blessing. We'll talk about the blessings of eSATA he said Lucha Mubarak from Baraka bucket of Baraka right? So he said was you had any mobarak and he made me a blessing in America and whenever I was I bring blessing to you know, the area I'm in to the people I'm with will also Nev sada was Kathy, madam to high yacht, and I'll knock on the Allah has given me the Scripture, the Scripture, and he made me a prophet, but also he will suddenly be Salah, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has commanded me to do the Salah to do the prayer and does the cat. So Salatin Zakat is not something new to Muslims. It was also known for other prophets. They used to

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have their own ways of praying but they used to pray. It's been the record that he said he said I'm used to pray he used to prostrate as well. When he used to pray used to prostrate used to raise his hands when he mixed up I think he said up

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Alright, so a lot of social has ordered me to pray and to give salah and to give Zakat you know to give charity madam

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well above the worldly that he Allah have to be dutiful to my mother.

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He didn't say my parents to be beautiful dutiful to my parents. He didn't say that, because he doesn't have a father.

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He doesn't have a father. He said, he said that he says to be dutiful to my mother. What is this? And he says, say, what else did he say? Say? What would you do? When Sorry? What would what would they do? They will start asking him some ridiculous questions. What are those ridiculous questions? What would they tell you? He said it he said them? What would they would they believe in him or not believe in Him?

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Did they start mocking him? Did they start ridiculing? rissalah. He sent him you know,

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in what sense? In what way? How about those who believed in him? Who are they those who believed in Hasani said I'm in shallow Tata. As I said, initially my brothers and sisters when I started this lecture, that today it will be very brief because it's not enough time right now. It's my only time here in Toronto. So as of tomorrow shala Tada the timing will change right. as of tomorrow, the timing will change with the law. I will.

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Tomorrow inshallah I will start at 5:30pm Eastern Time, which is 10:30pm. UK time just tomorrow. Tomorrow, my lecture will start at 5:30pm Eastern Time. 11am in 10:30pm.

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UK time in charlo data Alrighty, so I'm sorry for cutting it short because I'm at the measured here I need to go in and read the solder in shallow data because it's a matter of time as I come rushing over this and sisters, we see you tomorrow in sha Allah who tada with more detail about the story of Isa la Sam already is that Kamala said mid commotion with light to hide up over the cat