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Episode 26 Surah Al Kauthar (The Abundance) Surah Al Nasr (The Help)


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elimina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Juma in our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How y'all doing? Alhamdulillah night number 26 and this is the halfway mark in the last 10 days of Ramadan, the last 10 nights of Ramadan and inshallah it's still enough time that if we haven't achieved what we need to achieve inshallah still enough time for us to get this from Allah grant us the ability to make the most of it I mean,

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inshallah, tonight we will discuss two chapters of the Quran surah in altona, Calcutta and surah, Elijah and also law you will, and these two chapters are of those special chapters of the Quran, which are given specifically to the profitable salon. These were like two gifts given to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam like we said, surah What do ha and surah Allah Masha Allah, they will given to the prophet SAW Selim personally it's like a personal conversation Allah has with an abyssal Salaam. And we'll see the beauty of these two sutras and how they apply to the prophet SAW Salem. The first Surah Surah Al co author, and swana law sutra co author is the shortest chapter in the Quran. And

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therefore maybe we recite this every day. In most of our scholars, we will recite surah in Altoona, Calcutta, but this is a mighty mighty surah. In fact, the name of the surah means tremendous abundance. It's a sutra that encompasses a lot of things. And it's not a light suit or it's a mess of surah and it's a surah that may then be Sol Sol I'm very, very happy. In a time when he was very low in his life, the sutra lifted his spirits

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as I mentioned the sudo school l co author and co author like caffeine, Catherine needs to be a lot co author is extreme abundance, the most of abundance. So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the surah after the prophet SAW Salem and lost the sun when the prophets of Salaam lost his son.

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The son's name was Abdullah, the prophets first son, Al Qasim was born before he became an OB. And then after he became an OB, the first son he had that was born into his new Buddha was called Abdullah. And when this baby boy died, Abdullah the enemies like Abu lahab, like we said, Abu lahab and many of the others, they actually began singing and cheering and making fun and laughing It's part of law as a parent to lose a child is bad enough for her This is the child of the prophets of Salaam with Khadija for for you to lose a child is difficult enough, but for your relatives and your neighbors in your community to rejoice about it. And the cool thing about our butter, butter, butter

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means the one who is cut off it's like a, an animal whose tail is cut off. Meaning is is amputated, meaning his lineage and his name is amputated. So they said Mohammed, all your sons are dying, you only have daughters within time, your name and your remembers will be forgotten all together. That's what they said. See his butter butter means he is cut off of goodness and his lineage will be cut off. So they basically said let's not even worry about this man. Within time he will be forgotten to his three final look what they said and look what it is now. So a lot responded to the professor's have didn't respond. A lot responded a loss is out of alignment shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman

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r Rahim in Altadena Calcutta. Surely indeed we have already given you a Mohammed Al co author and co author meaning tremendous abundance of good not are you not only are you not cut off, but you have extreme abundance of goodness I've already given you. Now in the context of where the profit zone was, it was about followers, that you will be given a magnitude a multitude of people who will follow you. And each and every one of us we are, we could say the spiritual children of the prophets of Salaam. As Allah says in the Quran, the wives of Nabisco, salaam Are you mothers, spiritually they are our mothers. And therefore we are like the spiritual offspring of Muhammad Sallallahu

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Sallam and his name is the first name that we hear in our ear before. Just we are a last name Allahu Akbar and in the Prophet Sal Sal lambs name is in our ear. And our love for him is even above that for our parents. So ally selling the Beatles album when he had lost a child and he was feeling alone. Don't worry, Mohamed Salah Salaam I have already promised you tremendous abundance of goodness in this dunya and you know, Subhan Allah, you and me We are part of that promise Allah has given to them to be so solemn. You and I are that gift part of that gift to the prophets of Salaam. We are that gift to the prophet SAW Selim. But I'll co author that's the abundance of the dunya I

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will come

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It is a special place in Jenna and we know the prophecies and said I will co author Winnie ology video what is October she burials showed him that it is a river in general. In fact it is the major, the chief river of gender. So gender is described as a garden gardens where there are rivers flowing underneath each and every one of us insha Allah, we will have many gardens with many rivers flowing underneath, but even Jana will have its Nile river which Amazon river it's a major river, and that major chief river of genda is called alkota. Wade begins right at the top of Jenna perhaps at the foot of the arch of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to flow down the prophets of Salaam he of course has

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the pink House of gentlemen he will have the highest place in Jannah again, thanks to him part because of Allah and His oma remember when you make dua after the other give Mohammed was suitable for the law give him the highest place in general that's his own man making dua for him something Allahu Allah will sell them and from the this river of cozaar will flow down which is described as being Its color is white, but it looks like whiter than milk. When the provinces are in touch to the city smelled better than any fragrance he smelled on Earth. That there are rocks and soil of it the mud of it is like rubies and gems. And if you taste it, it's sweeter than honey and this river flows

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not only through gender, it actually flows outside of Jana, and these are damn outside of Jenna called the Howard the pond and on piano, the oma of Nagisa Salam. On that day when that sun is brought low, we will get to meet Neville Salam for the very first time at the pond of alkota. So this if you think about this river it funnels outside of Jannah into a pond and that's where the oma will meet NaVi salsa lamb and the cups put place they they look like like jewels like little poles hollowed out these cups more numerous than stars in the sky, and the prophets of Salaam will give each and every member of his oma to drink from that pond on the day of piano. May Allah Subhana

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Allah grant us to meet him I mean, now this also says, I long to meet my one on the Sahaba said Are we not your one? Are we not your brothers? So that our resource room said You are my companions, but mighty one the people I longed to meet are those who believe in me and love me yet they have never seen me That's us. So we long to meet him as well. So, we are part of this L co author of this abundance almost is Omaha mythos alum Don't feel sad, we have already given you tremendous abundance and the greatest that ever engender. So therefore that far for suddenly when you see that far, that far means so therefore therefore for suddenly a lot bigger 100 so therefore continue to make solar

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for Europe, continue to turn in play 100 and make good band sacrifice meaning when you are given something of good when Allah gives you a gift, how do you respond with sugar in Salah you thank Allah Isola, and what do we do when we slaughter so not only for us, we see the blessings. When we have a newborn child in our family. We make the Africa we make good man and we share the meat. So this is the adapt even for the prophets of Salaam. Remember, there isn't a single command given to the oma that nobody saw Salam wasn't first instructed with it. When goodness came to him. He first began with making praise and thanks to Allah and to slaughter and to share that blessings with the

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rest of his community. Then Allah said, and then this is a warning to those who mock the prophets of Salaam but it's a warning until today because it's in present tense in shiny aka who will avatar will only those who hate you and abusive to you and those who show animosity to you, you Ahmed who after he is the one who is an actor, the most cut off. Remember they said you are cut off Mohamed all said he the one who ever shows hatred to the prophet SAW Selim, he is the most cut off of all and this is a this is a present tense meaning till today, this warning stands we saw what happened to Abu lahab the others committed siliceous but when they go to the extent to their home, the

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prophet SAW Selim and his family that is a special kind of warning from Allah a special kind of punishment that comes from Allah subhana wa tada a lock in forgive, Allah will forgive injustice is done against him. When it comes to the prophets of Salaam, Allah subhanho wa Taala is very severe. So for those who harm the prophet SAW Selim, this one is still stands that Allah says he will cut he doesn't say what cut you off of everything of goodness Allah makes that three I'll cut you off of what Allah we don't want to know. So this is one of the sutras which gives gave the prophets of Salaam tremendous comfort. The next surah a surah have mixed emotions of tremendous happiness and

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tremendous sadness. Allah Subhana Allah says in the surah again to the prophets of Salaam it's against

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specific to going to be salsa lamb. I will be La Habra. shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim either

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through law he will forget that when comes when the help of a law comes and the end the fact the victory now, the prophet SAW Salem in the muslimeen struggled for almost 20 years, from Makkah to the Hegelian Medina by the Buddha, always on the defensive, always trying and struggling and struggling and Bailey moving forward. And as Allah says to the believers, over and over and over again you keep struggling, and don't you worry in the nostril waikerie with the assistance of allies close, you just wait and hang on there and my help is going to come. But the minute the help of Allah comes the overnight things come right overnight, things just work out. So Allah says that when

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you see a lot of help comes and the great victory so the great victory was what the conquest of Mecca for so many years the prophets of Salaam is calling the people to Islam. 20 years very few people are listening, then automatically the help of Allah comes and maca gets conquered overnight without any bloodshed. So the minute the Allah's help comes helaas everything becomes easy. And the next thing was eaten Nasir the hoonah de de la wotja. And when you Oh Mohammed, when you see the people into into the deen of Allah azza wa jal in groups and groups and tribes and tribes. So this was a year or two before the passing of the prophets of Salaam after Makkah, was conquered. Now that

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obeso salam didn't have to go out and call people to Islam. People came to him to embrace Islam, because they said, Look, the last time someone tried to invade Mecca, what happened to them, people have the elephant, Allah destroyed them. But this man, Allah allowed him to conquer Makkah peacefully. So they so they thought this is a clear sign that this man is on the truth. And therefore they entered the Dean of whadya. When the prophet SAW Selim before he passed away, he was the ruler of Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait and the UAE and Qatar and all these countries that we know of the Arabian Peninsula. He was basically by now one of the most powerful men on Earth. So

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Allah says, when you see these things happen, when you see my assistance come, and Makkah gets conquered, and the people into the deen in many groups, what must you do that far again, therefore, for some behind the ROB Baker was the inner who cannot awaba then make Subhana Allah make praise and glorify Allah through thanking Him and ask Allah for forgiveness. Again, all these victories Allah says when my assistant comes and my victory comes and they into the deen through me, nothing to do Mohammed Al salam, nothing to use Ahava, all of it to Allah stain, start making Subhana Allah and making plays and hamdulillah and making mistakes out of Allah in no character Weber will ease off

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returning and Accepting of repentance. So the surah

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This is the last surah that was given to the prophets of Salaam complete, they were off to the side of it came down, but this was the last surah to be revealed from start to finish in one go. When the surah came down, Sahaba were rejoicing. And the Prophet gave his speech he said, I've got a surah and he cited the surah. And then he said, Allah has this a slave who was given the option of this dunya and the Acura and that slave chose the Arthur on the Sahaba said Allahu Akbar, What a lucky slave. Everyone is rejoicing and happy. Only one man is in tears crying of Bucher.

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What's wrong with this man? What kind of a person is the Nasir of Allah and the victory and the people including the Dean of Raja and he's crying and he's crying what's wrong with the man Baba is getting old now? Not long after that the Prophet was on passed away. And they said Abu Bakr understood that this was the farewell eulogy for the promises and them a lot is saying when you see these things happen Omaha mythos alum, prepare yourself, start making a lot of tests be start making a lot of harmed, start making a lot of ecfr because allies to whatever the one you return to tarbiyah to means to return. You are going back to Allah very soon Your mission is not complete. All

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the boxes are ticked, the time is coming to an end. Similar narration, even a bass line and most of our Tafseer we take from even our bass a lot of these things I'm saying was taken from the companion even our bass was a young boy when the President passed away. He wasn't old enough to fight him by the so when said Norman was the halifa he would have the elite Sahaba those who fought in battle

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before they would sit in his modulus his man is a you would say his his Council and they would be this young man even a boss sitting there and many of them felt Why is this young boy the our sons are not year wise even wise our buses Sania so they say normal said he recited the surah he said What does the surah mean to you said it means our lives telling us the victory

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They're gonna come and the Islam is gonna be victorious and therefore when we when we should be humble and make ecfr set up even our boss, what do you say? So he said this is a sewer to the profits of the tell him, you're in this near that your death is coming close, that the sewer is actually a sad suit of us because it reminds us of the mission of Nabisco Miss Dunn. And his death is coming close to say normalcy. You see, he understands that we don't understand Allah blessed him with a deeper understanding. And that's why he stood the,

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the surah

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as Allah had began,

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as a light said, the prophet SAW outwardly his mission, he achieved his mission, and I should say is towards the end of his life, she asked him, you making a lot of this kind of because the victory would make was Suhana lie behind the stealth hirokawa tube. Like she said, I hear you making this a lot. Now all of a sudden, what's happening? So he said that Allah instructed me to do this. And this was him preparing himself to meet his job, some Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And we are testament once again, of that victory of the prophet SAW Selim of his mission being completed here at the end of Africa 1500 years later, in the 21st century. We're slowly citing these verses that were seemed to

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him in the middle of the desert, and we're still following asuna mala continue to keep it that way. I mean, until the end of time, I mean, some of our Savior Mohammed, we can our quiz last night we asked what was the name of Abu lahab his wife, but important to know her name,

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but her name was Ottawa remember it and then forget it. Right. Then the next. The next question, much more important question. What is the meaning of alcocer? Literally, what does the word alcocer mean? Does it mean that how is the call the fire or the abundance of good shala? Easy, easy answer. And we will have our final quiz throughout the Saturday evening each other they should be thoroughly I think, most likely it will be only on Monday. So therefore we should have thought only on Saturday night. I don't know why people look a bit disappointed.

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Shouldn't be disappointed. A lot. The man kickers This is the fourth day I believe they said that it's most likely it is on Monday. Obviously you can never discount the moon has a way of doing things on its own. But inshallah we will have our quiz though.

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the is a check card that someone dropped, then if this is a donation, I don't think that we we accept that with the talent do we accept cards like this as donations? Someone must have dropped the bank card please speak to me after after the lecture kiambu Laila inshallah from 930 inch exaclty Salalah signum hamadryad algo se llama saline al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Solomonic Marrakesh.