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Yaser Birjas
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program a long day of course hours everybody's tired and exhausted. Just a reminder, I want to remind you that we are now in the head season. Little Brothers of Hamblen sisters moved. Right now want to hedge Millis FactSet from the Mirabella mean and bring them back home safely Allah just the history of hedge for us to understand and know exactly where we stand on this matter. So Allah subhanho wa Taala

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mandate Hajj from the time of the Gambia before the Prophet salallahu salah, but we know as far as Ibrahim alayhis salam and Allah azza wa jal commanded him to he ordered him to build a cavity build the cover, and said well, then Vanessa will Hajia Touka Regera you call the people to come for Hajj they will come from all over the place. And they did. And the culture of Hajj continued after Ibrahim Ali Salam, but they were alteration. When the people lost their their ways. And they start worshipping the idols obviously, they put so many idols and so many statues in front of the Kaaba and the worshipping so many of them. So when by the time the Prophet SAW Selim was sent to the

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people, the Hajj has changed dramatically in terms of word that people stand for out of these things. So the people of Makkah would not stand actually in order for like everybody else, they won't. They call them adult hens. And they have a specific ritual that they do. So when they do tawaf around the Kaaba, they say you have to buy your a haram or your clothes from Makkah. Otherwise, you need to whether you

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basically you do your tawaf wearing nothing. Or if you want to cover as part of your body just you have to, you have to kind of like cut all your clothes from the bottom all the way to the top, like you can't use them after that.

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Kind of like they want them to buy from mica for the sake of you know, buying stuff from them. And when they used to do tawaf, they used to clap and whistle, as Allah says in the Quran, on account DOM and debate Illa mocha waters, they're the only club and there was, that's what they do. So when Islam came, brought Hajj to its origin and form, how it's supposed to be

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he did many, many Hajj with the people before he migrate from Mecca to Medina obviously did not follow the ways. But when he came back when he went to Medina, Salah Salem, for the first eight years, he was unable to go back, you know for Hajj. For these eight years, he was able to go for aamra On the sixth on the 73. But after that he was not able to do Hajj until the conquered Mecca on the eighth Hijiri. When Mecca was conquered the Prophet Salah Salem he destroyed all the idols that were around the Kaaba, like purified the city completely from that. However, the non Muslims were not banned from coming to do tawaf around the Kaaba yet. So

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you will find Muslims and non Muslims don't walk around the Kaaba and that year. It wasn't until the ninth Hijiri which is the following year, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he sends over Casa de as the head of the caravan that was take the delegation of hedge fund Medina and he was supposed to go to perform hajj and that year, the Prophet SAW Samson Medina, but then when he was there, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala revealed to him the ayat of surah Toba in which

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banning the Mushrikeen from visiting al Masjid Haram after that do you like this is your final year so that's why the prophets a lot of them did not do hajj on the ninth Nigeria because it was mixed up. So he sent a live in Ableton Live after about cause of death to give them the revelation and make the announcement. No more Mushrikeen to perform Hajj. No one was required to perform Hajj after that year. That's why the Prophet Salah Salem awaited until the 10th Hijiri when he did his head solo Salah and on that year, he he announced publicly he said Salah Salem that whoever is capable of going for Hajj join me. And when he arrived he says Carla who do I'm the man Asika come learn in

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monastic from me if you can learn the rites of Hajj for me do so like show I'm showing you how to do it right. So the Prophet Salah Sam was leading the people in the Hajj and how to perform it properly. Like he restored the monastic of Hajj as we know them today. It happened that that year there were more than 100,000 people came during the Prophet salaallah Selim for hajj and 1000 people

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and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He led them from one position to the other one, he would order them to do something but he would try Salah Sam to do the easy part. To make it easy for the people like telling the people look you need to stay in Mina until you know the next day in the morning. However, he ordered the elderly those of women deserve children's says go early. After the passing of the half of the night. You can go and do your thorough, thorough father and do your Jamara as well. Like given make it easy for the people. So he taught them how to do things, whether you're doing it as a standard rule, or how to do the concessions as well too. And the eighth day, when they

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do all the rituals of raid at that time, which is our Holy Father. They will

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A shave or cut their hair, they go back again to dressing normally and they also the sacrifice their animals, and they do the site as well too. And they do the Germanic rock bottom Culebra so there are a lot of things to do on that day a Sahaba they kept coming to the Prophet SAW Samson jasola aroma to cobbler and a tooth I through the My Jamara before my I don't have the proper systems if Allah heard it's okay. Yara Salah that I sacrifice before I shave, if I want to hurt it's okay. You also Allah, I did this before that. So he said they said he wasn't asked about any order of these right? But he said it's okay. Which means there is no specific order to do all these things. Otherwise, if

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everybody's going to be at the same spot. On that day, you have 2 million people doing the same thing at the same time will be disaster. But hamdulillah that's why when you go on the 10th day of the hedgewitch the eighth day, the hedgehog on all over Mecca, between tawaf and say shaving their heads, you know, don't jump right and, and many other things Panama do a lot of things. Rasool Allah Azza wa sallam on that year, he arrived

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into Mecca on the fourth on the fourth day of the hijab. Therefore, the hijab today is the sixth level hedger for us. So he arrived Salah Salem on the fourth day.

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When he arrived, he told the people whoever made intention for hajj, he says do Umrah and then do come out of your haram. Like go full Umrah that wasn't something that used to before

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the instruction from the Prophet selasa and for them they knew if you make an intention to do Hajj, holla such hajj and they only go for Hajj. So you have to stay in your haram the entire period of time. But here the Prophet says I'm told them once you do your hombre take off your haram go back again to civilian life until the eighth day of their hedger. So between the fourth day and the eighth day, so you have the fourth the fifth part of the course the fifth, sixth and seventh, three days three and a half days or four days they will have without Iran and Sahaba was surprised because we're not used to that Alhamdulillah this has given us actually has given us relief. Because if you

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come to Hajj a month before or two weeks before, then you had to keep keep your haram all that time. It can be inconvenient for people for here Hamdulillah. They do that 100 camera and when they're done, they will switch into the normal clothes until the end of the hijab. Then they go back again to the Haram and they start their Hajj. However, this is called tomato. And in place of taking their haram off, they do a sacrifice. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam did something else called Quran. Al Quran is when you do an ombre and Hajj combined without separating them. So the prophets Allah Sammy did his toe off when he arrived tawaf and say SallAllahu sallam, but he didn't cut his hair, and he

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did not shave his head. He waited until he finished his Hajj and then he did that because his Umrah and Hajj were combined. And the reason why he did that because he brought his heavy his animals sacrificing animals with him from Medina SallAllahu sallam. There is another form of Hajj called * frog, which is the singular Hajj meaning if you come late, let's say you come on the eighth day or you come on the ninth day, so there is really enough time for you to do I'm going to take up your home and put your home again. Simply if you arrived on the eighth day, you just make an intention to do Hajj and go straight to Mina and start with the Hajj rites until the end of the day it will be

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okay and not required to do any sacrifice an animal because of that. So there are three types of Hajj fraud, Al Quran, or autometer. Which one is better? There is no better. It's actually it's depends on the circumstances if you come late due to fraud. If you come early, and you have days to stay in Makkah, this case due to matters so you can actually enjoy being civilian for these days, until it is hard to start. So the prophets Allah certainly chose Quran simply because he already had brought his animals with him. So he waited until it was over before he sacrificed the animals Salah Salem and removed his wrath. So the Prophet SAW from this hedge and that was the only 100 Islam that

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he did SallAllahu wasallam after migrating to Medina, which is why it's considered one of the most famous

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missions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which is why we called hajat Rhoda the federal judge, in which he gave his very famous statements about the law Sara Murray, about the principles of Islam, that until this day, considered hamdulillah like a constitution for human rights for human dignity. And of course, you know, creating a better life for people around the community around the world may Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to visit the house of Allah subhanaw taala for Hajj and Umrah Bananaman, we ask Allah to write as among those who perform hygienic Syria Allah, we ask ALLAH SubhanA to protect the adjudge over there and bring them all back home safely or bryman him the love

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sama requirement Allah

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