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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How's everybody doing? In the hamdulillah almost the first 10 days of Ramadan it will be almost done by Friday. So inshallah keep it up and Alhamdulillah before we begin on the the seed questions that have come through and people that have asked hamdullah very good questions. The first question was one of the brothers asked what happens if I come into the masjid you know for Isha and I miss the the Salatu Isha and you know, already the Jamaat already making travi travi? What do I do? Do I make my ishai alone and then make gemasolar? When do I join with the Gemma, and this is a well known old debate amongst the scholars, and the strongest opinion although Adam and hamdulillah it agrees with

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the Shafi method. So it's good, good news for you, is that Alhamdulillah it's permissible and there's evidence for that, that you can join, the person comes in and he can join the Torah with Salah with the neoplasia while still following the Imam so the man is making the Imam and the Gemma there Makita we, but you are making a shahzada you have but one will say that the funnier he's got an ear The sooner he's got an ear for Tara Lee, you got a different Neil as follows. How is this possible? Well, in the time the prophet SAW Selim, so hobby, greater hobby more it manageable, he would lead he would come to the Prophet peace be upon him and he would follow you would make a

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certain within me, right so the Prophet is leading us why would be with the JAMA, then why would leave the masjid and go to his own community and he would be the Imam for us. Certainly community as well. So you'd be the Imam. So this is possible. This is fine. So what obviously is making to ourselves, the second one was sooner, the sooner sorta and everyone just follows that's fine. No problem with that. And of course, it's better than having two Gemma's one reciting here and another Gemma at the back in his confusion, obviously just join the gym. Ah, that's easier.

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Another question, yesterday we mentioned about a female or even a male going for an internal examination medically. We said this will not break your false provided this is done medically for doing internals yourself for any other reasons, this is not permissible, right. This is not permissible, obviously, because we know that besides eating and drinking, engaging in sexual activity will not be permissible during forcing right does not is not permitted. So obviously for that kind of reasons, it is not permissible. Then we had a question with regards to eight versus 20. What is it versus 28? Like as I was doing direct Suhana law we have these questions all the time,

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and it will actually in our discussion this evening. It will make you know we will allude to questions like this at the end of the day. There's evidence that the Prophet peace upon him made a telecasts. This evidence of the Sahaba agreed on making 20 both is authentic, both is acceptable. What is based what is based based is the one who does the longest mileage.

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If you're a trucker as is two hours and someone else's 20 Records one hour, at the end of the day, the one who spent two hours is better. At the end of the day, it's how many hours you spend on that musala that's what is required. So one of the objectives of Ramadan we know in the day used to force in the night man karma Ramadan, the prophet Sidhu stands, spending as much of the night in Salah as you can. So if you want to spend from sheitel budget just to rockers and you want to stand and recite the Quran. That's fantastic. That is great. And if you want to stand and make 20 Records and records it's fine. So long as it's done. Respectfully, you find these four Adi Gemma's right, that

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is not permissible. That is not permissible. Right. It's up and down. And, you know, like Woody Woodpecker, that is not permissible. Right. So, but hamdulillah again, it's an unnecessary debate, we find people debating about these things unnecessary, that ultimately turn away sooner, the sooner unity in the Gemma is compulsory, and we should not be breaking the JAMA and arguing about something sooner. So if the whole machine has agreed we're going to make a truckers Alhamdulillah don't you start the 20 Nakajima in the back of the machine. And if the whole machine is gonna make 150 Records, when Alhamdulillah you follow on as much as you can, and then if you need to leave, you

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need to leave but you follow the JAMA that is the best thing. That is what's required, well, hamdulillah we continue without a seed of pseudo gaff. And we actually completed section two of the story of the people of the cave. And if you followed in your workbooks, we would have done the second section. And ultimately, there's so many themes that come out of this section. One of the most powerful themes, of course, is that they were a CTA, they were a bunch of youth and we have to repeat this over and over because a lot of repeatedly twice in liquid and that they are a bunch of young people. So for our young people understand that you are in a very special time in your life.

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Basically between the ages of 15 and 25. You will make the biggest decisions of your life during that period. You will decide what career you're going to do and it will be for the rest of your life. You will probably

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Hopefully for most of us that you will choose your spouse, you will get married within that 15 to 25. That's the person who's going to live with you until you die. And hopefully insha Allah will be your partner in general as well. The decisions you make in these 10 years will shape the shape the world, what our youth decided the next 10 years will decide, determine if the room is successful. If you know cities will will come to an end if Palestine will be liberated, if we will have the drought you know, we will solve the problem the drought will kill aids these things are based on the decisions that our young people make today. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is amazed by young people

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that spin the youth in his ibadah and make the right decision. So it's something amazing that Allah says look at these, this group of youngsters, and they will, as we said, look at the frames that you keep this is one of the most important themes of the surah that Allah chose them as earlier and we recite the surah. Every week we recite the story every single week. Think about that every week we mentioned and remember the story. Now we move on to the third section. So we finished the story of the sleepers of the cave. We spoke about what happened they woke up off the 300 years and then Allah subhanho wa Taala made him and I assign we continue Allah subhanho wa Taala now says the prophets of

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Salaam say akula una de to Robbie on Cal boom waiuku home certain Sadie sukabumi Rajahmundry una cerveza with me know who can boom kohlrabi alhama de Maria Allahu Allah. So Allah is saying and they will say who the lemma or the scholars of Bani Israel Elan, the scholars of the keytab are people that discuss things without knowledge. Some of them will say so with the assignment hubs that say the people are located with three youngsters. And the fourth one being the dog. And another group said no, they were five youngsters, and the sixth one was the dog, Roger mom biLlahi the regiment means they literally it means throwing stones in the dock guessing in the dock, now what happens we

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throw a stone in the dock, you're gonna hurt somebody, right? You will hurt somebody you're guessing without knowledge, unless there's another group of them says that they were seven youngsters and the eight being the dog. Allah says say Allah is the one that has the base of knowledge concerning them. Very few actually know about them for that to manifest him in law and law. Well, that does defeat him in Allah sending the prophets of Salaam so don't argue with these with people like this. The lemma remember who challenged Allah? The Romani. Sorry, they they said, you tell us about about the people of the cave. So I was saying, I will not only tell you the story, I will tell you what your

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mother your different groups say amongst yourselves, you don't even know the answer. So Allah says don't even discuss debate with him in this issue. And don't even ask them for any information regarding us from any one of them. What do we learn from this ayah as we said from the beginning of suku calf, one of the causes of fitna is when misinformation is spreading, and lies are spread about Allah subhanho wa Taala. And people say things about the deen which are not true, so that you get to a level where people don't know what is true or false and supanova experiences daily, you get a hadith being sent to you on WhatsApp. Now you don't know if this is authentic or not? Do I practice

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this? Do I delete it? And then as that SMS will say 10 years in Jannah? Because of deleting it? What do I do? I don't know, because we don't even have reliable information with regards to the deen anymore. Why? Because people say and speak things without knowledge. Also, a lot of studying the prophet SAW Selim, don't debate don't enter into argumentation with people without knowledge. How many times all of us are alone when it comes to Facebook. And we all have something to say about every member of the team. Right? When it comes to medicine. We said we leave it to the doctors when it was finally the now people diagnosed themselves. Right? The doctor is also frustrated, right?

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Google, you can also diagnose yourself. But when it comes to everything else, your call you leave it to the mechanic when it comes to the plumbing you speak to the plumber. But with the dean, everybody has an opinion, this is not the way this is not the way the way the Sharia should be done. Leave it to the people of knowledge. And there is no shame in saying I don't know. And even though Allah, the great Rama most of the time, they say they don't know a man came all the way from Spain, you know, took him a year to get to Medina, Mr. Malik, the greatest scholar on earth greatest scholar in the world, right. The halifa said that this is a mathematic is a number of scholars, the people of Spain

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compiled all the difficult questions they presented to me as 40 questions. Mr. Malik said I can only answer two or three of these questions. This is what's wrong with you, Malik, you're the you're the greatest Imam in the world. So I don't know nothing wrong for me to say I don't know I can only answer three and that is I don't know. So this is behind Allah. Part of the knowledge of a scholar is for you to say I don't know and not to get engaged in fruitless debate. So Allah saying look at these pennies for you. Look at these. Are they discussing? Is it three men or four men? Is the dog What color is the dog is a chihuahua? Is it a pitbull? What kind of dog is it? Alyssa what benefit

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is this kind of discussion? Eight records. 20 Records what's behind you just

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Make thoroughly what's the most important thing that's all come down the last night of the night physically? Does it come down metaphorically? If you're not getting up with a Jew, then who cares what you swallow then what's the point in having that kind of debate? This is this is what Allah is saying. Don't enter into meaningless debates for the sake of debating. Whether the Quran Alicia in the article Hoda and Allah, the prophet peace be upon him, he fell into that same mistake. He said something without full knowledge. What did he say? What did he tell them? I will tell you tomorrow the answer right remember he said that so now look how strict Allah is with these maybe there wasn't

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a sin wasn't a huge property city I'll tell you tomorrow. So now Allah is reprimanding the prophets of Salaam to teach to teach him and us by extension. Now Allah says to the prophet and all of us and never ever say of anything. I will do that thing tomorrow Illa Allah eclipsing in sha Allah except to say if Allah wills what's called Rebecca event seats were called as a rugby club in Russia and rim and remember we will note when you forget to forget to say insha Allah I mean you remember the answer, insha Allah and make dua perhaps make Allah guide me to that which is nearer than this to the right conduct, guide me to be better. So Allah is teaching us the prophets of Solomon is that in

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a way you say, I'm going to do something in the future, say in sha Allah, although I must mention here that we've taken this to the extreme right we use in sha Allah in the most inappropriate times in sha Allah is only for the future thing when you intend to do right you know, I will go to the supermarket tomorrow inshallah Oh, in the future doesn't have to be tomorrow, like, I'm going to go to to work later inshallah. But for something current, what's your name? insha. Allah Mohammed. No, that's incorrect. How are you feeling in sha Allah I'm okay. Don't do that. Right. Something which is current in the past, right? That's not there's no need for insha Allah also, whenever these

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people give a command now this is a polite way of saying it. Gemma inshallah all of you must stand up now know when you give a command, no need for insha Allah and the worst place to use inshallah, what's the worst place? in da don't ever ever make this no such thing as hadal mahmudullah, one of Bali insha. Allah amin is no such thing as insha Allah I mean, in sha Allah, if Allah wills if you want to use Allah, so now you make this beautiful long to ask for health and risiken everything is if you want to answer if you want to. There's a hadith that says don't ask Allah and say, if you will, when you make do you say Allah, please grant it to me. So never ever make a dua and you hear

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this on the radio sometimes as a mistake. May they grant the disease and this genital theodosian Sha, Allah I mean, no, don't say insha Allah, I mean, just say I mean, right. So that's the adapt of using insha Allah and when to use amin and as Allah says, and if you forget, you forget to say in sha Allah when you remember, then say in sha Allah, one of the benefits of this Allah sponsor also shows the proof of this could earn had the Prophet peace be upon him being authoring the Quran himself, he would have come up with an answer you would have said, you know, what do you think of an answer and he would sit and answer but because the answers are not from him, he has to wait for my

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revelation from Allah subhana wa tada that he is only receiving information from Allah subhanaw taala and even if the people have to wait two weeks, 15 days in so beat a lot does things on his own time. So one of the miracles of this that Allah made him wait is to show that this Quran is not from Allah. Then Allah subhana wa tada now and we could we conclude with these last few ayah Allah even goes a step further. The bunnies are also one question Allah answers they meant just to show on top of that is knowledge. Allah says whether it be through Wi Fi internet summit in Sydney was their duty sir. Allah says something which they didn't know how long did these young men sleep in the

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cave? That they stayed they they slept in the cave for 300 years was that what is our and we added another nine. What does that mean? 300 solar years, plus another nine lunar years. So the we know the the the the the lunar the lunar year is less than the solar year, it shorter. So after 300 years solar years, it was actually 309 lunar years. And if you calculate it, it's exactly to the day So Allah is showing the miracles to the bunnies, challenge my knowledge, this is what I'm going to give you. So then Allah says Cooley Law who

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Allah say Allah is the most knowing of how long they stayed, level of similarity will add To Him belongs to Him alone belongs the unseen knowledge of the heavens and the earth. I will still be here with a smirk that he is seeing of everything and he's yearning of everything. Man or woman dooney he will he you will usually hook me that they do not have besides him no one has besides Allah any protector and he she's in his rule is the meaning of the universe with anyone else. So who else? So how else can you challenge Allah Subhana does knowledge How else are you buddy sir in questioning Allah subhana wa Tada.

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This is the perfection of his knowledge. So they also one thing and Allah showed them and answered by giving them their own information which they debate amongst themselves to prove the truth of Allah. Now the lemma now these amounts of money throw in, they got the answer and even gave them answers which they knew only was amongst themselves. So Allah says, What Luma oh here la community tabula declare modelli calamata he will enter genomic data, so that was asking them so now the site of the book of Allah, now that you've got your answer, are you proven Are you are you happy that this is from Allah, these are the words from Allah. So now the site these words of Allah, because

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you will not find the words of Allah ever, ever changing and you will not find any refuge besides Allah remember? Now this is an indo for this, what is the link between the Quran and us hypergraph people of the cave

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for price for book athletes, where do you think the Quran Allah is now linkings Allah says, I've told you the story.

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I've mentioned the story now recite the Quran, it began remember the surah began about the Quran. The Quran will never ever change what is the Quran? And what to the people of the cave? They didn't have a Quran What did they have?

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If I answer can I get another book that is right. They add to Rancho prediction to the cave, the cook the cave was the refuge. Allah saying this could earn is your refuge, that to us as believers. This is our cave, that our calf is the Quran. So Allah says, keep reciting this book, especially in times of fitna and you will find that there is no change of the words of Allah and never will you find other than Allah a safe refuge, a place of safety other than Allah through the Quran. And we know 1500 years later, this is true. Allah says it's not gonna change. The one thing that will always be strict will always be with you that you open the book when you were 10 years old looking

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for guidance, you found it when you got married before you got married. You found guidance when you became rich. This guidance when you become poor when you become seek guidance. This is the book Allah saying that as long as you if you stick to the book, it's like the calf sticking to the cave. This is what's going to protect you. I was linking the two things on hamdulillah This is our refuge inshallah.

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inshallah. Tomorrow, we will continue with the story of the cat or the turtle calf. Tonight's question, what are the last night's question? For how long will the seven youth sleep in the cave? Alhamdulillah Satish if you say I don't know, because I didn't come here. So none of the above Alhamdulillah right. We don't we didn't know yet. So none of the above. Now tonight's question, how many years the same question how many years is the youth stay in the cave? 300 minus nine is 291 years 300 plus 9309 years? 300 years or 400 years? Again? This looks like there's two answers here. inshallah, this also teaches us that there are multiple opinions that could be correct as well as

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another blessing in this world. hamdulillah. So fill out your answers. And we continue tomorrow. Insha Allah, Allah fate Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh