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AI: Summary © The burial system in aftermath is used to ensure that death is not forgotten, and the transformation process for the spiritual journey is described as a journey from the beginning of a better life for all. The journey is described as a journey from the beginning of a better life for all, with the return of the soul and implementation of Islam's deeds as the journey. The importance of the return of the soul and the implementation of Islam's deeds is emphasized, as well as the need for collaboration in addressing issues such as government policies and security. The segment concludes with a recap of the title's origin and its use in various political and cultural settings.
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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was

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a beloved brothers and sister in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah. We on the 23rd Night of the month of Ramadan, one of the very holy holy nights of this of this month, and the fact that it coincides with Thursday evening they have Juma means it's fun to watch it adds to the audience the significance of this night, very well could be later to call that very well could be that night that is better than 1000 1000 months. So May Allah grant us all the strength and the ability to do as much better as we can. I mean,

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we have one question someone says to us, Allah grant grandfather passed away a few days ago, Allah grant, the man genital theodosian, Malaga and all those who are in the cupboard right now, ease and comfort, may Allah bless them. And may Allah put Baraka and happiness in the grave. The question was what happens in the grave, and it was more in relation to the three nights seven nights, we see those issues. We don't perhaps that we there's no information as a part of the Sharia. But we have a very long Hadith about what happens the day the moment that we pass away. And this is the journey that all of us will take all those of us who are foster those who have passed away, have taken and

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this is the journey that we will take this hadith is a long Hadith it's called the hadith of Bharat even as a hobby.

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And he says he says

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that on the authority of Bharat even as the Buddha said, we went out with the Sahaba went with the prophets of Salaam to agenda to be a man from the unsought what died. And we reach the graveyard. And he said till he said, and he still and he still had not been placed in the southern bed person was lucky put in his cupboard, right. So they sitting around the grave, it's open, and the dead man is being brought, and they also have and the Prophet cinema sitting at the cupboard, the end, it was they sat down, and we sat around the Prophet peace be upon him. So by law said you would have thought the birds were upon our heads for how silent and still was sitting so quietly, and still was

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so completely silent, as if the birds were sitting on our head. And in the end, the Prophet peace upon him had a stick and he was moving the stick around in the sand, poking it. And suddenly the Prophet looked up into the sky. And then he looked in the cupboard. And he looked up in the sky, and he looked in the cupboard, and he said, seek refuge from the punishment of the grave secret future punishment of the grave, and the prophets of Allah May Allah protect us from the punishment of the grave. He said this three times, then the prophets of Salaam, continued and he said, verily, the believing soul, the good soul, when he's about when he when leaving this life is about when just

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before he dies, moments before he dies, what happens, and he journeys into the next life, angels start to descend from the summer, and the men can now see the angels, the faces,

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they face,

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the sort of the angels that descended, alright, so then the person is about to die. moments before he dies, the angels descend, and they are beaming, bright, like the sun, and they are smiling at him. And they will have with him in their hands, a coffin, clothing from Jenna and involvements from Jenna. And they will sit with Natasha meaningly, we can see them in the distance, but they're not coming closer, then the angel of death will come. And the angel of death will sit by the head of the person. And he will say gently, kindly, the Angel of Death is saying, oh, pious virtual soul, or Mohammed, oh, Fatima, come out to the forgiveness of Europe, and come out to the pleasure, the

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happiness of Allah come out and meet the pleasure of Allah. So the soul will become excited, and the soul will then leave the body, like water pouring out of a jug. And the angel of death will not keep that soul in his hand, even for a second what blink of an eye, except that the angels who are carrying the coffin will come forward, and they will enter the soul up in the coffin, the clothing of gender, and they'll put the embodiments of gender, and he will smell better than any smell that is on the face of the earth. And the angels will congratulate him and they will welcome him. And then they will say come we need to take you up to some hour, and they will start ascending up to

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some hour, higher and higher and higher. And as they ascend, they will pass by many groups of angels. And every time they pass a group of angels, the angels say Wow, what a lovely smelling soul. This is who is that. And the angels who are with him will say this is a hermeto fathima the one who used to feed the people that were poor. This is the son of so and so we used to make suara that earned only hella money that never harmed anyone and the angels will praise you with the best possible names that you will in the life until they reach the barrier of the first summer. And they will ask permission to enter into the next summer and permission will be given and so the sole seen

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into the next summer and this will continue up and up and up through the season some hour all the way to the top and then on

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Law himself will say, and the soul will year, Allah and Allah will say, write the book of mine, right in the in the book will the register of the good souls put his name in this book. And what will explain to you what is Elohim Elohim is a register fully inscribed to each base witness, those who are close to Allah has mentioned in sort of morphine, and his book will be written in a lien, and he shall be you see the return and then Allah will say to the soul, return him to the earth, for I promised them, I have created them from it, and in it, I shall return them, and from it, they will be resurrected a second time, so the soul will be taken down, and the soul is returned into his

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body. And this is before we stick into the maqbara. So the soul is brought back into his body, and he will hear the footsteps now he is the soul is a waste. How can you imagine this moment, when you're in your body, and you aware of your family, continue your way of the footsteps around you, and they are leaving me right? So they take him to the grave, and he feels a good soul, he will say Hurry up, take me to the cupboard, take me to the cupboard, when when they put him in the cupboard, and at that moment, they close you up, you're aware of it, and you will hear the people around your cupboard, and you hear the footsteps departing one by one, until the last person leaves. Now you're

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alone in the cupboard. And when that moment comes to angels will come down, and they will be very scary looking.

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And they are black and blue and green in very harsh colors. And they will sit him up next to him and they will ask him very sternly, who is Europe? And he will reply, my Rob is Allah and they will ask you again what is your religion? And he will say my religion is Islam. And they will ask him, Who is this man who was sent among you? You will reply, he is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu they will tell them, then they will shall ask him, What have you done in the dunya? And he will reply, the Book of Allah, and I believed in it, and I accepted it. And they will continue asking him again, who is Europe and what is your religion, they will teach them over and over again. And Allah will allow

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him to answer whatever language it is, He will answer and the profit before we decided this verse from the Quran, Allah says, Allah will establish and strengthen those who believe with a word that stands firm in this world. So meaning in this dunya and in the next, so you will answer my load is Allah and my religion is Islam and the Prophet Mohammed Salim is my Prophet, when a caller will call from the sky. And this could be Allah subhanaw taala, it's easy to see the last panel data and he says, my slave has spoken the truth. So spread out for him from the heaven, right to make his grave wide. And close him from Jenna, and open a door for him from gentlemen, he will in a door in your

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cupboard will open up and you will see into gender and the breeze and the fragrance and the joy of gender will come in. So you'll be able to see what's happening in gender. And it's goodnesses roll coming to him in his grave will be expanded as far as you can see, they meant when someone will enter his cupboard with him, a beautiful looking person will come with him, and his clothes will be nice looking, and he will smell nice. And then he shall say unto him, I'm coming here to give you good news of that which will make you happy, right? And this is the day you've been promised. Then we will say Who are you? Why are you here in my car, but what are you for you, you look good, then

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you you have good news, but who are you and the stranger will say I am your deeds, as you carried me in the dunya as we were together in the dunya I will be your friend here in the cover. Then he shall say, now the man will look at his place in Jannah. And he will say My Lord, my Rob,

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late kiama begin with kiama comm so that I can interject now, the proper density as for the soul that is wicked.

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This is the soul that was good. As for the one who dies, and his soul is not good, what's going to happen to him. So then he will the peep, the angels will descend. And again from an eye shots as he's about to die, he begins to see these angels coming down. And they look terrible, disfigured, deformed, dark burnt, and they will carry with them burning clothes from janome. And they will smell terrible. And it will scare him from afar.

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And when the angel of death will come to his head and the angel of death will be harsh. An angel of death will say come out now transgressing so come out to the anger and the punishment of Allah and the soul will retreat into the body. But the angel of death will bring it out with fury like that cotton being dragged through thorns, Allah protect us. And the angel of death will not keep the soul for a second except that the other angels will wrap it up in this clothing of jahannam. And they will put on it the environments of janitors burning stuff, and a smell will come out from the soul that is so terrible, so disgusting that none of the angels want to touch the soul and he will be

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taken up now to the summer and every time he passes by angels, they will say what terrible smelling salt is this and the angels will say this is the soul This is

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The person that cheated that use her Armani that did all the harassment to Guatemala, this is who he is, this is who she is. And they would say, Don't bring that so near to us.

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Have one, and the soul will then go up to the heavens, and you will reach the first summer. And the angels will say, no one in the summer wants to see the soul, no one yet wants to meet the soul. And the ayah, Allah subhanaw taala says, and those who associate partners with Allah, they are as the one who falls from the sky, then is slashed by the birds, and is caused by the wind in a very low place, because Allah will say, Now return the soul, returned the soul to the public, we don't want to see it, and the angels will have a soul into the body. And he now enters the body. Now can you imagine again, the soul position being returned to the body, and being away, he's going to the

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copper now this is we, we ease and he gets taken to the copper, he gets buried the and as he knows, as everyone begins to leave what's going to happen when the last person leaves now, the angels of the grave come week they come they into his into his cupboard, and they ask him those questions, who is your Lord? What is your religion? What is your the man that came to you? And he's also be?

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I don't know, I don't know. So then in then, Allah subhanaw taala will say that this person has transgressed he has, he has this believed. So his name will be listed in the gene, the book of those servants, or those people those people who are transgressive, see gene, and these COVID will be made tight and will be compressed, and someone will enter his cupboard. That is terrible looking and smells bad. And the man will say what is this thing, and this is your deeds, I am the result of your life as we were together in the dunya I'll be here to torment you in your cupboard, and you'll be punished in the cupboard, when a window will be opened up to jahannam. And he will see inside janam

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and even though the cupboard is squeezing him, and this man is punishing him when he sees jahannam he will say Allah only kiama come You will always stay in the cupboard being punished like this, then go to what he sees the agenda May Allah protect us. This is the journey. There's only two paths here. There's no in between. All of us will take this journey and all of us will have one of these two destinations. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us a good life and a good mela take us in a state of Eman and may our May our death be the beginning of a better life for all of us. I mean, we continue that of CEO of SoCal Gas. And we spoke about lucara name and your image. And we summarize

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basically we went through the story very quickly. So we said don't call main is this man that traveled from the east he traveled to the west. And he came to a place between two mountains and he made different types of of people. And at the place between two mountains, he built a barrier to trap a group of people with a key a creature, whatever, we'll talk about what it is tomorrow, but he blocked him up behind a dam. So what did we learn from this? Now let's go into bit of analysis. Most scholars mentioned that blue coordinate was a great king. We're gonna be he was a great king. Some say he wasn't I mean, and before they ask, What if you had a king that was so powerful that traveled

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so extensively around the world? Surely, history would have mentioned such a man and a foot some Pepsi's Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Persian Empire. He was good to bunny as well. He both he returned him to Jerusalem.

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Perhaps it is him.

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Some have said he's Alexander the Great and this is wrong cannot be Alexander the Great because Alexander the Great was a pagan, so definitely not Alexander the Great This is a fabrication. But the bottom line is what we learned from Sudoku Caf is Allah has not mentioned who this man is. He could have been a king from any other land. He could have been from the Vikings, he could have been from South America a lot of what king he was whether he even was the king. It doesn't mention in the Quran, when he was just some personal travel. And what we learn from suka. It's not important, the detail is not important about who he was when he left when he left, but rather what we learned from

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his story. Now we see through calf is about protection from fitna through blessing, blessings that will teach you and the blessing that Zoo coralayne was given was extreme power of the same English power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But if you ever had if you had the power like glucosamine 99.9% of the chances are you would be corrupted through it. And if we look at this, we look at the rulership, the leadership of today, throughout the world. We cannot we have to say the sfha Did you know sadly, the rulers and the kings and the presidents of this world leave a lot to be desired. The Prophet peace be upon him sees a time will come with the people that are who you will

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be like devils, like the hearts of devils insides of humans, this is close to piano. the kind of people that will rule us will be shayateen in human form basically, and that there was kind of leaders

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Those leaders who you make do are against them and they make against you, you hate them and they hate you. And they are very few but the base of leaders are those leaders you love and they love you and you make dua for them and they make dua for you. Now, what leaders do we make do awful not leaders do we love Subhanallah and this is the sad reality of the time that we live in. So do coordinate is an example of what leadership should be and if we just take only a few is about almost only a wicked a short mention of him. One The first thing that we learned from him when Allah says we established him in the earth, He mentioned that his power and his strength comes from Allah. Mama

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can Neeraj be what my my Rob gave me my power, my position is only a it's only a taste from Allah. It is only a gift from Allah that is taken today can be given to someone else. And we remember this from from the hadith of Musa Lama, who say no matter the False Prophet once wrote a letter to the prophets of Salaam and he said, Yeah, Mohammed, beefy, split the world in half you take off I take off right? So the Prophet peace be upon him back to Salem. He says Salem Asad from Salem, the Messenger of Allah, Mohammed the Messenger of Allah, let us be equals in this fee. So the Prophet responded is also lamb and he said from Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah to say llama Dahlia, all of

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the world belongs to Allah, nothing to mean nothing to you. And Allah gives of what he wants to whom he once of his servants power is from Allah. Today, it's upon Allah. We notice in the country a few months ago, some person that we thought was invincible. Today's vanilla, he doesn't know his future, how quickly Allah turns over the rulership. So we'll coordinate understood this, and he realized that my power is only temporary, I need to use it for good blessings, you have to use it for good if you have it. The only way to discharge that is is to do it for good. How did he do it? He established justice, those who do evil we punish them and those who do good we leave them and we

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give them do justice. The Prophet peace upon him said this beautiful Hadith.

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Once there was a very to do lady, high class lady she stole and the law of the Sharia is if you see what must happen, cut your hand off. This is vanilla, you're going to leave the the the minister's wife or whatever some you know, high profile lady later and we we cut off, you know, lady from stone that used to mature lady from Clifton. And how can we allow this to happen? So they told the prophet SAW Selim intercede they seem to sama his beloved Osama to speak to the Prophet Tell him to be merciful and this lady. So when Osama spoke to prophesy garrison Allah been the rules for her he relaxed the rules for her. She's a high class lady, the promises from became very angry, and he

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said, Oh, yeah, Osama, do you want me basically to change the rules of the Sharia? This is the reason why previous nations were destroyed. Why? When a powerful when the high class people committed crimes, they weren't punished. But when the guy the low, small guy when he committed crimes, the law punished him hard. And then he said, Well lie Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed Salah met with steel, I will cut her head off as well. This is the rule to coordinate practice this Justice faily that everyone is equal under the law. The number three, what we learned from him, and again, for our leaders and those of us in positions. He had a vision. And he traveled around looking

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for things where he could fix the world problems. He was proactive. And when he found a problem like like Jamba Juice, he had a vision, okay, we have a plan. And he explained his plan, step by step to the people. But he said I can't do this on my own. Remember, if you remember the story, when they said yeah, take money. He said, I don't want your money. But what do I want you to do? I want you to help me. But we're together in this. So you want houses to be built? You want more schools to be both? Do we together, work with the leadership work together, that we have a plan a vision together, we work together. And as we said he didn't look for any personal gain. No one should enter positions

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of leadership to to advance themselves. Look, I mean, see, this is not I'm not doing this for further money. And the last thing and something for us to think about, as we said he was a proactive leader. And the Prophet peace upon him says to all of us, we are all leaders. All of us are shepherds. And every problem we see one of the big fitness, how we relate to something they in the sky we elected today. We look at the many features around us the issues and the issues in Palestine. The issues in Syria is very easy to point the finger and say no, that's the President's problem. That's the problem. That's the youth problem. The rich ones problem the poor ones problem. That's

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the problem.

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Our Sharia teaches us to be proactive, to coordinate this man when two lands that he wasn't from two people that didn't belong to people he couldn't speak to. And he said, Look, how can I fix things? When we have schools in Khayelitsha, for example that are underfunded and not doing well? That should worry us as well even though it doesn't affect my community or me personally, but it affects the whole world and this is this is the lesson we learn of true leadership. You lead together the oma and the world, in fact, into goodness and that

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What we learn from this man department tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about the dam of doom coordinate this big barrier that he built wasted on Earth. I checked Google Maps we don't find it

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and we ask Who is your judge? And we know of course, they are related to the end of times with kiama they one of the 10 major signs of gamma sign number three. So what are they What are they and what are the other signs and how does this fit into the end of times and we will discuss that over two parts inshallah. So we see tomorrow insha Allah questions

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tokoname translates as the man with two horns, two currents, two horns. And tonight's question, what is the name of the register over the book of the good souls? So there's an so those we said that when the soul is good, Allah says put his name in a certain book. Ilene is it c gene is a Jewish wisdom karma gardening. What is the name of this book? Zaha Hadid? We will have our prize giving on Sunday. Those online you can go visit the website to answer the questions. Oh, but I know that that's a feature of football and video Tinder and, and we have our camera program of personalized exactly the Solomonic