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AI: Summary © The end of the second month ofFinancial has only gone by ten days, leaving everyone on a path to achieving their dreams and goals. The importance of belief in time and the importance of losing everything is emphasized. Successful work towards the end of life is crucial, and maintaining good deeds for oneself is also crucial. A quiz and tour of a library are also mentioned.
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Lumina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi mursaleen Sina Mohammed in vida de la jolla, Jemaine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Night 19 and the second third of this month of Ramadan is almost at an end. And Panama quickly this month has gone only basically 10 days left. And these 10 days, I said this at the beginning of Ramadan, and just to think about it, these are the 10 days 10 nights that could be the difference between our agenda and gentlemen. And as tired as we are and as you know, busy as we are as distracted as we are, that we need to tell ourselves I need to tell myself that this these 10 days and these 10 nights can be the difference between Gen of enjoyment of eternity and janam of difficulty and hardships from Allah grant as the ability to achieve the utmost best of what remains

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in this month of Ramadan.

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The Surah Surah vilassar one of the shortest suitors of the Quran, one of the sutras that many of the scholars have said everything so much about it, we say that Imam Shafi said and Allah only revealed the surah it would have been sufficient as a revelation. Because basically it sums up everything that we need to know about our religion and our objectives and our duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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There are many, many narrations and many, one of the narrations of the Sahaba is that when they would meet one another, when they would depart, they would recite Surah laaser. And that's why in some gatherings when we when we did this come from why when we in the gathering, we recite one laaser Why do we do this because the Sahaba used to do that, and why it was to remind each other about this, because this surah puts your life into perspective. So they will remind one another about this and they will recite the surah frequently. Another narration about the surah is you know musella al Qaeda Musa lemma the False Prophet when America lost the Sahabi, or the Alon when to

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Masai llama, and he called him to Islam. And

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Masai llama asked, basically I'm going to ask what has Allah seen Mohammed? I'm going to recite the surah he recited the Surah Al Asad in Santa Rosa, lol, Edina mn masala hottie, whatever, so be happy, whatever. So Beloved. So masala my response to this is I also have a surah that Allah has decided to me, and I want you to compete. The words of ally are the words of Bashar compared to the words of Allah. And this is when we say llama surah he said, Yeah, wobba wobba wobba is like a dusty rodent, right? Yeah, whenever you have a long ears and a long nose, and you dig and you borrow, right? So he said that he's one. Now compare this to the words of Allah subhanaw taala. When you say

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Lama recited that, to tell me you see I also have Quran. I'm gonna say to him, you know that I know you're a liar. You just convinced me You're a liar. Right? We both know you're lying. You know that you were lying. And obviously we know what happened to him. So the surah the Sahaba would go and give Dawa based on this and said this, look at this. This is not the words of a man. Allah subhanho wa Taala puts the surah again in the context of where it fits in from circle Zetas Allah. Will IDF Aleppo area? And how can we takato was talking about chiama and life and the link between what we do in our life and the ultimate end of pm and we'll answer really rounds it all off to say look at your

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And how can we take care through spoke about this life that is distracting us our pursuits that we are racing for it's a delusion it's a facade it's fake. Until we get to the cupboard, we will realize the truth. A lie now begins with a sort out the blank sheet on the regime he begins with a custom he sways, Allah says one last sir by now we know as time like I said, walk this what time, the afternoon the light afternoon meaning the sun is about to sit, the ending of the day. Also answer in Arabic language also means Time, time, all together. So Allah says, by time interval insanity hoser. Allah says, I swear by time that mankind all of humanity is at a loss, they are

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losing. They are, they are behind.

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What is Allah amenia Allah says that every single person on earth, you are losing against this battle with time, time is always going to defeat you. Time is always going to win that whatever you do in your life, it's never gonna last. Think about it. Every stage in your life you're competing you going to the next objective, the next objective. I would like so much money, your goals. I'd like so much prestige and status and this level in my business or in life. Most of us will never fully get the goals and our dreams that we want. We will time will beat us to it. But even the one that achieves everything that he wanted, what's going to happen, you can lose it. Time will overtake

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And you will end up in the cupboard, his wealth, his pursuits will come to nothing because ultimately, he will end up the way he started naked with nothing that he owns. You came into the dunya like that you're gonna go out like that. So you ask when you think about this, what am I really working for? Everything I'm working for. I will lose it. Eventually, everything I'm struggling and fighting for, I will lose it. So why am I even pursuing anything? We realize it's a game that we can't win. Unless this game that I've set up for you. You're not gonna win, it's impossible. You're always going to lose. If I'm sheriff, he explains that it's like Allah has given

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us some ice in the middle of the desert. And Allah said, you need to sell this ice before it melts. That's your objective. And personal buster. He said, your life is like grains of sand, and every grain of sand is sickened. Every time a second goes, that grain of sand disappears and you're never going to get it back. So Allah says, by time you owe insaan, Muslim, non Muslim, rich and poor, you all are losers. You are all losing in this game. You're all gonna lose Illa except there's only one person, one type of person that can beat this game. One type of person that can win against time that will actually be victorious. Elon Lavina, amanu Aminu solly. hottie whatever. So Bill Hockley,

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whatever, so be sober. The only person who's actually going to win, the only person whose efforts is going to succeed is the person who number one, Allah says you need to do four things. If you want to beat time, if you want to be on the right path, if you want to be successful, four things you need to do. And levena amanu you need to believe what I mean sorry, hottie and do good deeds, whatever. So we'll help and counsel and encourage others with the truth, whatever, so be sober, and encourage and counsel with patients. Now why these four things? Firstly, Allah begins and as we know, where do we begin in MLM Aloo Binya actions are meaningless if the inside is not right. So Allah says begin

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with your inside your mind must be right. You must know like alchemy, Taka through said you are in. This is an illusion, this world is a matrix, it's fake. The real world is when when we die, you first have to believe in that afterlife, believe in a Gen Nana janam believe that that's what I'm working for. That's the realities I'm in. That's the real challenge. Once you believe and you know this agenda, you know this agenda. The next step is you need to work towards it. Now you actually doing deeds that benefit you. So you believe who I am, you saw the heart and you do good deeds. And if you don't do good deeds, then in reality, you're not believing of karma. And if you do, if you

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believe, and you do good deeds for yourself, Allah said, it's not enough that you save yourself, whatever. So we'll help you encourage others to do good as well. It's not enough that you save yourself and let everyone else down. You have to encourage others to do good as well, you need to tell them and call them to the truth, because they are blinded by this illusion this world. And once you do that, once you start calling people to do good, naturally, what's going to happen, people are going to oppose you, whatever. So be sober. And then you're going to have to have patience. Keep up with a good work until the end. So every person, you need to look at these five stages, there are

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five points in the surah. Either you are the one who's at a loss. If you look at your pursuits, your life, my efforts, is it going to something which will assist me in the era? Or is it or is it going to die when I die? So that's the one the loser. The second person is I believe, he believes, but is he doing no good deeds, the third type of person he believes and he does good deeds, but only for himself. The fourth, I believe, do good deeds, and I encourage others to do good as well. And the fifth is he maintains and be persistent and perseveres on that. And this is your life. You are either one of those five points in your life. And every time I was going to challenge you what was

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so bizarre, every time you do good deeds, always gonna put challenges in your way. And you need to go back and renew that near, you need to go back and do extra good deeds, a blessing. These are the things that are going to last in the era. These are the things that will go beyond time, a moment is going to come when Allah is going to destroy Time, time itself will come to an end. And the thing's all back here to solid hat Allah says the things that will stay forever are the good deeds, that five grand you put in the towel, that smile in the face of your brother, that good word you gave that will last forever and ever and ever. That's what's going to last, not the money in your bank

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account, or the car that you're driving the car that you make the kindness to people, that's what's gonna last forever. So Allah says that is the only way you're gonna win.

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This is the only way no other way to win this game against time. And if you go against that, ultimately, obviously you're going to lose, you're going to lose haphazard mccobb if you only realize that you've lost the game, when you enter the cabin, so these 10 nights on perfect opportunity to make the scales heavy to increase in the soil, he had good deeds that will last for all eternity. Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us to be of those who win this game of time whereas defeat time, it has beat this time and when the sun sits on our life may be a life worthy worthy of kiama inshallah sola Mohammed, we have our quiz.

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We see tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about surah tiller, who Messiah, the people who hood and covered money, you'll find the link between velocity and the surah again tomorrow in sha Allah. Also, the concert last night's quiz, we said the meaning of attacker through means what the rivalry the competition of the dunia This is at the castle.

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And tonight's question alone makes a costume he sways in the sutra. What does he swear by? Does he swear by the rising sun? The striking horses the declining day or the full moon? Allah swears by a specific thing. What does he swear by? In sha Allah is the answer. We will continue our quiz and

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so just a reminder that the 21st night which is the beginning of the last 10 nights of Ramadan will be this Thursday evening, the night before Jamal basically and we'll begin Salatu layer program for the rest of the for the rest of the duration of Ramadan. So please join us sokola hydro sola syedna Mohammed Yusuf Islam saline Alhamdulillah blood Amina Solomonic library cattle

Episode 19 Surah Al Asr (The Time), Beating the unbeatable game. Each of us is in a race against time which we can can’t win. Allah gives us the secret in this chapter how we can beat time.

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