Tawfique Chowdhury – Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Az-Zumar – Day 4

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The Surah Xolman book describes actions of Islam's father against his followers, and the importance of the verse " handy man" in Islam. The importance of working on one's deeds and actions to achieve their potential is emphasized, as it is used to describe actions. The importance of having a strong connection to oneself and not giving up on one's own success is emphasized, and the need for proper intentions to avoid damaging others is emphasized. The importance of knowing one's own knowledge and trusting someone is emphasized, and the need for proper intentions to fulfill one's local will is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum mercato my brothers and sisters now welcome to the seal of Surah zomer in these beautiful days of Ramadan Al Hamdulillah we have already taken a couple of verses up to verse number 35 of surah Zamora and inshallah Allah we plan to continue on today with a my brothers and sisters Islam. One of the things that has become really apparent as we take this verse of these verses of Surah xoma is that the is that Allah subhanho wa Taala in these verses is constantly challenging the disbelievers. And remember the context of the revelation of this sutra is just before the first hazira to Habesha so no doubt, the context is persecution, hatred, anger towards muslimeen, lies,

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all sorts of terrible atrocities these people do in the names of the gods. And as a result, the believers found no other way except to leave as well as a pattern what Allah here constantly challenges these disbelievers. The question is, why is Allah challenging them only by words, not by action, meaning wise, not punishing them? Why is a llama sending a terrible torment upon them because then you see the good God established them, because then there will be no sign of test because then Allah subhanho wa Taala, his character of him which is that of forbearance would not be manifest, if Allah azza wa jal ruled his dominion through justice before mercy, that we will see a

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very different situation we will see punishment coming down automatically after a person does the same. And as a result, we will all be actually in trouble. So Alhamdulillah for love mercy, and for his help, and for his forbearance for Indeed, Allah robina is a full reign, and he has so much tremendous forbearance for his oma and for his people. But let's carry on where we left off last time shall we spill out on him, ladies a lot, because in Africa is a love of enough for the slave. And this verse should be more than enough to create a sense of, of immense relief, immense satisfaction, immense hope, immense happiness, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is different enough for

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his slaves, of course over here, His abda His slave that he refers to is Mohammed Salah, and that's why even Ashu Rahim, Allah says in the seal of this verse, that in this verse, is a level of respect and honor and safety being offered to the prophets of Salaam that cannot be understood except by the way and the way Allah has said this verse, Allah is Allah is Allah enough for his slave, meaning Allah has raised himself up lower than humble his slave but also offered full protection for enslaved by the fact that he has raised himself up and offered his total care and support for his late so shows that this is honoring Muhammad Hassan this verse honors Mohammed Islam by by making

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the slavery of the Prophet some directly to the king of the worlds by saying that totally allas care total care is upon this one human being Mohammed salah and finally, the fact that it isn't the form of a rhetorical question Which begs the answer of most definitely it is true. And that is the only answer that can come from that question. And as a result, it specifies all of that care and support for one human being that is Allah subhana wa. That is, that is Muhammad Rasul Allah, the slave of Allah subhana wa Taala where you have the phone bill, the dean, I mean dooney and then he makes you afraid of those other than him. What you have before NACA bill that they've been doing and they what

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do they do they make

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you afraid of other than Allah azza wa jal meaning or people be afraid of the enemies or people be afraid of the government. Oh, people be afraid of Chicano people be afraid of disease. And that is

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What this believers do this believe is do not make you afraid of a lot Do you see disbelievers and and those who do not believe they make you afraid of other than Allah subhana wa Tada. This is a sign of Kufa. Whether you believe in love with a man or woman, whoever it was a virgin misguides then there is no one who can guide that person. There is no one who can guide that person. And this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala specifies respect and honor to the prophets. I seldom states for him to have complete the work on the lithology because it was total cares for him. And of course, after this verse, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not need any, any sort of care, because at

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the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal would look after him, did not need any human being to look after him or hamdulillah Why am I here the love

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and whoever loves the wizard guides, then no one can misguide Alice Allahu Aziz in the club is Allah not as he is the most honored. They are the one who takes retribution, the one who takes

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the one who takes recompense, the one who takes revenge, the cop. And that's why, when believers read this verse, it gives tremendous support. So you know what, it doesn't matter what happens to us in this dunya, we will have our revenge, we will have our retribution, we will have our way, one way or the other. And that is why when I read this verse, it gives me tremendous hope. And when the disbelievers with this verse, it should give them tremendous fear, that even if they are given risk by now right now, then a time will surely come on, they will be taken to account for everything that they do, and then they will be indeed in trouble. So Alhamdulillah all my brothers and sisters who

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are persecuted, who are in trouble, who are in difficulty, some some type of the other, know that Allah is as evil is the most ordinary than become the one who takes retribution, he will take retribution for you. So what you should do is just try to be as best friend because Allah will defend his his his people. And if Allah is giving back to you right now, it's because allows elevating your raising you up in one of them declaration, the this the habit states that a believer goes through trials and tribulation trials and tribulations until he meets love the Day of Judgment, there is no sense left on him. So he goes through difficulty of the difficulty hardship of the

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hardship, until he meets Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment and there is no sense left on him. And that is the purpose of the test. So do not let the test be assigned or less left. You know, it is only Allah as giving you a chance to raise up in levels and for the disbelievers to think that they are all right. And to misguide them further and then Allah will take retribution for them and give them give all back to you. When an insult of man Hanukkah, sabarmati will lay a coup, Allah and if you were to ask the man holla sama what Who has created the heavens? While out of the earth they have learned a lot they will most definitely say definitely say is Allah who has created

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the heavens and the earth, they will most definitely say it's a lot. And this shows that the disbelieving Arabs of the of the desert, they never used to disbelieve in Allah, they used to think there is God. There's Allah, but there's also all these other gods. So and they used to attribute color and creation to Allah these two attributes this sustenance to Allah is Allah who sustains it a level nourishes right, but that they set up, you know, sons along with Allah and all these other daughters along with a lot of these other gods along with Allah. So Allah says here that if you were to ask the Creator, they will say to Allah, then Allah says, good for it to matter to me do it like

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that. Have you seen the ones that you call upon other than Allah in Allah? Allah widow with Halloween Mecca, Shiva tutori. If Allah wants a home for me, can they remove the harm out are done in Europe? Or Allah once mercy would for me, Halloween MMC Katara Mati health can they keep away his mercy? will have to be Allah say, Allah is enough for me, Allah he had to work with our killer, let upon him with the tawakkol of those who have. So this verse shows that when you have belief that Allah is the one who created you, Eliza, what sustains you, Eliza? What looks after you, then why is it that you don't worship? Meaning if you acknowledge his widow, his his rubia? The fact that he's

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your rub, then why don't you submit with you here? What did you submit with your submission? And that is the whole argument of Allah subhanho wa Taala acknowledges the Creator, then how do you not worship Him? If you acknowledge he sustains you? How do you not have to work on him and you have to work on someone else? If you know that he is the only one who answers it provides How is it that you call him an anyone other than others? And that is why

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that is why we're believers.

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ponder the Ayat of Allah azza wa jal help of creation, the science of the creation, then that should only increase them and embed in our body of Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing else and that is a sign of our code that is a sign of putting your trust on a lot of burner and on nothing else, but gold has to be Allah say Allah is enough for me.

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Colleen Buta Loki known upon him that those who want to have the work could have truth. So, as this policy stampset Islam is subtle and delicate, that's all it is 50% or 50%, our columella and and good days

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and bad days you're having suffer from loss aversion. And

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when you have the luck of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is this word the worker really mean? Don't talk good means to put my affairs on someone else. mean don't worry, my father will take care of me right to put my affairs to my dad, my dad will take care of this this issue. So that is for the worker.

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And as a result, if you should have to work on a lesser version, then you should not have to work on people. You should not work on a job, you should not have a Colombian government. You should not have to work on your nationality. You should not have to work on the police. You should not have to work on the army. You should not have to work on the doctors, you should not work on the medicine. You should not even have to work on the money that is in your pocket. You should have to work alone Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala lot about the seven heavens, the one who will look after you even when everything else has abandoned you. And that is why you have a chef by Rahim

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Allah He has a very amazing statement. He said that you find people leaving you, when you find people leaving you and that is Allah azza wa jal telling you that Allah will be enough for you, that is Allah subhanho wa Taala telling you that Allah subhana wa Taala will be enough for you. That's number one. Number two, the scholar this lab defines the local to mean that the local is to have more trust in Allah than even the money in your own pocket. So I've got some money in my pocket right now. But I am more aware that Allah will look after me and feed me my thoughts today, then will the money in my pocket because the money in my pocket might be there but then it could be

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fabricated, it could be that I want to have this thought but then I can't find somewhere to eat. It could be that the food is there, but the food is not palatable, right. So at the end of the day, there's still many ifs and buts but if you have the upper and lower children, you know that your nourishment will come and anyone who's put their trust in Allah has never ever been disappointed anyone who has put the walker loves the water has never gone hungry will lie never got hungry. And that's why the prophets that are seldom said if you had to walk around la as you shouldn't have to work without him that he would provide for you just like he provides for the birds who go out in the

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morning who are tremendously hungry wake up hungry, they got no idea where they will find the rest. And then they come back to their nest at night with a tummy full will have that level of never seen birds falling out of the sky hungry, a lot provides for them everyday in the same way a level provide for us. So let us busy ourselves with doing that which Allah loves and trust a lot to provide for us trust a lot to provide for us. This is the best of life. We'll handle it and that is the best way of living.

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My tea, Kalia Cami, Amanda mcconathy come in, say oh my people motto do your work. Allah Makati come upon what you're able to do. For me I'm in For verily I am doing my work for self attack mode. Then you will very soon know my Yeti Yaga z Who is the one that is touched by the punishment that disgraces him while you held to Allah He has a booty and then a tremendous punishment will then be established for him in the hereafter. So in this verse, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is encouraging us to work and to carry on our deeds, our record of Salah our five pillars of Islam, all our acts together, is encouraging us to continue on doing random acts of kindness to people. He is

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encouraging us to do the work, because our prophets are self is also working. So not to just say without tongues, but to carry on doing work with our lives, then we will solely know who it is what that was a liar and who it is that was not the liar The one who was a liar will find disgrace in this life and then a lasting punishment in the hereafter. And this is what Allah Allah His Messenger says, and this verse is very critical. because number one, it shows that true belief is not simply to have it in your heart and to save on your tongue. true belief is what you show on your limbs. This is very important point. true belief is what shows on your limbs, how you behave in front of

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people, how you act with people, how you act with Allah subhanho wa Taala therefore just to claim my love of Allah in the heart is not enough you must act and you know even the most unrighteous people you know actually what happens will try to foster Ramadan because

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They know that you know what, they don't want to be left up, they want to do something or the other for the sake of Allah. So we find that Ramadan is a time where we can truly, you know,

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go back to our deeds because we'll have the law fasting is not that difficult for most people. It's just stay away from an extra meal and hamdulillah that is not too difficult, especially if you're surrounded by people who are not eating. So we'll have the delay whiny do your deeds via deeds Do not be of those people who give lip service to Islam and have no action. prove the love in your heart with the deeds that you should show on your limbs. Prove it with the action and Allah azza wa jal demands that and therefore our actions are only a sign of what of being truthful, it is not a sign of anything else and just doing a deed doesn't mean Allah will accept it. And when you do the

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deeds that know this, that Allah will show your deeds and the Day of Judgment, Allah will expose your deeds to the others good or bad. So therefore it is in our favor to do good deeds because Allah will expose our good deeds on the Day of Judgment all in this dunya. And lasagna will also inform the people about it on the Day of Judgment, so therefore, it's very critical that you do good deeds and not the bad ones for self love, and then you will surely know about it man yet the other would you see who is the one that touches him the punishment that disgraces him in this world? are you headed to our lady who came and it becomes permissible for him to enter a lasting punishment in the

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hereafter? That's what the scholars Sadie ramola said in this first part refers to the punishment is dunya. And the second part refers to the punishment in the hereafter.

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In Angelina alikum kita, Belinda, Sybil, verily, it is we we have revealed the Book to mankind to you, too for mankind in truth, somebody that does not enough say. So whoever it is that it is for himself that he guides meaning he guides himself, meaning whoever is guided than it is for himself, mamma,

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Mia, and whoever is misguided than it is he himself. That is misguided, Mama, I'm telling him your kid, and you are not a protector over them. This verse shows your whining, that if our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot be our work, he cannot be the one who answers for us on the Day of Judgment cannot be the one who safeguards us on the Day of Judgment, that how can you appeal sir? How can your audience so called Alia who is so called in the grave and in the Mazhar? How can they be your protector? If the Prophet cannot be our working for Allah? Allah, someone who is your agent, right? So you say, you know you're buying something from Japan? So you say to your agent in Japan,

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can you make the sale for me on my behalf? Can you negotiate on my behalf? Can you get me the best deal on my behalf? Can you then arrange for my staff to come to me on my behalf? Yeah. So that is you're working right? So if the process is a woman can be working and you are not working for them? Are upon them? If the Profit System is not working for us, then what about? What about our peace? And what about our motherland? And what about our people in the muscles? Can they ever be working for us? Never can they be okay for us? Therefore, the profit company will kill the greatest of the Sahaba who can be working with different appeals. Therefore the righteous people can be working so

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you are responsible over yourself, you will have to answer to yourself and therefore you have no choice but to build your connection with Allah directly. You have no choice you cannot depend on your relationship with someone else. That is why you know, today, we have in our country's Muslim countries, this huge reliance on other people. And when we find the righteous people, righteous person, we say you know what make you make dua for me, you know, you make love for me, you're so righteous, you're closer to Allah, you make dua for me now, because me, Allah is too busy to accept my daughter doesn't care. Or I'm too far away from Allah. I've done too many too many sins. So don't

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No, no, no, no, no, all of this is filthy. These are words of the shader. This is how shaytan wants you to feel. And if you feel that way, you're thinking that that person is going to be you're working for you. That's not going to happen. Yes, it is a sort of that to ask righteous people to make dua for you. Yes, the Prophet says Elam was asked by this habit years ago for us. That is true. And the veteran who would ask the uncle of even the best to make dua of

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preschoolers, Islam, Allah best to make dua for him. No doubt that is true. However, that does not mean that we should be only seeking out that way. That way to make the one that is why to constantly do this to constantly ask others to make love for you and you're not to make by yourself is very disliked. Because that is leading to a door that you don't want to go on that door is lack of local knowledge directly. That is that is lack of connecting with a lot directly. And that is thinking that someone else can answer on our behalf rather than rather than we ourselves. Allah

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fusa Hina motiva Allah is the one who gives life who gives depth to the soul at the point of their death, one let the legitimate female Anamika and the ones who

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do not die in their sleep, saloon SQL let the other alcohol note. Then he keeps back the soul upon whom death has been ordained while you're still Ofra and he sends the other souls illa jellema cemani sends back the other souls to their bodies in the feeder licola Ayatollah Khomeini,

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indeed, in this assigns for those who ponder, so therefore, number of things number one, what happens to a soul when we die? What when we sleep, and that is when the law states that when we sleep, our soul rises up to the heavens, and that is when it meets other souls and meet other people that might have passed away. And that's when we see dreams. So our souls rise up to the heavens, but a connection still, like a rope connecting to the soul to the body still remains. That is what happens when we sleep. And then when we wake up, the soul returns back to the body directly, okay. So therefore, the soul has risen up and a connection remains to the body, and therefore will have

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the law when Allah azza wa jal wants to keep some of the souls meaning give give depth in their sleep, then what happens is, the soul stays back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. As for the ones who Allah azza wa jal wants to give them life, then the souls go back, and then they go back to a lesson go back to the body, and then the wake up next day. Because one of the great scholars Islam said

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that this verse is an evidence of the Day of Judgment of, of, of resurrection, because what is death? And what is sleep and awakening, waking up from the sleep, except a mini mini resurrection, right? Because what is resurrection except death, we're all living beings and then life back again. And that is what sleep is sleep is for every single day, we're getting signs of the resurrection every day in our bodies, were sleeping for some time, and then they were waking up for others. So we are getting a sign that Allah is resurrecting us every day. So therefore, people who ponder will really understand that if this is what is happening to us, then what is really going to happen in

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the afterlife, just a greater

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basically this on a greater scale, that Allah will take the souls away permanently, so they are totally dead. And then thereafter, Allah will give them life back again, after after the death. So if Allah can do that, for sleep, Allah can do that for resurrection as well. So that is the ayatollah, Ayatollah Khomeini. That is the signs, that is for people and others who ponder it.

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Further, we don't

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have to take it other than Allah Shiva, a or Shu for our meaning intercessors other than Allah Shafi is the one who intercedes. chufa has a plural

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Elijah have they taken other than Elijah, our Notepad, I am lacuna shade on what I have to say has Have you done this, despite the fact that they do not possess anything like liquid milk is to possess live liquid, well, if you do not have sense, meaning, how have you taken as intercessors other than Allah, the professor Salah, the idols, the peas, the graves, how have you taken these things as your intercessor other than Allah, when they do not even possess any bit of shafaq, they do not have any right to shofar. That's what Allah says, The very next verse could say to them, lillahi, Shatha to Germany, to Allah belongs ultrafast. So, therefore, intercession intercession

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belongs to Allah. Totally lovable customer, what he will add, for him is the dominion of the heavens of the earth, through my legs, then to allow, will you all return back by this verse shows Allah is not a weak King, Allah is a strong King, no one is allowed to bake or speak, or even utter any words or any sound except the ones who are not allowed. That means allies have total control. So you can't simply say Oh Allah, I wanna I want this, I want that. Or this is not now of course you can now but I'm saying when unless present in the alpha, then you cannot speak in front of Allah in the court of Allah. When Allah is present, no one is allowed to speak except the one who is happy for them to

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speak less happy for them to speak, and allies happy for them to speak about the person that they want to speak about, right? And this is why

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Allah says in the Quran, welcome in Malachi sama. What are the law of Nisha? autohome shade 11 in the

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Allah the militia.

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So in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, and how many angels are there the heavens of the earth that want to make sure for the people and one of the shofar, but they are Sherpa will never help and will never succeed except for the one who has two conditions are those two conditions. Number one is that Allah is happy for that angel or for that human being to speak. Right? So you have to be precise, Google, lovely happy for them to speak in his presence. Those who are righteous, those who are pious, those who are only of Allah, those was friends, those wise martyrs, those who are the Gambia, right. They're the ones who are less happy for them to speak, and the mind Yashar

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about who they are happy for them to speak about. So first, they have to be happy that last we happy for them to speak in his presence. No one there speaks or not, and is not a ungrateful, unrighteous human being is allowed to speak, not a fear or a bizarre or a someone who is a chef or soul so that you consider to be pious, unless you truly is pious will allow them to speak. And number two, number two, not only that, but number two and that's important, he must be happy, a lot of us be happy for him to be spoken. speak about the person that he's speaking about. So therefore is Allah if Allah in the first place is not happy about you, then he will not allow or he will not even listen or you

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will not even permit a personal righteousness to speak about you. So therefore you have no choice.

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That is one of the when I read that verse and I am totally show that I should not be asking for anyone except Allah. And I totally sure that I will not be happy with the shuffle anyone or I will not be successful successful. That's the word I'm searching for. I will not be successful with the shofar anyone unless I already have a good connection with the Lhasa widget unless by strength by connection with a live strong and unless I do that by myself, I will be useless. And that is why my focus has to be that I have to make my connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala strong and that is what I should be focusing on. I should be focusing on making my connection with Allah subhanho wa

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Taala by Nigella gelato Takata smell strong. Because then when it's strong, then we'll make the shafa of the martyrs and of the angels and of the prophets of God for me. And that's why

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a boo,

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boo boo, boo, inauthentic Hardison Buhari, came to the Prophet systems and said we are Rasul Allah, or my beloved messenger of Allah. Man, NASA vicious Attica, yomo kiama. Who will be the happiest of people?

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Who will be the happiest people to receive your intercession on the Day of Judgment. So at that point, the prophets of Allah, Allah wa sallam said, Abu huraira I thought no one would ask me this question except you meaning Who else would ask this question except you because the Buddha would ask intelligent questions. So the prophets have seldom said as

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we Scheffer, Akiyama, the happiest person who will receive my intercession that I will intercede for him on the Day of Judgment. Who did he say? Did you say the one who asks me for it, the one who begs me for it, the one who comes to my grave and says Salaam to me the one who does? What did you say, as a good NASA chef? Akiyama piano, the happiest person to receive? My intercession of the day of judgment will be the one who has said from the bottom of his heart, the law in the law, the one who says from the bottom of his heart sincerely, there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah that one is the proof that Shiva is from Allah, Allah. Allah controls OSHA, you should ask Allah, Allah,

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bless me with the shofar of the prophecies of the Old Prophet, give me a shout out the Prophet can do it. It's whoever Allah allows the prophet to do whoever Allah convinces the Prophet whoever Allah makes the Prophet mixture for you therefore ask Allah, not anyone else. Today, we are so busy making tawassul to other creatures to other gods to other deities, or making also to other fields or to massage or to all these graves we asked the hustle feed that Allah we asking has that any

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calling closely as of right and all of these others we are so busy doing this rather than calling upon Allah where is the connection to allow us to suffer from Allah? I hope that inshallah we will make a point to ponder on this call

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to Jamie say to Allah contains all of intercession level one customer what he will up for him as the kingdom of the heavens of the earth.

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Daniel all returned back to him. What do Kerala What the Who? And when Allah is mentioned by himself ish mas que la palma de la la you know?

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What does it mean? What it does appear on Latina what you're looking at Allah and when Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioned why the Buddha by himself as you will feel the hearts of those disbelievers shrinking, okay, because it shrinks and becomes hard and becomes covered. That's what that means, means, you know, have you seen a person who's like, you know, like, Can you give me money may give you money,

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you know, so that person becomes closed, it becomes constricted, a bit like those those flowers that you touch, they just close up, have you seen those?

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And so he was a global leader in Li Astra. So the hearts constrict, becomes shrunk and becomes hard. And this is the,

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the hearts of those people who do not believe in the hereafter. And it's true like when you mentioned Allah somehow they don't like you know, and it's like the hearts become closed. What either look at a lady, I mean Dhoni and when other than Allah is mentioned, either Mr. Shiro It is as if they are happy, and, and and ingest Subhana Allah any look at the sign of disbelief that their hearts shrink and become hard at the mention of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Other than Allah, they're really happy. You mentioned you mentioned Buddha, you mentioned others other than Allah, they're happy What is wrong? Why don't you know, Allah is the one who created heavens to the earth, if you

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know that in your hearts. Why do you do that? And when you're in the battlefield, do you remember anyone else other than Allah, when you are on a shipwreck when you're being shipped shipwrecked on a ship? And there is a massive storm in the sea? Do you remember anyone other than Allah Subhana Allah so why do you forget a lot this point, hula hula particles about what you say, Oh Allah, our Lord, the father of the originator originator of the summit, what are the heavens and the earth

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Shahada, the Knower of the unseen, and of the Shahada of the unseen world and that will be Nevada, you judge between your slaves, female card or via telephone and that which they differ. So this is why it was it says, that call upon me is the shofar belongs to me. And if every single thing belongs to be called upon me, only I am the one who originated heavens to the earth. I am the one who knows unseen, I am the ones who will judge between my slaves in which they differ, so called upon Allah only when the Nevada and if it was for those who who transgressed

00:32:59 --> 00:33:41

Linda Dena valamar artigiani annual Miss lahoma Lester del Estado de nada Bo will piano is an Allah says, and if only for those who did wrong about them over here, it refers to those who the chicken Khufu with Allah, not to just those who sin. But those who did shift before with Allah will have been available. And if only those who did shift before with me possess that which is in the earth, and that which is in the earth. And like everything like it many times like it leaves that will be in order to ransom themselves when su Illa de Rio, Emma from the evil of the punishment of the Hereafter,

00:33:42 --> 00:33:51

de la, mala mucuna, Cebu, and there has come upon them from a law that which they never ever thought was going to happen. Meaning what?

00:33:53 --> 00:34:27

Meaning on the Day of Judgment, the Punisher is going to be so severe, that a disbeliever is going to search for every single thing that he can in order to ransom himself. In fact, he will even grab his child and so Allah take my child instead of me, meaning this is how a disbeliever will behave on the Day of Judgment, and he will try and find everything. And even if you have the dunya and everything in it, Allah would not accept the problem. Because at the end of the day, the only thing Allah will accept is is pure sincerity. And that's why the prophets have said, save yourself from jahannam, even with half a date, half a day, but here Allah is not accepting a whole dunya so what

00:34:27 --> 00:35:00

is the difference? The difference between half a date in the whole dunya is it the half day was given for law was sincerity. It's what's in the heart. Allah is not taking the action itself unless taking what's in the heart. And therefore it is the belief in the heart, the sincerity of the heart, that elevates a deed from a simple, nothing too simple something you know, unless it is the date of the heart, it is the belief of the heart that elevates a deed from nothing into something in quality. And that is why my brothers and sisters in Islam all we should be

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

Do we really do is to really focus on our heart. So that's why that's why the prophets have said, they're really one of you cannot give a handful of

00:35:10 --> 00:35:50

you cannot give them out to the orphans of South Africa, that would equal to a handful of South Africa that my companions give here. And that is authentic. Why did he say that? He said that because the companions had huge SLS with a simple handful of sadaqa. Whereas What do we do when we give mountains of sadaqa we don't even have an ounce of the class that they had. So what we should do is focus on our class take time, take a moment to before you start your Ada before you start reading. Before you listen to these audios before you do your Salawat take a moment to really purify your heart. Think about why you're giving what you're giving why you're praying what you're praying,

00:35:50 --> 00:36:02

because that is what will change your deed for something simple into something so massive, and magnanimous, while unreal Nadine available marfil Rv journey and Vista Houma who left Adobe he

00:36:03 --> 00:36:44

left Adobe him and other Veoma Tiana Baba de la mina La Habana mucuna Simona de has come upon them. What they were never ever thinking when he had the moment of the death. They're thinking while they're gonna have a beautiful death like they say right? Oh my grandma, she's alright she's here. But now she's with Allah. She's having a beer she's with he's in paradise. Mashallah. I mean if she's in Paradise, what the heck are you doing now? Go now to paradise ask Allah for depth right now. The problem is we are lying. We know we're like we know that our grandma and our grandpa you know what they spent a lifetime of see if they spent a lifetime of sin they can't go to go to gym

00:36:44 --> 00:37:25

they did not spend the time working for law they can't go to gender Come on guys. Unless we without with the merciful legit so so let's not be foolish. Let's not expect that when we die. Gemini is going to come to us saying oh, you know, hey, you are running to you. My darling husband? You know I've been waiting for you don't expect that what you should expect is justice. Expect justice. Yeah. And if we expect justice, then you'll prepare the best of ways you will prepare with this other pile in your car and your and your Salah you will prepare with with your a bandit, if you will don't expect justice if you're in a lala land and expecting some sort of fairy tale. That is when you are

00:37:25 --> 00:37:46

careless. And you think All I said was good agenda if you've got a good agenda, which is better than this dunya then you should ask Allah for general right now. She has a lot of debt right now. But you know, you haven't earned it yet. And that is why if you know you haven't earned it yet, then you know that that was the deal with you With you With justice. If that is the case, then you should prepare for it. And that is why

00:37:48 --> 00:38:03

the great scholar of Islam would read this verse and pry Baba homina Lai, Marlon is one that is what was reported that every one of the great scholars that have recited this verse at the time of his death of other homie de la,

00:38:04 --> 00:38:38

Cebu, and they came upon them, that which they were not expecting meaning at the time of their death. They're expecting Jana to come to them. People have mercy to come to them, angels or Atma to come, but there comes upon them angels of punishment and Jana, so the people who truly will succeed on the day of judgment upon their death, are those who ponder on this verse and really prepare for the justice of Allah. How do you prepare for justice gifts other personnel? How do you prefer prefer prepare for justice make Toba now, this is how you prepare for the justice of Allah subhanho wa

00:38:39 --> 00:38:53

Taala Jose to Marcus Abu has come upon them the evil of what they have earned. We'll have him back on we'll be here soon. And they are surrounding them that which they used to mock at which they used to mock.

00:38:54 --> 00:39:07

And so they have come upon them what they used to earn and the mockery of their mocking Allah azza wa jal is Dean has come upon them and has now surrounded them Subhanallah my brothers and sisters in slab

00:39:08 --> 00:39:22

make a make a point to read this verse and fill your heart with fear of Allah. So that we are not of those people who come upon the moment of a death and are surrounded by punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever mustard inside of

00:39:24 --> 00:39:30

somebody the whole Wallonia Mata Mina Kala in them oh Tito and I, this is important.

00:39:31 --> 00:39:59

What is the muscle inside and when mankind is touched by punishment, or harm, the R equals upon us remove it from me, meaning he knows that only Allah can remove it. And that punishment is from a lion allottee only remove somebody that's what better than when I turned his punishment difficulty into ease. How one of them button Minda and when we have turned that difficulty into nirma into a black

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

from us, on duty to Allah, Allah in saying that blessing only came to me because my knowledge Alhamdulillah rich because I know how to make money. And hamdulillah I am a doctor because I worked hard, you know, I studied and I got that got those grades, you know, that's wrong, that's wrong. You cannot attribute blessings to Allah. You cannot attribute blessings to yourself, you must attribute it back to Allah. And you know, the more I pondered on the Hadith of the Prophet Sal, the more it became clear to me that the difference between the prophets of God and, and today many of us is that we are too quick to, to want to be praised for that which we don't deserve. And we're too quick to

00:40:45 --> 00:41:19

attribute goodness to ourselves except to our lab not to Allah. So when you say Mashallah, you did really well, brother. Fantastic, what amazing, great, God, thank you. Thank you. I'll have the Rila Thank you, as what have you, thank you say no, it's from Allah. Allah gave it to me, Allah did it for me, and I'm glad you did it for me. These are the first words and you know, the believers, believers should be the first to attribute good to Allah rather than to themselves. And that is what precisely will happen in authentic narration was reported in Buhari was narrated that the Prophet says lamb was once with the Sahaba. And they didn't have water. So what did he do? He asked for both

00:41:19 --> 00:41:55

a big bowl. And then what did he do, he put his hands in there with his ring in bed, he put his hands in there and water started to come up, water started to come out of his hands, one of the miracles of the profit system that is authentically reported. And then it filled up the whole bowl and the people drank from it until they were all quenched. And then the prophecies of said had them in the lab. He didn't attribute it to himself, even though the miracle happened from his own hand, which showed that the prophecy was a special human being right. He could have at least said you know what, you know, thank you guys. Thank you, thank you, you know, selfie selfie, take a selfie. You

00:41:55 --> 00:42:30

know, it's me, I didn't know. Instead of that, thanks, Allah subhanho wa Taala thank Allah for everything. And that is what it should do. And this is why we should never attribute goodness that comes to us because of our own knowledge or because of our own excellence know, Allah azza wa jal. Yes, he has put things with us bad knowledge, good knowledge will lead to good results, right? No, no doubt about that. And knowing how to do business will lead to profits, no doubt about that. But at the same time, do not attribute yourself it's Allah who taught us Allah gave me the opportunity. It's Allah Who gave it to you because of which you have the blessings, do not attribute it to

00:42:30 --> 00:43:09

yourself, please, you're one. And that's why it wasn't for the police would have been destroyed. Have you heard of those? If it wasn't for the fire? Fire man, the house of the burnt down if it wasn't for the doctor, I would have died? No, no, no, no, no. It's not that if it was law, then the doctor if it wasn't for law, then the policeman if it wasn't for law, then the fire firemen, it has to be that way. Why? Because ultimately Allah who gave the ability to the policeman, Allah who sent the policeman, Allah gave him the water to be able to put the fire out and gave him the density and stop the things. So if it wasn't for the one if it wasn't for law, none of this would happen. So

00:43:10 --> 00:43:12

actually, the blessings black to Allah back to Allah.

00:43:14 --> 00:43:14


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00:43:17 --> 00:43:17

Allah Allah.

00:43:19 --> 00:43:20

Allah Valentina Farah who

00:43:22 --> 00:43:35

rather it is a fitna, what is the fitna? The fact that you say that this is from your knowledge is a fitna it's not it's not from knowledge it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is where it's from is not from your knowledge. It is from Allah azza wa jal

00:43:37 --> 00:44:08

Medina cabling. That's why one more point I forgot to mention, but the fitment of meaning the knowledge that Allah gave you, the status of law gave you the Prophet login is a fitna. It's a fitna because he tests you whether you trust the fitna whether you think the knowledge but you there, that is the fifth. The fifth should therefore never be attributed back to anyone except therefore we should never ever trust this except Allah subhana wa It is Allah subhanho wa Taala who gives you this blessing, but

00:44:11 --> 00:44:18

rather it is a fitness test. And majority of them do not know what the * to do with him from other

00:44:19 --> 00:44:37

people and many other people who have said this before them. So none of this has ever benefited them what they have earned what they have earned has never benefited them. asaba home say to Casa boo, so the punishment the evil of what they have earned touch them. Well,

00:44:39 --> 00:44:59

Amina Allah. So you see boom, say to my Casa boo and those who wronged themselves amongst them, they will touch them what they have earned the evil of what they've earned. 100 be designing and they are not away from the punishment of Allah. They are not away from the from the grasp of Allah from Allah punishing them f1

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

Be very careful where you attribute because simple words that we attribute can become words of friendship. If we say Alhamdulillah, the police did it, you know, no, the police in London, the police, you know? And that's why as to how we came to the Prophet, someone said, whatever you wish a prophet says of the prophets and corrected him said, No, whatever Allah wishes that you wish, yeah. And so the prophecies were corrected, even the Prophet would, is not worthy enough to have that. So it is Allah who wishes meaning is Allah who has total control. And with that, and then the final verse,

00:45:38 --> 00:45:38

I want

00:45:40 --> 00:46:22

to respond in my shot. Why don't you know, it is Allah who has total control over the risk. So it's not the wealth who brought the risk? It's Allah who has total control over the risk, who under the super risk polymyalgia there it is Allah who sends the risk to who he wants, or that and from others he withholds enough he that he can I add in that are Signs they call me you know, for stuff for people who believe meaning, it is Allah who brings a response, our knowledge, not anything else. Therefore, trust Allah do not trust your knowledge. Trust Allah don't trust your status, trust Allah. Don't trust your title, trust a lot don't trust your job. Trust a lot don't trust your family

00:46:22 --> 00:46:31

trust a level of trust your money and that is why if we trust Allah, we will fulfill the local will give charity and that is the true sign that will tokonoma

00:46:33 --> 00:46:49

tomorrow inshallah tada and the next session will be some of the most amazing verses about over love forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Until that time, Allah I hope that inshallah you benefited from today and as the last module to make this visa uninsurable Allah Vina salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

All good is from Allah

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