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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the distraction of the coronavirus and the constant distraction of life that comes with the weekend. They use a paraphrasal to describe the distraction and the distraction of the Jana event. The importance of pursuing good things, such as protecting from the Jahed morning and remembering the words "has been asked" is emphasized. The audience is asked to answer the "has been asked" question.
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Are the voluminous us on the road James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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are y'all doing

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tonight, number 18. And ready next next week, Sunday could be read. So we have just about 10 days, a little bit more than that, to do as much about that as we can. And we ask that we keep each other in the two hours that this is the prime time for us to have our sins forgiven. And especially the sutras we've been discussing these past few nights. And really these four sutras if we remember surah, Zelda siewert, la deit surah, to Korea and tonight, surah sort of together, they are full sutras that go hand in hand, they go together, and they speak about the same subject matter about piano, on the one hand and about life. So if we remember slightly, that Sudoku puzzles Allah spoke

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about this earthquake of kiama, that will shake out all the bodies, the earth will give birth, basically, two, it's the the dead, and Allah will search within the graves and take out what is in our chests, what is true, and will be questioned on that and whatever good we will see, whatever bad we are ever good we've done it will be shown to us whenever bad we have done to be shown to us. So two ideas was about those horses running. I was asking you what are you chasing after and running after? And how ungrateful we are with his blessings. And then last night, we spoke about Korea, what was Korea, the calamity, the calamity of karma. And there's this place called how we are this

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massive hole filled with fire and May Allah protect us for those whose scales are light. So Allah brings all those themes together in the sutra and really puts our life into perspective. A lot begins the surah Allah Humana shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Allah Haku MacArthur, Allah come at the cathode. Now how come it comes from LA who Lao is to play level is a game that you do that wastes your time. And Allah, how come it's that thing which keeps you distracted from something important. So you know, the spinner that you play with, when you have an exam tomorrow, or the WhatsApp that you're looking at, or the Facebook you're looking at, when you have an exam tomorrow,

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this thing is what distracts you. So Allah says something is distracting you from something else, which is very important, and what is distracting us at the castle, the castle comes from the word caffeine means a lot. So the pleanty the the acquisition of a lot of things, that desire for many things, is keeping us distracted from the real reality. kathuria is about greed, it implies wanting more and more and more. So Allah is saying, When will it be enough? Think about the thing you want the most. Now if you acquire that, will you be happy? Will you be satisfied? Or will you want to go off to something else, and something else and something else and something else? When would it be

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enough so Allah saying in this ayah, this constant the race and chasing after a destination that you will never get to is keeping you busy and distracted from what is important. There's something more important you are losing focus on and this allow kumaun this and it's very interesting on the scale of asylum, it is all of you Allah saying all of humanity, every single person, you fall into this category, you are chasing after something that you're never going to reach, you'll never be satisfied, and it keeps you distracted from the reality. So when will you finally wake up And see the reality hackers will macabre until the day you visit the grave, meaning the distraction and the

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delusion and the the mirage of life will continue until it will finally you will finally wake up when you zoom to mccobb and make Zara like to visit the macabre to the cemetery, meaning the day you die and say now he said that basically we are dead until the day we die when we actually become alive. elucid life is like that, that we live most of us live a life where we actually did and when we die we actually finally wake up. So Allah says the day you into the grave, this you finally will realize the reality of life but it's too late. Also a very small minority of Syria. hatter's Ottoman makabe means until you visit the grave meaning the day you into the grave meaning the day we die the

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day you manage, basically. But another side opinion is you will only realize the reality of life when you physically max era of the symmetries. When you go to the macabre and you look at the people in the graves and you see someone being buried. That feeling you'd have just for that moment will wake you up

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Meaning visit the cemeteries often and think about this. And interest and we'll get to this later on but death in the Quran. Allah says worship Allah until you get to yaqeen. Yaki means certainty and what is certain they The only thing that is certain we say is death. And that word is in a common lot in this in the surah so Allah says, You are being distracted You're wasting your time until you visit the grave Kela solfatara Moon no alesund color like I am warning you soon you are going to know soon so for me it's very very soon all of you are going to realize this through mccalla. solfatara Allah, I'll say to you again you are going to know very soon you know it's like someone

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tell you I'm warning you. And I'm telling you for sure. Again, I give you a second warning. You're gonna know very soon. Calello talamona al Maliki. Surely indeed if you were to know what that clear certainty if you actually realize the certainty of what's over past this, Allah sees the Akira Allah says If only you could see what's waiting for you. If only you could have that knowledge of certainty of the life after death lateral lateral ninja him now this

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is this is this word letter a winner Elijah him Thoreau is to see so when you if you were to see the jam, Jam Jam, but I'll add that lamella and that noon with a shudder basically each lamb and that noon the shadow I mean, surely and it's double. So surely you will surely surely see LG Rahim. Allah him is Jan Nam. But what it really means in the in the literal sense, jam is that that posture a predator has when it surrounds its prey, and it's about to pounce. And he's staying at that prey and they frozen with fear. That is janam janam physically is alive and it surrounds it's its prey, and it stays that's called Jane. When that fire looks at it's at the people of Jana about to pounce on

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it and cover it in flames. Allah calls that Jane. So you will see meaning you will look back at Jan Nam looking at you with certainty Allah saying you will surely surely see this motion this point in time through maratona. In eliakim, you're not only going to know and see you're going to see it with your eyes. Surely you will be looking back at jahannam staring at you ready to pounce on you.

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Through mellitus alone Naomi in in and in and in name. And surely on that day, this day when Jana will come alive and Jana most around us, you will be asked on the joys and comforts of life. So the sutra began with what you are chasing and pursuing the comforts of life. And I will see is the thing that people are going to go put them in jahannam is the questioning of the comforts enjoys the thing that you are trying to acquire so much, you're going to be questioned about every single one of the things every cent every minute, every second, every luxury, I was gonna question you. And in the Hadith we know that the Prophet said whoever is question in detail, every single one is going to

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fail. If you're audited in detail on kiama, no one's going to pass that audit. But some will have an easy questioning. And therefore Allah says that if you use your blessings, nothing wrong, to be rich, and to one the joys and good things in life, but how you use it and how you pursue it, that as the LMR mentioned, you must have a lot in your heart, the dunya in your hand, but Allah in your heart, not the dunya in your heart, but you need to ask yourself the things I am pursuing, why do I pursue those things? Because I'll be asked for them. What answer would I give to Allah for the millions he gives me the power he gives me the eloquence he gives me the beauty he gives me the

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knowledge he's given me what's the answer I'm going to give to Allah when he asks me about that, to protect us from that jakeem when we see the fire of jahannam and those things will push us into gentlemen Allah protect us, Allah grant all the blessings that we have to be a soldier for us merely be count in our skills of goodness, and not against us on the day of pm. May Allah keep us safe from jahannam from the Korea from the jehane for that harpa all those names of kiama Allah keeps us keep us safe from that place. And interesting to Jenna. I mean, tomorrow we'll talk about su two will answer. The surah Imam Shafi said if Allah only revealed the surah if the whole Quran was well

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answered, it would be enough for us. If he said that this Surah Al Asad is enough of a lesson. The entire Quran is encompassed in it. So we'll talk about it inshallah, in 20 minutes tomorrow, if Allah permits, I mean, last night's question, we said, the one what is the thing that weighs the most amount of resources on your scales on piano is a good character. And tonight's question, I make me make me laugh. I didn't actually give them a question. So we'll give her a spot question on your spot question. Yes. Is there a question? Oh, wait, you came up with a question in his own. Let's see what he came up with the meaning of attacker who is

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The rivalry, the time the calamity, the hellfire. It's a good question. So the name of the surah MacArthur, what is the name? What is the meaning of the surah? Allah? How can we Taka So? What is distracting you? Is time distracting you? Is calamity distracting to you? is alpha distracting to you, distracting you or the rivalry in the dounia distracting you? The answer is easy insha Allah. So, Allah will wait for that question, what sort of La syedna Mohammed Ali also have Islam sending him Larabee alameen Sokoloff at Santa Monica

Episode 18 Surah At Takathur (The Rivalry), This worldly life is a mirage keeping us distracted from the inevitability. Only when we visit our graves shall we wake up from this delusion. Is there any escape from this mirage?

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