Ramadan Reminders – Day 22

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alameen wa salatu salam ala mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile you earlier so seldom does live on Kaziranga see Rama Babu, my brothers and sisters in a beautiful heavies in Makati, narrated by

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them nabasa beloved Ambassador della Anima

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who said that also a nice little salon was the most generous of all people.

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And he used to become even more generous in Ramadan when you re Salaam used to meet him. And Jubilee Salaam used to meet him every night during Ramadan to revise the Quran with him, the sorcerer Salaam would read the Quran and God Salam would listen to it Surah Surah Surah Islam then used to be even more generous and he said if there was other Lana says he was more generous than the fast wind

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you know, rain bearing wind, which comes and then the rain falls, it falls on everywhere on the earth wherever it falls, and it benefits whoever or whatever is there equally, it does not discriminate

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between whoever the rain falls on and this is the beauty of the what is called the fast wind or the other end bearing when they've never saw the land Am I saying that Russell's salon was the most generous of people as we know of course, he was generous to the point of of it being almost like a like a generous to a fault, as as the proverb is where this was said many times, would even take we would even borrow money he would even borrow funds from some from money lenders, in order to help somebody in need. I mean, that was the extent of his generosity, there's no there's no, there's no way of describing that kind of generosity in today's times. One is to give what you have, but to be

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in debt yourself, you're not borrowing to buy a flat screen TV or he will do. He would borrow them he would borrow money, not for himself, but to help somebody in need who came to him for help. And also as a solemn didn't have

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anything at that time. So he even borrowed money to help the other person and he would pay it off. This was the level of generosity of promises, even I mean all the time.

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But even above other Lanois says that in Ramadan, he would become even more generous because gra Salam would come to him.

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And every night he would come and rustlers or Salam would revise the Quran was amazing swell as well as well I think about this, how what kind of blessed and

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mobarak situation and meeting that is between

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ubaidah salaam and also lies or salah and one is reciting the Quran and the other one is listening to it. And you realize that I was the Rasul of Allah subhanaw taala, who brought the Koran to resources, most of it, some of it came in different ways, but most of it came through gibberella A Salaam, and this is the beauty of this meeting. And he said he will be more generous than the fastest and then the fast wind. Now the point I want to

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make for you

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is that

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we do our most people, we also do a lot of charity and sadaqa and a lot of charitable works in northern many people also calculate and pay their Zakat in Nevada. Now there's no compulsion or there's no recommendation and Zakah should be paid to know that but people do it because the reward of any good deed is multiplied in northern so therefore they like to pay the soccer the Ramadan so that the reward is multiplied Angela, there's nothing wrong with this. But obviously, if there is somebody in need, and you need to help them

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you can tell them wait till Ramadan to to eat right. So I do remember this. And when it's a question of helping somebody, remember Allah subhanaw taala is not an accountant. So you make the knee and say Allah I'm doing this. Normally I would repeat this in Ramadan, but because this person needs this help, I am I would like to help this person. And so I would like to do it now. And please reward me like you would have rewarded me during Ramadan. Alhamdulillah insha Allah Mazhar Myra geladeira, who will reward you the way he would have

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rewarded you if you had done it in Ramadan. So, please, please remember that. Now, this other part is one which we do, one of the things we do, which a lot of people do is they give what are called Ramadan hampers so or

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if our if our material so you would give people probably one month's food supply, now put to the poor people one month's food supply, and you give it in Ramadan as a good deal. Now, my submission to my brothers sisters is of course, it's a good day, there's no denying that Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah reward you may Allah has Allah bless you well as well to help you and well as rather reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace and give you all the benefit of the reward from that. But remember, people are not pisceans they don't read once in a once in a year, right? So if you are giving food to people who need food, and you are giving it in one month of the year, what are they

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supposed to do for the other 11 months? Right? So think about this. And by all means do good work, but think longer term and say how can we set up systems where this can be a sustained thing over a period of time, where people are given food and whatever you want to give them on a sustained basis, that so that they are they are held throughout the year, don't just keep it to.

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Because there is a there's even though it's charity, but there's an element of selfishness in this which is really I find it very distressing, that even the charity you are giving is only for your benefit. If, for example, if I had said there is no special benefit that maybe you wouldn't have given anything I mean, this stuff, what am I living? Please

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think about this. Allah subhanaw taala rewards, and the kindness of his answer was for other people, it was not because he was given or doing it for Salah for himself, right? So think of some of you will get I mean, it's like the it's like the arroba from proper field, right? It is there. I mean, this is you will get it, there's no denying of that inshallah. But the point is, think about what is more important, I remember the heavy sources, where he said to the Sahaba, once, he said that giving a person alone when he needs it is more beneficial and more commendable and more

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attracts more reward than giving. Giving a loan, which you will take back

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to a person at the time he needs it is is more is preferable and is more commendable than humans. So the service was Allah Sokka we give and then you know, we don't take it back the loan, we are going to give a loan and we take the money back. How is the loan more beneficial for us and more rewarding than South Africa, as well as another observe, you are giving the loan when the person needs it, you are giving the sadhaka when you feel like giving.

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So it doesn't mean it's a bad deed. Of course it's a good detangler. So wherever you live is a good time. But as soon as an asylum is in emphasizing the importance of being concerned about and being focused about benefiting others. So please don't make your charity into another act of selfishness that I will give charity when I feel like giving charity so because in Rolla there is a extra reward, I will give people food in Ramadan, and the rest of the year I don't care. As I told you people are not titles they don't eat once in a year.

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They need if they need it, they need it. So do think of setting up ongoing charities which will continue throughout the year. And as I said, insha Allah must do it to make this Nia make this dua and say Oh Allah, you are the one who rewards I am doing this for your pleasure. So reward me the way you would have rewarded me if this had been Ramadan, and reward me in keeping with your majesty and grace Believe me, Mayra jelajah Allah who will not deny your reward, he will not give you less reward because a calendar date change happened now hollow water Allah Villa what all we believe about Allah subhanho wa Taala Lila, please

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do not have bad

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beliefs about Allah Subhana. Allah doesn't Anna ENDA Zani Abdi he said, I am for my slave as he believes about me.

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So let us believe and this is the truth that our web is the most generous,

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most generous, there's no one more generous that Allah subhanaw taala. So let us do something to please Him.

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And forget about the rest and inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will make you very very happy when you meet him inshallah was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a very vain biratnagar holiday