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Are the blind shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali or savage Marine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with the first day of fasting in this month of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah I hope all of us has made it from last night everyone survived the first day of fasting. Yeah Alhamdulillah in Cape Town, the first thing is very mild. It's very easy. Just a little bit of discomfort and inshallah we pray that Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to force the fourth quarter of this 30 days metals panel

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data Granta still, to force properly and correctly and Mel likes a promise. Just something to think about. Even though we've come through one day of fasting, and it might have been quite easy for most of us. Just consider that one day of Ramadan fasting, one day of followed, fasting is more beloved and greater to Allah in a lifetime of sooner fasting, we know that if one deliberately lost out on a day of followed fasting, and even if you were to force his entire life, he would never even get the reward of one day off of Ramadan. If we found a man that fostered his entire life, student of ours thing we think Subhan Allah What a great man what a pious man, surely he's getting tea genda insha

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Allah, well, that he would you receive today, and I'll accept from us that he would be received today from this one compulsory, they are fasting is greater than a lifetime of sadhana fasting, I just imagine your scales of goodness, yesterday, it was on a certain level, how much heavier are those scales, just on this one day of fasting, Allah grant us the remainder of this month in the next 29 days, to be even better, I mean, 100 and we continue without the fear of sudo to cast the shadow of the cave. And we mentioned yesterday, some of the virtues of the surah. And we said that the surah is meant to be recited, in particular on Thursday evenings and Fridays of the day of Juma

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it should be decided today is the day of tomorrow. And therefore I hope that inshallah all of us will decide to to have because of the virtues is that it will forgive the sins of last week, it will be a between one recitation of subtle calf to the next, all the minuses get wiped away, and it will be a light for us, reaching into the following week, a light of guidance, like a light of protection, a light of Sakina, it will also be for those who recite it regularly on Fridays, it will be a light that you'll be restricted with no Subhanallah, we know that the way you are resurrected on kiama will be the way in which you are judged will be the way in which you will be rewarded, so

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to be resurrected with light and in the company of those who have the slight the Suhana law is is a good sign for how the judgment would go and your ultimately would mean we will all be resurrected, you know close to the prophet SAW Salem and we will be selected shining on the day of tm I mean, but of course of the greatest blessings of shuttlecraft is that it is a means of protection. It is a protection specifically against the fitness of the gel, and the gel is the Great Deceiver, the Antichrist will appear towards the end of time and he will be the greatest taste and the greatest calamity that will be for mankind from the beginning of time until the end of time at the gel is the

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period of a dijet would be the worst and most difficult time for a believer yet the Surah Surah caste is an antidote is a remedy is a protection against the gel. And in fact it is a a means by which we find protection from fitna altogether. So what is a fitna fitna and clicked on has a different meaning. It means to scanner or to backbite. That's not really what fitna means fitna means a test, it is a tribulation. And it is accompanied by confusion and not knowing which one is right from wrong not knowing what is the correct course of action. That one goes forward with your dangerous in one goes back they are dangerous if you remain without doing anything there are

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problems. So if we look at Subhan Allah the situation in Syria, for example, and Allah subhanaw taala alleviate the problems in Syria. May Allah bring peace to that land. May Allah bring security to its people may Allah grant the children of Syria, the women of Syria or the people of Syria, to have to know a life without war without suffering. May Allah you know except the doors of that entire room of the people of Syria. Syria is going in the war in Syria is a fitna so many groups no one knows you know who is right who is wrong, what is truth, what is falsehood?

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What is the best course of action, and this is a fitna because we ever gets involved in it get sucked into it.

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You know, makes the problem even worse some Allah subhanaw taala show us the correct way. Fit now will be fitness is this is the nature of fitness and the general will be the greatest fitness because what he brings would appear to be good but it will be evil and what he will beautify evil and make it

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Peer good, and the good will look bad. And this is how you know there's confusion. So social calf has come. And it is a methodology of how to address fitna different tastes different trials have different ways of approaching it. And the surah, therefore is a remedy for that. So if we look at the structure so to recap, as we said yesterday, it is broken up into eight pieces, eight sections, four of them are what we call sermons, and four of them are stories parables, the themes of the soul of each of these subsections have their own individual theme. And therefore, you know, sort of McAfee is sort of cryptic in nature, it appears that these eight sections are not related. But once

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you've gone through all eight, you can take a step back, and you'd find that there's a common motif going through all of them, and ultimately, is to do with building a methodology, how to face how to address weakness, we live in a time of sickness, we live in a time of confusion, and many of the themes you'd find are very, very relevant to you to your family and the soul. If we understand it correctly, well, hamdulillah we could implement this in our life. So let's talk a bit about the themes of suitable calf.

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When was little calf revealed, we see yesterday it is one of the early makansutra. So the Quran, the surah of the Quran are divided into two parts, or two types, you have those which were revealed before the hegira and those which were revealed after the hegira. The ones before here are called the makin sauce, and the ones of the heater aka the madonie Soros and these two types of suits are very, very different in the style, the front in the themes in the way they flow.

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The mannequin, surahs are shorter, usually they are sharper, they are very poetic in nature, the modern as soon as you'd find a longer and more detailed and we discuss many of the laws and the regulations of the Sharia. Why Why does the fence Why did Allah subhanaw taala reveal the Quran in this way, because the audience is different. In the meccan Suras. The the sutras are addressed to the corporation with a disbelieving people. The Quran is addressing a people who do not believe in Islam. So the surahs need to discuss theology, they need to discuss issues, to convince them about the truth of Islam, trying to, you know, reprimand them for the evil ways, and to mention the

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rewards of the author. But makansutra as you won't find many detailed laws as to what to eat, what to weigh, how to perform Salah, the nature of Hajj, these kind of laws and regulations don't mean anything to people who don't believe. So therefore, the mccunn surahs won't address many what we call laws, the madonie solaz those revealed after the EHR, they are filled with rules and regulations filled with laws and occam because they are addressing a believing community. And therefore Allah is explaining to them how to live your life as a believer. And therefore these these two so these two types of suitors are very different. And it's amazing house panel within, you know,

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immediately after the heater, the style of the Quran changes, you know, it shows to the miraculous nature of the Quran, that it can go from being the theme being in one way and the style being in one way and flipping completely over the minute the audience changes that is of course of the divine nature of the Quran, the pseudo craft being a Moroccan surah We therefore expect to find very little lows, very little thick rulings inside so to have, you would find the pillars of a man, the theology of a Muslim being discussed the oneness of Allah, discussions about Prophethood and the revelation, discussions about karma and the life after death. Because these things were very foreign to the

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American people. Also the American Society being a very corrupt, being a very evil society, abusive, oppressive society, the surah will therefore address, you know, the treatment of the week the treatment of the poor,

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it will speak against exploitation. It also discusses people that are oppressed it's a message for any oppressed people, and in particular those people oppressed because of the deen. This is a a sutra which will give them comfort and it gives them Solutions How To safeguard the deen

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under oppression, it is a warning to the oppressor as well. Allah subhanaw taala will explain what happens to those who oppress others and those who exploit others. There is a dour motif in here as well how to give power to a disbelieving people, the methodology of of dour but ultimately as we said, the common theme throughout the surah is a methodology of how to safeguard yourself in times of tribulation. So as we see two little graph has eight sections. Each section appears to be independent having its own theme having its own structure, it once you go through all of them and you look at it from a from a holistic point of view, you would find that the surah is

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You know has this common theme of prediction against fitna? So let's talk about we see it was revealed in Makkah, why was it revealed is the reason behind the revelation of pseudo calf? Yes, indeed. So pseudo calf came about when the Moroccan people began to challenge the, the the truthfulness of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, the prophet peace be upon him, of course, informed his community that he was a prophet from Allah, that he was receiving revelation, Prophet dude was something which was strange to the Moroccan people, they never had people before claim to be in communication with Allah subhanaw taala they believe that they believe in the Creator, yet they did

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not believe that, you know, someone could be in communication with Allah. So, you know, but they were away that they were other communities, other religions which which had the notion the concept of a prophet, of course, the most common group of people with the yahood the Jews, so the Moroccans, the Qureshi sent a delegation to the rabbis of Medina, and we discussed with them, how can we test if this man Mohammed is truly a prophet? Is there a way we could test if he's truthful? Give us some advice. So the Jewish rabbis said that if he's a prophet, then ask him these three questions, ask them three questions. Ask him about the people, the youth that fled from tribulation, they should

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tell you the story about the youth who ran away into the cave and fled from tribulation asked him to tell you the details of that story. Number two, ask you about the man who traveled around the world. And And then lastly, they said there's a trick question. The third question, asked him about the nature of the soul, he needs to give details about the soul, because no profit before was given any information with regards to the soul. So the kurush came to the Prophet peace be upon him and they said, these are the three questions we have for you tell us about the youth that fled tribulation. Tell us about the man who was able to travel throughout the world. And tell us about the nature of

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the soul, the Prophet peace upon him see to the crush, no problem. Give me a day, I will consult with Allah and within a day in sha Allah, Allah, He said within a day, I will have the answers for you. He did not say in sha Allah, he forgot to say in sha Allah. So when the following day came he expected to meet your video with the answer, and the video didn't appear. And, you know, days went by, and the Prophet peace be upon him was not receiving any revelation. And now obviously, the situation became became dire. The Qureshi began to of course, doubt the Prophet peace be upon him, they began to mock Him, they began to say clearly now you can't answer these questions, you failed

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the test, you're not a prophet. And you know, as you know, two weeks would go by and the Prophet peace be upon him becomes desperate is pleading to Allah, to respond and to to come to him and answer and then Allah subhanho wa Taala, of course responds by sending this Surah Surah uchaf and some verses of the previous Surah Surah Surah Surah. Together, and in these two Sutras, there are answers for these three questions. As for the first question, this will be the first story of pseudo Caf the people of the cave, Allah will discuss the youth that ran into the cave, Allah gives the story in detail which we will discuss inshallah, then as for the man who travelled around the world,

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of course, this is a little quartermaine. And his story is the last story of pseudo calf. As for the room, they asked the strict question tell us about the rule. Because if the Prophet answered this, this this this question, then it would not be that he's not a prophet, because this is something which is exclusively the knowledge of Allah yahood understood this. So insert a surah. Allah subhanaw taala says they asked you concerning the rule, tell them that the rule is from the AMA from the hidden aspects which Allah has kept the knowledge exclusively to himself. No one knows anything about the roar, it belongs exclusively to Allah, the knowledge of how the rule works, what it looks

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like, all of this belongs to Allah Allah, no one knows that knowledge. So the answer to that was given in Surah Surah.

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So Allah begins the surah rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, the first verse of supercap, Allah subhanaw taala begins by saying Alhamdulillah Hilda De Anza, Allah Allah abdicated Allah Masha Allah who Eva the surah begins, as we said, with Alhamdulillah,

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please and thanks and Glory be to Allah, who has revealed to his slave the book, so the Prophet is waiting now for revelation for two weeks. And now Allah says Praise be to Allah, who has now five were sent down to his slave the book. Interestingly, if you look at the last verse of surah, surah, the verse basically before the beginning of sootel, calf, Allah inserted this Rabbi saying, Well, clearly hamdulillah and say Alhamdulillah, and therefore the next verse is Alhamdulillah.

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What's the difference between unhemmed and sugar? So you and Caitlin, for example, when someone does something for you, we say shukran Thank you, or gratitude. What's the difference? Sugar and hand is better. Of course, when someone does something for you to say there's like a lot higher. It's a beautiful day. Are you saying that a lot you will

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With a bit of rewards, that is much better than saying thank you. Hand is of course, it's far deeper and far much vaster sugar you use a response when someone does something good for you, they use a sugar. It's a response to something good. Whereas Hamed is praise and gratitude and appreciation for the countless good that you do. So if someone you know, in reference to Allah, we say to Allah, Allah Hamed, all praise and all gratitude is to you for the uncountable blessings that you have given us. We cannot begin to count all the good things, all the all the mercies that Allah has bestowed upon us. So it is much broader and vast so when we say a hand,

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at hand or Praise be to Allah and we thank him specifically for the book that he has revealed to his slave Allah, Allah calls the Prophet peace be upon him a slave, you know, usually being called the slave is that the rogatory term, but to be the slave of Allah is the highest thing we can aspire to be. Because one way or another we are enslaved by certain things. And in fact, in the surah, we'll see we could be enslaved by power, we could be enslaved to wealth,

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to tyranny different things can enslave us. The best thing to be the slave is to be the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing of this dunya should enslave you only Allah should enslave you. So Allah describes the Prophet peace be upon him as a slave that I have seen to my slave the book while I'm MUJI Allahu Eva. What is what is about what how does Allah describe the Quran? Allah describes the Quran here, it does not have any any image it has no crookedness in it, it has no deviation. It is a book that never deviates. The next is Allah says, Allah describes the verse describes the Quran as a human meaning straight. So both these two are basically synonyms. It is a book that has no

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crookedness and unbending an unchanging book, The human it is perfectly straight, and it will bring straightness to anyone who follows it. So as we said, back to the motif of fitna fitna being confusion fitna being, not knowing which direction to go to being completely blind, living in a world without a compass, Allah is saying this is your compass. Allah begins by the surah saying, I will reveal to you a book, which will always be straight and will never be seen. As time goes by you would find that the the human moral compass changes, what was obscene, what was ugly 100 years ago, 50 years ago today is acceptable. And Subhanallah we don't know in 100 years, 50 years time, what

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would be acceptable? Today we look at we go through our Facebook pages we even see you know, kids being bombed May Allah forgive us, pardon us and we're able to scroll by without shedding a tear without feeling even any remorse. You know, our moral compass at times can go upside down. You know, society can go upside down what is right and wrong is always changing with Allah says this book is your moral compass that will never ever change. It will always be straight, it will always point to the right direction. And if you follow it, you'll be saved. That almost pantallas is in the second verse its claim it is straight. Lean zero lean, lean, lean the robot century Tamilnadu Amina Lavina,

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Emiliano Sala, hottie and melomakarona hacer la Maquina de ebara. Allah subhanaw taala says, and it is the it is the purpose of this book is to mentioned two things, it is there to warn, that there is a severe punishment coming from Allah, that Allah has with him a severe punishment and it's on its way. And it is also to give the glad tidings good news to those who believe and do good deeds in this dunya that they will have the best of rewards macchina v ABA, and they will stay with it forever. Both the punishment will be forever, or the reward will be forever. And this is especially in the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us as believers to constantly live our life

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between these two feelings, the feeling of fear of punishment, falling into jahannam and the feeling of hope for the word of Allah subhanaw taala Remember, if you are you know, we are alive Alhamdulillah our tastes our exam is ongoing. Our scales are being tipped to the left to the right to every moment every second, we are being pulled either to Jana are being pulled to gender, and we don't know how we are going to end this exam. Therefore we live constantly between these two emotions of fear and hope. They believe we're constantly lives in the fear of loss, punishment and disobeying Allah and the hope of Allah's mercy and that he would so Allah says this Quran is being

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seen to guide you and to remind you and to warn you of the in the coming punishment and the great reward. So it is up to you to choose. Then Allah subhanaw taala actually mentions in the next in the in the next verse when

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When you enroll in a call to law whether this is a very complicated verse for them have I seen this verse is an a specific warning to those who mean to say that Allah has a son? Who is this verse being addressed to? Why is Allah specifically giving a warning to those who say claim that Allah has a son? Why is that mentioned in sha Allah we'll discuss this further. Tomorrow is Allah hi Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh