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wilhemina shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi mousseline seda. Now, Mohammed Ali, he was a big Marine, a beloved brothers in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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are y'all doing Alhamdulillah? Before we begin, people often asked me a few questions after the lecture or things. Sometimes it was attached to the lecture. So one brother asked with regards to the pillars of Eman.

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Yesterday, asked how many pillars of Eman we see that Islam has five pillars. So the famous hadith of gibreel, which he believed was the Prophet peace upon what is Islam and the Prophet mentions the five pillars of Islam is to say that there is none worthy of worship is to make sada perform Salah too fast to pay the Zakah and from Hajj. That's the Pillars of Islam. The Pillars of Eman are six to believe in Allah to believe in his angels to believe in the books of Allah in the prophets of Allah, the day of karma and destiny, other than the good of a and the evil of it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. We'll discuss more on the issue of destiny. What you see about these two things, Islam is the

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physical actions. The things that you do is Islam. Eman is the belief on the inside. And those two they each have their own pillars five of Islam and six of Eman. So that is with regards to the pillars and we see the surah circle calf will only be really be discussing the pillars of a man because that is before you can have outwardly expression before people make Salah before people give Zakat and fast The first thing to believe in Allah and that's why this entire surah focuses on theology on Eman There's another question people ask how can we maximize our bodies are there any like Ramadan hacks or tips in Ramadan?

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One of them's well as we said that if you stay with the Imam the entire from Shai Antara we had Witter sada then when he and you stay with the Gemma then you it is written for you as if though you made the entire night Salah in from from Asia or from Muslim you get the entire night as you were standing in sada very easy way of getting the whole night in Salah also, for example, on the weekends now that we've got some time it is the sooner the Prophet peace be upon him off the budget to stay in the spot that he made a budget and to wait until sunrise. But I went off just before eight o'clock. And if you do that, so it's about an hour and a half that you're sitting in the spot,

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you may budget, the prophecies that he would have that is a hedge and Tom and Tom and Tom and a complete moron hedge so that one hour, so maybe you can't do that in the week. But maybe in the weekend, you can have opportunity to do that. So a full hedge given to you and hamdulillah that's one of those Easy, easy things to to do. inshallah, back to autopsy of certain calf. We were mentioning the total calf has eight sections, we're discussing the first of the eight. And those the first eight. The first section are the first 10 verses which the Prophet said will protect you from these first 10 verses or protection from the jail. Yesterday we're speaking about the warning that

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Allah gives to those who say that Allah has a son. And we spoke at length about how this modern scholars have linked up the oppression of the Christian clergy and the advent of the gel. The when you look at the the world that the gel will appear in you will appear in a time when it is absolute. Basically, you know, religion is thrown out the window. We people live purely for the dunya it's all about the the life of this dunya excessive living. There's going to be lots of technology and advancements but very little consciousness, very little key for the athlete, it's all about the dunya people will have no more morality, you just do as you please. So the world the secular world

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that we live in is sort of a platform and mela savers for the coming of that jail. And many scholars blame the advent of secularism for the oppression of the church on Europe, as the church of priests Europe, and forced the doctor on the people when the people that revolted This gave rise to an anti religious movement, secularism. So that's what Allah says that he warns those who say Allah has taken a sudden Watch out what you're doing. This is going to have great consequences. and by extension also, when we talk about fitna of the greatest causes of fitna or when Allah the scholars when they lie to the people, when the scholars and the people in charge, especially religious

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leaders are misguided. This is when it really fitness able to take place. So Allah says and they lie to the people, all they said was they lie to the people and the people follow them blindly. And this is the reason one of the reasons for fitna. Now unless we conclude with the last in the last 10 verses of this of the first section of the first section, Allah subhanaw taala says

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the zenith Allah Allah, Allah who you

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are in Elijah Luna la sua Eden Judah. This first thing is about fitness simulation. When we speak about fitness, what do you think? Give me some examples of tribulation, somebody some examples of tribulation

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in more

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What else femen What else?

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disease, drought. All these things are hardship and negative right? war, famine, disease, there are bad things. Allah says, We have made the beautiful things on this dunya at least the real fitna is not hardship. It's the thickness of blessing that you must be worried about. Allah says, we're in Nigeria and we've made upon the earth that we use on the earth Xena beautiful, Lena Bella Houma, you must and Mama to teach them who is going to be the best in actions. It is the comforts of life, that is the bigger taste, not the drought is those without a doubt, drought, famine, disease that is, so taste, it's a different kind of taste. So you have two types of tastes, taste of ease, and comfort

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and blessing and the taste of hardship. And without a doubt, to buy consensus, the taste of comfort is far more difficult and dangerous than the taste of of hardship for those who go through difficulty. Someone has passed away they sick, they struggling, all they need to do is make supper. Just wait it out. Just be patient with Allah and Allah will reward them as for the comforts of our life. Allah is going to ask us how did you use it? How did you earn it? What did you make do with it, and many a time we fall into the lifestyle of comfort. So Allah says the real tests of this life are the beautiful things, the Zener the things that you that we spend all our energy and our efforts

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in acquiring and accumulating. And when Allah says once we do all of that liquid Allah says next I will in Elijah, Luna, Malaika, Saeed and you loser. But ultimately, we will make everything on this earth did better than everything we can dust, everything, I love, everything you will love, our bodies, our houses, our wealth, our children will become dust. Everything we investing our time and effort in will become dust, it will become better to be of no use. Allah says this is the taste of life. This is really what everything is about this entire dunya is about that. Allah is also in the pews I Zenit Allah, I've made the dunya beautiful for it, meaning only for the dunya it's not going

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to be beautiful for you in Africa, you will not take anything with you into the cover. So as we think about this, as you entered this world, when we entered this world from the wombs of our mother, we were naked, we had nothing we own nothing. And when we die, we will go into the womb of the earth, naked, owning nothing having nothing as we started we will end everything you accumulated will disappear from you. So Allah says, This is the taste of life. The Nebula Nebula whom you as Andromeda, who of you are going to do the best in actions, only your actions your deeds will will last with you. That's the only thing that's going to survive. So that is the taste of this, this

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dunya Now Allah says, I'm passing better and as horrible Gaffey. Rahimi can do it now Java is I will feature to either get the football a lot better at Nebula dongara. Well, he lent me a marina Raja solace is. Now remember, why did the sudo get revealed? The Jews asked the Prophet peace upon him about three questions. One of them was about the use of the cave. That was the first question. So Allah now responds, MSE better? Do they think are they? Do they consider that the cyber cafe the people of the cave rakeem and the inscription on the cave? Can we mean it is an algebra of our stranger signs of the way Allah puts it is sort of like a rhetorical question. Do they really? Are

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they really asking you about that? Is that what's impressing them? The people of the cave? Meaning that's not so impressive. The way Allah phrases the LMS is the first word of this versus m means all over the asking you about the people of the cave. Really? Is that what's on their mind? Is that really what impresses them. That's not such an impressive thing. I've seen them a Quran that will keep them straight that this is the miracle of miracles, but they want to know about that. Is that really what's impressive, they they make me tell you about them is I will feature to El kaffee. When the group of youth, Allah uses the word deliberately will speak more about youth tomorrow in sha

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Allah, because Allah uses this word twice is our fifth year to win the the fifth year not fitna, the fifth year meaning young people, when the young people the youth, they took refuge in calf they ran away they took shelter or prediction in the cave for all and they said Robin our Lord attina Rama sin give us of your Rama Well, he lent me a marina Russia and facilitate make easy our face and send us guidance make clear our way. Now this is the end of the first 10 verses of the surah. So

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how does this link with the gel? As the question the gel isn't mentioned in these 10 verses,

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if we look at devices to to summarize quickly, etc. And it chala five minutes will spend together. If we summarize the first 10 verses we look at the whole it begins by Allah saying that he has sent down a book that will never change a book that will always point in the right direction, a book that you must stick to if you hold on to it. Like you enter the river that's pushing you down.

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In the middle of the delivery industry that can be bumped over, that's the Quran, you cling to it you'll be saved. Then Allah subhana wa tada says, and the school is warning you about a punishment, and giving you the good news as any would you are between these two things. And then Allah says I'm owning the Allah, the scholars and in particular those scholars who say Allah stick in the sun, you are lying to the people, you're deceiving them and you are pushing the world into a fitna a great catastrophe. Then unless is this whole dunya is a taste, life is a test the good of it is a taste and the bad of it's a taste, hardship and ease. All of it is a taste. Ultimately it's all going to

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end and you're going to go back to Allah and Allah, Allah is going to judge you according to how you live your life. So then Allah speaks about a kind of taste and how to respond. Allah will say Allah standing you think about a group of people back in the day a group of young youth who were persecuted and they ran away to a cave and they may do Ah, now what this is telling you that the sutra will see a number of tests, tests in your wealth, test in power, this in terms of knowledge, some tests in our life are so big, some challenges are so big, that you can't fight it. You can't reason with it. All you can do is learn from it. The only thing you can do is run run from it. The

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jail is one of them the profits all sentences. When you hear the jealous arrive TVs in the eastern to the West Indies in the western to the US don't face him, don't challenge him. They some challenges that are so big your Eman cannot survive it. Now, let's take it to our daily life. understand there are certain jobs, certain friends, certain environments, certain communities, that if you put yourself inside of that it will eat your life. Your Eman will not withstand it, that there are certain tribulations that our Eman will not survive. So just keep your Eman and run away. So Allah says that the youth found themselves in a situation like that. And all they could do is

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run, hide and make dua.

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That gel will be like that. And throughout our life, most of the tests we have in our life, we can face it, we can fight it, we can even overcome it. Some of the challenges, however, and this is a personal thing you need to look at your life can I will stand this test. Is this you know, is it our people, our friends, our company, our our jobs? The money we earn? Is this a test for me? Is this something I can survive? Is my Eman strong enough to handle it. If not, then one of the methodologies is teaching us now how to survive in times of fitna extract yourself from it. Do not get involved. So you find for example, these Facebook fights she shouldn't need this group that

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group. don't comment, just get out. Don't put yourself in the now you're accountable for what you say. With this great confusion and calamity. Like Allah says a time will come when there will be war one group fighting perhaps we living in a time this country fighting that country that can all of them claim to be the truth. Don't put your break your swords. Don't you get involved in that because chances are you will lose you will be part of that fitna. You will you will ruin yourself in that, that when this fitna happening is the one who is standing is better than the one with walking and running. And the one who is sitting and lying down is the one who's standing meaning the one who

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puts himself out of the fitness is the safest. So this is the first lesson we learn how to how to confront certain fitness certain tribulations, extract yourself from it, don't put yourself in a situation. And remember so this is not just magical, you know you're excited and it's going to protect you from the jail is to reflect on this. So Allah ends by saying these 10 verses, remember the people of the cave, how they responded to the fitna they ran away from prediction, and they may do so tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about what is the story who were the what is the sleepers the people of the cave? Why is the suitor named after them? Allah will not explain the surah the story

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in detail inshallah. There'll be a discussion tomorrow evening, inshallah. Any questions.

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Any questions with regards to Soraka equations in general, with regards to Ramadan?

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What hamdulillah then our question for the evening. Last night, the question was, the Jews who did they say who did they mention was the son of Allah? So even some of the mentioned they said Jose is the son of Allah, as Allah mentions in the Quran? The Jews, some of them have said Allah had a son, we had the villa, and they named him was I was at the son of Allah. Tonight's question. We said the first 10 verses of certain calf will protect you from what what is particularly from Jean, what is protected from shavon? Would it protect you from the jail? Would it protect you from your judgment? Which which of those things will be the prediction for us, Craig, would you like to record this

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record? I don't know if the cards are handed out. Cards haven't been handed out. Okay. I think at the table inshallah the cards will be they just fill up the cards for those of us who are new to bronto the sooner you answer the cards every night, we put it in a box and is a lucky draw. inshallah. Then what is the raffle? No money's involved. So there's only prizes so it's held on the circular fate, a cinematic marshmallow.

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But I get it.