Yasir Qadhi – ICNA Convention 2022 The Ummah And Our Responsibilities

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah Masha Allah to Baraka Allah.

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Say Alhamdulillah, guys

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Alhamdulillah it's so nice to be back and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we thank Allah say Alhamdulillah

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we thank Allah for all of his blessings, and especially the blessing of gathering here after three long, enduring years, after three years of enduring a crises, the likes of which none of us could ever have predicted, who amongst us has not been affected by the COVID crisis Subhanallah brothers and sisters, every one of us here today and I speak as well for myself, we have lost family and friends in the last two and a half years, may Allah Subhana Allah forgive all of them, and grant them fear those and grant them at the death of Ushahidi, insha Allah to Allah, but Allah has chosen us to move on, our times will come by the way, all of our times will come. But Allah has chosen us

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and a parts of appreciating those blessings that He has chosen us to continue is that we appreciate and thank him for all that we took for granted. Muslims appreciate those small blessings that we didn't even recognize as being blessings, family gatherings, who could have ever thought that family gatherings would be taken away from us coming together in these large congregations, the hustle and bustle the chaos of life that we typically did not like when it was taken away from us. We realized that was a blessing that we wanted back and and hamdulillah we're on our track to normalcy. So we thank Allah for that. But dear brothers and sisters, a part of acknowledging the blessings Allah has

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given us is to also acknowledge our brothers and sisters who don't have those blessings. A part of being thankful to Allah is to see around us and those who don't have it to make dua for them to feel for them. Otherwise this will lead to arrogance. So as we are gathered here today, masha Allah Tabata Kola I've been told almost 10,000 Strong over here and in the gatherings and in the masala and in the rooms outside one of the largest gatherings of Muslims in North America, as we're gathered here today.

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As we're gathered here today, brothers and sisters and Wallahi we are thankful that we are here. We also have to remember that there are those who are not able to display their Islam. There are those who are being persecuted simply for the crime, quote, unquote, of reading the Quran of growing a beard of going to the masjid of having gone for Hajj and Umrah 1015 20 years ago. I speak Dear brothers and sisters of our Uighur brothers and sisters in China. I speak of mass persecution, the likes of which has not taken place since World War Two. What we are seeing here it is an ethno site not to genocide, an ethno site, the United Nations has documented the reality of what is happening.

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Over 1 million people Muslims Uyghurs have been gathered up and thrown into what they call concentrated what they call education camps, which are nothing but concentration camps. They have been separated from their families. Children have been taken away from parents and put into households of the Han Chinese. Our young sisters have been taken and forcibly married into the broader population. And those children, our sisters, that people in the concentration camps, they are forbidden from anything that is remotely religious, no Quran. No sunnah. No Calima. They're forced to eat pork. They're forced to drink alcohol. They are being deprogrammed in order that they

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don't want them to be killed. That's a genocide. What is an ethnos side? Brothers and sisters pay attention to this an ethnos state

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If you don't want to destroy the bodies, you want to keep the bodies for your national for your national GDP. You want to keep the bodies to be workers in your country, but you want to destroy the souls, you want to destroy their culture, you want to destroy their religion. This is called an ethnos side. What happened in World War Two was a genocide that killed the people what's happening in China right now. It is an ethnos side, they want to kill the spirit of Islam. They want to kill the religion of these people. And for the last decade, they have been doing this right under the noses of the entire world, brothers and sisters. After World War Two, the world came together and

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they said never again. After World War Two, their great superpower said not under our watch since World War Two, nothing like this has happened. And yet here we see it. Where are those slogans of Never again? What happened to not under our watch? To give you one simple example. Recently, Russia invaded Ukraine. And no doubt that is something bad we don't like any loss of life. Immediately the NATO superpowers got involved boycotted Russia, put against them taxes Levite fines increased the price of oil have many restrictions. People in Russia can't use their regular credit cards, PayPal, they did not like this. They took action they put in soft pressure. Do you know what has happened

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with China? Not to single thing? Why brothers and sisters? Why? Is certain blood cheaper than others? Are certain ethnicities not as important as others? So please spare me the slogans of never again, we all see through the hypocrisy. We don't expect much from them. But we as Muslims cannot forget the plight of anyone who is persecuted for the Kenema Dear brothers and sisters, our weaker brothers and sisters are a case study. The only reason they are being persecuted is the Kalima, that's it. They haven't done any crime. They haven't done anything illegal, they're being persecuted, because they have an identity, a religion, a value system that is different from the

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dominant majority, what will our reaction be the least that we can do, as we gather together, we thank Allah for our blessings, the least that we can do is to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters to make dua for them to point out the double standards and hypocrisy to constantly bring up this in social media. That's the least that we can do anything less than this, honestly, subhanAllah it's a weakness of iman, the least we can do make dua and bring up these issues so that people don't forget. Also, while we're talking about issues of the globe, let us also not forget other places that we need to be cautious about other places where things are happening that are extremely

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problematic. As we speak. Another power has already risen up a power that is similar to Nazi Germany ideals, an ideology of far right ideology that is actually directly linked to Nazis. You know what, when we talk about regimes, we like to say, Oh, these are Nazi type regimes. When we talk about dictators, we say, Oh, these are like Hitler. And we're correct. A lot of times the current country that I'm talking about, and the current political party that I'm talking about, this isn't just not z like, it isn't just Hitler esque. No, factually speaking, what we are seeing with the BJP in India, it is directly linked to the Nazi Party of Germany. Let me explain. Let me explain. Brothers

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and sisters, we need to stand up and educate the world what's going on

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the Nazi Party of Germany back in the 1920s. It got some of its ideals and some of its motifs and some of its slogans and even some of its its symbols, you know, the the four you know, stars that they have it got it from a radical strand of Hinduism, the notion of Aryan purity, that, you know, four star that they have, where is it from? It's from a radical strand of Hinduism. And that's why Hitler was talking about the purity of the Aryan race. The Aryan race is actually allegedly an ancient Indian race. Why is Hitler talking about the Aryan race? Because there were certain people from that Hindu mythology that he got this from that same mythology it gave rise to an organization

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called the RSS look this up, RSS was active in the 30s and 40s. They had a direct relationship with the Nazis of Germany. One of the members of the RSS was the one who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, the one who didn't want to fight because he was a pacifist. They felt Mahatma Gandhi had betrayed the Hindu religion. How

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betrayed Hindu ideals. So a Hindu radical who belong to the RSS assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. The RSS was dissolved for a period of time another party was created to take up those ideals. That party is the BJP party that is currently in charge of India. So the BJP is literally no exaggeration. It is literally a younger cousin of the Nazi Party. There is no exaggeration to say this and both Nazism and the BJP. They have three things in common. Both Nazism and the BJP. They have three things in common memorize them, number one, number one, a warped, ultra nationalist ideal of race and of race purity. They're obsessed with race and racial identity, like the Nazis wanted pure Germans. So the

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BJP has this notion of pure Indians. Number two, they have combined the worst aspects of a fanatical interpretation of religion. The Nazis were a type of Christian. The BJP is a type of Hindus, they've taken the worst on elements of bigoted religion, and they've combined it with the worst elements of nationalism. And number three, they take a minority of a different religion and a different race. The Nazis took the Jews and everybody else and the BJP takes the Muslims and the Christians, and they blame all of the problems of the world and all of the problems of their country. They blame it on their minority. When you have these three things together, ultra nationalism of your race,

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bigoted religion, and hatred of a minority. This is the recipe of genocide. You cannot have genocide without these three things together. We see this in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. And now as we speak, the drums of war have been beating in India, beaten by the BJP, and especially their main drummer, Mr. Modi, who we know from the Gujarat massacre of 20 years ago, he has been thirsty for blood since that point in time, he has shown his true colors. He's not somebody new and unknown. Under his watch 1000 Muslims, innocent Muslims, people in the trains were pulled aside and brutally killed and what did he do nothing. He encouraged the police to participate. This is when he was a governor. In this

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country, he was banned for a decade because his logic was his hands were dirty with Muslim blood. He was banned in America as an instigator of terrorists when he was a governor, when he became president, all of a sudden he is welcome with open arms, brothers and sisters. As we speak, the situation in India is deteriorating and will law he it is very, very terrifying. I plead to all of us especially from a background of that subcontinent. I have to be explicit here. Indian Muslims, Pakistani Muslims, Vandala, Muslims, Nepalese Muslims, that is our land, that is our culture. Those are our people, we have been shaped by the identity of that land, if we are not going to take up

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that cause if we're not going to stand up and preach the truth, if we are not going to preach truth to power that who else is going to do that? So this is yet another cause that we have to stand up for brothers and sisters The list goes on and on what Allah has sometimes sometimes shaytaan comes to you makes you feel depressed even what are we going to do fell asleep one night at the Rock coma fell asleep when will fall asleep ever be solved? Since I was born? We're hearing God fell asleep. I'm about to enter now my fifth decade still fell asleep is fell asleep Kashmir, other countries Wallahi shaytaan calm says what are we going to do? And here's where our faith comes in brothers and

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sisters, our faith comes in. Why is this because Allah did not create us to live Jana on Earth. This is not TAO to salaam, TAO to Salam is the next life. Allah created this dunya to be doubt on empty la Dowdell. ftbl Tao will empty Han. And so you know what, even if we were to solve the BJP issue, even if Palestine were to be solved right now, even if Kashmir became peaceful, I guarantee you other problems would come why? Because this dunya this world this ABAWD It is a place of tests and trials. So the goal is we try our best to eliminate the tests and trials if we're successful at Hamdulillah. If not, we continue to do what we can and so we meet Allah and we say yeah, Allah I

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tried Yeah, Allah I paid attention. Ya Allah, my heart was affected. Yeah, Allah gave of my time and my money. This is the goal. The goal is not necessarily it's not necessarily I'm saying it's not the immediate goal many of the Sahaba they died before the

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conquest of Makkah they died before the conquest of Mecca was their death in vain. Did they not see the the the wisdom of their suffering? No, they had a role to play. The people who entered Mecca had a role to play. And by the way, after the conquest of Mecca, the Muslim ummah had other trials and tribulations, and it will continue to have trials and tribulations. So the goal is not necessarily to solve the problem immediately. The goal is to listen to me carefully attempt to solve the problem. The goal is to be careful to be concerned, the goal is to have a heart of Eman. The goal is to genuinely feel the pain of others and then be affected and then try to eliminate that pain such

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that when we meet Allah, we say, Yeah, Rob, I tried my best, that's the goal. But those who don't try those who have no hearts, Allah who was Stein, Allah protect them. And by the way, it's not just political time is limited. I don't have time to go into every single thing. Obviously, it's not just political, we're issue where we're concerned with no, as Muslims, we're concerned with every single problem that humanity is suffering with. As Muslims, we take on the challenges, especially those in our own culture. And you know, last week, and I have to mention this because I'm from the state 300 miles from where I live a few days ago, a brutal massacre occurred of innocent children. 19 innocent

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children were senselessly murdered for no reason whatsoever, along with their two teachers, this incident in this country, sadly, it's not unique, and it's not rare. In the last 10 years, brothers and sisters in this great land of America, over 1000 mass shootings have taken place on school campuses, there is no other country on Earth, where this statistic even comes close. Wallahi it is mind boggling. And I had to actually make sure this statistic is true. And I challenge you to look this up as well. This statistic that I'm about to tell you look it up yourselves, the number one cause of death of children and teenagers in this country, the number one cause of death of children

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and teenagers in this country. It's not drugs. It's not car accidents. It's not cancer is not falling sick. The number one cause of death of children and teenagers in the United States of America is gun violence. No other country on Earth has this statistic. Now brothers and sisters, we as Muslims, we can't just sit back and say, Oh, that's their problem. Firstly, What world are you living in? Don't your children go to the same schools? Don't you live here as well. Secondly, when we live with the people, when we live in a society, their problems become our problems. These are our people. That's what the prophet system demonstrated, you feed the hungry, you take care of the

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poor, you give shelter to those who have no shelter, you sponsor the orphan in all of this, it doesn't matter, the religion of the one you feed, it doesn't matter, the religion of the orphan, it doesn't matter the religion of the one sick Wallahi. If you have to ask the religion of the one who is sick, it is you who are sick, and not the one who is sick. This is the fact of the matter. Our religion transcends other religions when it comes to helping them. So when we're talking about this endemic gun violence, one way to tackle it is to talk about legislation with guns and fire weapons. And there's no doubt that needs to be discussed. But this is not my area. I'm not a politician. I'm

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not somebody who deals with you know how to do with gun violence and whatnot, all say, look at other Western countries, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and look at what they have done and the success rates. That's one tangent, but I want to bring up another tangent. And I know brothers and sisters, that this tangent is highly highly sensitive. I know that what I'm about to say might cause some people to jump on this clip and spread it and say, Oh, this guy is saying this and that. But you know what? Me not talking about your gun problem and gun violence is not going to make it go away. Somebody has to point out a brutal reality before we jump to the gun violence before we jump and

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trying to legislate why a young man shouldn't have a gun, which to me makes complete common sense. Before we even get there. I have a very difficult question that all of us have to ask ourselves, and that is the following. Why in this particular country, why are so many young men wanting to commit mass violence against innocent people? I mean, a 17 year old should not be thinking about harming 20 school children. A 17 year old should be daydreaming about his future his job

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his family, his children, yet the highest number than the rate of depression and of teen suicide, the rate of violence in that age group has reached proportions that are unprecedented in human history. Before we get to controlling gun violence, we have to ask ourselves, where is this evil, dastardly vile, committed notion of killing innocents coming from, and I will tell you one statistic, just one, do your research. There was a number of studies done profiling the mass shooters over the last 10 years, I read a number of them to statistics stuck out to me. Two statistics now I'm not blaming everything on this, but statistics speak for themselves. Statistic

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number 180 5% of mass shooters in this country had zero affiliation with any religion. 85% have nothing to do with God with church with synagogue with mosque 85% have no spirituality in their lives. And statistic number 270 5% of mass shooters come from broken homes where one or both and typically the father is absent. 75% of mass shooters come from broken homes. I'm sorry to be blunt about this. And I know some people might take this clip and read into it. But me not talking about this statistic is not going to change the endemic violence that is rampant in this country. When you are going to make fun of religion, banned religion, kick religion out of every single sphere, when

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you're going to make your media such that being religious is considered backward and abandoning religion is cool. Well, then, what else are you going to do except take the most important thing that a person should have, and leave it with nothing but emptiness.

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Also, when it comes to the family, and oh my god, how much can be said about the family. This society and culture and I have to be blunt, and I'm a part of this society and culture. I was born and raised here, but I have to call a spade a spade. They have destroyed the foundation of society by completely tearing apart the traditional family structure that have opened the door for hedonism for promiscuity, for easy *, they have made everything permissible, even that which was considered immoral is now considered moral. What do you think is going to happen? When you destroy the bedrock of society, you can talk as much as you want, you cannot change biology. And biology teaches us that

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a child needs the love of a father and the love of a mother. That is the default.

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When you break this apart, and you take a father away, or you encourage other alternatives, quote, unquote, there are going to be repercussions. Now, I'm not saying all of this is directly linked only to these two causes. No, there are other causes as well. But to Allah He I will say these two causes are self evident. You don't have God and you're destroying family. What is going to happen? These young men will have no purpose in life. They have no conscience, they have no positive role model. They don't even care they kill their own grandmothers, can you? I mean, well, like I mean, I'm speechless. How can a 17 year old turned against the very person that raised and then go and

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massacre innocent children? Where does this come from? These ideas don't even crossed the minds of 99% of normal human beings. And yet in this country, it is becoming mainstream and normal. So before we get to gun violence, and before we get to legislation, which should also be done, I understand that we have to get to morality, religiosity, spirituality, family and religion. And this is where brothers and sisters we as Muslims, as American Muslims, we have a role to play. We have a role to play in this broader society, this country and it is our country when I criticize it, I live here this is my people, my children are here, this is my country. So my criticism should not be taken as

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that of an outsider. My criticism is because I want this country to be better my criticism because I want to raise the bar not because I want to despise it. No, this country has gone down the path of moral bankruptcy. It has gone down the path of moral bankruptcy, where night becomes day day becomes night. Then the basic definition of male and female is being tinkered with

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no civilization in human history ever said this. And yet here we are saying this right now, when you're going to go down this route, there will be repercussions. So dear Muslims, what is our role? Our role is to remain sane when everybody else seems to be going mad.

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Our role is to stand up and speak the truth when it is politically incorrect to speak to truth. Our role is to demonstrate what it means to be people of faith when nobody around us is a person of faith. Our role is to show what it means to have a family a husband and wife and children what happens when you have a loving faith based family so that the people around us eventually returned to their fifth rose to their sanities to their common sense, which they will do Inshallah, to Allah if we stand up to that role. This is what our role is brothers and sisters. And I'm not the one saying this is in the Quran. It's in the Quran. Kuntum hiera own mutton okra gently nurse, you are

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the best of almost brought out for mankind. Why? Because you believe in Allah you command what is good, you forbid what is evil. Dear Muslims, my time is up. But let me finish by stating certain facts. Brothers and sisters realize that religion is the only thing that gives us hope in an otherwise hopeless world. Recognize that Imam in Allah gives us meaning for existence in an otherwise meaningless world. Without Allah, our lives become meaningless. Know that the Quran is the ultimate source of guidance and there is no guidance other than the Quran. Otherwise, if we leave guidance to the whims of mankind, then we see what is happening. What is halal today becomes haram

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tomorrow, tomorrow, what is permitted today becomes in permitted tomorrow, we cannot leave guidance to the hands of men. Allah has revealed the guidance of the Quran acknowledged dear Muslims, that our Shetty teaches us values when mankind's values continue to change with time, Muslims. The bottom line is very simple. It's very simple. Islam gives us nobility. Islam gives us nobility. And without it, we have no nobility.

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Brothers and sisters, as is always my habit. And Allah He had so good to resurrect this habit at every convention for the last five years. And I've been speaking at Ignite conventions for I think 14 years now Al Hamdulillah. By the way, my first convention I attended was 29 years ago, when I was a teenager, I attended the first Akena convention with my parents when it was in Buffalo, New York. And here I am speaking on stage and Hamdulillah, after so many years, as it's been my habit for the last few years when we conclude the economic convention when I conclude the economic convention, now that we have gathered, mashallah almost 10,000 Strong, how can we not show the world what we

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believe? How can we not demonstrate to mankind with the core essentials of our faith? Let us join together in acknowledging that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the greatest that Allah is the grandest that Allah is the most important that Allah is the most significant entity in our lives. I want us all to come together to say attack Kabir attack the that comes not just from the tongue, not just from the vocal cords, but from the depths of the heart from the core of our soul. I want us to say Allahu Akbar and meaning that nothing is worthwhile other than Allah, nothing is more majestic than Allah nothing is greater than Allah. I want us to come together and say that to be in one unified

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voice. Are we ready to do that?

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Raise the bar raise the bar Hi, Jack.

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One more time when the walls of this convention to shake

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Allah Akbar

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Allahu wa barakato

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me what to feed.

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