Yasir Qadhi – Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 01 Intro And Blessings Ramadan Series

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and importance of the Surah and the Profit System in protecting against trials, as well as the fitness of knowledge, money, power, and control. The speakers also discuss the importance of knowing and avoiding unnecessary embarrassment, as well as the history of Islam and the importance of protecting from Fitna. They recite the 10verses of the Bible and discuss reciting opportunities to save the Earth and prevent future generations from reciting the wrong things. The importance of reciting the 10verses is emphasized, and the recitation is part of a weekly routine.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was just mine about shala will be beginning a series who doesn't have an every single day we'll just do a portion of sorts of gaff. And today I wanted to talk about, really what are the main themes of silica and what did our Profit System say about the blessings of Sutent gap? So it's a gap is one of the earliest suitors revealed and the reason why we are concentrating on silica in this month is that suited kind of summarizes for us really the gist of Islam. It is one of the earliest revelations In fact, I would prophesy Some said, I didn't say Bahati that soldier can happen to the

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monuments with a Taha these sewers are from all the earliest revelations, they are of the primary revelations that have been given to me. And the main theme of salted calf is that Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect you against all trials sort of gap is a sort of full of stories. And in every story, there is a trial. And the main theme of it is that Allah subhana wa tada will protect you at times of severity. And if you look at certain GitHub, there are many stories, but there are four stories that are the crux of the surah. The first of them is the story of the young men, and they go and they seek shelter in the cave, and that's where the Sula gets his name, sorted gap. And this is

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the fitna of religion when people persecute others because they believe in Allah in no fear to an AMA little bit of him. There were a group of young men they believed in a lot, but the king wanted to kill them. The king wanted to kill them because they were believers. So they go and they seek protection in a cave and Allah subhana wa tada protects them. The second story is the story of the two card gardens, the story of the men with the two gardens, and this is the story that is the fitna of money fitna to man, what happens when money gets to your head? What happens when money causes you to be arrogant? And the solution here is, as we'll get to inshallah we get there. The solution is to

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realize that this dunya is temporary that Allah gives and you didn't give that all that you have will eventually be taken away. And so the fitna of money is the second main story. The third story is the story of Musa and hidden and the main fitna, here is the fitna of false knowledge if that knowledge does not lead to humility, that it is possible that even knowledge can become a fitna. Even knowledge can lead to arrogance if it is misused and abused. But of course, Musa alayhis salam he overcomes that and in his humility in his humbleness, he learns from somebody other than himself and he rises because of it. So the third fitness, the fitness of knowledge, and the final story, the

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story of Joe Kernan, the story of Cornell and the story of Joe Kernan is the fitness of power, the fitness of milk and mukhiya the fitness of controlling other people and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that a lot tested will correlate with that fitness. But how does Joe Connect overcome it? by constantly being aware that Allah is Malika? Allah is he might be the codename Allah is dogen it was a crock, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who is the ultimate King. And so we learn from this four major fitness, the fitness of the religion when you're persecuted for your religion, the fitness of money, the fitness of knowledge, and the fitness of power. And these are the four

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main stories that will come to them bit by bit. What are some of the ladies that mentioned the blessings of suited calf, there are many people summarize only two or three because of time. Once it is narrated and sahadi, a companion was reciting so little gap. His name is Obama even as a famous companion, and he noticed his horses becoming agitated. So he looked up and he saw a chandelier basically of light coming down. He saw lights that are many different like what we call a chandelier. And when he recited the chandelier of lights would come down. And when he and when it came down to horses became agitated when he stopped reciting the chandelier went up, or the lights

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went up. So he went and he informed the Prophet system, what is going on? And the process of him said to us Sakina Nevertheless, this is the Sakina even hedger says these are the melodica they're called Sakina. Because wherever the angels go, peace comes right then as a woman, I could be called me Solomon.

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Wherever they are angels, there is Salam and Sakina and so tilaka Sakina This is the piece that came down because you're reciting through LDAP they came down to listen to the Quran, so students will have such a beautiful surah even the angels wanted to come down to listen to it. We already mentioned that the process and have said students will cap is of the earliest revelations in the world.

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In the Middle East, these are from the earliest revelations that have been given to me. Why? Because Solitaire can have fortifies you from a man in your Eman. It tells you that no matter whatever is happening, Allah subhana wa Taala will take care of you. So as soon as a gaffe was revealed in the first or second year of the another blessing of sorts of gaff are

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that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever memorizes the first 10 verses of students in calf will be saved from the fitna of the Jan, from the trials of the john, whoever memorizes the first 10 verses of surah till calf will be protected from the fitness of the jug. And in another Hadith binder was seven seven, which is a very long ID. Now watch says one day we started talking about the john the Sahaba. And we became so scared, we felt he might be in the trees outside the masjid. You know, when you talk about stories, you get a little bit scared. When the processor saw us, he said, What is the matter measure? So they said, We talked about the giant until we became

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terrified. So the process and then one of the longest ahaadeeth about the genesis of a Muslim, he told them all of these details and when is he or when is he Sorry? What is he going to come with? What are his trials, and it's a long Hadith. And in it, he said, if the joy comes when I am amongst you, then I will be your argument or your protector against him. But if he comes when I'm not here, then every Muslim will be his own protector, you won't have any figure that you can go to them for kulu Muslim and hijo nuptse everyone you will have to basically be your own protector when you argue against the job. So then he said, So whoever amongst you sees him from an Adela cominco then let him

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recite the beginning of students elk calf, and let him recite the beginning of salted calf. So we learned therefore that the beginning of sorts of calf and then the other half of the 10 verses a salted gap will protect you from the fitness of the jug. Another blessing of salted calf is that our process of them said whoever recites through it and calf on a Friday, we'll have a light emanating from him until the next Friday, reported in will Southern covered hacking, reciting cut off on Friday, we'll give you a light until the next Friday. And similar to this I will say the narrative that whoever recites through the Telegraph, as it was revealed, as it was real, which means recited

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properly with Tajweed assure you recited not just like a cassette tape, you recite it with property level, which means you do it with assure, then he meets the john, that that person shall be saved from the jar overpowering him. That's the first blessing. The second blessing the same Hades, and whoever recites to take care have on one Friday shall have a light in this version, it says coming from him all the way shining to Makkah.

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And this has he shows us therefore that this light is so powerful, it's as if it will illuminate all the way to Mecca. And in yet another version which is slightly weak and there is no harm in narrating it. It is said that whoever recites GAF will have all of his minor sins forgiven until the next Friday from one Friday to the next. So clearly, there's something about recited gaff on Friday. Now, why is sewage and cat have linked with protection from the junk? What's the deal about protecting from the the jug and by the way, the fitting of the gel, it is the worst fitna that mankind has ever seen. Our Prophet system said that since Allah has created Adam, up until the day

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of judgment, there is no trial that is more harmful to mankind than the junk. There is no fit that that will cause more destruction. wreak more havoc, kill more people cause more bloodshed than the fitness of the dead, the jar will come we learn from our traditions, and he will claim to be a God on earth. And he will be given apparently certain miracles that will fool mankind into thinking this man is a God, he shall be able to stop the water of the rain from flowing, that whoever rejects him he will perish or die who will be able to be killed whoever believes in the job, the job will snap his fingers and the water will fall and the plants will flourish and the people will be able to eat

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so whoever rejects the job will be tested and tried whoever accepts that the jobs claim that he is God will flourish on Earth. So he will be tested and try sorry people will be tested and tried through him like no other fitness. So what has got to do with this? Well look at the beginning of salted calf. The very first story set up in the first 10 verses is about those young men who believed in Allah subhana wa tada and the king was trying to kill them. So what happens? They fled seeking Allah's protection. Allah gave them that protection. In the time of the job, the job will be that King and he will be the person going and killing everybody who believes in Allah subhana wa

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Tada. So we need to become like those young men who fled away and in fact, our process

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Some literally said that a time will come when that the job is here, the believers will run to the mountains, they will run to the G by running away from the jail. And this is exactly what these young men did. They fled to the mountains, and they sought refuge in caves. And that is exactly what Muslims will do later on in time. Also, one of the trials, one of the biggest trials of the jail will be what? That he will be able to control food and water alone will give him that power. And so what will you do when you don't have much water to drink when you want to have food to eat? If you believe in the job, you will get that food and if you don't believe in the job, he will cause the

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water to surf amongst you he will cause the earth to go dry. What is salted KFC Allah subhana wa tada explicitly says, in

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Eden Jews, we are the ones who would who make what is upon this earth, barren and dry we're the ones who do that. So if you want to be fed, turn to me Don't turn to the judge. So the beginning of mentioned it is allows our to dry up the earth and not the power of the judge. And also, we learned here that those who sought refuge in Allah subhana wa Tada, I was gonna pave the way out for them how perfectly the 10 verses finished, that Allah says in the Quran, that when they sought refuge in the cave, they said about better

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than me, Amina Russia. This is exactly where the 10th verse stops, Oh our Lord, bestow Your mercy upon us and help us in our affairs. That's exactly where the 10th verse stops. So it's an optimistic verse. Notice here what is the 11th verse where when which we're not supposed to recite when we meet the judge? That's the tool we're only supposed to recite 10 verses what is the 11th verse, the 11th verses what Allah saved them by causing them to go to sleep. We don't want to be saved by the job through sleep. That's not how we're going to be saved. The Prophet told us we will be saved when 87 Imodium comes our saving from the jail will not be through sleep so we don't recite the 11th verse

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we stop right at the 10th and the 10th tells us that they may do our to Allah and Allah answer they do are we supposed to recite those 10 verses and inshallah This is enough for today. Every day we'll talk just a little bit, just a few if and you don't need to take notes because it will be put online and you can listen to it later on. However the requests that I have and it is a request that we all of us cooperate with one another the requests that we have memorize this surah memorize this surah memorize this rule and make it a part of our weekly routine to recite pseudotsuga on every single Friday. This is the opportunity where we're going to go over the Tafseer of GitHub every single day

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just to three if 10 minutes and then next day we'll continue our goal every day we do one or two if inshallah all of us together Let us memorize them so that by the time we finish the month, inshallah we would have memorized all sorts of graphs and also understand it in a manner that when we recited on Friday, it will bring about horseshoe and taqwa and we'll have that light shining from us until the next Friday and inshallah we will continue tomorrow, which is our qumola Okay, with that, I'm ready.

Surah al-Kahf is from the earliest surahs revealed and it summarises the gist of Islam.

The main theme of Surah Al Kahf is that Allah will protect u from all trials.

There are four stories that form the crux of this Surah :

  • The Story of the young men who seek shelter in the cave highlights the Fitnah of religion.
  • The story of man with two gardens illustrates the Fitnah of money.
  • The story of Musa and Khidr illustrates the Fitnah of knowledge if it doesn’t bring about humility.
  • The story of Dhul Qarnayn illustrates the Fitnah of power.

Blessings of Surah Kahf as depicted in various Hadiths:

  • Abu Darda’ reported Allah’s Messenger ﷺ as saying, “If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surat Al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Dajjal.”
  • Narrated by Imam Al Bukhari, Muslim and others, “Al Baraa’ said a man was reading Surah Al-Kahf in his home and there was an animal in it that started to become uneasy or nervous. He looked up and saw a mist or a cloud and it deceived him. He mentioned it to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and he said, “Read (he said the person’s name) for verily sakinah (peace) descends for (the recitation of) the Quran”.
  • Abu Saeed al Khudri, who said,“Whoever reads Surah al Kahf on the night of Jummah, will have a light that will stretch between him and the Ancient House (Kabah).”

What is the connection between Surah Al Kahf and Dajjal? Listen intently to unravel important details.

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