Muhammad Alshareef – Taraweeh Truffles Day 16 the Monologue of Fir’awn’s Magicians

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The video discusses a format in which a Magician's ad is recited and a Magician's statement is made. The Magician's statement is addressed to the Magician's wife, saying that they will kill her and that they will not be killed. The video also mentions a Magician's response to a panel and a Magician's statement.
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Okay, today I got something really special for you. We've been following a certain format in the past episodes, but today we're just gonna recite the ad and let the ad speak for themselves. When Musa alayhis salam came to frown frown accused him of being a magician and said he would gather all the magicians in the land, and they're going to prove you're a fake magician. That's what Finland said to him. So all these magicians gathered together and when they threw down their staff and the staff became into these fake snakes, but then Musa by the permission of Allah threw down his staff and it became a gigantic snake that ate all the other snakes. So upon seeing this the magician's all

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prostrated to Allah and they said to fit around that we believe in the Lord of Musa and Harun we believe in Allah fit around got really angry at this and he said that this was a plot that you guys plotted with Musa this anime that you guys plotted with Musa and then fit around said that I'm going to crucify you, I'm going to kill you. He threatened him with every kind of threat that he could imagine. And here in these verses, we're gonna look at how the magician's responded to frown. And so let's go to the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran all Theon archaeon

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mean Benina T one Edie Falco Rana Serpo Lena

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calling in Amma taco we have even higher than dunya in

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below on BINALI of fear Alana for Koya Anna

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kura Tena

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koutou tena Allah ye Mina San. Juan long

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call in a homemade deal on boom Wajima in

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Moodle see how Allah here woman Diem Mina bother me last Swanee hurt Eva hola for Hola,

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Don Anja to Lola, Jana,

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tangerine emu

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and how Rohan Idina fee what he

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does and

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so Allah subhanaw taala tells us that the magician said then not FIRA Calama Jaya nominal, Bina, that we're never going to prefer you over the clear signs that have come to us. We'll let the Farhana not only the creek clear signs, but over the One who created us, fuck Lima and TOCOM So decree whatever you want to decree for our own, because you're not the real judge.

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In namah, tuck the heavy and higher dunya that you're only the judge of this worldly life. In Manabi Rabina Leah Farrell Anahata Ileana, Omar Kurata, and Allah him and they said Indeed we believed in our Lord so that he would forgive for us our sins. And what you compelled us to do from magic will law how you don't want a BCA and Allah is better for us and more enduring. And then the magician's continued in the homea Tierra homogeny men for in Allahu Jahannam that indeed whoever comes to other Lord whoever arrives in stands in front of Allah subhanaw taala as a criminal, for in Allah Who Jahannam that indeed for that person will be hellfire ly moved to fie Hawa that they will neither

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die there in nor will they be alive while mania team Meenan Khademi Lasala hurt and whoever comes to him however comes to Allah as a believer having done righteous deeds in their lives for hola hola como de Raja Tala Rolla for those people will be the highest degrees in position Jana to hadn't intended him and Tatiana and her gardens of perpetual residence beneath which rivers flow Holly Dina fee were in they will abide for all of eternity. Whether leakages omen to Zakah. And this is their award of the one who purifies themself. This was the response of the magicians to around SubhanAllah. What an amazing response. That evening. The Magicians were crucified and they went back

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The last panel at the ATA and they went to Jenna

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