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William James Miller Amanda Heyman from reliable alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. satana. Mohammed Ali, he was a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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How y'all doing? And hamdulillah night 28 very likely the second last story for the year. Tomorrow, we'll of course 29th night, a very important in fact, tonight could be late for that as well. You see the masjid quite empty. And it shouldn't be that way. And that's why we deliberately know that we did a hard time. But we deliberately wanted to leave the final Coons for the last night because of the 27th people already in that lebaron mode. And we shouldn't be we shouldn't be on the eat focus, because it could be tonight later to color, in fact, very strong, likely that tomorrow could be legible color, as well. So we should continue to focus and you never know. This could be our last

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thought are we tomorrow might be the last letter we ever have. So make the most of it.

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Just before I begin some questions still on Fedora and Vidya.

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Vidya is only for the person that misses a day in Ramadan, and is unable to force a person who cannot force at all and will never be able to force someone who's permanently sick. Like the old person. If granny is too old to force now, then after Ramadan, she's even older, you know, becomes weaker and weaker. So she will never ever be able to force she can't make the day up. So that person pays Vidya. It's something separate, something completely different. fitrah is something that every single person who has the money, it's a tax on your money sort of tax on the person, if anyone can afford Phaedra needs to pay Phaedra for the day read for someone that is able to provide a purpose.

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And basically, you're providing a poor person with a meal on the day of eat. That is what Fedora is. So even if goodness a granny for example, she's a millionaire, but she's too old to force so she can't force she pays Vidya, but she will also pay for because of these because she's like her money is socketable in that sense, when you find another person who false he doesn't pay the fee. But it's also very, very poor person you wouldn't pay for either and he should receive it or he doesn't have money for he doesn't have food for eat. So you understand. So everybody that can afford Phaedra should pay for it or how much money are we talking about? withdrawal is 40 rent for every person is

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paying rent for every day that you must and it's not really money, you should give food substances you should give you can't give them You can't say okay, there's a poor person on the road years 300 renting days, your teen rent to everyday or photo or video I give it to you should be actually in the form of food. And that's why it's so important that you give the money to the Majeed or the organization so that they can purchase this feature apostles and they can purchase the meal and they can distribute food substances to the poor and therefore there's a cut off by tomorrow if you don't provide your data in machine cannot take the responsibility of collecting anything because beyond

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tomorrow evening also data with shops are closed like this close the tellem Congo biofilter apostle, so so we need to get those things today is really your last your last cut of day to pay your CTO has no time limit in the video you can pay off the Ramadan fee there is no issue that can be paid even later. But as we see the real essence of this is you should give food substances to the person in fact you could feed the person it's the best thing. Questions on video, you will understand now. Clear? Right next Ramadan we'll get that right Shall we continue with our story of nahi musala salam

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is the enemy Musa Islam we mentioned how he grew up to be a strong tool. Also something interesting to mention the prophets of Salaam Sona be moved on the throne the Mirage any disclosure describes the way to be Musa looked like me Musa was a tall, thin kind of person, although very, very strong. But he was lean. And he was doc of completion. He looked like a lead. The processes he looked like from one of those from the tribe of shanwa shanwa does not exist. If anyone knows what the people of the tribe of shanwa looks like, please tell us but that's what we Musab looked like a tall very dark complexion man and very, very strong but very tall. as well. As for Stella, he was tall. And Allah

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mentions that he was even though he grew up in the palace of Freetown. He knew he was from the money. So he, he knew that he knew he practice the religion of his forefathers. He was on Capitol Hill, of course, and he would go out to help the people during the day, he would go out and help the Israelis that were suffering during the days that no one could find out. And then he found these two men fighting an Israeli and an Egyptian. And he intervened so he asked for help. Instead of B Musa gets involved without even fighting ever before in his life. And he gives the soldier the Egyptian one shot for cancer and the guy dies didn't need to kill him, but he dies. And he immediately says

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this is from shavon this is what I did was wrong. Yes, that guy was maybe you know abusing the Israeli, but I overreacted and acted impulsively in fact, is it the provinces acting impulsively is from shavon and acting with with what's the what's the right term to be used, acting you know, to to think about things

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needs to be cautious. This is from Allah. So shaitan wants you to act with emotion and something just to think about Subhanallah we see many injustices throughout the world and people react in a certain way. They burn certain things, they bomb certain places.

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It is the idea the concept and this is of course getting to a very deep area. We know what we're talking about. We see a lot of harm being done to the oma and people that retaliate in a certain way for love of the oma and for the concern of the oma but this is wrong. This is not we don't we don't believe in vigilantism. We don't believe in taking justice, in your own hand is a system a process, and we must understand, he acted out of impulsively and this was wrong and he immediately mixed over Allah except sister but still is a dead person. And he did Egyptian in town and abuser anyway, he didn't go to the police and confessed and so the police is on him Who's this and in fact he was a

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god. And you know, if you kill one of the cops, then everyone's looking for you. And so now we Moosa knows that they're looking for him. So Allah says articulations origin, but also Hatfield Medina de Haan even you became inside the city will escape he was now ski watching over your shoulder. Yakubu for either lady is dancer who will emcee yesterday, Rico, tsunami Musa now the next day he goes in the city, and he's obviously very paranoid that people are looking for him. He knows that this is murder and these people are looking for the killer. And so he's walking skate. And when suddenly as he's walking in the city again, the same guy that needed his help yesterday, he saw he was in a

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fight. He's in a fight again a second time and again he says are you help me help me like you helped me yesterday. So let me use a system samosa system called Allahu Moosa in Nicola, we You mean, you this guy, you are clearly a deviant, misleading person, you are just a mischief maker view the problem I should have sorted you out. I got the wrong guy basically. And so for them and Radha and Yabba tissue, the official lady who are doing Loma Talia Musa Toledo and Danica Makoto thompsonville AMS. So now we're gonna be Moosa walks towards this Israeli guy. And it appears as if though to this to this person, the PCs don't know B Moosa is gonna eat him. And so the guy now raises his voice

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everyone can hear so he says, Oh Musa, are you going to kill me like you killed someone yesterday? Or maybe this was a secret I mean, was helped this guy yesterday. And now he raises his voice. This is from his side of the story. So you're gonna kill me like you killed someone yesterday? Yeah, it was you you were the one that did it yesterday. And then he continued into either in the corner bar and fill out.

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You are just going to be a big tyrant in the world. You just want to be a tyrant and you're a bully with people and you're not looking to do good in the salon. So now we Moosa now people are looking at him. They know that this is murder. It's coming. The news is spreading that he was the one that killed the Egyptian yesterday.

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The USA recently, ASE merger

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is farther away. That means that farmers see the magic that is far away. So a man from the end of town from downtown basically, he came running towards Nabi Musa, so this is a friend of NaVi Muslim called a moose in America. Runa Lee to look for Houdini like Amina Nasim. So one of them who springs comes from wherever you from the end of the city, Illuminati Musa is now in the slums is by the Israelis. So this guy is coming from the high suicide from the government, basically. And he answered Musa and he says, the chiefs and what is understood is the military chiefs. They are they had a meeting and they looking to arrest you, and basically they're looking to kill you. Now why

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would they kill him? It mentions here that it was known that Nabi Musa obviously was not from the Egyptian race, he was not from the pure race. And here you have, he's in the palace, because he has his own blessings. Everyone have to they have to obey Him. They have to, you know, be nice to him. They have to be courteous to him and this how do you think this may make them feel? I mean, think of a part of it. If the president, you know, adopted a person of a dark colored skin, and he and everyone had to be subservient to this person, how do you think would make the police the pureflex? How do you think that makes me feel? And so for a long time, the generals and the military personnel

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didn't like Nabi Musa, and I said, this is the opportunity that we can get him before he gets to Iran. and Iran can basically save him, we will arrest him and we will kill him in in basically in prison. You know, he was resisting arrest, you know, so Subhanallah so this guy tells one of the ones one of the informants that I was friends with looking for you, and we're going to kill you you need to you need to leave for Holloman haha ivania taraka so he left it meaning he left Egypt in the muscle if the city fearful and paranoid. He was scared, you know, looking over his shoulder, he's hiding his face he's running away or be niugini minakami volume and he makes a device's load save me

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from a wrongdoing people save me from these people while I'm at Medina, Colorado.

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So savvy, so none of us gets out of the city and I can imagine this has never been outside of basically it's mentioned the city school Memphis actually that's the name of the Egyptian city.

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Back in another Memphis we Elvis Presley comes from, this is a Memphis in Egypt. And we the pharaohs used to live. And so he's never really been out of the imperial city. And now he stands outside. And this is this, and he doesn't know which way to go. So he looks left, right. And when his GPS basically points towards a place called meridian city, he didn't really know what the when he points to the scene, it means he faced the city like it's the image Qibla he makes advices Allah guide me to the right paths guide me What do you means obviously, you know, the most amazing directions, but of course, always using a play on words. Yeah, the mean to guide in terms of guidance in terms of

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Eman. So he just pointed in that direction he felt I need to walk this way. And so he walks in the desert. Hello Adam, how long basically he's going towards the city of meridian. It's in Jordan row in Palestine area. This has many, many hundreds 1000s of kilometres, basically from Egypt to walk all the way from Egypt, to basically particular slum to medium these are long distance. So he's been walking for a long time and also what am I What am I imagine? So finally when he got to the wells of meridian outside of the city, of course they are wealthy. He comes now to these watering this watering place. What did he mean a nasty schooner Raja meaning in Marathi, Sudan, Kodama Hakuna

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Matata, Lana ski hut. Yes, rah rah in. buena Shiva, Rian Buchi Han Kabira Sona be moosari salaam, he gets to the wealth of money and, and he gets there and he's drinking and he's sitting in the shade. And he sees a group of people I see is the shepherds with the flocks, and with the goats and the sheep, whatever it might be drinking from the water. And on the side to one side, he sees two ladies that who then do that meaning they are fighting with the sheep, the sheep are running and pulling it back and the sheep are crying and so they struggling with the sheep and then not letting the sheep drink. So now we move to a restaurant. These are two young girls and young men. If it was the one of

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us if it was sort of a love story in the Quran, it's this you know boy meets girl for the love to get married. This is how they meet. So they'll be Musa walks to these two girls. And he says what's up with you must have bakoma What is your What's wrong with you? Why are you guys standing to one side? And it was too strong man. And so they sit so they say Carlota Lannister we are not allowed to water our animals had yesterday. That until the shepherds they finish watering their animals until the flock is watered. Only then can I go and can we water the animals? So why why would that be? And is it our father is an old man so this is not the work of a lady right? This is not this isn't

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Shepherd work is not normally for women's work. This is for men, even in today's modern society where women can do what men can do union better. So you would think the gentlemanly thing to do was the husband and the father would go and he would take the goats and animals out to feed. So this is our dad is an old man meaning he's too old to do this. So we are stuck doing this and we can't do that. Why? As mentioned it of Syria when we'd go What do you think a bunch of basically the Cowboys, she boys? What do you think they would do when young women get the whistle, let them make comments and then brush up against them. You know, molest them and stuff like that. So they standing to one

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side, and they must wait until all the people leave. When they can do take return Nabi Musa, this young prince grew up very strong female influences in his life as his mother. He just doesn't even ask me. So

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it doesn't mean she knew that he spoke to me asked him, he just takes the sheep by the reins before they can say anything. He takes the animals and he walks towards the watering area. And of course, he's a big strong man. So people give him away, and he takes the animal straight to the ATF Asakura Houma he makes the animals drink for them, no matter what law he loves. And he brings it back to them without the single word. So without any single without a word, he takes the animals makes them drink, and he returns it not even saying anything. And now these girls are thinking like what just happened? Right? What just happened? And then he goes to the shade again, he lovingly goes back to

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the shade where you're sitting. Now this is a very powerful, this is a do out of desperation is not the Messiah in deep, you know, difficulty. He's now most of the animals is sort of a side issue not even on his mind. He gets back and he said, there's no way I'm going What am I doing in life? Obviously, so called Rob be in neelima and Zelda lamb ladies, please. So he says my load for whatever good you can give me I'm in need. I'm not even asking I need he doesn't have What does he What does he need either he needs a house. He needs a place to stay. He needs food. He needs prediction. He has nothing doesn't have a family. So he says yeah, Allah, anything you can give me I

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am. I'm in need. I'm not even ask what if it is any good you can give me I'm in need. And immediately further to a dogma so one of these girls come after some time of the NaVi Musa sits in the shape. least one of these two girls will back one of the terms she wants to hear she walks Alesis v shyly, right. She's walking towards this big strong man called an intermediate Luca Leah jika. A gentleman later Lana alpha has invited

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Due to reward you for what you did earlier in watering our sheep, for that matter okasada in courses called the latter half the Jota minakami dalemain. So once the monster came to the old man, the father, and he told him the whole story, Allah says he basically said the whole story to the man, the old, the old man's is the father of the goals is that geotechnical? midvalley mean that Allah has saved you from this believing people now Subhanallah some points to mention here.

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One point like never use what is the most I have to offer of all the people in that area. He's the poorest of them, they have sheep still, they have families, they have homes, he has nothing. But still he's able to give something he's able to do something good like never use of in the jail, he's able to do something good. And then he makes a dua, yeah, Allah send me some help. And immediately Allah sings in some help. So now he gets invited to a meal. And it mentions here because of his, his highly gentlemen, the most of course, as we said, he grew up as a prince, he knows what it is, like the shepherd boys are they, even though he's got nothing, he has a you know, high level of modesty.

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So he tells the girl, I will walk in front, you walk behind, but you directly go lift. And the next night 303 this time, if that's the first suit, he is the first GPS. So she's telling him how to get to, to get to the Father. And now when he gets the, you invite the stranger in the house, and the father asks now, so we from intelligence to the Alesis. He said, the whole story is basically I'm a refugee. I'm being hunted by fear around that same fear of the most powerful man in the world, I have a death sentence on me, I don't have any place to go. I'm a murderer. Basically, he sees everything to him. And he tells me story. But in this person, some mentioned, this is an issue a big

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issue, I was sent to the city of Meridian, Allah, this is that navy ship, or if it was just but he was certainly a believer, a person that that had the religion of the bunnies running. And so he says, this is going to be stored in a user story. And he says, Don't worry, you are safe here with us. So then the father so now the father and the moose are talking and then the father goes to the goals. Now you can imagine these two girls are sitting and listening. Right? And it mentions in books of the feed when the girls came home early the father was how come your home so early? And so they said, you know, dad, there was this guy and you know, one is telling the whole story. Listen

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that that the other one? And then the father said, What do you have to say though? See, what I can see is Musa Musa, that's all I can say, is this this big this I've never seen a man like this before. And so that's what the Father says, Go call him. I want to see this guy for myself. And he seemed one of them. Probably the one that wasn't so chatty, the one that seemed that she was really interested, you stay behind another sister, and you call him. So now maybe this issue is mentioned asks the daughters, what do you think of this man? Now you heard his own story. And so one of them said call it a dogma, one of those who said, Yeah, but to my father is a Jew who employ him, why

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don't you employ him, let him work for us in the hydro Minister COVID I mean, that the base employee you can have, and this is actually an ism if you're an employee, someone someone that is competent, strong and trustworthy. If he is competent, and he's trustworthy, that's all you need, employ him and let him live with us. And let's look after him and he can help us and assist us. So the father reads between the lines and he goes through an abuse Mussa and he says I have a proposal not a job proposal an actual proposal for you called an inky haka

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any other and urine in the Manage for indictment as urine from Indyk woman will lead to an issue colic surgery, insha Allah, you know, sorry, him. So the prophecies, you know,

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I have a proposal for you. How about you marry one of my daughters. And in exchange, you stay here for eight years, and you help us and you work for us? And if you want to, you can extend it for 10 years. Now, why? Why did the man say eight to 10? He's basically saying in a nice way, I will assist you but he made it seem like like nobody saw me remember Jabir, like, it's as if there was a contract with a charity that removes the need to place to stay, he needs a job. So he's saying, Let's make a business deal. But it's in his favor, really, instead of saying, I'll give it to you for free. And when he said and obviously, just based on his knowledge, and his character, and the

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kind of person he was, he said, Would you like to marry one of my daughters and basically the girl off the proposal actually came from the go, and Subhanallah are the masses if you can come to you know, sometimes it's difficult coming to the father in law and trying to sell what you're doing here. I'm interested in in Asia. Now. It's a bit difficult conversation but if need be Moosa can come without a house without a job, this sentence on his head murder, and you can still get it right. And you might be it's not so difficult for for you so long as you understand so long as you so long as the goal once you have us. There's nothing there's nothing the father can do. Right? So

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now, maybe Moosa had nothing at the beginning of the day. He did one good deed. And he made a dua, what does he have now? He's got a wife. It's got a place to live. He's got a job, got a contract for eight years. And he says, insha Allah, I agree to this. And with eight or 10, whichever is easiest for me, this will be this will be this will be between me and you. Last

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The night called the radical veiny Roubini This is between me and you whenever you must assist, you will actually cause a twofer or the one it will love what am i Nakula joaquina Mimosa says this is between you and me We agreed. I agree on obviously having muscle also interested in getting married he married the one of the sisters and he says whichever of the two terms is completed, when insha Allah Allah is witness to this agreement. Tomorrow we'll jump 10 years in the future of the Sturm was done, just some video to play high notes later, it is a video of something that you as I said, most of the time, Facebook is a waste of time, but then you see a video that really something that's

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inspiring something that moves you something just to think about now that we are preparing for eat, we are high, we feeling sort of relaxed, just remember what it is one of the objectives of Ramadan was to remind us of what we have, and what people out they don't have.

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So basically, this is a reporter that went to Syria, and is asking the children of Syria, what did you like for? What is your wish for?

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So that out, we will, we will just do our quiz for the evening. Yesterday, we said when Abby Musa killed somebody, what was the reason that he killed the person? It was in self defense, intentionally how he shot the person stabbed the person, he did it in self defense. So that was last night's question. So that's question which town didn't have the most to travel off the off the hill? Somebody? Where did he go? We did it anyway, he ran away. He ran away to Jerusalem. He ran away to the end of the runway to Hebron so aboc yathrib, a Jerusalem b madeon. c. o Hebron D that is the question of this evening, we didn't run away to it, we can play the video so long.

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Just a video that popped up someone shared one of the machines overseas shared something too for us to do remember, that funnel was

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some difficult places. And we're very fortunate what we have one of the reasons Allah says about fasting, not looking to spoon that you will be appreciative of what you have is easy to look at what we don't have. But when we compare ourselves to the rest of the rest of and this is not just in Cydia, you don't have to drive very far to see stories like this, around the corner, it makes us realize that we have a lot and one of the lessons of robots are cheating. It's about giving what you can if you can't, you know financially give at least $1 or so in the last these last few nights of Ramadan include the menudo included, we see an end to the war in Syria, in Yemen, in Kashmir in

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Burma throughout the Muslim world, so many areas and not only the Muslims grant grant that these things come to an end and swallow people ask what what can I do this a lot you can do. You can in fact you can sponsor one of these orphans maybe you can solve the problem for 505 100 Rand is what it costs to sponsor an orphan go to Islamic Relief, go to Muslim hands and you can take care of an orphan to handle like this with an obesity problem in general, I mean, so just, you know, take these things and Allah bless you in what we have and forgive us for our shortcomings that we waste and the wrongs that we do and always be grateful to Allah for what we've have mela mela counters to be of

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those we're grateful. I think we'll do our draw tomorrow inshallah as a final rule, and inshallah everyone apparently everyone will have some as a gift for everyone who attends the ministry tomorrow. So if it comes we'll have a gift inshallah stole his gambling people also this look, is this Okay, I will lay off the 27th of course this definitely from this evening. 9:30pm live. And then of course, our program begins 715 possibly Wednesday most likely Wednesday but possibly Thursday as well. We'll see in Charlotte,

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North America, too.