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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the upcoming release of a book and a surah related to the Bible, as well as the history of Islam and its implications for the election. The discussion touches on the church's actions towards the world and the negative impact of people speaking without knowledge on the world. The segment concludes with a discussion of predictions from the Prophet peace be upon him and the importance of guidance.
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali he will savage My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Santa Monica live where I get to

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is already doing from the dealer this afternoon jumada al Majid was like finished there was like a zero energy I felt like just calling it myself but hamdulillah we made it and you know this is usually with the novelty of Ramadan sorts to way off. And you know, you see the soft is getting less and less. So please remember think about it just well now 27 days 28 days between you and Jenna 27 days of attaining whatever you want in terms of gender, of getting an amnesty from Allah subhana wa tada just to push yourself and keep the motivation going. Don't waste the weekends as well, the weekends so Ramadan, so do as much as you can in terms of good deeds, do a special kind of good

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deeds that you wouldn't have done outside you know, before you've never done something like that. For example, we can encourage the Gemma to be part of the orphan program, how often do we go to an orphanage almost never. Maybe now in Ramadan one day in one of the weekends inshallah make that unique sacrifice sokola. So we continue with out of seed of soil to calf. And last night, we mentioned the themes and we said the ultimate theme of the surah is prediction from fitna. It's a guide and methodology to protect you from fitna and we spoke about the first three verses of sorrel calf. The first three verses are about the Quran. Allah says that all praise be to Allah who

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revealed the Quran to the slave this Quran is never been the it's always strict uncorruptible will never change, everything else will change. But this could and will stay straight and in times of fitna, those who keep to it, they will remain steadfast, there are losses and the school is warning you of a coming punishment, a severe punishment and a great reward that people some people will be in either one forever. Right? So that's where we ended last night. Then Allah subhana wa tada the fourth, I have the surah Allah subhanho wa Taala specifically mentions what you already know called de la weather and a specific warning to those who say Allah has taken a son of this ayah is

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controversial for the surah and I think I'll make an executive decision will give a book away if someone can, can mention why do you think this would be controversial in the surah

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when Allah sees an especial warning so this could earn nothing it's so talking about the Quran, the Quran is revealed to warn about punishment and to give you good tidings to those who do good deeds and it's a special warning for those who say Allah has taken a son Why do you think it was controversial for them proceeding?

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okay so that's that's not the answer. The brothers say doesn't look good answered the Jews the Christians are Serbian, they will be successful the ISS man and I believe those those Jews and Christians who believe in Allah and the Last Day and do good deeds, and of course they will not have any punishment. Those critics those who under correct methodology, company, why would this be controversial for diversity?

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Okay, let's take a seat. Who do you think Allah is meet with Allah says, I'm wanting those who say I have taken a son, what do you think I was talking about?

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But yes, yes.

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Excellent. That's the answer. Right? This is so as revealed when in Makkah, they know Christians in Mecca. So why is Allah speaking about Christians who don't exist? So therefore the first sitting, they began to think, who is this? This is a difference. So the classical scholars some of them had said, well, the differences the Arabs because they also mentioned elastic and daughters in other places in the Quran. It says a lot of steak and daughters. Some of us sitting said no, it's totally legal regarding the Jews, because in the Quran, Allah says some of them claimed Hosea is the son of Allah that would also claimed Allah had a son, and he was a but of course, the most common group of

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people that mentioned Eliza son are the Christians. So Nova sitting ask why would the Christians be in this in this surah, which is a makansutra? They don't Christians yet, in the picture. modern contemporary scholars, when they look at this stuff, see they have an alternate view. And it's a bit out there, but I'll mention it now. They say look, these are yet on the tin yet which protects from the junk. And that these this warning was for the Christians saying, oh, Christians, beware of what you're saying. By the way, what what you are doing is paving the way for the judge why you are claiming that Allah has a son. And if you look at the you know, if you look now we jumping into the

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future, the way the world would be when the job comes. It is a the secular world that we live in today is really paving the way for the

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Coming up the gel, and waiting religion that is really the religion of the world of Christianity, not Islam, its secular, the secular world living for the dunya only what brought about secular religion, it is the operation of the church. So if you look at Christian history, the church forced upon its people, the doctrine of the Trinity, it forced upon its people to remain behind it oppose Sciences and Technology. And, and Europe went through a period of the Dark Ages, under the rule of the church under those who said Allah is taking the sun. When they ruled Europe, it was in complete darkness. When there was a Renaissance, people began to say, well, we don't care about religion

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anymore. Religion growth has nothing. We studied the soul, we went nowhere. We started the year after and our dunya suffered. So they started focusing on learning this world, about the body and of the soul, focusing on this dunya and not the Acura, focusing on the sciences and not the orlimar anymore. Science became the religion of the way to think and what that religion got thrown out the window. And so this paved the way a complete revolt against religion, because of the oppression of those who insisted that allies taken a son. So this pave the way to the secular world, a world where people no longer care about the year after, if you look at every culture, whether it's the Hindus,

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the Christians, you know what, what was common about the people of the past, is that a focus on sort of the afterlife, whatever society we're in, even like the African pagan societies, the mowlana, or the sangoma, they are the leaders of the community. It's focused on religion, the only movement that we see moving away from religion completely is the modern secular world. And this is really paving the way to the coming of the gel. So Allah subhanaw taala, this is a modern xfc they sing a loved one of the Christians 1400 years ago, Look, guys, don't stop this thing of oppressing the people and forcing the Trinity down the throats of your people. Because if you keep doing this, this will open

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the doors of the jail, this will open the way pave the way for the coming of the jail. And that's what we see. We see the consequences. Now, we we live in a world without religion anymore. We as Allah said that time will come when things are upside down, morality is thrown out the window. Now there's no such thing as truth. What we don't do as you please, we live in a world where whatever you feel like doing that's what's right, there is no ultimate truth. And that's really the the backdrop of when the gel will come. That's what the world will be like, well, you won't know right from wrong, we everything is confusion. And the only thing you have is the squadron is the only

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thing that points to the truth. This is the world that came into motion, because of this operation of the church. As I said, this is a out the kind of seed but it links up with the coming of the journal. So I was about them. Those who claim that he has a son mela whom beaming

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him that which they say they have no knowledge of it, nor did they forefathers. capitalists can imitate the human fly him back, which they're saying is a big, big blasphemy. It's a huge thing. They're saying they don't realize it. He called Luna Illa Khadija they are only speaking lies and they don't realize the danger of this thing that they're doing. They don't realize what's going to come into motion in the future. And therefore also Allah is mentioning that knowledge is the is the cure to fitna knowledge is the cure guidance is the cure to confusion. But the more people speak without knowledge, the more people act without knowledge. This paves the way to fit now, this is

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what causes fitna as we said we look at a place like Syria, which is which is a fitna we don't have we don't know truth or false when you watch one channel and one group is the is the heroes you change the channel and the other group is the hero. You don't know what is right from wrong, this is fitness. This is what the the general will come and do. In fact, his name that gel is what what is the gel I mean, the deceiver, deception, false deception. And also the link, of course between Ibiza and the jail, these are the opposites. So the ones who actually claim and have exaggerated the position of Ibiza are actually paving the world for the Antichrist. Right. So that is the sort of

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the link when they mentioned this ayah Allah is actually speaking about the Christians, the last ayah that Allah will speak about tonight the six Ayah this about our Prophet sallallahu Sallam direct to him, Allah says to the Prophet, for the alpaca who Neff cicada 30 him ilam human behavioral Hadith esfr Allah says, maybe Mohammed, you will kill yourself through grief over them if they not believe in this message out of sadness, which shows you the heavy burden of Dawa on the prophets chase you know, that he every soul, Abuja whoever it was, he felt the need and want to keep on guidance. When the revelation wasn't coming. He personally took that to heart You know, it's my

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fault. So the Prophet Allah is telling the Prophet, do not kill yourself out of grief over them, you just give the message. You just continue. So when we live in times of fitna like we live in today as those

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Alhamdulillah if you're under the truth, you can only spread the message and keep yourself safe. And we try to bring as many people to guidance. But a lot of our ultimate saying guidance is from Allah. Don't kill yourself out of that burden. Don't put yourself in extreme misery. And it shows you the love of the Prophet peace be upon him, as the Prophet has for the Zuma when I say I don't just mean the Muslims, I mean all of humanity that followed him, every single person, the Prophet peace upon it grieved him deeply when people did not believe in this message, because he could see we this would lead to sort of long while they were setting them, we continue inshallah, tomorrow, when we

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conclude in this first section of sutan calf, which is the prediction from the

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answers to last night's question, this should have been easy if you got this wrong, then please speak to me after after the lecture. How many pillars of Eman are the of course there are six meant to be human it used to be we know that we should all know that. There are six pillars of email. And as for tonight's question, the question is, who did the Jews say was the son of Allah? And if so, is it the Jews say it was eight is the son of Allah? Did they say Isa was the son of Allah? Or didn't say Musa was the son of Allah? Or did they say Mohammed was the son of a law so what did you say? What is the son of Allah? Easy one inshallah. We continue to innovate Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah

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