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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges of achieving success in a job and the importance of bringing evidence to support them. They also touch on the challenges of achieving success, such as overestimating success and not getting bored. The importance of strong culture and men’s ability to see the face of Islam is emphasized. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new program.
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out of alignment A*aba rajim Bismillah mana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more discerning in Sade now Muhammad Ali he you also have big Marian I will I will

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I'll be ready as well.

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Let's find out except from all of us. I see the heads up with rupee Juma is very difficult when people are dozing off and I also want to doze off, but inshallah we will. Inshallah we have last year more of Ramadan will in Dubai. If we start

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with the muscular man there are human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been with Sony CD ROM Hammond one early or SOFIA Germain my brothers and sisters as salam ala moana, the library Catherine

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hamdulillah me Alameen appraisement To Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah will be with us today is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala it is only for him that we stand in Salah and we fast we give up our food we give our charity only for his sake. And we send our love and greetings salutations are beloved and Mohamed Salah Salam, this pious and pure family whose companions and all those who follow a student until the end of time, they'll have lessons to be amongst his companions in general Philadelphia. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, the last Juma of Ramadan, and the last five, six days five, six nights of the month of Ramadan. Really? I have one

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question for you. Dr. muslimin. Have you reached that limit? Now? Have you reached the top end? Is there anything left in the tank now? Because there should be nothing left? In our minds, we might think we've been looking at the last few nights of Ramadan, I've spent how much time asleep how much time I've spent awake. Can I spend another hour? Inshallah? Can I give any more charity? I've given my charity? Can I do anything more I recited how much of the Quran Can I add a little bit more. And if you feel I've reached the end the maximum then inshallah hopefully this lecture today will push you to do a little bit more. Because this is what is on hand as we make our Ibadah we don't do it

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just for the sake of doing it by the but we get something in return in this life in the cupboard in Kiama in Jana, and that is what we want. So we start off and this is kind of a DUA and so we ask Allah subhana wa Tada there Allah as we fought and we do all this divided for you, bless us with a base of this lava in the dunya bless us with the base of the dunya and the base of the Arthur Allah's promises. Well I mean who may Akula Robina attina for dunya hacer una Villa de hacer una macchina Agha Na, and they are those of his believers, who asked Allah grant us the base of the dunya we don't specify whether we are rich or poor, or we live in this place to that place. We leave

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it to Allah just grant us the base of the dunya the base of the era and save us from all the calamities and the fire of Jahannam Amin and then there are those of us who are in this dunya that are going through a hard time and Allah knows you're going through a hard time you're suffering in some way. And as you make your Ibadah you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and you look at this ayah Allah says Allah you can live in La Casa Loma, cassava cassava, Allah does not burden so beyond that which it can be, if you're going through some tribulation, Allah has given it to you. Because he knows you can be it. This dunya is a test. That's it. The one who has money is being tested with his money and

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the one who's poor is retested with poverty. The one who has showed them is being tested with his shoulder, the one who doesn't have children, he's being tested with that there isn't there are no winners in the dunya everybody

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while also in the incidence of inclusive everybody is losing in the dunya. And so all we want to do is get through this test safely. That's all we want to do your Allah we're not going to stay here. So anyone going through difficulty will ask Allah to grant us ease and to pass this test with patients for in America so you know mangalsutra whichever hardness in difficulty you sinned upon us, Allah sinned also your ease, sinned with it the ease and with the comfort Yeah, Allah for us deposit. Allah Subhana Allah says to us, woman, Radha and decree Allah we want you to Allah, whenever we give us now in the dunya Don't, don't be like this. Allah says, Woman Allah and decree

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as for those who turn away from Allah and His remembrance for Inara, who my Isha and banca that they will have a depressed and empty life, they will have a lot maybe they will have billions, but they will have nothing in this life their hearts will be empty, that Allah do not grant us to live a life that is empty. That is the priest that is said when actually we are not dealing with Yama and also there'll be blind on the Deaf PM. Rather what we want to Allah is to give us this man amela Saudi Han mean that Karina into Allah says whatever does righteousness and you're doing righteousness inshallah you're sitting here in Juma you're fasting while you're sitting here, you're performing

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salah, you're reciting Quran you're giving charity, this is you Allah someone says, Whoever does good deeds with a good mate whether they are male or female. What what mean and they are believers for a piano. Hi, Atlanta Eva, we will surely give you

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With this dunya a good life, you might not get everything. And it doesn't mean you won't go through hardships. But overall Allah says I will give you a good life. So Allah grant us a good life. Whatever it is, yeah, no, it won't be sad Michael Yamato and in the year after, will give them the reward according to the best of what they did the best of intentions. And this is what we asked in this dunya. And our person who has a three by good life and hamdulillah has succeeded. And then of course, no matter what you have in this dunya who laughs in the remote, and as we are now pushing ourselves, can we do more? Think about our day?

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We don't know how many Ramadan's we have left. This might be the last few odd nights of our life. And so at the moment of death, yeah, Allah save us from a bad day. Allah says in the Quran, well Tara is a dolly Munna Marathi note, when you see the people who live a bad life when they're on the pangs of death, and the angels come down to extending their hands to hit them. The angels are now with violence coming to take this person away. And your materials Zona other than Hooni be my Quinton Kulu not Allah had lady Huck today take your soul out the strung out the angels are saying you will be awarded the humiliation because of what you did against Allah subhanaw taala May Allah

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save us from a death that is humiliated? Well, let's save us from our last moments on this dunya to be one of terror and hotter in front of the angels. Rather Allah says Allah Tala for whom will equal to even, but there are those who are Han Allah, who the angels will take away the pious people in a very gentle nice way. In a nice way. Yeah, call on the angels will say to him Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you. Peace. Don't worry, don't be scared. Leave this dunya now, this dunya is nothing for you. That makes life is better for you. Oh, the whole Janabi McClinton Dharma loon. So into the Jana, because of what you had done Subhanallah because of the deeds and of course, the Mercy of

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Allah, now you've passed the exam, you need to get the good news. So as you standing in your crown, you ask Allah for the car, Allah grant us that when we die, that we already get the promise from the angels that we leave this dunya

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in an arena called Robin Allah who must accommodate that unnecessary.

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Allah the Hoff who will obviously it will be generating the quantum to, Allah says very those who say, I will always Allah alone, and then they stand firm on this dunya they maintain the IMA, and they have Iman, and they continuously maintain it, they protect it, upon them, the angels will be seen, and the angels will promise them, there is no more fear anymore. No reason to be scared anymore. And there's no more sadness, your sadness is done. And you receive the good news that you have been promised genital funerals.

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Allah grant that for all of us. I mean,

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we know the last long Hadith have been organized speaks about the journey of the soul, the good and the bad, only talk about the good one in sha Allah, because this is what we make dua for. And this is why we're going to push ourselves that when the soul of the good person dies, he begins to see the angels in front of him, and he sees them coming down, like lights shining, but the way in a distance, you can't really make them out. And he sees them smiling because they know what's about to happen. They know you're going to die, but they know this is your graduation, and they're waiting for the Angel of Death. An angel of death does not come one second to earlier. So one second to lady

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comes exactly when Allah had decreed for him. And when he comes out, when you sit back outside, our family will be around us maybe crying, but we will only see the angel of death and he will say oh Mohamed, come out to the Mercy of Allah, Allah is excited to meet you leave this dunya and come to the Jana. And he will say words that will excite you so much that you will, the soul will almost leap out of you, it will pull out of you. And he will take it gently out. And then he would pass it on to those angels of mercy. And they will wrap you up in clothing of Jannah. And they will be a smell that will extend throughout the summer was an amazing smell. And the angels will take you up

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to carry you through the salah. And as your soul is traveling through the heavens, the angels you pass by will greet you and say wow, who is this fun smell so nice. Why did he do that he smells so good. And this delegation of angels carrying you will praise you and say things about you that you couldn't even imagine.

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And then your name will be written in an Elohim the book of those people that record you know, like you have a record of the ones who pass the exam. Allah will say let his name be written in that register. So you know what area hamdulillah has passed. I've passed the exam. My name is inscribed with a register of people have Jana, I'm gonna go to Jana Insha Allah, then Allah will put you back in the cupboard and Subhanallah during this point, at some point during this transition, you will not only meet the angels, you will meet those long lost loved ones that will good. Imagine seeing your parents again. A spouse that has that has died in vain Jana, and you're getting to hug one

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another again. And so you pass you've also passed for Han Allah, we all made it and now it's over. None of them would want to come back to the dunya and Allah will put you back in the grave

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And once you're in the grave and we're going to tell our relatives make the gentle Salah don't take long we want to get done and well buried and we are alone and our relatives and it becomes a bit that moment is still a bit difficult in October when the angels monka and Nikita will come and test. Allah subhana says that those who are honest in the dunya it will believe us. We will help you to be totally fair, but we will give them a strong word you have to worry you must memorize the exam man Rob book, Robbie Alana don't have to memorize that. Allah will give you the answers and you will respond with ease with comfort. You tell the angels even though they come like an exam to teach you.

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You will say Allah is my Lord. I have no doubt in that. Islam is my religion. I recited the Quran. And Muhammad Al Salam is my Nabil. I love the country sunnah. When that is said then Allah subhanho Say my servant has spoken the truth. So open his grave why as far as you can see and show him his place in Jannah and we will look at a window like a screen inside Jana. And the breeze and the comfort of Jana will come into your cupboard and you will erase that we will we will be we will say yeah Allah let Qiyamah come because I want to get the I want to get to Jana at a time and Allah grant our graves to be a garden of the gardens of Jana may what we do here on the dunya plant our

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home our forever home they in Jannah SubhanAllah. And then a time will pass Allah Allah Who knows long how it will pass. And then Allah will sound the trumpet would be sound, and we will wake up from our graves called Yahweh Ilana, Mombasa and me Mark Kadena, who has woken us up from our sleep Yallah with this we've been sleeping for so long in the cupboard and now we are woken up all of a sudden on the day when hola Yo Ma not to be Samantha ECG little quote of the day when Allah will roll up all of creations folded up like a scroll. Come up. I don't know what a colicky no you do who else we had began everything will repeat it a second time. We're all done. Elena in New Orleans,

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it's a promise is going to do and we will all be restricted once again. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned so much of that day, color either to cattle or do that can DACA when everything will be smashed into nothing, they will just be with no mountains, there'll be no nothing new it's just a flat open land where there are Abu Kawamata to soften software and your Lord and His angels will come in rose in the ranks like an army. What G or you might even be Jahannam and Johanna was brought clear on that day Iran can see

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your way to the crew in San Juan nella he loves the crew and that day we will remember the dunya and will think now it's too late to remember what benefit is remembering the cooler we are late and he called them to the hayati people will say that they will vote to me how I wished I prepared for this day. How I wished I spent that one extra night. I gave it one extra hour that one extra rent. I should I should have just pushed myself a little bit more that Ramadan. But last night, I wish I just did a little bit more.

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That day will be full of hot as Leo in touch up labasa that day when the eyes Allah says we'll be staying in order we'll be looking at the chaos on that day. Shocked with the ain't running around, like drunk people locked in or who see him. They it's looking around LA yatta yatta for whom the eyes do not come back.

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Either to how MBL hearts are empty. They are completely in terror for either saw. Allah says when the trumpet sound, you may have febrile marooning that day every man will abandon his brother Well, only he will be You won't even care about his mother and his father. What Sahiba t weapony. And he will not care about his wife and his children equally marry him in whom Yo Ma even shut up, shut up, shut up. Every man that day will only care about himself not only care I don't care about my mom, even if at her expense, I will get one good deed so she and she goes to Johanna I don't care today is only about me. But

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there will be people that Allah will secure and save and make dua for this Allah says for Waka hula Sharada, Likkle Yamanaka who Naga Ratan was Aurora, Allah will then bring about peace protect the people believers on that day. And not only that, he will give them another attorney who was Rura a radiance your shine and happiness behind Allah He will protect you on that day when all of mankind is going like in horror, the believer his good deeds and his his life that he spent here Allah will bless him with contentment law us owner woman first one Akbar they will not be grieved by the great terror what Allah call me in the angels will say to the monkey Amma Hatha yo McMullen equal to two.

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This is the day that you were promised remember you are working towards the state, so don't feel too scared. This is your graduation now. Yes, the tears are all around you. But the angels are giving you the good news. It's okay It's gonna be okay. You're shining. Look you already shining you are of those people that will be saved me. Allah Subhana Allah, would you we even Nadira on that day, some faces will be right in our behind. Looking

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At the load they were looking at the Allah and they all the faces will be shining. Would you who Yoma even most Farah some of those some those faces on that day will be bright like the sun though he got to muster the Shara laughing and rejoicing at the good news on Kiama Subhanallah but will be of those who laugh on the Deaf camera, when everyone is crying, may we be of those that are shining and smiling and laughing I mean, then of course, we have to be judged and you have to get your records. There has to be an account every single one must take least account with Allah subhanaw taala every deed good or bad will be weighed will be written will be exposed and be shown the

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amendment OTL keytab will be a meanie for your Kulu ha MCRA okey Tabea but there'll be those insha Allah Allah will be of them we will receive before even the questioning begins Allah will give you the your you your record in your right hand and when you receive your record in your right hand is already indication that you've passed and then he will say oh mukha Okeechobee then he will run to his family and friends book read my book read it. You know like when you pass the exam I graduated come see you running how MCRA okie Tabea for a moment. Bucha Kitab Yamini but so far you have CVSA yesira and he will have a very smooth and easy reckoning with Allah. Allah will make it very easy

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for him.

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We unclonable Lima surah and you will run back to his people's office called up Allah will give you the record in the right hand and Allah will say you've passed the exam. I'm not going to teach you with your heart today that you do all these deeds. You see Allah we did those deeds. Did you do these sins? Yes, I've done those sins Yala. Now I forgive you those sins that go back to your family for your past and you want to Jana Subhanallah we uncover the Buddha early he Missoura and he runs back to his family rejoicing now imagine that scene where you see one by one your family members are passing and your turn was coming you don't know which way I'm gonna go. And then you pass you know

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you've also passed and you run towards them Alhamdulillah and you've seen groups of people being taken away to Jana and you know you fast

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for a moment tabula rasa Xena who you will need to also be weighed analysis as for him whose deeds are heavy for hope for whoever he shot your idea, then he will live an eternal life of joy. What a madman Harford magazine who, but as he moves scale is deficient. It's too low. Not enough good deeds for Hua foo, how are we then he's home. His mother, who is a mother is is eternal about is how we Anibus and as you standing today, you need to we need to add to that scale. We don't know where our scale is right now. Every time we think they do enough, put that extra standard extra raka make that extra Sajida. Recite that extra hora. And it goes on to that scale. And that scale is getting

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heavier, heavier to SubhanAllah. Behind the SubhanAllah. The heavy on the scales panel on one word of spine, Allah, think about your scale.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says as even if you've passed the last the last challenge with a believer even if the scale is heavy, and it is received is recording his right hand, he has to cross over Jannah and we don't know that is when the quality of the deeds will be tested. That is when a person with a lot of good deeds, but the quality wasn't very good. And he's harmed others he might fall in what you mean Camila. Allah says there is not a single one of you except that you must pass over the wrath of Janam can our bigger Hartman Michelia This is a decree of YOLO that must happen everyone must cross over Jahannam from the next Ayala System Manager letting a taco whenever I

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mean if he had to be here, but Allah says He will surely save the people of Taqwa. They will walk over at Xerox or run over that Xerox safely and they will not fall in s for those who are not people of Taqwa. They will fall inside May Allah protect us. And now after all this journey from today, think about all the steps we need to go through we need to go through our life with its challenges with its hardships with ups and downs. Some of us will become old, and Allah will take away our blessings one by one, our health, our family, our wealth, and then we will come to that some all of a sudden, Metacritic doesn't suddenly we don't know how much time we have left. But then all of us

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will meet molecule mode. Hopefully in a good way we've nila, I mean, then we'll into the cupboard, and we'll spend how long in the cupboard. We need to go in and get resurrected on piano and spin along the longest day with a chorus of Kiama and seeing the difficulties not knowing if we're going to pass or fail. And finally for the believer of the order that is now crossed over the Sirat and now he has gotten his good deeds, and now he needs and finally he's on his way to Jana. And the angels are taking you like in a delegation, a group as a team. You're going to Jana, an angel says to Arjuna liquidly a weapon Hatfield and the doors of Jana. You see it before you see Jana, you will

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begin to smell it. You will smell Jannah and then it will say this is what you were promised all along. You've been working for how long for this place. We didn't see it. No one showed it to you. But you believe that

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You often you believe what you saw in the Quran. Now this is what you have, that you have worked hard for. This is for the one who was sincere and those who preserve the covenant with Allah. When Hashem Ramana behaved for you who feared Allah absently meaning you never saw Allah, but you were conscious of him constantly. Man you believe this man is most Merciful. And you know they will so what Yeah, because the money and you come to Allah with a clean heart, this is promised for you. All the Hulu happy Salam now welcome, angels welcoming you standing like you know the best. Can you imagine the best hotel whatever they say who the who will be set up this into it now be set up that

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now is the day of eternal life. You're going to come in, you're never gonna go out. This is for you. It's the Houma, Yasha goofy, what are they in Amazeen they will have whatever the heart's desire, whatever you want. Now, you're going to get there is no limits for you. And you're gonna get more this even things that inside you that you can't even imagine.

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of the most beautiful descriptions of Jana. My favorite description of Jana is, of course, a passage in Surah Yaseen where Allah says, in US herbal genitalia, MFI should in fact be one that all people of Jannah Allah promises you, you will be occupied, you will be consumed, you will be busy. With things of fun, happy and enjoyment, you will never get bored in Jannah. For eternity, you will never get bored. You will always be having fun. You will always be doing something new. You will always be laughing and smiling. They won't be a single moment where you even want to sleep. These of sleeping Jana is only fun, whom was worried you can feel the law in

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England, for them, and their wives and their family members, their parents, their children, all those who pass with them, they will be reclining in the shades of Jana, and the fruits will be close by and they will have on thrones there'll be reclining SubhanAllah. Now imagine we sitting together and we say remember that year long ago, we were all sitting with mosques in the monastery. It's fun Allah. He mentioned how it was a year in Jannah. Now talking about the days of the dunya laughing and smiling at where we are now. Loving, we have forgotten what faqeer to what our Maya down for them is any kind of fruit and whatever they want of the heart's desire to eat and drink. I say this

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so many times the beauty of Jana, and especially now that I'm alone when you're hungry, right? You think about the truth of gender, you look at it. And it's the most amazing thing, whether it's a fruit to whether it's as a steak or whatever it is some wine that you know, in the dunya we never could drink wine. But now I want to try this thing. What is does it taste like and you drink it and it's the most amazing thing you've ever tasted Wallah. You can think how is this thing tasty, so nice. And then you take a second one. And the second step was even nicer than the first one. It gets better. You don't get fooled in Jannah. So you keep drinking and Allah increases and increases for

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eternity. The food is getting better. The clothes are getting better. The people are getting better, more beautiful non stop. That is what Jana and whatever you want of your desires, whatever you can fathom in your mind, you're getting it. That is Jana, we still have a few of them lifting you for that. We still have a few more in the tank to worship for that. We still have the ability to work for that. But that's not the best and we know what the best is, after all of that on Friday like this tomorrow, when we get that set. Allah greeting every single person of Jana Imagine getting Salam aleikum from Allah. He's a Sudan he is the peace and he gives us Salah and he will say salaam

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to you. Peace be upon you congratulating you every week. Cola mineraI Rahim, word of Salam and congratulations from a Lord who is very, very happy with you. And after all of that, to be standing as we know in that plane, that Masjid of Jana, in general filled those under the pressure of Allah to speak to Allah once a week, every single person getting to speak to Allah. And not only that, but getting to see Allah subhanaw taala something which no creation, not Nabi Muhammad Al Salam, Nabi Musa Gibreel no one has seen the face of Allah, and this is only for the people of Ghana. That is why we fast that is why we make salah, but it's why we push ourselves and give charity, it is for

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that moment alone. You know, in the Quran, it says the YG Rebecca for the face of your Allah for the Face of your Lord. Yes, it means for the sake of Allah but it literally means I'm doing it in exchange to get to see the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah grant us to see his face in general for those who Allah accept from us all our Ibadat and grant us the strength to do as much as we can it doesn't lose out these last few nights with grant us the Tofik in Allah. We thank Allah Subhana Allah for all that he has done for us May Allah make it easy for us and accept it by that and Allah make it easy for those who are sick on them Shiva and Rama and for those who are for those

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that passed away May Allah grant us and them Jana to fill those I mean, so few announcements, reminder please. We have again, the Mahajan. We are collecting money

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to feed people on the day of Eid to celebrate not a single Muslim go hungry and eat so inshallah the Mahajan is the family wants to collect Potter food and then

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inshallah we will continue with our lectures this evening. So Allah said no Muhammad Ali salaam

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Salaam Alaikum