He died on Valentines day

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You know, when people die on the streets

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and they put flowers there.

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I remember back in the day that said to one guy, I'm away with some flowers. He goes, it's Valentine's Day Monday I'm gonna buy no flowers for my girl.

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So man ends up robbing flowers.

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We a person died. And he writes a card. It says here to his girl, Happy Valentine's Day

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After praising the King of all kings, the Master of the Day of Judgment, the one, the only Allah, Allah Azza, wa Jalla, the mighty and sending salutations on the Imam of the Prophet, leader of the prophets, the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam almost names.

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I'm not going to go into the definition of what Valentine's Day is, you go do your research.

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Because if I tell you the definition, you're going to believe that this Imam is lying. He's made some story up. So you go out your way

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and find out

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the way is the origin

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of this day, and when it was invented, or you will realize it is none other than a nother pagan festival.

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But I tell you one thing

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Muslim, non Muslim.

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You could live a life

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full fooling others

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and believing that Allah the Almighty does not know.

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A woman could have a hijab.

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You might not wear a hijab. You may have a beard.

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You may not have a beard, but the reality is

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that you believed in Allah.

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You submitted and you testified that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah. And you testified that Mohamed Salah Ali Salam is the seal of all prophets, Imam of old prophet. You believe

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that the Quran is the final book. So for that very reason.

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Valentine's Day

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is not for you.

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Why? Because this is a day,

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a day of Xena, Xena of the hands, Zina of the eyes, Zina of the tongue, you will have man's out there.

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They have beards.

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They have jobs.

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women out there will have jobs.

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They will go out their way. They will go to Tesco. They will go to the flower shop and they will go buy the roses.

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They will go out the way they will buy the chocolates. Why? Because it's Valentine's Day.

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gallon them a man and then they need to impress the other half.

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And I know some wretched individuals out there you and people die in the streets

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and they put flowers there.

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I remember back in the day. They said to one guy I'm away with them flowers. He goes it's Valentine's Day Man thing gonna buy no flowers for my girl.

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So man ends up robbing flowers

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where a person died. And he writes a card and says here to his girl. Happy Valentine's Day.

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But the sad reality is

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think about it. Use your brain.

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You will need to be clever what is his day about is a day of Zina is a data man's will go out the way to meet up with a girl they will go to the cinemas they will go to the restaurant goes Stratford road you go lady pool road go to smoly to Manchester Bradford,

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Valentine's Day shops are packed.

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Go gallon them dressed of man in them dressed up.

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They're all out there celebrating Happy Valentine's Day. But the sad reality is

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Could you just imagine

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you are on the brink

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of committing a sin on this day, and Allah Azza wa Jalla sends Malakal note to take your soul and he takes your soul on Valentine's Day.

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The day

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you were about to commit Zina with this person.

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But you know what,

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eight, nine years ago

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there was a woman.

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She come forward and she says, something that haunts me, and I really want to put it out there. And I want to give you this information.

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And I want you to warn others, that from that day,

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I have made Toba I asked Allah to forgive me but this one thing haunts me every single day, every night.

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He says, she says

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the my boyfriend.

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He wanted to spend Valentine's Day. So he surprised me. He blindfolded me. He took me to a hotel.

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He opened the door.

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He took the blindfold off me. flowers everywhere. Romantic. Yes. But you know what?

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Listen very carefully.

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She said he passed me a drink.

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He drank. I drink.

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We smoked. We chilled.

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We watched Netflix.

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And you know what happened?

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She says when we were in the middle of committing Zina.

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When we were in the middle of a disgusting act,

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Allah Zoa Allah the mighty sent Malakal mode and he ripped his solo in that state.

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The end

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is he dying

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on Valentine's Day

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on this bed, committing Zina

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in the month

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the Allah Azza wa Jalla is angry. Why? Because Allah is angry because Allah is the One who gave you life. Allah is the One who gave you a health Allah is the One who gave you one

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way in spite of this

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madness don't care.

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They commit Zina

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they commit sin on Valentine's Day like never before hotels are booked down

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all of the ends of these people are those people

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never mind what the non Muslim do that business nothing to do with us.

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Them and the ways the Quran has come.

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And the final messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said the seal

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our deen is complete.

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We don't need other ways.

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We have our celebration.

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We're alone you will mighty sense angels.

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But this person

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How did he die?

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On Valentine's Day, committing Zina

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on a day that Allah is angry.

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But the sad reality is the people who believe in Allah and His messenger.

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These are the people out there doing the Haram committing the sin.

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They don't believe

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the Allah will punish them. This is the same belief this person had.

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He rents out. He believes he's gonna live a life.

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To the end. He will chill and frail.

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But what did he know? The mother

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has come and ripped his soul out.

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This is why

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almost things Muslims

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Wallahi go do your research.

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Do your research. Find out what this day is about.

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If you go find our Valentine's Day is about

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if you believe in Allah and the Last Day

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and you believe

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the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam was sent

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as a messenger to guide people like you and I,

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then you will refrain from committing

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and engaging

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on days like this.

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I pray to Allah Azza wa Jalla the mighty,

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the Lord saves us

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evil like this, I pray to Allah Azza wa Jalla dar those who have committed the sins previously, the Lord wipes the slate clean and forgives the sins. You just never know when your end is near.

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Believe in Allah.

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The Allah will forgive you if you stop doing this day. If you stop celebrating

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Valentine's Day, know that Allah and the gates of Toba are open. You just ask Allah and Allah the Almighty will forgive you. So till next time. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh