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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi My beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum, wa ala lawyer when we get to

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hamdulillah this evening is the 26th of the month of Ramadan. And just because it's an even like, don't be fooled in that it could not be further, we'll call it could fall on an even light as well. So take all these nights as important nights. And of course tomorrow being the 27th night. There's no there's no guaranteed Hadith that says that the lady who called the fools on the 27th night, although many accounts of pious nations of pious generations have said that the 27th night many special things happen. So it is hoped that 27th night is the most often occurring night in which land reform falls. Tomorrow is really the biggest night is we could say, all these nights are

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important. But if you were to focus on one specific night to really, really exert yourself to another level, then tomorrow evening is really that evening, Allah grant us to achieve the full Baraka and the blessing of Allah make it easy for us. We've only got like four days left of this month of Ramadan might be our last Ramadan. We need to do everything we can to ensure that we get our safe passage from gentlemen and internet agenda. I mean,

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yesterday, we're talking about the the signs of karma. And we said, Yeah, Julian judge that race so that nation in fact, one of the brothers off, what is the Juju Juju mean, there's actually no definitive meaning. In the Bible, you find, for example, the name they are called a minister, who's from the writings of Gita which we cannot fully rely on. It says God was the king of the tribe of Magog, like King, the king god of the nation. Magog is the name of two tribes is the name of two kings is the name of a nonetheless, it's a generic name for this massive group of people, we see that they would they are the descendants of Navy Adam, because they will be amongst those amongst us

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on the day of the AMA. And they are huge in number. We spoke about this yesterday. And we said that we don't know where they are. Like the gym, they could be living parallel to us lukewarm and put them in another dimension, if you want, but also what it really appears to be the case that the ions MBA says that when the barrier of lucara main collapses, when they will descend, or they will come out of every mound, as if we're coming out from under the ground. This is what it appears to be. And also, as we see from the Hadith, that when they dig, when they reach the surface, they will see the sun. Allah Adam, this is beyond our understanding. And it's if you look at the theme of social

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graph, it gives just hints, who is who are the people of the cave, who is the codename Allah Subhana, WA tada from the beginning of the surah says, Don't do this, don't delve into things that are beyond your reasoning. It's not, it's not something that should concern us. Nonetheless, we know it is a sign of the signs of gamma. So we spoke about the 10 major signs the Prophet peace be upon him says that before the coming of piano, there'll be many, many minus signs, but there'll be 10 major signs, and they will they are like, they are like beads on a string, or like a beach. And when the one comes out when it's broken, they will come in quick succession one after the other. So these

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10 signs you'd find they overlap with each other. We spoke about the the order of the sequence the most, you know, the most preferred view is that the first of these 10 signs is at the Jetta gel, the biggest sweetener, you will be the very, very first major sign, and then he will spend about 40 days on this dunya and one day will be this length of a year and you will corrupt the world and you will into every single city besides Mecca and Medina. And this will be the most difficult difficult time for any Muslim to be alive. Because no one will be able to stand him until Allah will allow Now besides the Salaam, Jesus Christ, who has not been crucified was not killed. And he will as he said

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living you'll come down we sit in Damascus, Manila. This was this was said 50 years or 30 years before Syria was a Muslim country. Before the Muslims ever entered Damascus the prophets of Salaam said Damascus there'll be a Masjid the white measure of Damascus and extending it to at the moment is still there is it from that budget.

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The budget that the ISA will descend with two angels on the side. So the visa will come down. That's the second sign. When we say during the reign of Ibiza, Judo Judo video will be released. Then we mentioned the fourth fifth and sixth sign or that there will be three major earthquakes throughout the world. As always it has zero data when the earthquake of the final hour comes and the earth begins to break apart. And alum interesting to see what I mean when the data when a creature from the earth comes out of it within the earth is some creature some being we don't know what it is, it will exist it will come outside of the earth and we'll sort people out into different categories,

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believe it or disbeliever when the eight sign is a smoke a breeze that will come in

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This is described as a breeze that will take the souls of everyone that's a believer, all the believers will, will pass away when the smoke when this, this win comes across. Why? Because the believers will not go through the last two signs of karma and the breaking of the world. So then the ninth sign of pm is when the sun rises from the waist, and the Prophet peace. And we know from the Quran, Allah says, when some of the signs of Allah appears, when nothing will be accepted after that, meaning when the sun rises from the waist. If you didn't believe at that point, belief will no longer happen. And also the hypothesis when the sun rises on the from the waist, those who remain on

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the dounia there'll be no believers. But we know believers lift and in the earth will begin to break apart and a fire, the earth will begin to burn and people will run and rush to a certain area. And that will be the last sign basically to finish the it'll be the end of it. Right The last of the 10 signs the fire that will get all of mankind that remains on the earth to one area, one location. And that will be the beginning the beginning of the end and we'll talk about the in inshallah in a few minutes. Before we move on. question comes up who is Emma Maddie, we hear about the Maddie quite often, right? We see Maddie Maddie is one of the main signs of pm is the Prophet peace be upon him

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says that he will be saved at the time of intense dispute and differences amongst the people. And at a time when earthquakes become very prevalent, that he will come at a time when this great tribulation and he is the last one of the last minus signs because in his when his appearance when he comes the gel will appear before him. So if you think of the sequence of events, you have corruption, you will have facade you will have all those minus signs as prophesied the Muslim Ummah being scattered and divided. The Muslim woman not having a leader, the Muslims fighting each other, the Muslims being invaded, that the whole Arabian peninsula will be full of walls that in particular

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Iraq and Syria will have massive massive fighting that there'll be treasures discovered in the Middle East under the ground when the Arabs who saw buildings finally know that had the most one of those who think they had if when the signs of pm I see two things all of a sudden one of those two things when the slave gives birth to her master, and we know slavery is done. Holla slavery is finished. And number two, when the Bedouin Arabs will start competing in building tall, tall buildings. This is a very, very clear sign when those are of the minor signs that are on the brink of karma. In this backdrop, when the Muslim oma will be filled with injustice and will not have a

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leader. The Prophet says they will come from my lineage from my descendants. A man will have my name, he meaning his name will be the name of the Prophet. So that was the province name. His full name Muhammad, Muhammad, Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah, so this is the melody His name is MADI, his name is Mohammed Abdullah. right this is a Mohammed Abdullah. And the Prophet peace upon him says that they will be fighting amongst the leaders then there'll be no halifa at the time and there'll be great conflict in Syria and in Iraq. With a man from my family he will be born in he will live in Medina and he will reach the age of 40. And people will start to say to him that we think you are

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the malady we think you are the promised one that will bring unity to Zuma and he will run away he wouldn't want to you know, accept this position and you will rush away to Mecca, but in Mecca, the Hajaj of Mecca the people making oma all the people of the worldly, they will drag him out and they will put him in front of the Kaaba and they will take his hand and give him the Pledge of Allegiance today. You are now halifa says very interesting the last 100 years The only time in our history that we have no halifa so this man then he will be claiming he will be the oma the oma will pledge to him as the mighty when this happens and army from Cydia will come to stop him and this army will be

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sanctioned will be swallowed by the desert. And when this this will be his first like the major one of the signs that he's the MADI. And again interestingly a lot of them we don't want to connect dots that don't seem to you know, we don't want to look into things and leading to things. But when the malady is sort of declared to be the malady an army from Afghanistan again, it's strange that these countries bearing black flags again every every group, every group you see on TV, they have black flags, and they say they are the army of the man as I always say, well no pirates also has black flags right so don't don't read too much into black flags. But an army from the horizont area

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meaning of honey Stan area and army will rise up and they they symbol will be a black flag and they will come to the muddy now this is when this army appears and he joins with a mahadi This is the army of the mahadevi then it's compulsory every Muslim to join the MADI before that there's no compulsory but when that happens, everyone must join him and support him and then the oma will finally sort of get its act together we'll have a leader who will be united under one leadership and we'll start to make things you know, things will begin to get better. We'll be able to defend our land will start to you know push our enemies out and that's when the gel will appear when the gel

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will appear.

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We see the next 10 signs will come soon after that. So this is with regard to the MACD. But it's very interesting. When the Sahaba were talking yesterday, when the Prophet gave all 10 signs of gamma, he came to them and they were talking about gamma. And we asked him, What are you doing? You know, because he could see that they were quite scared, and they were nervous. So now we talk about piano, you know, it's exciting. We all like to hear about these things. So the prophecies of the beginning of Hades, you know that there are so many things, other things I'm more worried about for you than that. I'm not worried about the job for you.

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Those are things that yes, when they come, they come, but the daily fitna that we face, the daily tip tiles that we face, that is far more dangerous. And people would ask the professor many times when he's piano, and he would say, Well, what have you prepared for piano? What have you done for piano? If I tell you here, Mister bottle or in, you know, the 13th of November? Are you ready for that? Are you ready for it? And then he would say he's responsive and listen to this response. I see Ahmed isn't here today. But we would say point to a young child in the gathering. Maybe that probably what's your name? Yes, your tuna. Idris is when Idris becomes an old man when he sitting on

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the back of the Idris in the 70s as well, I'll grant you a long life. I mean, it is a win easily at the back of the masjid. And then all of us would have come for all of us has time over, you know, at least might outlive all of us, and we would have reached our pm. So then why worry about that future pm when our pm would come even tomorrow, my lovely pay us for that. I mean, I mean, so we get back to sootel calf.

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Luke ordnances called to me Robbie, when he blocked him up when he closed. He said this is a mercy from my load for either Java, Java, Ruby, or Java, my Lord will cause the promise of my load will come through and will cause this barrier to completely flatten what kind of Adobe hacker and the promise of my load is going to come to pass what are the whom And on that day when the barrier fails, we will leave them alone this will leave you as usual judge to surge like waves one after the other again, the quantity they like as if the symbolism is that of insects, you see are in six sort of a random swarm of bees swarming out like that that's how they will be. And when Allah says in the

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same area to show you how close these two events are, when we have the sooner that the Trumpet will be blown for Gemma and now when Gemma and we will gather all of them all of creation together. Now what is the template, we know that there is a template which will hit old which will when it is blown, that is sort of the moment in which the world will creation will come to an end. There is an Angel Angel Israel is raw field is the raw field. He has his lips upon the trumpet. The Prophet peace upon him says How can I feel not anxious when he sort of feels lips already on the trumpet. And he's gay. He's looking at the options looking at Allah looking towards the direction of Allah,

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and he's waiting for the command and he does not blink why as a fear he must muster he doesn't know when I was gonna give him the command. But once he gets the command, then he will blow the trumpet. And as the is one of his soul, that when the Trumpet is blown for psycho men vsam our human feel that everything in creation will begin to collapse. Everything will begin to disintegrate many of the is recycled today in the tarawih or shampoo iraq when the sun is wound up and light is taken away. Well either no human cataract and the stars begin to collapse away either Japan or Europe and the mountains begin to scatter like dust and the oceans boil over everything in creation except the

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very few specific things will come to an end. There's a long Hadith that comes to mind or even a bus way the prophets Allah says when the template is blown, and the sky starts to crack and he believes and he's army begin to run out of fear and mankind will become like in a panic state, everything will start to fall apart and that there is no way to escape. And everyone in this in the heavens and every creation in the earth will die will come to collapse with only a few beings will remain and a low loss of the angel of death and a loss of Hanna tada is all knowing in your angel of this, who remains of the creation. So he will say everyone in the on the on the dounia I feel the soul and

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everyone in the summer I feel the soul. The only exceptions are Jubilee gibreel and he sort of feel and the angels who carry the throne of Allah the angels will be will carry the throne of Allah. So Allah will say, lit this come to gibreel and to Mika L and to Israel feel and the angels carrying my throne, let they also die. And even the souls will be taken by the angel of death, that Allah will ask the Angel of Death again, who is live in creation who's who remains alive. So the angel of death will say Allah, you are alive, me and you and no one else. And Allah will say to the angel of death, you were created for a specific function. You did your function, you did your purpose. Now you will

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also die.

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The Angel of Death will die. And then as the Quran says, Allah will roll up the semi likely scrolls and cut the ECG, like a parchment like the scroll, Allah will roll up all of creation and he will hold all of creation in his right hand. Pamela can imagine that moment and Allah will have the easiest voice in a manner which we first implemented and you asked now, we are all the dictators, we are my partners, we are all the kings we are they now and no one wants to this location because no one lives and Allah will say, All power belongs to Allah Almighty belongs to Allah, the one the only the irresistible. And then Allah subhanho data will allow creation to begin a new now what's the

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time lag between this template and then Allah sees through manavi pseudocode Ah, and then we sort of feed will come back and he will blow a second time into the trumpets of the two blessings. And behold, we will all be standing up on the desk, Mr. Ricardo? Yo, Elena, Mombasa Mercado, as Roxanne says, when we hear the sample again, we will wake up from our graves and we were shocked to turn gray. Because now kiama has come and we will all stand up on the plane of gamma. This will be the resurrection, may Allah grant us to stand up in a good state. I mean, Allah protect us. So this is the sequence of piano. And then of course, the day of judgment, which is a long process. We hope

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that we said that this these moments and these things are things ought to be taken lightly. But kiama could come for any of us any moment. And we hope and we pray, all we can do is prepare ourselves for that moment for the inevitability May Allah subhanaw taala bless us and protect us. May Allah grant us to live a life on his obedience. May Allah grant all of us a death that is good. But Allah take us in a moment and reflect our life. Now let's take us at a moment when we are worshiping Him, pleasing Him, glorifying him may be a good death and may we be resurrected, you know amongst the best of people and grant us Allah Allah grant us an easy questioning and a safe safe

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journey to gender. I mean,

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we will conclude the last section from tomorrow we have now completed the full story of Sudoku if now is the last 10 verses or so, which is the conclusion of the surah and wraps up together. So the next couple of days will conclude inshallah questions. So this last question we said that, you know, had four sons, one of them mentioned here is not correct, who was not a source of revenue yuja Joshua Aliso Tucson was not a son of revenue. Tonight's question, what is the name of Mr. McAfee What's his real name his name Maddie is him Mohammed Mohammed bin Qasim Mohammed bin Abdullah, what is his real name? You can visit the website of course to participate and we will now inshallah be

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doing our quiz our our prize giving prize giving so what's the procedure with five Why's the five

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that's what

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online okay. Okay, so for for those sitting in prison and one one line.

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Okay. Okay, so let's do it. Let's pull out one.

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Denise Adams. Oh, Idris It was not the right it wasn't the rig This is this right there is Mashallah.

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Mashallah all right so we do another one yes Mina

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Mercado is Mina no, yes Mina has no okay.

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Destiny Williams. Mashallah. Good.

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Nestle. Fraser,

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Nestle. And Alicia. Okay.

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pouring Jacob's

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for hiccups. No. Okay. If we, if we run out of names, we're gonna

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put the shapes right at the shrubbery. Mashallah, Seamus, you're hanging out with

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one more sister. Okay.

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I show Nadine.

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She, she's sick.

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She's sick.

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No, this is okay.

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Fatima azim

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is here. Okay, well, hum de la There we go. All right, last in the online. Are you going to do the online we do it to the computer and the computer says

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Ashraf cammish Okay.

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Congratulations to

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All of you Mashallah keep watching you do as we continue tomorrow, Solomonic