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There's no blinding

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little bit of character

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whenever he admitted everybody I quoted him

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I said I want to come I'm gonna go to are you able to hear me

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see if I can hear you clearly. Okay I from the villa to the

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hamdulillah Allgood Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala scharffen mousseline, Syedna Mohammed Ali WASAPI ah Marina Salam aleikum to all of you I hope you're well hope you had a good week since we last spoke

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a couple of beginning for the bit of apology. So first thing is we apologize to everybody for the change of

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of meeting venue when the time rather than the time has changed of course to number one accommodate a model which is becoming earlier so probably six to six o'clock going forward for now. Also the YouTube streaming is not available there's something yeah so in Cape Town broke up. Apparently the internet is down I'm just fortunate to have a wi fi 3g God. And so I can be with those of you on teams, but for those who are joined via via YouTube, unfortunately, you're not able to stream but that will be loaded uploaded later. Inshallah once Wi Fi returns

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are you able to see the slides? Because I'm

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no slides available. Okay, so let's let's share once again, just try that

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are these visible now?

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Not you.

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Well, no. Okay. So let's let's, let's just power through, it's one of those days where it seems

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nothing is working. Unfortunately, it's one of those days of hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah.

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It would not be an online class without online problems. So little. So just a quick summary. Last week, we began the story of our father, Adam, the first man the creation of humanity. And we spoke about

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how ALLAH addresses the angels. And he says, in the journey of the holy faces, the angels I intend to place on the earth My Khalifa. And in fact, this word Khalifa requires a lot of discussion. It's a very interesting word. It's not found

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in other places in the Quran, when Allah speaks about the creation of the item, and he tells it gives a lot of information as to some of the questions that have come through I mean, people have asked some really, really good questions. And we're going to start with with, with these questions. So Allah says to the angels, I intend placing on the earth, My khalifa, and angels, of course, and why Allah? Why would you do this, these people, this, this creature that you plan on creating, is going to cause mischief, shed blood, and we are praising you worshiping you continuously. We don't understand the wisdom behind this. And Allah says, I know, then what you don't know. And so a number

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of number of questions or, you know, have been asked by, by all of you, and I really appreciate the questions that I say, again, you know, mentors will message me and this, I'm so sorry to ask this question. And please don't get offended. I'm really happy that you ask the questions and you ask the difficult questions. So let's let's go through some of the questions that were asked. The first thing that was asked, even before but before the Adamic story before the story going to be item, it the question was, and I'm paraphrasing here, you know, we say that the crux of Islam is law in Idaho. The reason why we will create it is to worship Allah alone, and to worship Him without an

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intermediary, not to go via an idol or to go via an ancestor or a saint or a grave or a rally or any of those things. You can invoke Allah directly. You can say, oh, Allah kill me. And we say this is different to other religions, other religions, other faiths, they invoke Jesus, they invoke the idols, they statues, and so the person asked, but don't we then bow to the Kaaba five times a day, we make Sajida to a black box in

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middle of Saudi Arabia. And once in our life we are told to go to to Makkah and to make a tawaf a circle around this black box. Sometimes we kiss one of the stones in this box we touch it we rabbit we make to it is not the same that the Hindus do with the idols, the same that many other cultures do with the with the artifacts in graves and shrines.

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And we need to say that we understand we clearly we can understand why you would have that that incorrect notion that the Kaaba is being worshipped by Muslims. And the answer is simple. We don't worship the Kaaba. And we know from

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as a Muslim, if you were to call out to the Kaaba o cada, O blackbox. Kill me. This is undoubtably *. This is associating a partner with Allah. We face the Kaaba directionally. It is it is a direction. And in fact, it's not even the Kaaba itself. Because if the camera were to be picked up, you know, someone deconstructed the camera, took away all the broke the cabin down audit stones, and then rebuilt it somewhere else, you know, in Dubai, we would not change our Qibla we will not change our direction to Dubai will continue facing that same location. So that GPS coordinate, basically where the Kaaba is on is our direction of worship. Right. It is the way we face in worship that

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those GPS coordinates, but we don't worship that ground or those stones. And this happened in the past a group of people that there was a time when the Kaaba was destroyed, it burned down. The stones of the Blackstone was robbed and taken to Bahrain, it happened in the past, we did not change our direction to the Kaaba. And perhaps the best example of this would be when a person dies, and we perform Janessa Salah, we place the dead person in front of us, and we make dua for him. We're not worshiping Him. We're making dua to Allah, we're asking Allah helped me, forgive me forgive this man, but he's placed in front of us when we make salah. And so the Kaaba as well, it is a our

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direction, but it is not our object of worship. And in fact, the same number of the Alon, the famous companion, if those of you are not familiar with him, one of the disciples of the Prophet peace be upon him. And remember, the disciples of the Prophet peace be upon him, they used to worship idols, they used to worship idols. And so for them facing a stone was, you know, something which they had to remind themselves we don't worship stones. And so Satan normally that is very famous statement. Whenever he came to the Kaaba, you would say, oh, Kaaba, I know you a stone, you cannot benefit me you can upon me, you just rock. And I only face you basically in worship and I only kiss this part

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because the Prophet peace upon him kiss the spot. And that's it. I don't believe that you have any power to benefit or harm. Like if you were to have a piece of the car back here and you were to use it to protect you put it in the car gonna get up all of this will be shipped this will be associating a partner of Allah and therefore we don't invoke the karma. We don't ask the Kaaba for anything. Whereas the idol worship, he says, oh, whatever, who will Oh, whatever idol it is, if you move the idol he moves. You know, if you put the idol on top, he plays the if you dial down the plays, so he faces the idol, and he calls out on the idol and he believes the idol has some kind of

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connection between him between the idol and Allah, it connects you to Allah or in the worst case scenario, like those who go to the graves maybe or those who invoke Jesus or a certain person. They believe that that thing the ancestors, they have the power to put blessings on you to give you good luck or misfortune we need to sacrifice for the idols. We mean sacrifice for the ancestors is very different. No one sacrifices or worships or praises the Kaaba. We just face the Kaaba. And as I said, you should know by now as Muslims, that the cobblestones are innovated every so often, it's, you know, redone and remodel. And that's it. There's no problem. And we even know that the Kaaba as

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it is, is not on the original form as it was the time of Nabil Ibrahim all the time when the angels bolted, it's just a demarcation that this area is to be phased in directionally in terms of worship. Any questions on it?

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That I want anyone have a question? We'd like to discuss that a little further. The difference between idol worship and facing the Kaaba in in Salah.

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Are you guys Lee

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Right. Okay. So the sky

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as the house of Allah.

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Yeah, so

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right so people call it by to law or the house of Allah. It does not mean that Allah resides within it that Allah needs a home as Allah says, in many places Nakata law the the, the camel of Allah they, there's a there's a prophet, ordinary Saudi, and the people kill the camel. Allah says and they killed the natural law the camel of Allah doesn't mean Allah

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US writes that camel it means the camel belongs to Allah. The rule of Allah when Allah says to Nabi Isa that

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he Allah is going to place the soul inside of Adam. Allah doesn't it's not saying the soul which is part of Allah, rather a soul belongs to Allah. So when you say every Masjid we call it Baitullah. every mosque is a specific house dedicated to the worship of Allah. Right? That's what it basically means a house which is dedicated only for Allah. There's nothing else that mean that happens in the mosque, other than to praise and worship Allah. But Allah does not reside within the mosques, and definitely not in the Kaaba, Allah is external to his his creation.

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Another question someone asked, what is the difference between us and Christians, Christians worship Jesus and you worship the Prophet peace be upon him, you make salawat upon him, you Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina, Muhammad wa salam you venerate him. And if you understand what the Salawat is Salawat is not to worship the Prophet peace upon him. We are We are not asking the prophet of anything, we are not asking Him to forgive us, to benefit us to harm us. We are sending praise upon him and in fact, we are not saying oh Muhammad, praise be you know, we are saying Oh Allah, look at that. Look at the salon. Allahumma O Allah. Please, praise and honor Oh Allah, bless the Prophet, peace be upon

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him the same way you would say, Oh Allah, bless my Father, bless my mother, Oh ALLAH forgive my sister. We are actually worshipping Allah. And we are asking Allah to benefit the Prophet peace be upon him. And that is, you know, it's actually the opposite of worshipping the prophets. And to make this very clear in the Quran, and I know, as we get further down the line, we'll talk more about who the Prophet peace be upon him was, and all the prophets who are they, Allah says in the Quran, Quran say, O Muhammad, tell them love em liquidnet NFC Neff and whatever that I as Mohammed I have no ability to benefit myself or anyone else or to harm anyone. I have no no ability to benefit or harm

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in their Masha Allah except Allah alone has the power will open to Allah, Allah and had I known the secrets of the unseen if I had all knowledge that stuck out to me, I would have gathered all the blessings around me if I knew when the rain was going to fall way the gold is where the oil is, I would have gathered all the benefits to me if I knew the secret of unseen Well, Mama, Sonny Assu, and nothing would ever haunt me. No one could ever harm me. No one could ever cheat me, no one could ever

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hurt me if I knew all the things unseen. So you're saying I don't have this knowledge. In in Ghana. I am only Nigerian, what machine I'm only a one that was sent to warn people and to give them glad tidings to people who believe and to call them basically to Allah. So the Prophet peace be upon him is a human being. And he is a slave, a servant. Allah calls him that in many, many places in the Quran, that my servant, my slave, that the Prophet peace upon him like us is incomplete servitude to Allah subhanaw taala and he is not in any way divine he is not in any way something which is someone which is worship, now getting to Adam and we continue with so asking questions in the first

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and these are excellent questions and the fact that I liked the fact that these are questions, which are part of my lecture for this evening, which means that people are following you know, and you're actually thinking about the questions. Allah says to the angels I will place on the earth a Khalifa. Khalifa if you ask people now what is the Khalifa they will say Khalifa means king Sultan or ruler. The Khalifa is like the president, the Muslim president. That's not what the word Khalifa means Khalifa means substitute actually means a substitute or replacement a successor. So, if you want to give an example of what a Halifa is, the Khalifa is the one that succeeds the one that needs to be

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there. So, if I am if you are the CEO, and if you say Look guys, when I am not here, this guy, my deputy, He is My khalifa when I am not here, he takes the position of the one in charge. Now, why did this why did the term Khalifa come to mean Sultan or ruler or king? Because when the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, when he passed away, they needed a leader there was no leader in you know, politically, the Muslims didn't have a ruler. So they decided to choose Abu Bakr one of the disciples, you will be our ruler. When they chose him. They said What name should we give you? We don't want to call you king. He said I don't want to be called King. I don't want to be president,

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call me Khalifa. Call me I am the substitute. I am the successor of the Prophet. So his actual title was Khalifa, Tulu. Rasulullah I am the deputy of the Messenger of Allah that was mine. That was his name. And so after a while, it just became known as Khalifa and everyone else after him became called the Khalifa but that it actually meant the deputy or the successor, the one who succeeds. Now when Allah says in the Quran to the angels, I'm going to place on the earth a Khalifa.

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I'm going to place on the earth a successor, a successor to womb to what the one view is that he that Adam is

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A representative of Allah on earth, that Adam mankind is here to represent Allah on earth that we are the successor of the successor of Allah, but he's a representative on earth. This is actually a minority view, although it's a popular view, there's not the quick view, the actual view is, the scholarly view is that they will many, many creatures that lived on earth that had free will. And that is why the angels are saying, Why are you doing this again, Yala? Have we not been through this before? They were creatures that came, they had Free Will they cause mischief, they were destroyed or they died. Now you're doing it again, we don't understand the wisdom Allah. So Allah is saying, I

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am creating a new successor, a new model, a new model that will succeed the previous one. And this is very interesting, you know, considering what we know of

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what anthropology what we know about

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the theory of evolution, we know that they weren't human like creatures that existed long before homosapiens. I'm not saying that this is the meaning or this is the interpretation I'm just throwing out there. It's an interesting the view of the classical scholars of Islam was that they work creatures living on the earth, they had free will. And then they were replaced by Adam, they will supersede that they were succeeded by Adam. And we know he's we know from from fossils that they will human like they weren't homosapiens. But they will human like creatures that intelligence they had communities that artwork, could this be a nation that preceded Adam, in fact, most of the

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scholars of the Quran mentioned that they were creatures that lived before Adam. And it is part of our theology, that they were many creatures, they were countless beings before we were created, and long after be gone, there'll be countless beings continue to be created, because Allah is a holographic creator. And as the Creator, He will continuously create things, we should not think that the story begins and ends with us. The other

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understanding is that the gene, and we'll talk about them this evening, that there is a race of creatures, which we know are called the gene. And Allah says in the Quran, and the gene, we created them before Adam. Now we know the gene also has free will, we'll talk about the gene this evening, in our lecture today is about the angels and demons, it's wrong to call the gene demons, because like people you have good gene and Belgian, not all of them are demonic, or not all of them are evil, but the gene have the ability to choose to be good or to be bad. And they definitely preceded Adam. And so the second question that the person asked, you know, how did the angels know that Adam

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is going to commit sin, because the gene worthy, and we in the angel saw that this experiment, if you will, with the jinn, you know, they are not fulfilling the duty. The last question and this is, before we move on? This is an excellent question. The question says, Allah said in the beginning to the angels I will place on the Earth man. Now we will talk about the fall of mankind, we'll talk about how Adam made a mistake. And then he was sent to the earth. And so many of you have the notion and this is deeply maybe influenced from from Christian mythology or Christian theology, that as a punishment to Adam, he will send to the earth, you know, so So if, if I understand that, is it to

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the angels, I'm going to put on I'm going to put Adam on the earth from the beginning. So he was already destined to go to the earth. But how is that fee? If he wasn't even created? He didn't come with the sun. You know, how does this make sense? And the answer to this Subhanallah, the person who asked this question, you're asking the same question that Nabi Musa is going to ask, so Musa Moses, we know of a narration the Prophet, our Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam says, in the future on the Day of Judgment, this is a this is something that's gonna happen, Moses, Moses Musa, etc, he will go and look with Adam, and he will say to Adam, are you Adam? Are you the one that Allah created with his

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hands? The angels bow to you? You had free rein in Jana, you didn't you had everything going for you that Adam. And Adam also just said to me, I'm like the father of mankind, and then Musa will ask him, so how could you have committed a sin that caused all of us to be in this mess because of you, all of us are on the earth. And Adams response to me, Musa wood is going to be Adams and respond to him and say, that me and us coming to the earth was something which was determined before I was even created as being on earth and living on Earth. This was always part of the plan. My son was it wasn't actually the causing of that. But it was the thing that eventually that was the trigger. But

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it was that we were always meant to be so I am not the reason why you on the earth and we will always mean to be on the earth or maybe to give you a way to understand this. Allah subhanaw taala. He planned that we will always be on the earth, but he did not begin us on the earth. He made us he made them external above him.

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The heavens he made Adam in paradise in Jannah, in in the garden, and he told Adam, you will stay here. And so long as you don't do anything wrong, you will, you will remain here. But the idea is eventually, eventually with time, he would make a sin and He will go to, to the earth. And that is we always always meant to be, but instead of creating us on the so one might ask, Why did Allah not just create Adam to begin with on the earth, because there's a lot of wisdoms in that. It's like your dad saying, I'm going to give you 100 Rand allowance upfront. And so long as you don't do anything wrong, I'm going to every time you make a mistake, I'll deduct some money from it. So

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instead of you earning your allowance, you got the allowance, but if you commit mistakes, we take away some of the blessings. Adam was given the blessings, all of it upfront, so long as you do your part, you will remain in my mercy and in my, my blessings. And so the message is this, that Allah gives you the blessings upfront, Allah gives you His favor, you don't have to earn it. And if you commit a sin, then you move away from his blessing. And so the lesson and we'll talk a lot about one of the wisdoms of creating Adam was to commit sin was so that he could repent. This is different to the angels, the angels can repent because they don't commit sin. And so it is part of the story of

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Adam, and we're going to see how he believes who's also has free will, how does he approach some, what does he do when he comes to the sun? So Adam, yes, he was always intended to be on Earth, that was always part of the plan. But Allah subhanaw taala gave him sort of a free holiday, until his time was up. And until he he changed his blessing. And so then Allah said, now it's time for you to, to go back to the GO BACK TO to the Earth, where you were to be where you were meant to be from the beginning. And that also, when we talk about the fall, one of the theories is that when he found out no talk about this, when Adam found out that I was always meant to go on earth, He panicked, and he

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made this and we'll talk about why he ate and who's to be blamed. We blame Eve. We'll talk about all of that perhaps in our next lecture. But as we go back to today's lecture, we need to talk about the other characters around Adam, the angels and the jinn, we need to talk about these creatures so that we understand

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we understand the story a little deeper. Any questions before we begin?

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Any questions before we begin, guys?

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Okay, so Allah says to the angels, what is called our Abu Khalil melodica, elicits the angel angels I intend to place on the earth, my representative, or a representative. And so the angels who are these creatures, so we assume and many most religions, it's one of those common characteristics that most religions, most cultures have a concept of beings that are, we call them angels, we understand them to be a sinless, beautiful, they always depicted as having wings. And where does this come from? You need to ask yourself, why is it that Jews and Muslims, Christians, Hindus, if you go to different parts of you know, different parts of the world, these the concept of an angel or beings

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that are angelic is within these cultures, and you'd find similarities made up light, beautiful, they fly, they do good for people. This is part of that original message that went to Adam and it stays with us until throughout humanity. So Allah says in the Quran, Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah, in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful or the Most Beneficent? Alhamdulillah All Praise be to Allah 30 similarity what are the creator, the Originator of the heavens and the earth Jaiden melodica the one who made the angels rule and he made them emissaries he made the angels beings which carry a message or which do a function will actually have they have wings must now autodata or some have to

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some f3 some are for some have more. As you do feel Hakeem Ayesha Allah gives in creation He increases to whomever he wants integration as he wishes in Allah Allah coalition that Allah does whatever he desires, whatever he wishes, he has control of all things. We know from a Prophetic narration, that the Prophet peace upon him said, The angels are a race of creatures they are a type of creature that were created from light, pure light, nor they were created from light. Then the Prophet says there is a type of creature called the gene, the gene kind that they were created from, from fire from a fire that has no smoke, a fire that is extremely pure, maybe we are going to call

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it energy they will keep from pure energy. And Adam as we know is created from clay and water that he is made from sand and water is made from clay. So we have these three types of creatures. And these three creatures are unique to the other beings that you need to the animals that you need to the the mountains and the sand and the stars. Why? Because they have some level of intelligence, that angels of course they are beings that understand and they are

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They can speak the gene as well. And there's men and the gene and men are special even more than the angels because both gene and men have the ability of freewill. They have the ability of choice. The angels don't have free will. The angels don't procreate. They don't eat, they don't sleep. They are they don't you know, they they don't get married. The angels simply they're almost robotic. They do as they are command and they fulfill the the commands of the Lord. Now, one of the pillars of Eman to be a Muslim, if you want to be a Muslim, the first thing is you must believe in Allah is one Allah, He is the Creator of all things. The second pillar is to believe in the angels are meant to

00:25:36--> 00:26:18

be Allah he will Mala t, you should believe that Allah has angels, and that these angels, they follow his command. They are not partners with Allah. They are not to be worshipped, but they exist, and they serve a function again, not that Allah needs angels to do any kind of work, but he's created them. And some of those angels we know by name Jupiter Gibreel, the Ark Angel, who has many, many functions, the most important function is that he is the medium he is the the emissary he is the the ambassador between Allah and people. So when we will talk about prophets peep, there are men who receive revelation, men who receive messages from Allah, how does how does Allah communicate

00:26:18--> 00:27:00

with people? Do they get an SMS? Do they get a whatsapp do they get a team's meeting with Allah? No Gibreel this angel he conveys the message he comes with a message to the prophets of Allah. In extreme cases of extremely rare cases, Allah at times communicates directly he speaks directly to the to the prophet, and not through the intermediary of Gibreel. So this is Gibreel, the Ark Angel, and he's mentioned in the Quran with many names. One of them is the Rohan gurus, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and that is way the Trinity the Christian Trinity comes the belief in the Father, which is Allah, the son, which is gonna be Isa, and the Holy Spirit is actually supposedly God, you

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know, the angel Jibreel because He is Allah calls him the Holy Spirit, the Ruhul Amin, the trusted spirit, and so

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he, you know, through Christian theology, he became party with Allah in eternity. Nonetheless, there are other angels as well. We have mica Aeolos. mentioned in the Quran, the angel Michael, who is describing Allah knows best. He is the angel of mercy, Angel of rain, the angel of a special kind of Angel, we have in the Quran, the angel Malik and Malik is almost the opposite of Mikael Malik is the angel of of Jannah. He is the warden of Janam, he's the most severe, the most stern of all the angels. His job is, is basically to execute. He's the executioner of Allah, we know that there's the Angel of Death.

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Strangely, his name is known to be Israel, Ill yet no one knows. It's just commonly known as Israel. But there's no real evidence that his name is Israel might be his name is just Maliki not the angel of death. And there are many, many other angels out there. And so as Christians, we believe that these are a beings that have intelligence that they worship Allah, and that they are completely in fulfillment of the Command of Allah. Then we have this group called the gym, as I said, and they created from fire with free will. Now getting back to Adam.

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Getting back to the story of Adam. Now can you imagine when Allah says to these angels, with the power with the beauty with the might, with all the perfection, Allah says to them, I'm going to create this creature called Adam, and I'm going to show you that he's not only

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that he has something special, not only is he special, but he's more special than you Oh angels, because then Allah will teach Adam knowledge which even the angels can accompany. And Allah will give Adam a blessing that the angels did not receive. And when the angels realize that this creature Adam, is completely on a different level, it is a being that they have never seen before. It is a type of creature that has a an ability to get close to Allah in a way that they can't even get close to Allah. It is a type of being Adam can understand Allah can have a relationship with Allah, that is even deeper than the relationship with Allah. That's when Allah says to the angels, now bow down

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to Adam, bow down to Adam. And you can imagine the scene Subhanallah Adam is a

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finish of the line newly formed and Gibreel mica in all these great angels and Allah says all of them the billions of angels, all of them were gathered on one spot, and they were commanded to bow down to them and of course the angels. They obeyed and they fell down in prostration sidenote, remember the angels question Allah, why, why are you creating this has been so even though the angels has reservations, the angels had concerns, the angels had doubts, they fulfilled the command and therefore it's nothing wrong to have questions, doubts, concerns, so long as you obey Allah and of course you can ask the question with with a

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With respect to Allah, why do you do this, do that? And whether you get the answer hamdulillah if you don't get the answer, you still have to obey the command. And so the angels obeying the command, except Iblees, then Allah continues the story, that God

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with coronelli melodica when we said to the angels bow down to add emphasis to do and all of them all, every single Angel together fell down in frustration before Adam IBLEES except the bunnies Abba was stuck para mechanical caffeine, he believes disobeyed, he refused, and arrogantly refused to obey the command of Allah and he became a little caffeine and he became a a disbeliever. So who is this please Allah mentions him by name. And Allah mentioned he refused to bow down to Adam.

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He believes, Allah says to Iblees

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can aminal Jin Neva con me Robbie. So there's a whole debate is ebullition Angel and in the Christian tradition, he is a fallen angel. And even in the Islamic tradition, there are many scholars that said he was an angel at one point and he was transformed into something else. We have a very clear answer in the Quran in surah Kahf Allah says

00:31:11--> 00:31:50

it Allah He believes everyone bow down besides rescan and mineral gene, he was from the gym for fossa con Amira, Robbie, and he disobeyed the lord of his the command of his load. Now there are questions like why was he believed the to begin with? Why was he amongst the angels? Why was he in the assembly? And in reality, Allah doesn't give, give that answer. There are those who have said that he believes lived such a righteous life as a gene that he was elevated to be amongst the angels, we don't know that for sure. What we know is that Allah gave the command to the angels, he believes, and perhaps other gene worthy as well. They were in the company of the angels, and Allah

00:31:50--> 00:32:31

commanded them as well to bow down to other and all of them the angels and whoever else was in that gathering, if there were other Jinn as well, they obeyed and they bound down and this is one one character in the group one creature amongst all of these beings that refuses to bow down and he's standing. And so Allah asks him caught up, Allah says to you, please, ma'am, Monica, I let us should it amount to Allah says, Why have you not bow down when I commanded you to do so? Remember, this is even if you like the angels that say, Look, I don't and I made of light. I don't understand why I'm bowing down to this guy made of mud but Allah commands me to do it. So I do it. So Allah asked you,

00:32:31--> 00:33:11

but he's Why are you not doing what I command you to do? In one ayah, he says, I will never bow down to that he doesn't even name them. He doesn't even say Adam, he will. He says to that I will never bow down Allah and a higher woman who I am better than him. I am superior to him. Hello, Tony Minnaar. Allah, you made me at a fire will hold up to a woman teen and you made him out of mud? Do you really want me Do you expect me to bow down to that I made a fire and that is made of mud. It was Pinilla. He believes whatever he was. And however he got the weather through righteousness, whether this was his own personal taste. We don't know Perhaps Allah and the police had some other

00:33:11--> 00:33:49

you know that some arrangement arrangement. But he believes remember, he also has free will. And this is maybe perhaps part of his taste when he did all the good deeds. And Allah says, Well, this is I'm going to teach the bliss, how sincere Are you and if you fulfill that test, he would have gotten Of course, he would have gotten some kind of reward and blessing, if fulfilled and pass this test. But his response to Allah is not only am I disobeying not only am I not fulfilling the commandment that was bad enough, but the reason why he's not is the ugly part. I am superior I am better than him. And I because of what I made of. And so we have this concept of not only arrogance,

00:33:49--> 00:34:19

but you have spiritual elegance. And I give you an example today it's sort of like the Imam, the police, you go in the road and you look at all so look at all these filthy centers, all of you going to help only me I am better than all of you. I am closer to God than you are. And of course a lesser of arrogance is the worst thing. The worst kind of arrogance is spiritual arrogance, a religious kind of arrogance, which he believes is doing but it also listed in that you have racism Yeah, I am

00:34:20--> 00:34:42

black, I am white. You are something else. I am made of fire. You are made of clay so I'm better than you. And so he believes. You know racism is one of the primal evils of racism, hating a creature hating someone else because of how they look because of what they're made of. is demonic. It is shaytani it is from the police. Allah.

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

Allah Subhana Allah says to the police call a police. Malacca aletta Coonan Masergy Allah Sibelius siblings again, why are you not being Why are you not amongst those who have made to do and why are you not following the angels? Color? Is it lamb should leave Russia I will never bow

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

down to a human being hot after hoomins Salsa, you made him of mud.

00:35:05--> 00:35:49

And I made a fire. And then Allah says to Iblees. Now, many need to understand the series of events here, Allah says for which we have in ecology and Allah says, so get out, you're expelled from here. So they were in an assembly, right? So they are in a very sacred place all the angels, Allah and Adam is there. And so Allah says to you, please go get out from this assembly that you are rejected from us, you're not part of this group anymore. Now it believes obviously had a special privilege to be amongst the angels. And now that privilege is revoked. Remove yourself from this. Well in alayka, la, la Netta Illa Yomi do the analysis. And I am placing the learner the learner some of Thrones is

00:35:49--> 00:36:30

the curse. Alana basically is Allah saying and you are now away from my mercy until the Day of Judgment, that special relationship you had with me that special closeness that you had with the angels, you are now forbidden, your your visa has been cut off your permission your access now is denied. Right so he believes he wasn't cost him to Jana, he was just pushed out from the assembly of the angels. Okay. Then he believes makes a kind of repentance is probably look at this is this is why, why the difference between police and other Meganisi the difference between men and Jim, the difference between the one who said we all sin, Buddy is a good sinner and these are bad sinner.

00:36:30--> 00:37:11

There is a sinner that will go to Paradise and he is a sinner, that if Allah wills will condemn, you know, to punishment deserves punishment. This is a belief this is how you shouldn't sin. So after he committed the sin, he was arrogant he was you disobeyed Allah. He is the reason why I'm better I'm superior, I will never do it. So Allah says now Good luck, go go away from this assembly of the angels. Color. Now he believes makes to Allah kohlrabi, my Lord And subhanAllah it shows he believes believes in Allah. He says kohlrabi to Andy the Nilanjana you bartholin Oh Allah give me a chance. Have mercy upon me. Forgive me, give me respite until Kiama give me give me leeway and tokuyama

00:37:11--> 00:37:11


00:37:12--> 00:37:56

Don't punish me now. So bliss is making repentance call for enactment of Mandarin so Allah says so indeed Okay. I will give you respite and I will give you life until Qiyamah Isla Yomi Isla, yo man walked in my room until the Day of Judgment, I will leave you I will not take any or not take any punishment on you. Or then release it to Allah kohlrabi. Oh my lord Bhima of Waitangi because of how you misled me, because how you let me go astray he blames Allah because of you. That was the that was the Yin and Nana who fill out I will make the earth beautiful for them. Wherever we are no magic mine and I will mislead all of them. I will tempt them. I will seduce all of them all i them and all

00:37:56--> 00:37:59

of His children. I will make sure that they are all mislead.

00:38:00--> 00:38:33

Color for women of weight and any and then in another verse he says again for being my acquaintance because of what you made me do of sin, your fault Allah your fault that then no serata call Mr. Kim, I will be on the straight path I will confess I will sit on and wait for them on the straight path through Marathi and unknown mean benei Amin benei ad and I will come in front of them. I'm in Hall of Fame and I'll come from behind them. When a man in one chamber at him I will attack him from the left and the right wallet attach you to axon Shaqiri. And you will not find Oh Allah you will not find many of the most of them you will find that they will be ungrateful to you you won't find

00:38:33--> 00:39:14

anyone amongst him that is good only a few will be good. And Allah says to a police officer harder zero to zero to Allah Mr. Kim, Allah says this religion of Islam This is my straight path in a body my son those who worship me lace halacha Allah him Sutala we believe those who worship Me, you will have no power on upon them. Illa Manitoba aka me no one except those who follow you. And then they will be lost. They will be those who lost those who follow you. And so we see, he believes he made a sin, which was his pride. He believed he was superior. He refused to bow down to Adam because it's bad enough. We didn't ask Allah give me a chance Allah gave him a chance. And look what he does with

00:39:14--> 00:39:55

a chance he says to Allah, I promise you I will take this chance you've given me to spin the rest of my life until the Day of Judgment, misleading his children, making them commit sin, making them shed blood as the angel said, I'm going to do exactly that. I'm going to cause them to make war on one another, to hurt one another. And they will reject you. This will be my life's mission. And so Allah says go you are you are my curse is upon you. And so he became known as Shavon Shavon a shaytaan His name is and shaytaan His name is Elise shaytaan. A shaytaan is anyone who works to take you away from Allah and that's why you get Jin shaytaan and you get people shaytaan shaitan is anyone that

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

tries to come between you and Allah subhanaw taala and so now this is

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

his job his job in Belize is to cut off your relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. And so

00:40:07--> 00:40:36

this is really the beginning of of urbanists. Now we'll come to know later on the Iblees wasn't sort of course into hell obviously is given there, he wasn't even expelled from the domain. He wasn't put on the earth, why he hasn't yet done anything to Adam. He just made a promise to Allah, obviously speaking with disrespectfully to Allah, but he hasn't done anything to harm Adam yet. And so, when we talk about in the next session, when Adam does kamati sin, obviously, because he believes will with the,

00:40:37--> 00:41:11

with the encouragement of beliefs, when he believes does that, that will be actually his first sinned against Adam. And then he believes as well as Adam and how Of course, they come to we all come to the earth. And so the gym come to the earth and we on the earth, and we share the space, the space with them, and so the gene have their own taste as well. They taste as well is to to worship Allah. Allah says in the Quran, or Mahabharata, Jimena will insert a layer below that I created the jinn and the angels, the jinn and man, to worship me to have a relationship with me, they are on their own taste. So there are two two creatures all of you have your own exam and ticks with Allah,

00:41:11--> 00:41:34

not depending on what you do is whether you will succeed or fail, no one is born into sin, no one is born cursed and away from the Mercy of Allah. In fact, if you take anything from the story of Adam, he is born with created close to Allah and through his actions, he distanced himself from Allah and then you have the opportunity to either repent and come back like either or you can be like shaytaan that you further and further

00:41:35--> 00:41:40

run away from Allah and you can make more mischief any questions will have to conclude

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earlier than normal this evening. Are there any questions?

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We will continue next week Inshallah, and our topic will be the soul of mankind, right. So, we now understood sort of the angels the angels can commit sin and they have no free will, we understood the jinn to some extent that they are made a fire, they have

00:42:25--> 00:42:56

the ability to choose right from wrong, the nature is one that is fiery in nature, if you will, mighty beliefs, they can become very angry and they can become very vengeful, and they can become very spiteful, they can travel very quickly, they have a lot of power, they physically stronger than us, you know, in some ways, as a scholar said, he believes was not wrong when he said that he is physically superior to Adam. But Allah does not look at the physical, all of us look at the external, he looks at what's inside. And of course, inside the police was extremely evil, extremely dirty.

00:42:57--> 00:43:17

We'll talk more about the nature of mankind, we're going to talk about the sin that Adam would commit. And we'll talk about the soul that Allah gave Adam, we know very little about the soul, is it it has free will in it. Of course, it has the ability to do good, amazing things, cure sickness, save lives. And it also has in it the ability to

00:43:18--> 00:43:55

to cause war to harm the people that you love. So where does this come from? Maybe some mythologies believe that, you know, it is the gene that causes you to do something and the angels cause the good Nope, we're gonna get we're going to learn that both good and bad. every man, every human being you, me, we have the capacity within us to become the most beautiful of creatures, or the most vile of creatures. And this is part of, of what it means to be human. So we'll talk about the nature of man, the soul of mankind, and what it means to be human. By a human, you're not perfect. So how do we sin? How do we sin? And how do we get forgiven? And how do we return back to Allah often, because

00:43:55--> 00:43:57

that is perhaps the most

00:43:58--> 00:44:18

the most profound lesson for us of the story of Adam. It's not about the angels bowing before us, and we created from clay those are all wonderful things, but the message that we get from Adam is how do you commit sin and how do you REPENT from sin and inshallah that is our, our lecture inshallah. Next week be in the lab? Dracula. Hi, thank you so much. One more chance for opportunity. Any questions?

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Then JazakAllah hate so much. I thank you and we will reconvene next week. We will apologies for the technical difficulties this evening. Insha Allah, Allah say no Mohammed, what are your Islam with saline and hello without Amin? So don't worry, we're not gonna lie where to go to