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Khutbah (Muslim speech) on tongue etiquettes in Islam and the importance of not harming others with what we say.


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The history of Islam is discussed, including the importance of the tongue and its connection to people's behavior. The heart is also emphasized, as it is a bridge for success in life. The speakers share examples of how people experience negative behavior and the danger of navigating religion of Islam. They emphasize the need to be mindful of what is said and to be aware of the consequences of it, as it reflects one's behavior. The speakers also emphasize the importance of protecting one's language and not giving out false information.

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In hamdulillah namitha who want to stay in hoonah stuff when I was with him in Sri and fusina, I would say to Melina mahila who Fela mobile Allah oma usually Allah howdy Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, wa shadow, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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in hiral howdy sikita wha wha hi Ron Howdy, howdy Mohammed in Salalah alayhi wa sallam was Sharon decide to have a coup d'etat in wakulla be da da da da, da da da da, da. All praise and thanks belong to Allah the Most High. We thank him, and we seek His help and aid and we asked him for his forgiveness. And we seek His refuge from the evil of ourselves and the sins that we commit. Indeed, whomsoever Allah guides, no one can lead us astray. And whomsoever Allah leads us astray, no one can guide and a bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah Hello, that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and messenger. The best of speech is the book of Allah. As

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the best of guidance is the guidance of Mohammed Salah Holly you will send them and the worst of religious matters are those that are innovative and every religious innovation is a bit odd. That ribbit eyes misguidance under previous guidance will be in Hellfire

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and bad

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the messengers of Allah Allah you earlier Selim says

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in a radula la attack a llama we carry Mati mineral one in

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my own Juan Pablo, Hannah Bella hottie activa la hula hoop, Bihari bhuvana, who la omean car. He says indeed, one will speak a sentence that pleases Allah and he would not think it would be very significant. But because of that Allah will be pleased with him till the day that he meets him.

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We're in a radula This is the opposite now we're in a radula tackle no bill Kenny muddiman Sati LA, ma yo boo antiglaucoma Bella, yet to Maharani he has Sahaba who in a yo meal car and one will speak a sentence that anchors Allah and he would not think to be that significant. And Allah will be angry with him because of it till the day that he meets him.

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And in other narrations, it says that He will speak something that pleases Allah and Allah will because of a tree's him levels in Paradise and will speak something that will anger Allah and it will throw him in Hellfire because of it.

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And yet another in another narrative it says, Yeah, we beat him now he said in a hurry. He says he will descend because of it in Hellfire, the distance of 70 years.

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Outcome the narrator of this hadith he says can can min killer I mean God man and he had to be radically had it. It says many words. I've stopped saying many words and many sentences because of this hadith

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Why so? Because he or amatola Holly and he's a tiger, because he had realized that in his slam, the tongue is fundamental. The tongue is a key. The tongue is a bridge. It either can take you to Jenna, or either it can take you to Hellfire, salvation, of the Muslim salvation of human beings are tied to their tongues. And there's a guarantee from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the authentic hadith when he says, money of money is a guarantee, if you ain't you how you hold up your end of the bargain, you will get the result many of monthly Nabina he he

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who will guarantee for me what is between his two Jaws, his tongue and between his two legs, his private parts, I will guarantee for him paradise.

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That's the guarantee from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that's a guarantee you can bank on that a few protect these two organs. Allah subhana wa tada will protect you.

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And that is salvation in Islam. In fact, someone came to the messengers of Allah, Allah you and he was sitting there and he says, yeah Rasool Allah He meant,

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what is salvation? How will I be saved? So he told him three things. He says, MC Kali, Kali cernak Walia soccabet, he took work ethic. He says, hold your tongue control your tongue, that's the first one. And let your house contain you and cry over your sin.

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Now here the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is holding to the minimum. That's the minimum he didn't tell him go out and fighting Jihad for Allah. In terminal go and command good and forbidding evil. He didn't say that. That's the minimum that he had told him. You want salvation? Then control your tongue. So you're not insulting you're not cursing, you're not saying something anything that angers Allah

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have control over it. The second lot your house continue. That is contain your evil.

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All of us could exit our homes, leave our homes, and we can spread our evil word this person back by this person so on? He said no. Let your house continue.

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And then what do you do inside the house? He says what can a hottie a cry over your sin? Remember that you have committed a sin ask Allah for forgiveness, that is the minimum.

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And why is why is it so why is the tongue so important in Islam?

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Because this tongue is or has a definite and a direct link to your heart.

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And the heart has control over your body.

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And the body recognizes this even if you do not recognize it, even if you're not conscious of it, the body recognizes it.

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Another Hadees and this is a report of something that happens every day in the world of the unseen happens within you, but you don't realize it but we believe it because he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about

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it as I have no Adam, for in Baku to capitalism. It Lula da da da he says every morning all the limbs all the parts of the child of Adam. Submit to the tongue for the hula hoop tequila Athena so all the limbs all the parts of the body say to the tongue have to have Allah when it comes to us for in Amman Novick. We are linked to you we are connected to you our destiny is tied to your destiny. hyenas duck Hunter is the commoner if you are straight, if you are good, we will be straight and good. We're in our judge.

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And if you are crooked, we will be crooked.

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If you are crooked, then we are crooked. And as far as that connection that I mentioned between the heart and the tongue

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also the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says now is the chemo in Aberdeen. yesterday.

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He says the man of a slave of Allah will not be complete will not be straight will not be right. Until his heart is so

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what is the chemo?

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Alba, then what is Bucky? Melissa No. And he says and his heart will not be straight. Complete, right? Until his tongue is so

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and you can see that. You probably have felt that that you will not be right until your heart is right.

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That if your heart is filled of a man or it's filled with serenity and peace, you can see this on the person. You can see this in yourself the way that you talk

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The way that you behave the way that you want, it reflects this piece, doesn't it?

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If you are, on the other hand agitated, if you're very angry, if your heart is off balance, if you are very jealous, if you are worried, very worried, your body will reflect all of this, your face will reflect all of that, and your turn will translate it. So if you're angry, inside your heart to tumble translate that anger.

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If you're very envious of a person, why does he have something I don't have? Your tongue will translate that if you allow it bike when you start condemning him, or putting him down. So that's an indication that there is something wrong in the heart. So there's a connection, heart, tongue body. So you cannot take care of your heart without taking care of your tongue or take care of your tongue without taking care of your heart. All of them are connected.

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And because of that, there is this famous verse in the Quran that we know about.

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When al Federman, Colin Isla de hiraki, bonati, Allah subhana wa Taala had put observers, those who register everything that we say when he says he utters nothing, he says nothing except that he has the child of Adam, except that he has a watcher, it is equipped, ready for his mission. These are the angels of Allah subhanho wa Taala, standing on the right, and on the left shoulder, recording everything that we say. And even look at theater says he says the sequence of the ayah indicates that they write everything, not only the halal and haram, what is rewarded and what is punished. They write everything that you say.

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And there are two, you know, beautiful comments from the two of the setup I would like to share with you.

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One of them said,

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he said, as an informant, and someone who's gonna listen to what you say, then report it to someone else, like a spy or what if an informant or to sit next to you, and you know, he's going to report everything that you're going to say, you will be careful, you would select your words carefully.

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So how about Allah subhana wa Taala? Who hears everything that you say? And a record of it actually would be presented to him? Shouldn't you be selective in what you say? If you realize that Allah hears everything?

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And another one of the self says, the pious predecessors, he says,

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and is the he says one one of us be ashamed is another of his so he fertility amla when he looks at the scroll of his D that he dictates because you're dictating that that scroll or that book, whatever you say, or do the angels are writing so you're dictating. So Won't he be ashamed if he looks at that scroll that he's dictating and find a little bit of benefit in this slide and in the next.

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So I want you to pause a little bit to this. Imagine that you were handed this scroll for Friday, or yesterday or a week ago. And you looked at it and you were to extract from a data which benefits you and leave aside that for Trump's you're always of no benefit. How much of that day would actually be a value? Once you think about it, would we get an hour out of the 24

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hour speech what we say an hour out of the 24 half an hour out of the 2415 minutes out of the 24 Imagine if all the things that we come are the fruit of our day is just 15 minutes of benefit and the rest of it either is of no benefit or it condemns us.

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That is why it is important to hold on and be conscious of what we say and then the next hope by inshallah, we will look at some of the offenses that the tongues commit so that we can avoid them, who luckily had a structural lottery system

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Hamden. Catherine Pavan varakin fee will suddenly what was suddenly my notice to him while he was so happy he was telling them about

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the offenses of the tongue are many. And one of the way the effective ways to avoid them is to know about them and to know about how serious they are. The first thing or the most serious defense is to say something about Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is not true.

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And Allah mentioned in the Quran condemning

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Kufa. Allah says when polymathic was enough to communicate Eva halleluyah haram detector Allah he'll get it. In the Latina stone Allah in kW freehold. He says, Do not speak with your tongues inventing lies against Allah subhana wa Taala, saying, This is Hillel. And this is haram. Indeed, those who lie against Allah never prosper and never succeed. That was the custom of some of the courage when they would look at some animals and say, This is Helen, and others. This is Hassan with no knowledge, and no evidence from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what does it mean when we say to something this is Helen, this is her on? Why is it so significant? Because when you say, this is

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Helen, it means that Allah loves it.

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When you say this is how long it means Allah hates it. So how did you know unless you have strong support with you from the Quran, or the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? It's difficult to say.

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And what happens? What happens with us is that usually,

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the religion of Allah follows our wishes, rather than our wishes follow the religion of Allah and I will explain that is sometimes we want something to be held at so much, or something to be held on so much. So we decide first, it's hard to decide for us it's Haram, then we look for evidence for it. Whatever evidence even if it's flimsy and weak, then declare it's halal and it's Haram. And by that, when the religion of Allah turns into our wishes, or we turn our wishes, I'm sorry, into the religion of Allah, then we will have as many slams as we have wishes, because all we have different wishes. I like this thing, but you hate it. So for you, it's going to be highlighted, but for me,

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it's going to be harder.

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But the religion of Allah came so that our wishes would conform to the religion of Allah so that the religion of Allah would it become our wish

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to understand so that the religion of Allah would become all of our wish, so that we would be one.

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And an example

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of that, of saying about Allah subhanaw taala that which we do not know. And this is a famous Hadith maybe that you've heard it before. But there were two people, two individuals from the children of Israel in benissa, Rocky,

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one of them is a worshipper of Allah and the other is not and the worship of Allah when he looked at the other person one day and he was sitting, and he looked at it and he was amazed at that sin because he continuously advised him fear Allah, Fear Allah, Allah and he says, leave me alone. So at one day, when he looked at that sin and was great in his eye, he says, well, La La acutal, Lola, well, my you know, your clinical lagenda it says, By Allah, Allah will never forgive you. By Allah, you will never enter Paradise. So when Allah took their souls, but it Allah say to him, it says Mandela, Viet Allah Allah Allah, Irani, Sudan, who is the one who's swearing that I'm not going to

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forgive so and so. And another narrative, he says, and that is significant. And another narrative it says, our contribuire Lima out my fear the car, the car dealer, B. Halima? Did you know me that you would swear such a thing? Or did you have control over what I have in my hand?

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You don't have my power and you don't have my knowledge By what right? Would you say that?

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So he says, Take him to Hellfire because of what he said, Take him to Hellfire and forgive the other person.

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So what are you gonna say Karla Kelly met an old Macedonia who is the author of a sentence that destroyed his life and the next because he spoke about Allah subhanho wa Taala without knowledge

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and that is very dangerous. The second one is to speak about the messengers of Allah Allah you only send them without knowledge. And that is also very dangerous. We all know about the danger of inventing a lie against the messenger so allottee audio signal, like a Hadeeth a fabrication and then

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spreading that that is a problem. But even if you're in doubt, you have to be very careful Why? Because he says, Allah Allah you it was seldom man had the unneeded Hadith in wahiawa you are no kidding. No kidding. So it can be it says the one who reports a hadith from me, and he thinks that it could be a lie, is one of the liars.

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And if you love the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You would want to protect his reputation, right? You want to protect him as a messenger of Allah. So when you receive a report and you're not sure it has no reference, it has no source. And it actually is

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could seem absurd and very outrageous.

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And yet you forward that to other people. And you don't know whether he said it or not. The person who receives it could look at it and actually believe that it is from the messenger so loudly while he was sending them. And if it has false predictions, or it's very silly and outrageous, they will start to doubt the messenger because of that particular thing that you forwarded to them. And you become complicit a partner in that sin.

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So we have to translate our love for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I will not forward or tell people about anything until I'm sure of it, or short of it source.

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Other things also, that common sense of the tongue is lying.

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And lying is a habit brothers and sisters, lying is a habit. There is no small lie and big lie. Because the small lie when you think that it's insignificant, insignificant, they add up

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and we look down at lying or would you belittle the act of lying,

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you start to add greater lies, and then bigger lies. And then when you lie, first of all, out of necessity will lie then after that because you're seeking an opportunity. You want to get ahead, and then you become a liar. And the messenger sallallahu wasallam referred to something like that, in a cafe de la foto de la COVID lying leads to disgraceful sins,

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and disgraceful sins leave lead to Hellfire, when there is no road to react, and the person would continue to lie. So this is the act of continuous lying, where the hell did I get it and then he seeks lying

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in the light, until he is written with Allah a liar. That is that is his reputation with a lot a liar. When he meets Allah he meets him as a liar.

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So there is no small lie or a big lie. If you get used to it, you will become a liar. Eventually it's that path. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about it.

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Also, there is backbiting. Speaking about people behind their back, there is NEMA reporting, the bad that was said about someone to that person that this was said about with the intent of spreading disharmony and discord among people and corruption.

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You have to take care of your heart, brothers and sisters, so that when you are angry,

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when you are envious,

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when you are very afraid.

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You don't translate those feelings that you have into something that you speak and then that you regret. Those are the states where you need to control your tongue we need to control our tongues.

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And when you're angry, or when you're envious, realize that there's something missing from your heart. Instead of trying to satisfy that anger, that envy with your tongue, no refrain from speaking refrain from a teenager, non summit energy, the one who is quiet the one who's silent will be saved.

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or being verbose, or excessive speech is not a sign actually of intelligence. It's the opposite.

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The messengers are allowed to send them who had the message. He had the message, the greatest message can I can imagine you could count his words.

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He wouldn't chatter you could count his words he was very selective in what he says a lot he was he was. So in conclusion, how can we actually protect ourselves and protect our tongue First of all, make dua to Allah subhana wa Taala that was part of the of the prophets of Allah, Allah you it was Allah, make dua that Allah would safeguard your tongue, then second, realize its danger. And be vigilant about it. Always check yourself What did I say? Why did I say Did I need to talk? If there's definite benefits in what you're going to say? Say it? If there is harm? No, refrain from it. If you're in doubt, no, don't say anything until you're sure that what are you going to say it's

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going to be a benefit to people around you or to you or to everyone.

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And eventually, or at the end of it.

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Fill your tongue like a vessel fill your tongue with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala so that it becomes hard for it to say something evil or wicked. And that's how it works. Brothers and sisters, you are like a vessel we are like vessels. If you form us with something beautiful, we're going to produce something that is beautiful. And if you fill us with something that is evil, we're going to produce something that is evil and wicked. So fill your tongue with the salah and Salaam upon the messengers of Allah you send them Mr. pantalon hamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar all the time, and you will find that your tongue will actually be straight, it will

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conform to you, it will listen to you and stay away from those who curse and curse

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And insult

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continuously all the time because then you can absorb their habit as well.

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So in conclusion, I ask Allah subhana wa dialler to make our tongues a key for us to paradise, Allah make our tongues a key for us to enter Paradise, or law protect our tongues from all evil, or law protect our tongues from all evil will protect us from the evil our tongues will not protect us from the evil of our tongues and the rest of our body, while law protects us from the evil of our tongues and the rest of our body will not protect us from the evil of our tongues and the rest of our body. Well, we asked you that you grant Muslims victory against their enemies, Allah grant Muslims victory against their enemies. While we asked you that you send your help and aid to all Muslims, while we

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asked you that you send your help and aid to all the Muslims, while I give the Muslims victory against their enemies, while we asked you for all the good in this life and in the Hereafter, and we seek your refuge from all evil in this life and in the Hereafter along manana circle ginetta makabe Hammond, Colin

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Colin Rahman, Aloha mai kakou with a bit Kuru banana de Nick, aloha Mia Khalifa kulu kulu Bonilla de la familia, mckinleyville kulu visa, una de yahaya Matic anesthetics Elena shenana Kula Valentina, Illa and fusina