Arabic Summer School – Makkah 2023

Akram Nadwi


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The speaker discusses the benefits of immersioning in an Arab country, including hearing Arabic language and practicing it for one month. They also emphasize the importance of learning the Arabic language for personal development and sharing it with others. The program is designed to help students improve their language skills and socializing it.

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One of the benefits of going to an Arab country is immersion, immersion in the language immersion, the culture immersion in the environment where you're constantly having to be put in situations where you are practicing Arabic hearing Arabic breaking that barrier where you feel embarrassed to speak, but your inputs into situations where you have to force yourself to speak and this is one of the best ways to learn the language is going to be for one month. So, the aim is within one month you will be exposed to the Arabic language intensively and by the end of it Inshallah, you would have had developed your air developed your tongue, developed your heart and mind so that you will be

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able to understand a hotbar you'll be able to speak well to an audience you'll be able to sit in Majelis of Elm and understand and interact with the with the scholars in the Arabic language, Arabic language for us is a very important language. And one thing I remember the Quran said whenever it does not set a messenger, he sent a messenger in the language of the people, you know what language it means, language that doesn't mean really only a certain words an expression, language actually more than that, that is a people subculture, people's the mind, you know, how people meet each other what the tradition is, in what the norms are, one needs to learn or that certainly, you know, people

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are a people, no, they are not the same. By the time the parcela lesson is still they have gotten many things coming from that time, many traditions in many cultures, and also the language they speak in a minute in front of the same time, too, if we want to be part of that language, the way is it that we shouldn't mix with other people, we should spend some time you know In, in that in that culture, and with those people. So then we learn Arabic language is how to speak, how to write with them in practice more and more. And then also we learn their culture, we become familiar with their food, in also with their habits, too. We know that people will you know when you read the Quran and

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Hadith, too many teas and expressions comes from many, you know, names or the full signed traditions or come into Quran, sunnah, you can relate them very well. So Hamdulillah this initiative is very important as salam had been successful Alhamdulillah for a while in teaching Arabic language, you know, anti Islamic sciences, but now, this initiative, which helped people, the students, they spend some time in one of their country, they improve their Arabic language especially as a speaking part and also make the writing part and they become aware really the Arab culture and the people there and also we need to know the countries or a country. So when you are there, you can discuss with the

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people. So 100 Light is a good program and very strongly, you know, encourage everybody that you know, every year, some story should actually make effort to go there and spend at least one a month there and it will help them I do hope you can all register and join us Inshallah, because one of the five skills of learning the languages conversation, and learning how to speak is very difficult to do it outside of the environment. So we hope this is an event which will provide a wonderful platform for you to develop those skills.