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Your body can get into homeostasis, it just gets used to one thing, and then it becomes weaker, it just starts shutting down. And that happens with our food. So we get into habits like I always have to have idea does not always have to eat at 1230 I always have to have this dessert at this time. I always always get into these habits, I always have to have a snack at 10am at work. And same thing when it comes to our spirituality and our deen and our a bed. There are sins that we just can't seem to break away from. They become habitual, so the sins become habitual, the eating becomes habitual, we need to break these patterns. We need to put a finger on that power button and hold it for 30

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days until our body and our mind reset. And actually what's interesting is that fasting doesn't take 30 days of hard reset to change your body and actually just within a few days of Ramadan prime