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Episode 25 Surah Al Masad

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Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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at hamdulillah night 25. And of the odd nights of the explicit month of Ramadan, it's finally only a few days left of this month. And if we haven't done enough, then insha Allah, it's still not too late lost behind our dollar, judges actions at the beginning how we do it and how we ended. So if we end off well, even if we didn't begin very well and during Ramadan, we didn't do much if we end off strongly, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge us according to that. So as as tired as we are and as ill as we are. Now let's finally grant us the ability to end up very well. Someone also asked with regards to illness, if you're not able to commit as much as you used to do. There's a beautiful

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Hadith that says anyone who made the waiter or any act of a badger and due to illness or travel is unable to maintain that he better than Allah writes it for him that he will get that full reward for it. Because he's Nia was there and he was consistent. But Allah subhanho wa Taala caused him not to be able to do it. So Allah gives him the reward so we shouldn't feel bad. And it's not in our import of taqwa to abuse your body that if it is, if you're ill or you're not able to do something, then we don't force our body that is not what Allah wants to for us to punish our body. But rather the taqwa is we do as much as we can. And if we are unable to continue then Allah subhana wa Taala is most

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grateful and forgiving. So Alhamdulillah we ask Allah to grant us in this night 25 to do the most we can with the remains of this Ramadan. I mean, tonight inshallah we talk about suits and mosaid, also to lab and this is a unique surah and I know the audio we have changed the order but we should have done sootel in Altadena kalkaska, we'll get to that tomorrow in sha Allah. But this surah is quite unique in that it is the only chapter in the Quran where an entire chapter is dedicated by Allah to really curse somebody. And there are a few people a few criminals that Allah subhanho wa Taala curse in the Quran like for our own Abuja al mahira alwaleed bin Muhammad Ali's father, and these other

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criminals, they're not mentioned by name, but they are mentioned indirectly and they are part of a greater surah whereas the entire theme of the surah is all about them. Whereas this man, Allah has cursed him an entire surah dedicated to him and his wife. And in fact Allah usually does not mention the names of these criminals fear and get some ancient man gets mentioned qarun gets a mention of Buddha his name isn't in the Quran. alwaleed bin ohira His name is not mentioned in the Quran. omiya The guy who abused Bella His name is mentioned the Quran but Abu lahab he is mentioned by name in the Quran, which means a special kind of curse by Allah subhanho wa Taala by name you'll be

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mentioned, until all eternity, that he's cursed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what did this man do to get this kind of curse? So number one, we need to know that there are four uncle's or the prophets of Salaam that are mentioned in in his life. The Prophet had a number of uncles, but four of them really played a part in his life. Two of them are from Jenna, and two of them are unfortunately in Ghana. And the one in janome is the most severe of those in Ghana of the worst of the worst, and that's Abu lahab. And then the other is of the base of the people of Ghana, and that's Abu Talib. In fact, it's mentioned that he's the least punished Person of the Kufa in Ghana,

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he will have shoes that you will win in janam that only his feet will be in the fire, yet he will still feel like he's being punished the most of any person in jahannam. Allah protect us of the other two angles of the prophets of Salaam. One is the base of the base in situ Haida, which is hands out of the land, and the other was the last person to make each other for a very long time he was 5050 Muslim, not really the side but that side. And finally right before the conquest of Makkah, he had the the strength of a man to make the hero and this is an Ibis, the famous Sahaba even abass his father rhodiola and Abu lahab.

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He has received his uncle of the prophets of Salaam and his name was Abdullah Rosa, and it was idle called Rosa. So his real name is Abdullah Rosa, but he's punia. He is his nickname as we could call it is Abu lahab. Now Abu is usually after your son or your daughter, Abu Mohammed who the Prophet the prophet SAW Selim Scania, what was it for a price

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of oil Qasim Abu al Qasim because his eldest son was al Qasim, but not always Are you named after your eldest child, sometimes it is given to you as a name of honor, like Abu Bakar Abu Bakr didn't have a child called Bucher, it pucker means camels. So he's called Abu Bakar because wealth was a very wealthy man. Say now

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For example is Kenya was a booth Rob. Why father just because the prophet SAW Selim came to the masjid one day. Oh, well, he went to Fatima one day, and he asked with Ali. So she said, Look, we had a fight. He walked out of the house. I don't know he's probably in the masjid. Right. So he was Sahaba so he comes to the masjid and he finds a Nally lying in the masjid, you know, bit upset. And the manager of the prophet SAW Selim didn't have carpets there was dust. So the Prophet sees Satan alley lying and he's covered in unset insane, and he gives him like a nickname Abu Rob come for the desk and get up now. Let's Let's reconcile. But the because the Prophet gave him this nickname as

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as, as a means of fun. He loved it so much. That was his nickname. So his name is an Abu Hassan personality. His name is Abu Hassan. It's Abu Abu Musab Abu lahab. This nickname was a nickname that he loved. And they gave him this nickname lab actually means fire, a read fire because he was faced with a touch of read in his skin. And this was a beautiful feature of the atoms. So he liked that name. And the formula actually uses his name in the surah gives him a nickname that he likes. But you will see allies change the meaning for something else, that he's not the father of fire. In terms of the completion, he really is abou fire, the man who will go to fire. See Allah changes his

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nickname. So the prophecies were given Abu lahab The Tao of the first people he was actually the neighbor of the Prophet Salim they lived side by side and two of the prophets daughters Rukia and Khufu were actually married to two sons of Abu lahab. They weren't living together, but they were married. And when the prophet SAW Selim gave him dour, he was so abusive and insulting in his response, that he broke those engagements. And he says from now on until you know forever I am your enemy. And they are narrations. We are the members of the Qureshi said, non Muslims see, they never saw a neighbor so abusive to another neighbor, that the the wife of Abu lahab, she would get her

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main says blood and the feces of the house and they would make a point of throwing it in the house to the prophets of Salaam, and he would have to clean it up. And that when the prophet SAW seldom would walk in the road, would get old and his family would move around Abu lahab would make a point of cursing them and spitting on them. In fact, he told his sons go to Mohammed and break your marriages off with his daughters and spit on him spinal. So this, this level of crudeness, even the worst of the core he didn't do and of the worst things are Bula did was when the prophets of Salaam lost one of his sons, I would Bula have actually gathered a party to celebrate and said see his

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avatar will talk about the word avatar like enough in October, after means he's cut off of all lineage. You see, so when his sons had died, he had no more sons. He had a party to celebrate. You see, Mohammed is absurd. So this level of cursing, the prophet never responded to him. Allah says in the Quran, that we Muhammad, don't worry, we will take care of those who insult you. And it's very relevant in this day, this day and age when people draw pictures and cartoons of the prophet SAW Salah. So way the surah came down when the prophet SAW Selim, after two years, three years of giving the message secretly, the prophet was now given the instruction, give the dour publicly Go and call

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people to Islam publicly. So he he climbed Mount Safa in the middle of Makkah, and he called the people oak brush. And when someone does this, it usually means that there's an enemy attacking. So the Qureshi all gathered around Mount Safa and said, What's going on? So the prophet SAW said, if I told you that there is an army coming towards Mecca to attack you, will you believe me? So the Quran said, Yes, we believe you are surgical. I mean, so he said, I'm warning you about an upcoming disaster. I'm telling you about the calamity. kiama is coming. So as the professor was giving his sermon, his first public sermon, Abu lahab stood up and shouted he of course heard about Islam

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before he said Is this why you called us tab bad luck and bad luck May you be ruined? May you be ruined twice tab means to be ruined and destroyed May you be disintegrated and completely thrown to pieces so when he said that a loss in down revelation almost a tub but he had a below Have you What up? Dude other hands of Abu lahab and Doom is he and this Allah has made it made a promise that now he's cursed him and he will be cursed forever. Ma Vina and Humala una casa. his wealth and his gains and everything he acquired shall not benefit him in the least he will lose his wealth. And Kassab also means his children. Gossip usually means that which you have acquired your children. his wealth

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will leave him and his children will leave him and not help him. So yes, Lana Rhonda. He will go to a fire that is lab. He's

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Going to a fire code lab. That flaming red fire is going to such a place one Morocco and his woman has a little hot tub she will be the one who carries the firewood. An interesting nuance here in the Quran, these two ways of mentioning wife in the Quran, zone and imra imra means woman and zones his wife or spouse, and usually with the some new when you recite the Quran in your heart and look at with Allah uses the word imro usually there's something missing in that marriage. So Allah will say Asya was the image of Pharaoh wasn't his partner, because there was something missing in that marriage. Also, if there's a child missing, so Allah will say that him zecharia says my Imre, my my

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My Imola is better than the visa Korea My wife is bad. And then when she gets a baby, when she gets here, here, she becomes his OGE you see that now the marriage is complete. Same with imperata Luton, we're in Morocco. These women are the wives of these ambia. But they were not the partners. So Allah cools this lady. She's the Imola of Abu lahab. Why? Because she helped him in his destruction. So as she helped him in his destruction, she will help him in the punishment in his punishment in janam. And she would have this necklace around her neck, her most prized possession was a very expensive necklace. And she would go to the prophets of Solomon say, I swear on this necklace and bilasa I

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would spend even if the last thing I have was as Nicholas, I would spend it to curse you and your family. So Allah said about this Nicholas fee GD ha ha volumi method that around her neck will be a rope of date palms. And in fact, it's fi GDI could actually mean inside Chase, there is this de pomme Nicholas that is going to pull her tight. So it's mentioned the punishment of Abu lahab is that he will be put in this extreme burning fire and his wife as well. And to add for her the punishment, she will gather the wood each day. A hammer little hardab means the one who will continuously gather the firewood. So every single day, she will go gather the firewood of Jana, to

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which the two of them will be burned to the villa. And they will be to have this rope tied around the deck while he is just being punished all the time. He had to build up. And what's amazing about the surah there is a book on the miracles of the Quran. And they put this surah as one of the miracles of the Quran. Do you know why?

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Do you know why?

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Because the surah was revealed 10 years or more than 10 years before Buddha have died. That if Abu lahab said I embrace Islam, Allah, Quran full support to this Quran says you're going to join them Abu lahab It never occurred to Abu lahab or his wife to say, Well, if I'm going to jahannam according to the Quran, what if I accept Islam even on the outside? I say la ilaha illAllah Halas then this could iron doesn't make sense anymore. Allah had basically said, you are not going to become Muslim and you will die on Kufa. And if he only embraced Islam, he would have saved him and it would have saved him. It would have ruined the Quran completely. But Allah showed that no matter

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what he does after that, because he transgressed to a certain level, Allah shut his eyes and his mind off completely Abu lahab how he died. He was one of the few criminals that did not go to bother all the major criminals went to bother Abuja Hallelujah, and they all died. The Abu lahab didn't go to bother, but Allah intended for him to die as well on better. So when he heard the news that the people that the people have bundled were defeated. He became extremely angry, and he started abusing one of the Muslim women in Makkah. So she hit him on the head with a spear. And this wound became infected. And within one week, his body completely covered in Souls was like rotting alive. That is,

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when he died, his own children didn't want to bury him. They paid for someone outside of Makkah to carry his body outside of Makkah and dump it in a hole because they were afraid with a kind of rotting the way his body looked. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned will take away your wealth, your children, your beauty, everything and then you'll go to janam to be burned where you belong. Professor something curse this man. A law says that you allow will take care of those who curse the profits or sell them and that's why when being an enemy is one thing, but when you go beyond and especially the family of the prophets of Salaam if you harm the family of the prophets of Salaam

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it's an added kind of personal insult to them abyssal Salaam and this is where Allah subhanaw taala intervenes. Similarly, if this is what happens to those who hate the prophets of Salaam very word for loving then abyssal Salaam is equally great and equally rewarding. So Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us to love than a diesel Salaam and may we be an agenda close to him. I mean

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I didn't mention this unnecessary

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The question I see ubaidah you know, beat me to it. So why taboola hub and nameless Ottawa, Ottawa and that is the answer of today's question.

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And tomorrow in shambles to suit the coup de la cosa, but yeah, so answer as long as you can read, then you'll get the answer today. So her name was Ottawa

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that was the wife of Abu lahab in shallaki I'm Elaine from hospice nine to 10 o'clock inshallah, and will continue will do to suit us tomorrow in our clinical co author and indiginous loyalty inshallah Salaam Alaikum.