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The speaker explains the process of achieving perfection in Islam, starting with describing the physical appearance of the beast and moving on to the next step. They use the phrase "imature" to refer to the physical transformation of the beast. The speaker also discusses the concept of "monarch" and its relation to achieving perfection.

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Sudan hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Hamden

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or Salalah who is a EDM hamedan rather early he was iVh Marion, Alabama, Alabama and federal now, when I was 18 I

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saw that he was silly Emily, Emily Sonic, fo Kohli. Welcome all to the 99 Names of Allah subhana wa Tada. We're looking at a name, which goes by produce, all produce means, the pure one. produced means the perfect one, and produces a name. In order for us to understand this name. We should understand another word that is similar but not the same as of produce. And that is the word at the spear. Every single time we do a spear, every single time we say Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Homo behenic whenever we're using the word souhan and we are referring to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then we are describing the perfection of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. What is the word sapan mean? Seven means to swim. So that is better when a pool is called them as bad, right? So, Sabha means to swim. Now when you're swimming. And if you imagine yourself swimming, in a lake, for example, an ocean a water body. That water body comes with a lot of depth. You can keep going deeper all the way to the dark darknesses of the ocean, right at the water bed.

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But the person that's swimming, he is not at the bottom, she's not at the bottom, they're normally right at the top most part of that ocean. And such as the example of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah is to parents who parent out or be an Allah, how perfect is Allah Subhana Medina when we are describing his perfection what Allah wants for you to think about at that moment is the fact that look when you are at the top of the ocean, or when a fish finally makes it wait its way all the way at the top of the ocean. The ones that are at the bottom, they're very deep down in the depths of this ocean. They are far far beneath. And they are far far below. It says if up top is a different

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league, and Allah subhana wa tada is up top. It says if up top is a whole different league and below all the way down in the deep depths of this ocean is a whole different area. So the difference between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the difference that we notice as we are swimming in the ocean. far beneath the ocean in the deep depths of the water lie a lot of different creatures but those that are above they are far far above Allah subhana wa diatas League is a whole another thing Allah is and produce a lot is the ever perfect Allah Subhana Allah Allah is the everpure Allah subhana wa tada is so pure, so perfect, that they say Allah is not only perfect from imperfections,

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Allah Subhana Allah is even more perfect from what we think in our minds to be perfections You see, sometimes we think of our ears as perfection or here as perfection. We don't think of Allah subhana wa tada and these in these things except the descriptions that we have of a loss of parallel data but Allah subhanaw taala data himself. So what we know to be perfection in this world might actually be imperfection for Allah subhana wa Tada. So we don't describe him in that fashion saying that he has the perfection of the creation no Allah is above even the perfection of the creation, this is the purity, this is the perfection of Allah subhana wa Tada. So apparently Allah. Now if Allah

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Subhana Allah is perfectionist such what then are we supposed to take from this perfection? What we are supposed to first and foremost take from this perfection is that we are imperfect. And we as human beings, have a tendency of looking at ourselves, and aspects of what we believe to be perfection and dwelling on these aspects of our own personal perfections. And then we end up disdaining other human beings who we feel don't have that same sort of perfection. But when we think about the fact that a law is above all laws, perfection is is perfect and the last purities ever pure. Then we realize that everything below Allah subhana wa tada will always be susceptible to

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imperfections, the prophets Allah send them how perfect was he? Well as an omen Kalam terracotta regimental men can tell he didn't

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even know taka taka taka Mata was a son. The poet of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, more beautiful than you are perfect than you. He's talking about His perfection, more perfect than you My eyes have never seen more beautiful than you women have never bored. You have been created free of all defects as it's as if you've been created just as you yourself want it to be created. This is the perfection of it all sort of love but a law shows us

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That even Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had a scar on his face in the battle over her even more sort of loss of limb had his teeth broken in the Battle of hurt as well. Why? Because of the fact that a lot was trying to show us that the most beautiful things within the creation will be inflicted by imperfection so you recognize that perfection will always be for Allah subhana wa tada and Allah alone. The prophets camel a swan was known for traveling at very fast speeds. But the prophets camel was had lost one day as well and the Sahaba were so sad to see that the camel of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had lost in the profits SLM explained at that point, that it

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is a right upon Allah Hakuna La la la have actually admitted dunya Illa Allah who it is a right upon Allah that He doesn't raise anything of his creation, except that he puts them back down eventually, when equally shaken, either Mata Monica Sana, when are you going to be leaving it inside? Oh, he had a moral kamisha to do I don't know who's a man himself, as a poet says that for every single thing. When it becomes perfected and complete, it will start going down in its demise, Nepal, Asana will start to become defected after that. When you become a young man, you're strong, you start to become weak. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this across the board and everything of his creation. So you

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recognize that there is imperfection in the creation of Allah and that Allah subhana wa tada is the ever perfect and through that, we should come to a realization that humility is a must, because one day you may be perfect or so you consider yourself to be, but one day you will not be and that's a reality. And that was that was what this poet that I the lines that I just shared before you. And this was what this poet was talking about. He said, When everything becomes complete, it starts to go downwards. And this and the Lucien, the famous, you know, glorious utopic past of the Muslim Spain was considered the most perfect place in the world to reside in. But it went down and it kept

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on going down further and it kept on going kept going down further, until many of the poets of underdose describe the the pain that they had one through the end the Lucien Muslims who are living in glory, knowledge and ease and, and everything you can imagine and hope for, but they started going down.

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And that's why one of the poet's he describes the situation. And he's talking about his country, you know, and he's talking about Mercia. And this this this was a place a location where, you know, Elon had flourished and things had flourished and and and the dunia had flourished. But he and other people were forced to evacuate this area all of that so Allah subhana wa tada makes you realize that perfection only leads eventually to imperfection that is in this dunya number two, what Allah subhana wa tada wants you to know about this name is that a lot is produced a lot is the ever perfect. So you think in your mind, about the perfect, whatever is imperfect and this dunya is

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imperfect. Get that out of your heart. start turning your heart to the perfect I asked Allah subhana wa tada to help us gain lessons from the perfection of Allah, the purity of Allah and Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty. Allah is pure doesn't accept anything except purity. What's Allahu Allah sad now Mohammed didn't want it. He was like me ajmeri