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Do you agree, purify you? Well look around and where you live. Look at all the good you have to can get

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a handsome man at home.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give, give, give ourselves a loss each and every hidden D.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of Zika on the thick of Zika. We've been looking at the code itself, it's detail explanation, the definition of this topic. We're looking at the ruling that Allah subhana wa Taala has given and we went into the types of wealth that formulate this account going through this topic with me. Of course martial law guide through this check Mohammed Salah Solomonic from Salam rahmatullah wa barakato. Jamil. It's my pleasure. Thank you so much. There's a closed session. So previously shared, we've looked at the topic of Zika, starting really from the beginning, looking at the definition and the types of wealth and so

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forth. There's one area that we touched upon, but I think it's very good for us just to maybe expand it slightly for our viewers and for myself to share is that when we look at the ruling that the loss of a handle dad has given us as a car, we need to sometimes know or understand the hikma behind the wisdom behind it. What is this wisdom?

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa kafa sola Manalo Abadi Latinos Casa la cama Mustafa sallallahu, alayhi wa, seldom at the Sleeman kathira principal be to Allah alone, praise Him and seek His help homes over Legos is a totally valid one, and have a lot to say, no one can show and guidance made with peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Everything that a lot of Mighty ordains is for a very wise reason. Whether the demon is pertaining an act of worship, in order to maintain the relationship between the servant and his creator, or to regulate and organize the relationship between the servant and the rest of the living creatures, humans,

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animals and everything that exists. With regards to the alignment of this occur. It has been ordained as a lot stated and the Prophet explained for very novel causes. Number one, the main purpose is purification, purification of what purification of wealth and purification of the heart and the soul of the person who pays the zakat. Who's memoriam sodapoppin, to whom, what was the key him behind? As we explained previously, in one Hadith, in order to protect yourself, again is the evil part, this hidden universe give its Zakah

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you wanna cure your sick, beloved one, give extra charity, you want to protect yourself against calamities, by giving any charity particularly the hidden and secret charity, then this is a part that's pertaining you. There is another part pertaining the payer, which is

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oneself is inclined into withholding. This is human nature. In an incentive, Holika halwa is a social reservoir. What is a massage oil memoir, this is a human nature. That man is created very impatient. When

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something bad happens to him, he's frightened, he is impatient, he complains. And when someone touches him, he inherited plenty of wealth, or a lot. Open for him the doors of wealth and so on, and he became rich, then he is Manoir. This is most of human beings. So true, I want to hold on to some with her, like respond to it. Because, you know, I'm not sure what will happen in the future. I want to secure the future of my children, then after school, the future, the future of my green grandchildren, and great grandchildren and so on. And that's why people actually tend to earn from haram even though they do need, it is agreed within ourselves. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala

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when he spoke generally about the human nature, said Elon Musk only.

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You know, not everybody is like that. Except certain people, those who pray with the horseshoe are those who recognize the wealth of the poor and the needy, the right of the poor and the needy, in the worse. It is not that you're doing them a favor, that is the right.

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So, purifying oneself and training himself to be generous. Okay, it is one of the means

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have given gratitude and thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala by giving any charity whenever you happen to be a millionaire

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and as a carrot is 2.2 point 5% on wealth. So you're good in math on $1 million

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for innocence. How much is a kegel was that 25,000 exactly $25,000 please stop looking at how much you're paying.

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When you when you write a check and say $25,000 one shot. Now don't look at it this way. Look at it the other way around. How much is saved for you?

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You have $1 million who gave you that? It is almost a pinata. The difference between a believer and a disbeliever that this video was such as qarun.

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Home Allah made very wealthy said

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I made it all because of my intelligence in an OT to Allah in nd so I don't have an I'm not supposed to give the lazy people. They're poor because they're lazy. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala can show such an arrogant person that it is not his intelligence, know how to work because there are people who are working much harder than you and they don't have a fraction of what you have. It is all from Allah subhanaw taala Romania shell, Bihari hacer el cobre al vessel, he started in the provision of somebody and expands the provision for somebody else. So when you give with pleasure and happiness, this is a means of showing gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Furthermore, it shows solidarity

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and it spreads the welfare amongst the members of the entire community.

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Because when the rich gives the poor, the poor would stop in vain, the rich and you pray for him. Because when he prays for him, may Allah bless you May Allah give you more and more male lovers in universe, why because I know that I have arrived in your worth. So when I pray for you, and then when I wish your best, that would reflect on me as well. But when somebody is miser, the poor people, even those who are working for him, the envy him,

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they invoke a law against him, this one because his, his his miser. So solidarity is very, very important and one of the noble causes of mandating desica helping and assist in the poor.

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Many times I watch on programs, there is a commission, showing that some parts of the world there is a flood just recently, and 15 million people have been affected with the flood in Pakistan, right. There are others somewhere else, they eat a bite from the sandwich and they throw the rest in the trash.

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There comes this occur in the voluntary charity, in order to bring to our attention the need of the needy ones. It is not optional. It is not because you're generous, you must assist them, you must chip it. If there is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam started 1400 years ago, they told math

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for all the donations, the voluntary and the mandatory will be collected to assist the poor and those who are in need, you will not find a single poor person, and there will be plenty ready for crisis. So basically, I'm saying in a political statement, because the world is dying in some parts where people have died from poverty, we have all these slogans, the war on poverty, stopping poverty in Africa, we have poverty in parts of Southeast Asia, we have poverty, what you're basically saying and

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correct me is that to the world that Islam has a solution for you, if you implement it, which is give your arms tax give this to the poor, and you will solve this problem they won't be poor people is that what you're saying? Definitely, because Islam regulates every aspect in our life. So when when when Islam moves over what's happening in some of the Western countries what I have seen

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that they ship tons and tons of wheat or grains of corn, and they dumped them in the middle of the ocean, just to keep the prices don't maintain the prices.

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They spend millions of dollars in order to collect the MEK and then condenser if abrade the water in it, condense it a packet, then ship it, then once again vomit in the in the middle of the ocean.

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Same with many, many products in order to maintain the process. Why?

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If you just flip the channel, you will watch every day on the news. There are hundreds and 1000s of people who are literally dying. Why? Because there are greedy people

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For their personal interest, they kill others do not say, this is my right now, it is not your right, your right is to consume what's sufficient for you, and what you're called for you maintain what you pay, there's a catch you on it, and also assist the poor if you would like to give extra charity. But basically, the crisis which the entire world is going through, and we're some, somewhere there are people dying of hunger and thirst due to poverty, because the rich people are not paying their soccer. Okay, now, the rich people are not paying for the car. So now we know that they've got to pay the car. But is it only the rich people check? I mean, who pays is what

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determines that something in the UK is known as an a swap really determines who should pay the car and who is entitled to take the soccer and accept it. So the question should be who should pay the soccer? Number one soccer is you on the Muslim, not the non Muslim. Obviously, on the day of judgment, if non Muslim, this belief in Islam will be held accountable for everything such as the prayers and fasting and all of that. But here it will not be accepted except from a Muslim and that's why Allah subhanaw taala says women are home and Taco Bell Amina takato, Illa and non troppo biLlahi Rasulullah.

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So Allah would not accept the charity of an unbeliever. So the one who's addressed with this occur and whose charity will be accepted with a voluntary or mandatory is an Muslim person who is a Muslim, whether male or female, the second is freedom. And that stated the sense there was delivered.

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So, a slave

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is not entitled to pay the car because he does not even own him himself. So any position of his is owned by his master. And the third condition is possessing a new SOP.

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And new SOP is a minimum threshold, which is determined by the Sharia. And that will determine whether this person is rich or poor, there is an isab for golden silver, or any currency, there is an assault for livestock, and there is an assault for for everything, even for frozen vegetations. So once the person possesses an A slop, and this sub exceeds his basic needs, his basic needs, himself and his family have housing, transportation, of service, of food, of drink of claws of all of that, so then it's up is extra, then it is equitable. And that is how it must be maintained for an entire lunar year. So once I maintain the nisab, the minimum, the cuttable amount, and holy

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arounds of lunarians will Islamic or lunar months, then this money is a category and the person should play soccer on it. Obviously, inshallah we'll explain in details, then Islam and how and all of that. Okay, this is a good time for you to take a break. We're going to be taking a break and we're going to come back and speak about this new setup in a bit more detail. So get your pens and your papers together and start writing down the notes. We'll see you in a couple of minutes. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Do you agree purify you well?

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Our schools what is missing?

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Join Dr. Mundo Muhammad in our schools what is missing? He will be discussing the most common mistakes made in our educational systems, what type of teaching they teach, what they say to him, what books they select for him to read, what things that he listened to, what games that he begins to play with how to perfect

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the work in the school. Our goal is to improve our schools and we'll see practical solutions from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. Most of the criteria for success for us had been designed for us by our Creator,

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our schools, what is missing in Ramadan on Hoda TV.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who need time give us give us give us a Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Welcome back to The fic of Zika check

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Before the break there we went into the important topics, or that we see as a very important topics in the study of zaca understanding which is who go about paying zakat. He spoke about the person who was a Muslim, you also went into the area of somebody who said, free, for example, this is a very important point. When we speak about the person who's a Muslim, what's the reason why somebody who's not a Muslim, is not asked to pay Takashi.

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As I quoted the verse, Allah Subhana, Allah said one moment, and Coco Bella Minh, whom, to whom, Indian cafo.

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So basically, you're addressing somebody who does not believe in the oneness of Allah. So even if he gives you a charity, his charity is not accepted. If you recall, the Hadees of magnesia valona, via Salalah Salaam deployed him to him and he said, once upon a time,

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inform them about the oneness of Allah and if they respond to them, tell them about the Salah, then afterwards, there is a cap. So it doesn't make any sense to ask somebody to play soccer as an act of worship, while he does not believe in the Lord does not believe in Allah and or in his oneness. Okay, so this is I bet it is not just a social duty, or a social mean of cooperation, and showing solidarity. But mainly it is an act of worship. It doesn't mean that if somebody came forward and he wants to donate his entire wealth, I will tell him, No, it will be taken from him. Thank you so much. Bye, I will appreciate that and we'll thank him, but Allah will not be accepted. And what

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really matters is that we will not go to a non Muslim and ask him, you gotta pay zakat because you live in in a Muslim country. In a state there is another thing, which is called jizya. For instance, if a non Muslim, similar to tax and you happen to be live in in a Muslim country, is that fair? Okay, so now we've gone through these two, we also started looking at the new setup. So you started speaking to us about the calculation. Now, there's always a word that's always put this up, you know, sometimes you hear it, and I did hear it, which is held. Now what does this constitute? What does this mean to us the word how it means a year, particularly a lunar year, because we'll go about

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by the by the moon.

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And why not the solar year because the lunar year is shorter than the solar year, it is, the beginning of every month is determined by the appearance of the Christmas once it's born, then this is the beginning of the new Islamic month. So when we round up 12 Islamic months, this is a whole calendar a whole year. So if somebody possessed the sub or an amount of money or cheers, we'll call it zakat. It was a certain amount of gold or silver or casual trade of goods or livestock, which is equitable. Today is the beginning of Shabbat, Ramadan, then the beginning of Shabbat, next year, is do well don't go about by June, July or any of their solar months. So this whole this lunar month,

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is it on all the touch of wealth, all the types of wealth that we have a thank you for asking this question. This is a very important information that another only pertains

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the care on an academic gold and silver, and anything that's related to them in a currency,

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trade of goods, livestock, but not on fruits and vegetations, or what we call it crops because Allah subhanaw taala said to happen to Masada, there is a Schedule B on the crop. So once we harvest them,

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so it doesn't go about by the year doesn't have a house

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in the same year, we can produce more than one crop. Also, with regards to Eric as well. Madden requires the treasures, once it's fished out. And similarly, the precious minerals, then it is a category, we don't have to wait for an entire year to round up. Once we dug it out or fish out, then we'll pay there's a carry on. So if this is the case, you said something, were that this one year, certain types of wealth. What do you do when your types of wealth for example, maybe you know, a very misunderstood concept, but the types of wealth go up and down. And I'll give an example that you have me For example, I put some money in, say some stocks and shares, and it's beyond the nice

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up and it's at the beginning of a year, for example. And then during that year, I lose that money, for example. Okay, so it fluctuates. And then by the end of that year, maybe I mean a minus i mean debt. How does that work here?

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Well, that's a good point. And that's why we mentioned the conditions and who should pay. There's okay.

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There are two conditions with an assault and unhealth and they are very much related to each other.

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So if somebody possessed an assault, the minimum official which is equitable,

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then he went bankrupt. They once again he started the business and

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business boomed and it wouldn't be under ERISA

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el djem, who the vast majority of the Muslim jurists, Scheffer, Yamato, Malik said, then he shared his thoughts, and knew how, from the time where he possessed the newness all,

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in all, hanifa said, No, as long as he possessed, then he saw one day,

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then we count from the day, then if they're worth or the slob, fluctuates, or his worth, position, or investment, trade of goods, dips below, then it's up, as long as it goes up again within the same year, then he counts on the very beginning. And obviously, the opinion of Azure more is more right, which is,

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then you saw has to be maintained throughout the entire Islamic year, the lunar calendar. So if it dips below the nisab, at any time, then once again he is returned, or he possesses an Islamic or more, you start counting from the moment that you possess the new slop, and it was not effective throughout the entire house, or Luna here. So that person in depth for example, he's now maybe on the other side, he may be the one who can take the guys, I'm not sure. If he now he's the one who's taking us to another area, which is that yes, right? Or is it that this is a very important subject, and we should really have an entire episode for it. But anyway,

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we are address the creditor and the debtor, because the creditor, the one who lent somebody money, whenever now he's ready to pay, there's a cap on his position and his research and everything. He's going to ask a question, well, there's some money which I created, or I lend to somebody, do I have to pay zakat on it? Who will answer him as far as we say? Well, it depends if the debtor is somebody who is paying on time, who acknowledges the debt, and he does not deny it, and he pays on regular basis. So in this case, even though he did not collect your debt yet, first of all, to say, thank you so much for lending somebody money, because this is a great righteous act. But you have to pay

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the care on the money, the loan, which you credited somebody because it's yours.

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Unless, if this person is bankrupt, and he said, You know what, I'm sorry, I can't pay, I cannot pay. If you want to take me to court, do whatever you like, because I have no money, I'm broke, he filed for bankruptcy. Or if this person is wicked, and since he did not write any documentation, he said, one one more money you're talking about, they didn't take anything from you. So in these two conditions, we call it a dead, that

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because you're not expecting to collect it, it's over. Your reward is with Allah Subhana Allah. So in this condition, it is not fair to ask you to pay zakat on wealth, which you're not expected to collected, even though it's used and it is your right. But the scholar said,

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but what if the person the debtor one day recognize the truth, and they say that hamdulillah Allah blessed me with money, thank you so much. And here is your money. So in this condition, you pay this account on it for one year only. But then he is if he kept the money for 10 years, 20 years, as long as he denied it, and he did not acknowledge it, or he did not expect to collect the money back. You don't have to pay on all of those years. You'd only pay those accounts you collect the money for one past year. Okay, now that's a very good answer because it comes into another area shift. I'm so forgiving all these questions and they pop in I'm sure that our viewers are thinking so what about

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somebody like you said, money said he returns to him? What about somebody who doesn't have money in the first place? They are the one that's the cause given to an all of a sudden they take money for example, an orphan an orphan may inherit money now, this inheritance of his money? Is this the cassava, okay.

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The cow on the wealth of an orphan is a subject by itself, meaning we agreed that any person possesses the nisab will start counting from the day where he has achieved an assault.

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So an orphan today inherited several million dollars.

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So from that day, we'll start counting one lunar year. But the question is, well, he's an orphan. He doesn't invest any money and his money is sitting in the bank or in a savings account, correct. But

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there is a kaiju on his wealth once it reached the nisab or exceeded it. Why Omar in the hot tub, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that you should invest he was addressing the guardians

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are those who look after the worth of orphans they should you should invest in the worth less desica may devour it over years.

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So even though he is an orphan, but

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the vast majority of the scholars said Well, yes, there is a catch you when the worst of the orphan if it reaches or exceeds, then a slap as well. Just like the hashtag for your advice today and explanation. We'll come to another end of the episode and pick up the card very important topic. We learned so much from it hope you've been taking notes. It's a topic and like we said before, it's the third pillar of Islam is mentioned over 30 times just in the Quran alone in certain areas and over 20 times when it comes to Salah. Very important topic. Please join us next time on the hiccups occur Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agree purify you well look around and where you live. Okay, all good. You have to give give

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a hand somewhere at home.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time Give, give. give ourselves a chance each and every Monday.