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The Story of Haajar & Ismaeel


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The transcript describes the history of Islam in Egypt, including the rise of Islam in Egypt and the use of drugs in the desert. The ultimate peak when people make a lot of things is when they make a lot of things, and people complain about it. The transcript also discusses political leadership and the importance of parents to teach children responsibility and encourage them to submit for the act. The importance of letting children do things outside of the act is emphasized, and parents should allow children to submit as parents.

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When studying sila, the scholars don't usually start with the birth of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They go many years back. In fact, they go a few 1000 years back, what does it begin the story of Abraham Ali Salaam that we usually see it all starts. And, of course, the story of Abraham is a long one. But basically when Ibrahim alayhis salam was in Egypt, the Pharaoh, as we all know, I'm sure wants to take advantage of his wife, which one?

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Sarah, Sarah, so he wanted to take advantage of salah and do the how long. But of course, she had a great connection with Allah. She asked him for protection and he saved her from his evil plot. He became so scared that he didn't just set her free. He also provided her with a gift, or was this gift her john alayhis salaam, and some narrations say this was the daughter of the Pharaoh. And he was so scared as we said, he let it go because he thought she was a foreigner or a witch or something because he tried to take advantage of her and he became paralyzed Upon doing so. So panela so perhaps you may dislike something but Allah has a better plan for you.

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So he gave her her job for her service, but heard Sarah, she gave her job away to Abraham as a wife. I wife's upon law, Abraham Allison, I'm took his wife, her daughter, any son is male to Elijah's Elijah's and that's gonna be your quiz. What isn't hijas it's what Mecca was called before became known as Mecca. Present day Saudi Arabia pages. So he took them to an ages

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and ages back then, just like many parts of Arabia today, it was a desert barren land. In fact, one of the meanings of Arab is exactly that. It's desert, barren land, waterless and treeless. So when I asked you in the quiz, what does out of Maine, one of the meanings of Arab is

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land, that is warrantless entry lists.

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There was nothing there. You know, the scholars of Islam said, they said something amazing that every single nation was built upon, or next to rivers and oceans, except one nation, which was that this nation alone metal Islamia. It wasn't built next to riverbanks, oceans and seas. Where was it founded in the desert with nothing, Allahu Akbar. In other words, this almost natural resource is not pure water. Rather, this almost natural resource is that pure belief of utter hate, starting to hate and ends on it. If we don't have to hate we've got nothing.

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They arrived in this valley that was actually blessed even before the Kaaba was built. It was mentioned it was even blessed and add the malice to them. And that's why you have a difference of opinion, who got the Kaaba was Adam Allison lamb? Or was it Abraham? It seems, it seems that Abraham Ali Salim, he raised the foundation of something that was already there, because Allah Allah Himself said, way the other Pharaoh Abraham will collide, when Abraham Ali Salaam raised the foundation, and when was difference of opinion, but we know Abraham Ellison definitely raised the foundation and built on top of what was already blessed.

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And he left them in a place that was soon to be the source of mentalism. He turned around and left and had your knew that she was going to be left but she didn't expect this to be left in the middle of a desert. So she followed Abraham, Allison, I'm saying you're going to leave us in a place that's without cultivation without people without what and resources he didn't answer. She asked him again, didn't answer. She asked him three times. And then upon getting no response, she said, I love America

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that allowed you to do this. He said, Yes. So what did you say? Call it felon, you boy, Yana Allahu even Allah will not neglect us, Allah will look after us. Look at that level of conviction of tawheed. And to work on on the law.

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People today, they have no conviction, no tawakkol are very little. Now I can't wear the hijab. Otherwise, I won't get a job. I wouldn't get married. I can't leave my job to go to Jamaica. Otherwise, when busca is gonna find me. That's what people say. Or I have to get that house on river based mortgage. Otherwise, I'm going to live. I'll say to that brother or sister. Yes, it's a necessity to live in a house. But he said you have to own it. So unfortunately, many people, they lack that conviction in the laws of origin. And she's saying if Allah told us to do this hollows, I put my trust in Him. If Allah wants it, he gets it. If Allah ordered it, it must be good. That's how

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we should be with Allah azza wa jal, in other words, and she was happy with that. Because if Allah is all that you have, is all that you need.

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The one who kneels before Allah can stand before anyone in anything.

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That's how we should be if the 100

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Our world is against you, but lies for you. And with you, then what have you lost? If the whole world is for you and with you, but allies against you, and what have you gained a lot. It's about a loss of budget.

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So Abraham, Allison leaves her and he heads back to Philistine. But before doing so, he turns around, he looks towards his mind and he makes a draw. He raised his hands on the sky. And he says a little banner in the skin to mean the reality Beware the NYT these are and the Vatican moharram robina. Up Masada federal FAA that a minute NASA will lay him. What is your call Mr. Murat in the homeschool room. He made this draft for his family. He said, Rob banner, our master Our Lord, I'm leaving my offspring in a land that is uncultivated Neo sacred house or bene our master. So they may establish the prayer. So they people's hearts may be inclined towards them and provide them for

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fruits or from the fruit so they might be thankful. Amazing. Draw this man Abraham and Islam. What did he just do? He just left his wife and child alone in the desert with nothing. I won't even leave my wife and kid at night alone in chrisoula Mall, he has left him in a desert. And what would you use the expect for him to ask what's the first thing you'd expect someone who just leaves the family with no provision to ask provision was the first thing he asked for a masala prayer so that establish the prayer Look at his priorities Allahu Akbar, it is less than with nothing. It is our love bless them give them for it and provision he said I left them in that place Why leave a masala

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first thing he asked for? What's the next thing he asked for? So people's hearts can be inclined towards them this place this place and Mecca which actually happened? And thirdly, what is the communist feminine? Now bless them with fruits and provisions that was lost on his list. But what's even more amazing was how he connected that to what bless them with fruits why Allah then put on weight and get fat and that is it. No laleham yes Quran. So they may be thankful he connected that to worship as well

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as panela

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Yes, exactly. Usually right people when they want to survive, what are they usually asked for first, usually, yeah, water, food, you know, those are our physical or physiological needs and then, you know, have some social company with people, okay? And then if I've got free time or worship Allah and go to a lecture, but then they mix it change. That's a very sensitive system. Mashallah very observant, correct, he switched because the priorities of the Prophet should be our priorities, and even connected that last one to the solar Why? Because the solar is the ultimate form of

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not just worship but he said in the end provide them with fruits, why the Allah homeschool and what shook?

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Thanks, and we said Salah is the ultimate form of things. Because after further Mecca, what did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam do to give things he prayed, he prayed. Also, when he was at night praying, I said, Why are you doing so what did he say? To be thankful to be grateful you see, also in Northland agriculture for suddenly the Salah is the ultimate form of saying thank you to Allah. And it's something called such that the sugar the prostration of thankfulness, so as you can see, the best way to thank Allah is a solid she connected leave a masala Lala home Yes Khurana that's why you find the ayat always connect from beginning to the end. So that's what should be our priority

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sisters plays a lot first in everything. That's from the meanings of Hola Hola. Hola. I had I had the one place him as the one and the first in all of your affairs. Now many people complain I don't have Barack and my wealth I don't have Baraka in my health. I don't have Baraka in my knowledge, or my family. I earn $1,000 a week it goes in next day. Why? Perhaps perhaps we're not using the blessing name of allah before performing anything noble, do we say Bismillah before writing? Do we say Bismillah before eating and drinking Bismillah upon opening the door, closing it turning off a light switch opening a bottle. There's a hadith to that effect. When you open a bottle say Bismillah

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when you turn off the light, say Bismillah but people have unfortunately removed this blessing name from Allah of Allah from their lives. And thus people are complaining about okay. And that's really the ultimate peak when you make a lot everything, every no action. You don't take a step forward, or put your hand forward or say a word or refrain from saying a word except you're saying and believing this is is this for Allah or not. That's what Abraham Allison is teaching us

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and has organized well known she's got nothing. And this man Alyssa lamb is young baby and she was breastfeeding him. And her milk was drying up very quickly.

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And of course the food ran out so she became worried. So what did she do today feeling sorry for herself. No, she made the best of a bad situation.

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That's what you should do when you're going through tough times. Look for a way out. As the saying goes if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. What do people just waiting for opportunity to fall in their lap? No, build a door you make it happen. And if you build the door an opportunity doesn't knock, what do you do? go knock on its door. Now that would you try to make things happen for yourself. So she left his male alley slum there temporarily. And she ran up this mount this hill to be called a software. She went up to the top to look into distance to see if there's anyone there in the distance that can help her. She saw no one so she ran back down to another mount that was led to

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be cold matter where she went up, so nothing. And she went back to our sofa and no matter where back and forth back and forth seven times, and that's exactly what we do in hajj today. The site literally, literally Chino, and imagine she didn't know that what she's doing right then and there. millions upon millions of people in the future of the future generations of the Muslim own are going to follow in the footsteps.

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That you may think something's bad, and misfortune but the misfortunes of a believer our fortunes in disguise, upon a lot. For example, hajr alehissalaam was left in the desert. Little did she know she left behind a great legacy and Hud musala salaam, lost in the desert also searching for guidance of the road. He ends up with guidance for humanity profitable use of Allah His solemn, sold into the greatest slavery because of that became an honored King. Also Yusuf Ali Salaam thrown into the world without food water provision, but because of that, it became the Minister of food, water and provision in Egypt. So you could think something's bad, but in reality is much goodness there for

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you. Sometimes that child cries before they get that needle injection from the doctor. But the doctor does it anyway because it's beneficial for them. The child thinks otherwise. So likewise, sometimes you have to taste that bitter sour medicine in your life. But don't think it's actually a punishment. Perhaps Allah is afflicting you landerholm you had a German so you may turn back to Allah. Because calamities many a time, serve as a slap in the face to turn back to Faith.

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How many times do we hear about people had an accident was the family member lost a job lost some money and because of that, they became better Muslims. She may put on the hijab a mess as to pray. So you never know what goodness can come forth from that trial and calamity. And that's the meaning of fitna fitna is translated as test trial tribulation it's connected to for 10 for 10 is another name for gold was God's found

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before mines, literally they have to build mines to get to it literally underground, in the mud in the dirt in the filth and then it's extracted. Where is it put

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the furnace until you burn it off literally the fields and the dirt from it, and you left with pure gold. That's what the fitna does to the believer rubs him in the mud, puts them through dirt sets in the blaze put them through a trawling time and then until you are left as a pure believer without anything, Allah was the moral is before you strike gold in the first go through the mud.

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So she does this, and upon the seventh time she hears a noise doesn't know where these noises coming from. She looks down and to her amazement, she sees water coming out from beneath his Marion's feet. It was jabril Allah His son, he descended and he began to dig the well of Zamzam with his Hill. He was digging away and had your rust out of excitement and began to contain this water by making a pull around it, because it doesn't and she feels that if this water were to go out or don't happen, dry out because it's extremely hot weather. So she came to what is your salad to container and she would say zum zum zum zum zum zum zum zum contain, contain, Gather, Gather. That's what Zamzam means

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from thumbs. Emma means Gemma to collect the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When he narrated this story, he said, Rahim Allah who are Miss married, may Allah have mercy on West Nile. He said, lo terra cotta, la COVID zum, zum einen. Maja if she left, Zamzam would have been

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a Florence flowing river flowing streams upon law. He's making Darfur he's not blaming I smiling when he said it sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In other words, because of the interference, it became a well, it was going to be a flowing river. She was trying to contain it because she thought she was going to do something good. She didn't allow it to flow. In other words, if she had left the miracle to do its thing, then it would have been a flowing river. So Panama and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is making their offer and smiling. So it's called Zamzam for that reason, because amazima in Arabic literally means to gather Gemma. So in the quiz, I asked you what does that mean?

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So exams

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came from that together, but it also was called Zamzam for another

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Lika prathima due to its abundant amount of water,

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so it's called zum zum, because it was gathered

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zum zum

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zum, zum, zum zum zum zum zum zum gather. And because the capital T may hold you to it, of course abundant amounts of water. Till today we still have them. As going back to you never know what Allah is in plan for you never doubt Allah is Divine Decree, you may not always trust the plan, but always trust the planner.

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Now, after this happened,

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there was a tribe by the name of Judah home, these were from Yemen, this travels from Yemen, among many other tribes of Yemen. And they were very close to Elijah. And they were very familiar with that area. And they knew there was no water there.

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So one day, they see birds hovering in the sky, and they realize, look, these birds on these types of birds will only be around if there is water. So they sent two men to go and investigate the matter. They went and they came back, and they confirmed that there was water in that area.

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So they all went to his tribe. Now this is a tribe of warriors of the desert men strong feelers, they go to this area where this Marielle is there her job with her son, with this? Well, what's amazing, is that they don't just go there and push it to the side and say, we're taking everything that you have, they actually ask, can we reside here? Can we use some of this water? And what's even more astonishing as a response? What did you say?

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Notice I start to negotiate with them. She goes, yes, as long as the oil is mine, I control it. It's mine, I own it. She is alone, she's got nothing powerless.

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They can, as we say, just push it to the side, slaughter her take everything she owns. She's got she has no authority to prevent them from doing so. But she negotiates and the promise of aloha to send them said that she actually wanted them to stay regardless. But she was just saying that to get a better deal of the words, she wanted the company because she was alone. But she just wanted to, of course, ensure that the water stays with her. And they agreed, they agreed to panel, this was a miracle from Allah that He predicted her again, again, because Allah has a plan for that place. Of course, we know with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So your home reside there and

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benefiting from them. That never ceases. By the way, it will never stop as per the Hadith, it will never stop producing water. So they are benefiting there. And they reside there. And Ismail grows up AlLahi Salaam, and he adopts, of course many of their customs. And of course he adopts their language. So what does he learn Arabic, whereas his father Abraham was from Iraq, and he knew Aramaic, not Arabic. So Ibrahim, of course, had another language but it's made Ali Salaam, new Arabic. And this is really the beginning of the prophets en la rally of salaams ancestry in Arabia.

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Durham, this tribe had the political leadership in Mecca in Elijah's because there was strong we said that will feel as the Warriors they had the political leadership in Mecca, but they never had religious leadership. No, that was always with her.

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Is my analysis always religious side of things, always with his married Why? He built the cabinet with his father Ibrahim, Allah tala said about Abraham. What if you're able to our human provider Mel Beatty was made when him and his son of course it bring my son and his son built the cub? So they always had the religious leadership in Mecca in Elijah's but you know what's amazing before this ayah Allah Allah said to Abraham, this is a total buffalo in the jar locally nasty Mama. Abraham, I'm gonna make you any ma'am. For who? For hijas Mecca Allah rock, no, and nurse all the people I'm going to make you the Imam. Imagine you were told, I'm going to make you the CEO, the

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manager and boss of a huge company.

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You know the executive director do what you want. You control everything. First thing you say is what's my wage? How much am I getting paid for a company car? What about a phone right dunya stuff. He's not being told you're the Imam of a Masjid or Marquez or a boss of a company. He said you're the man of the world. Now the first question he asks, I mean, the reality what about my kids? Look at the priorities Ibraheem alehissalaam role model father, and I said this to the brothers of the day, brothers, what's your priorities? Is family your priority? Or is it dollar sign Dad?

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Following a query, we have to give time to our kids. Okay, Abraham Allison just by the Imam of the world. He says woman 380 What about my kids Allahu Akbar. And then latonya mentioned What is your father Abraham COVID

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Then is an example now practical, he gets his son in on the act, yellow let's build the car. But that's how we should be as parents, positive role models, practical examples for our kids. It's not enough to say Do do do or don't, don't, don't even show them because kids listen with

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their eyes. Kids listen with their eyes and listen with his

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mother saying, monkey see monkey do. Son, see son, do daughter, see daughter do before kids listen to your advice, they're going to see your example. So make sure you are of course having the best example then always rely on the masjid and the Islamic school. That's secondary, that's supplementary. Really a tarbiyah begins in the home. There's no better teacher than a great parent. And there's no better school than a virtuous home. That's what we learned from the story of Ibrahim and Islam. So let's teach them responsibility. And that's why later on Abraham, he says to be son in the our film enemy and the Battle of soaring my dream that I'm slaughtering you, Revelation. Then he

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asks his son is married funboard Amanda, Tara, what do you think?

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Ibrahim is a prophet, messenger of Allah, receiving ye from Allah azza wa jal? Does he need his son's advice?

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Of course not. He doesn't need it. Right. But why is he asking him to get him in on the act? He wants to teach him responsibility? In other words, we should as parents allow our children to do things otherwise they'll never learn responsibility. He's teaching him What do you think? What's your opinion? He wants him to submit as well. Not come you have to do this. Listen to me before I smack you, Allahu Akbar. So for example, some practical things you can do give your children saw the fox so they can give sort of say this is money to give to the poor of Syria of Gaza wherever maybe also let them help you in the kitchen. Let them stir the pot. Let them what are the garden when

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someone sick say coming Habibi and you recite Al Fatiha do this, put your hand here say Bismillah three times, let them perform Rokia some practical things, some practical things, not always about telling them do this and do and don't do that. Of course you need to do that. But follow that up with practical. So that's very important from the story of Ibrahim alayhis salaam and his son, his smile.

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So the religious leadership stayed with Ismail, of course Ali Salaam because he and his father built the carpet and it continued down the line with his descendants. So Georgia home never had authority over the Kaaba, never

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Durham this tribe, which we're asking about in the quiz, what's the tribe name that first came to

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and Hijaz with how jolly smile to home

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for you.

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The tribe from Yemen.

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They stayed in Mecca for 2000 years.

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A long time. But of course, if you count

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the generations from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Going back to his Verizon, minis, even from him, comparing to a solid solid was approximately five 600 years. So they stayed in Mecca for 2000 years. However, they became corrupt and tyrannical. So Allah sent upon them Hosea.

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Hosea, this tribe came invaded Mecca and kicked them out. They kicked out your home, so your home was no longer

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and before your home left, they did two things. What did they do?

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Number one, they dumped the will of Samsung they filled it up and they erased all of its remnants and no one can trace it. panela Zamzam is lost forever. Also they thought and number two, they stole the treasures of Mecca, the stroll the treasures of the Kaaba, I should say.

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Yes, before Forza, kick them out and invaded them. Your home they filled up the well of Zamzam.

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And they stole the treasures of the Kaaba.

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A Tribe? Yes, Hosea, these are both tribes.

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Hosea became the new leaders of Mecca. While the descendants of Ishmael had become so many By this time, they had branched out and spread all over Arabia, not just Elijah's.

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However, there was one branch that stayed in Mecca,

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one branch or that branch.

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koresh, koresh. And now it gets really interesting, because correlation, of course, is the tribe of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we're going to see what Qureshi did with Hosea who came in and visited Mecca, and that's where all begins. koresh was there, correct? Yes, correct. was from a smile.

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We said that

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tribes of dismay The descendants became so many all over Arabia.

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However, there was one branch that stayed one branch and tribe from Ismay stayed in Elijah's in, of course, Mecca. That was Quraysh. They stayed there from his mind.

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So Quraysh stayed.

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And that's what we're going to resume. From next week. inshallah we're going to pick up from Croatia, what happened to Hosea, what did they do for homework, and that's very important. Homework. What does Quraysh mean? Where does it come from? There's two meanings to meanings. Not I think you'll find it in Google. But you can try. Does that come along later on so particle lahoma will become the shadow under

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federal governor today.