Forgotten Etiquettes #13 – Apologise When You Are Wrong

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim as humans we are prone to error. We are weak, we are feeble, we are fallible. There's no doubt that we do slip up in our arrangements in our agreements, provided we are not deliberate in violating we are not malicious. We are nasty. We are not obnoxious, but mistakes and slip ups happen to the best amongst us. The key thing is when we do slip up, do we have the courage and the confidence to apologize and that's the etiquette of today. Well, Eric, devout who are in the Mohalla fatigue him if you've opposed a senior or you've gone against an agreement, can you step back and apologize? In English they say anger gets us into problems, but pride keeps us

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there. Because of our pride. We cannot apologize how many and arguments would be quelled? If we have the courage of picking up the phone and apologizing road rage, you stepped onto the wrong lane, just open your window wave at the other driver and apologize my mistake instead of becoming vulgar and obscene. So again, we look at the incident of Satan or Musa and Hadith Allah him I mean Allah He has salatu wa salim

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Javier Alayhis Salam and impressed upon Musa you don't ask me a question till I don't initiate the discussion. They boarded a boat and they went with these people. When it was the time to disembark from the boat, have your Alayhis Salam removed a plank from the boat? Musa alayhis salam immediately objected a karateka ha Little River and aloha. Have you defected the boat to drown the people of this boat Lukka Jada che and imra you've done something grave and strange and immediately have your Alayhis Salam reminded him you know what the regulations of enrollment at my institution is that you don't ask me anything. I don't initiate the discussion. And immediately what was the reaction of

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Musa alayhis salam lead to kidney B mana seat? Please don't hold me accountable. I forgot for garnethill Hola Amin Musa NIS yah none. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said Sedna, Musa alayhis salam forgot and he accepted, you know, he apologized. So that's the message today we'll tease out during the Mohalla for to him to not defend yourself when you know you're wrong. Do not play mind games when you know you're guilty. Apologize and make progress.