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are relying on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali. He was a huge Marine, my beloved brothers in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How are you all doing? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah tonight is night number 10 a month of Ramadan, one third of the month has come and gone and we've only got another two thirds lift this time in. In three weeks time it's going to be eat it's Ramadan is done. And therefore we need to really think about if this is our last Ramadan have we achieved enough? Remember, there is no other time in the year we more people are forgiven. More people are released from janam and may for the amnesty. If you think that amnesty of sin is only open for this month, one third of that opportunity is gone. We only have the other two thirds left and vanilla we said as we get closer towards the end of the

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month, that night the night of destiny is coming up and we should do our best inshallah we'll make the other we do our best to achieve the maximum rewards of this of this month. Because it might be our last always consider that this might be our last Ramadan from Allah bless us and except what we have done. Our grant is to increase in what remains and is used every single evening. Only 20 days final only 20 days and 20 nights. Whatever is on the agenda can wait for 20 days. 20 nights, three weeks, not so long. Three weeks imagine we're going to talk about Jana and Jana, we are in that test three weeks to get into your spot in general three weeks to save yourself from Jana. So save

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ourselves from Jana. So let's make the most of it. I mean,

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yesterday we started discussing some of the following the story of the people of the cave. And lots of Anna what Allah says was built enough second marilena yet the owner of bombilla that he will he read una vida so Allah subhana wa tada is talking about Allah says the Prophet peace be upon him and be patient, and be patient with those who

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remember Allah and they worship later on to make dua to Allah below fidelity washi in the morning and in the evening. You really do know what you're desiring the pleasure of Allah. So what is some scholars have said this verse was revealed, because the properties up mastery cities This is the early stages of his Dawa is calling people to Islam and the elite of the kurush the tribal leaders, they said, Look, Muhammad, so they obviously didn't believe he's a prophet. They said, there's no way we can share in a religion with the likes of Bilal, he's a slave with the likes of Mr. slaves, even though these are the low class people of society, they are our servants, how can we and then

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share in one religion, so maybe if you get rid of them, we will into your religion. So Allah and obviously the Prophet peace be upon him, not that he considered it. But Allah immediately sees and you hear Mohamed Salah Salem be patient with those who worship Allah in the morning and the evening all they want they do out of society, you focus on them. And in fact, what do I know? And don't even move your eyes off of them? Don't even stop looking at them not even for one moment, do you divert your attention from the you focus on them, to reducing the hierarchy dunya and don't be distracted by the the Zener the beauty of this dunya now the Prophet peace be upon him. And Allah sometimes

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commands the Prophet with something source of love, but the real reason we are the ones being addressed, Allah is saying, Don't overlook the sincere, pious people in this dunya. Even though on the outside, they don't look like much, and you're distracted by the worldly things. So you look at the men, and you judge already by his car, what kind of person he is, by the clothing, she's waiting. This is, in your mind, you've already categorized who this person is, how important they are, by the job title by which suburb they live in. Now, we already know we live in a society like this, which is what some of you come from automatically. That's what school you're going to go to

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your life already. We know what kind of person you are Allah saying, don't do that. You don't know this facility in that person's heart. And then Allah speaks to all of us analysis, what to try and do not obey men often palatable and the cleanest Allah Allah is the one who I caused these heart to forget my remembrance, I made his heart to be unmindful of me. What? Why? Because all he does is he follows his heart, his desires, whatever our work

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and all of his deeds, his whole life is completely lost is useless. Don't follow such a person. Now again, as I said, one of the themes of fitness is the things that we protect ourselves according to fit now is the company we keep. Look at the people that's in your circle or your family, your close friends, what are the conversations they have? Are they the ones that remember Allah in the morning in the evening, those who speak about Allah those who encouraged the remembrance of Allah or those who just talked about how the next holiday they going to what's on TV, what's happening in

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The sports what's happening what's you know the brand new Cause if that's all they talking about the other thing look at the two parables you've got these types of people on the one hand and a different type of group. On the other hand, Allah says the Prophet, the prophet of all people, you stick with this group that remembers me in the morning and the evening. Don't even look at the other group. The the ultimate fees or loss, these the ultimate end is completely lost. So now, Allah subhanaw taala continued and he says, We're calling hakomi Robbie calm now this ayah is addressed to the the rabbi's, those who question Allah. Allah says you asked me a question you want to know about

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the people of the cave. I not only gave you the story, I told you how many they were I told you what with the geography of the cave itself. I told you how long they stayed in the cave. Both so layers and lunar years and I told you about the confusions that your own scholars have that within your own group of scholars what you debating so quickly Hakuna Arabic Now say that the truth is from Allah from your Lord, you need to say that now this is the test for men shall have a human woman shall affiliate for so whoever Have you wishes, let him believe whatever you wishes, let him this many choices use you ask the question I asked. I answered it. Now. The ball is in your court whoever

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wishes to believe in believe and those who wish to disbelieve that then this belief. This opens the chapter we said with regards to freewill and destiny, we'll talk about that inshallah. Either this evening or tomorrow, Allah continues in artisanally volume in an hour or a half of the fuselage yesterday through your horse will be met in Kalgoorlie, actually, whoo. Sasha Rob was more difficult, Allah says, and as a as a warning Valley, we have prepared the something waiting for the volume in the valley moon only mean we are places. Now usually we think of places we think of the politicians, right? We think of world leaders, they are places No, alone sees all of us are the only

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mean we are all places, either we oppress each other, or we even replace ourselves when we commit sin. So Allah says, For all those who have committed basically the sinners, we have prepared for the sinners, a fire, a half of insula, a fire, which which will completely surround them like walls and keep close them in a fire which will lock them in and cover them, what is the hearth when while they are in this burning place, whereas yesterday, they will cry out, they will plead for help. You have to be in can macleish will, would you the only thing of assistance that will give them will give them water, which is so hot, it will melt the faces we have to be big, so shut up what a terrible

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drink was more difficult, and what an evil place of refuge. Now we poziom Allah subhanho wa Taala and we know that this happens in the Quran. And sometimes Islam is criticized by this. Why does Islam go so detailed into the punishments for example, I mean, janam is described with such terrible, terrible punishment, such extreme punishment of the punishments, but let's just mention a little bit of that. And we say these things to motivate us in these last 10 these last 20 days of Ramadan, I don't want to get to that place, there is a place that is so bad. So you know, terrible. Allah says the cold things of that place, the water melts, people, the wind burns everything, the

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clouds are like smokey chokes you that the people will be burning, and they will be suffering in a janome for so many years, continuously, the hunger that they will experience there's nothing to drink and eat, and the hunger will become so bad, it will even be worse than the burning itself. So they will go to the bottom of jahannam. The only thing that grows in jahannam is this thing called Zaku. Right? It's this rotten tree that grows inside of Johanna, if a piece of it were to touch this universe, it will rock everything. And the people of Ghana will be starving for so long hunger that just gets worse and worse and worse. They will go the and they will choke on the Zaku and then they

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will drink of this. This water that boils Allah says it will cut through them and it will begin over and we ask Allah Why do you punish like this? Isn't it just that you can forgive them? Now Allah subhanaw taala says many places in the Quran even in this in the surah Allah does not have any there's no injustice in Allah. Allah can just to anybody on the Alesis that whatever good deeds you do, I don't reward you one good deed, I reward you at least by 10 multiplied by 10. If you commit a sin, you only get the equivalent of that. And then Allah still forgives on piano. So after his forgiveness, after the kindness of you will show anyone who goes to janome Allah will say have I

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have I wronged any of you? No one will say that they were deceived or cheated, that they will show change whatever. Whatever happens we have to believe is on our own account. Allah subhanho wa Taala says he will not come around anyone for even a slight moment with slight fraction. Now there's a Hadith, Allah Subhana Allah says to the Prophet peace of mind says, someone will be punished in general the lightest form of punishment, and Allah will ask this person Have you ever experienced

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Just for a second, you'll be in janam. And he lived a life of complete luxury. So Allah will say, Have you ever experienced any kind of conflict in your life? He will say, No, that's sickening. Jana will make him forget everything. And Allah will say, if you will, given the world and everything, and I demanded from you to give all of that up, would you do it? So he says, Yes, I would have given everything my kids, my wife, everything. So I was I didn't ask you that. I didn't ask you give up your children, give up all your money, give up your whole life, spend your whole time. But I didn't ask any of that. I just asked you not to make sure with me, that you acknowledge me you went through

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an entire life and I was meaningless in your life. All you worship was your house or something else. So this is only on your account. Allah subhanaw taala says this is only a new account. Perhaps the saddest thing, different people, you have to you know, you have to think of Jana because it's the reality, whether we like it or not, you must think of gentlemen you stand in sada understand that your bed, my scale your skills in balance, there are people in the cupboard, the test is done. That's it finished, how much they would come just to have Ramadan, to get themselves out of janam. Or to increase the level in gentlemen, Allah grant all those who have died, high place in general,

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may none of the believers experience any any discomfort in the cupboard may be a place of rest and comfort. I mean, but how we teach this done, our test is ongoing, and our scales are going up and down, up and down, we need to also be ready, every solid one, one scholar says consider that every solid that you're making is that one D that scale, on the right side of that interview agenda. This might be that one deed that pushes you scale over the age and that's what you need. So you have to think of jahannam so for example, for me the thing that that you know, besides the fire and the burning and the goal of janam one thing that is very, very sad and scary, is how the people in

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jahannam when all hope is lost, you mentioned that feeling when the last of the center, so people will be forgiven and exogen them. Imagine the time when they say this is the last man, he's going to go to jail out of Jannah now the doors are locked and will never ever open again. With that, in that that feeling of harvest is no more hope. And Allah says you can either be patient or you can cry or you can scream I don't listen to you anymore. You had an opportunity to speak to me in the dunya I also acts you had my access to my attention 24 seven anytime now I don't want to even hear you anymore panela and all they can do is just live in continuously great what I gave up in the what I

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what I use my life in the dunya I got to the source also it was more difficult. What an evil place to begin to destination. Of course, every time and this is you need to learn this intercede and the learners in the Quran. Every demo speaks of punishment, immediately will speak of mercy and forgiveness and reward because you have to this is how you must understand Allah and you must you must love him, fear him and hopefully he would always be hopeful. Always be fearful and always love him. Allah says in the Medina among those who believe what I mean, and they do good deeds. Email alone is not enough. You need to do good deeds you need to make some effort in order to do a German

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as an amateur. I will never ever let this cause the good deeds that you do to be lost. every cent you put in a cow every suit you made if you were in the following now, for the fool every night, you've made 200 records of Salah you made 400 sagittis but 400 Allah says that I don't think it counts for nothing. You know one of those soldiers are more beloved in the dunya and only contains vanilla don't think that that means nothing else that will never ever go to waste. You might take it as small you don't even remember the first thing you did. You don't remember the five of me putting in the towel but that to Allah meant a lot so Allah says I will never ever let your good deeds go to

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waste for them and hopefully this is for us. I mean it can happen for them Jana they get to have gardens, Jenna to Adam in the Garden of Eden what it means and everlasting paradise the trees and the plants in general do not become old they don't die. They live forever everything in agenda lives forever. Does God mean that he will and are underneath his gardens or rivers so everyone's palace will be on these rivers so this is how it looks you know gardens and trees and rivers flowing through and underneath your homes. You Hello now they will be Halloween sweet. They'll be sweetened meaning they'll be beautified you in the people agenda will make you beautiful Fie harming a child

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will mean that you'll be waiting bracelets of gold well bassoon Thea been programming to see the finest of socks and the finest of materials will be released in Turkey in raw sitting on thrones net mesilla. What a great an excellent reward we'll have to look more difficult what an excellent distillation something agenda now.

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These things that someone asked me Gemini is described as gardens and silks and gold Why? Because that is the most expensive stuff beyond the dunya. So Allah saying the things which are the most expensive

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The dounia is really the cheapest things in general, the flow of Jenna is made of, of Musk, and the stones are made of rubies, the wind, when it blows on you, it makes you more beautiful. Allah obviously sees what you have, he says, in general is what your imagination has never ever thought of the things in Jenna all the time that your imagination cannot even fathom. When you go, the one she explained that we speak about food, but think about how gender is you will taste you will see this food, you look like a day to an apple, whatever you tasted. And it's the most amazing thing you've ever tasted, ever, ever. When you take it for the second time, and it tastes even better, and a

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third time and even better for eternity. It's getting better and better and better. yourself. You get more beautiful daily, your partner gets more beautiful daily, the goodness just increases something again, that makes me think of general Do you know what isn't? in general?

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There is no sleep in general. Now, just think about this for a second. For those of us who have kids, we know sleep is a great you know, like the highest level of general if you ask what do you dream of is to sleep is I dream to have dreams, right? That's my dream, I want to sleep, people are smiling and laughing as taraweeh has that same effect, right? bionz give you all that same effect that I dream of sleeping. The only time when you don't want to sleep is like when you went on holiday, right? And it's like something exciting. I'm not going to sleep now because I want to experience this exciting thing. Now, you have unlimited time, you have enough time to experience

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everything. But because there's so much to do all the time. The people of general don't have time to sleep, they have infinite time, they don't have time to sleep, because it's just too much to see. There's too many things to experience. It just gets better and better all the time. Every day. There's something new there's some new adventure to express Allah says that they will spend the days having fun these, you know, resting on thrones and waiting and lounging. That's just when you intimate the agenda. Now you need to enjoy yourself as a hobby as the Prophet peace be upon him when he heard about gender. He said, Well, I get to form in gender grow things, right? Because that's

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what he loves. He likes to grow things like the agenda when you can just have fruits and things. Why would you need to grow? I like to fall Can I do plow the land and put the seeds in and all that the prophecies if that's what you love, then you will get that agenda. And other persons stood up and said that guy must be an unsightly because we hate to form like I don't want that in my agenda. So everyone is going to have his or her agenda the way you want it. But it depends on what you're doing these 20 days. It depends what we do in these 20 days for HANA law. Whether it is Jana, Jana, that's this hour that we spend in thoroughly, is getting us to the agenda 20 steps between us. And that

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place, we Oh happy place, whatever it might be. And of course we see the greatest blessing is of course to see Allah, the highest level of gender we see the genital for those. Yes, even if we get the lowest gender excellent Alhamdulillah we made it. I for me, I think we knew that feeling of entering gender, the first step and knowing it's over, it's done. I've made it that's it. I don't have to worry about anything. I never have to feel sad about anything. I've made it and you see your family, you're friendly, we've all made it. We talk about the dunya we laugh about the dunya and we just enjoy the agenda. Right? That's the lowest point, the highest, of course, for those of us who

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are happy just to get to general hamdulillah but there are those of us who says no, I want to be in the highest genda with the ceiling of the agenda is what the throne of Allah will your neighbor is Allah subhanho wa Taala for the rest we don't get the we see only once a week on Fridays you get to go to the agenda to meet Allah where as those who are permanently interfere those, they get that access behind the law. So for those that have a question, we'll answer it is the highest level of agenda agenda that we said Allah Himself planted the trees of the agenda, Allah Himself decorated the mountains, Allah Himself became the palaces for things he created with his hands himself, Allah

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subhanaw taala for things he personally made, maybe Adam the pin the throne and gender to fill those. The prophecies also, when the Sahaba asked his gender to fit into this gender utopia is only for the NBA shuhada only for the base of the base. Officers know even ordinary people will get the right even obviously they have to do great things in the dunya to get there but just your sadhana, your fasting, the kind of person you are the character that you have, can get you the and nothing greater, no gift greater than later two quarter something like that, that on your scale. Insha Allah amin will be enough to get you the so 20 days 20 days you can put everything aside and plan for

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that. May Allah grant us the trophy to get there. I mean,

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how much time do we have? I think everyone's tired, right? You've retired. So inshallah we'll continue tomorrow we'll talk about freewill and destiny. So Allah says, Whoever you wish is to believe believe whoever you don't want to believe

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Don't believe so? Is the Do we have free will? Or is there something like this Like this thing we believe this quarter is one of the pillars of email. How do we balance this especially since the night of destiny is coming? The ninth of October is coming we need to understand. So this is what we will discuss tomorrow evening. So, what is the highest our questions for this evening? We said what is the highest level of gender? The answer that now is gender to fit those that is the highest. That's the as we say, maybe the Clifton of the bishop score of gender. Even gender has suburbs, right? That's the highest place and anyone can get the, you know, we can't get into the bishop

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school. There's dunia but you can get to fit those in the mean. Right. What is the aminoacyl? The question of this evening? What is the the three that grows at the bottom of Johanna The only thing that grows in Jana that feeds of the fire of Jerusalem and the you know, whatever is in Jerusalem, there's only one type of tree that feeds the it's called is it called a soccer? A kume a c gene, or shujaa? What is the name of that three mentioned in the Quran. We continue tomorrow. Any questions or concerns with [email protected] and visit our website we'll handle that today. Tomorrow is our open program. If you'd like to join please speak to battalion after this after the data we have the

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lecture you can see the button open program if you'd like to contribute please contribute Shukla Hi. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh