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In this episode, Omar Suleiman talks about how weak the plan of shaytaan is and that Allah has equipped us in a powerful way. A detailed short talk on how to prevent yourself from shaytaan when he attacks from all directions. May Allah protect us from the vil whispers of shaytaan.

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So the interesting thing about the Quran is that Allah subhanaw taala constantly warns us about the vigilance of shavonne and how you know how dedicated he is to leading you astray. But at the end of it all, Allah subhanaw taala says indicate the shape on he can a lot etha that shape Vaughn's entire plan, despite him working on you 24 hours, despite him feasting on your insecurities and your desires, his plan is actually pretty weak. Okay, he comes to you with all of these things. And you know, he tries to take you away from Allah subhanaw taala. But at the end of the day, what a loss of hundreds Allah has given you is enough to suffice you. And what you really need to be careful with

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is one shavon attacks you from all the different directions that he comes to you with, you really need to understand what he's trying to do with each of those different directions. And so some of the scholars, they actually commented very powerfully, when Allah subhanaw taala talks about the promise of shape or to attack from the left and from the right. And from in front and from behind. They said that he'll come to you a different way. So he might come to you, for example, from your left side would say, with since so he'll try to lead you astray with a sin, he'll try to get you to bite on a sin. And if he can't get you to sin, right to just commit an outright sin, then what he'll

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do is he'll come to you from your right side, and the right side usually represents and has an act and all that that is noble good deeds, and all that is that is noble. So for example, shaitan will come to you and try to corrupt your Salah, he'll try to corrupt your fasting, he'll try to corrupt your account, your sabbatical, whatever it may be, he'll try to take something noble, and corrupt your intention so that it's no longer a noble deed because the intention is corrupt. So he'll try to lead you astray from your right side. And then if he can't get you from there, then he will come to you from in front of you. And how does he come to you from in front of you? He decorates things he

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puts the Xena, right? He tries to call you to it throws these constant commercials at you, right these ads that you you know, do this, do this, do this, do this, just try this try that it'll help you it'll make you feel better. so on so forth, he keeps on decorating these things. You know, the man been sitting Rahim Allah to Allah, He said that he was commenting on a statement from one of the tabbing. That shavon will will constantly be in front of every sin, and try to draw your attention to it. And he says that if I was to see a woman in my dreams that I that I recognize is not helpful for me. I'll study for basally I lower my gaze, even in my dreams, even when it's not hot, I'm to do

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so to prepare myself for the attack of shape on when I'm awake, right? Because Satan is constantly trying to draw your gaze to these different things, right? So they'll come to you from in front of you, he'll come to you from behind you. But do the worse check with doubts and hesitation. So you find yourself progressing spiritually, you find that the religion is opening its doors for you that you're finally starting to enjoy these hallowed halls and enjoy your prayer and recitation of Quran. And then an islamophobe says something about your religion that you're not equipped to answer. And suddenly, you now have hesitation and doubts and you're no longer able to spiritually progress which

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is why I lost pounds Anna says that in the Maya law seminary by the healer lemma that those who truly fear a loss of Hannah hood to Allah or have this great of a loss of Hannah to Allah are the scholars are the people of knowledge. Why? Because when when people throw these doubts, okay, or they try to shut doubts surrounding the religion, they can easily counter them, because they already know and some handle I want you to think about this. You know, how many times has an islamophobe said something about the profit slice number said something about your religion, and it almost took you away from the religion. But then when you went and studied that issue, you actually came closer

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to your religion, right? We were talking about slavery the other day, right? We had we had our webcast on slavery and some how to love that concept of you know, this topic horrified many Muslims but when you actually study the humanity of the Prophet, slice of the mercy of the Prophet slice of them, how groundbreaking the initiatives of the Prophet slice element, this religion were in regards to that evil institution, you actually come closer to your religion, you actually love a lot more you actually love the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam more and so that's really what's what's important to recognize here, that whatever he comes to you with a last kind of data has given you

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more, right so if he comes to you from your left side with your sins, Allah has given you something that gives you far more pleasure than sin Allah has given you hessa not good deeds and Allah has given you permissible alternatives to those since then when he comes to you with your right side and tries to turn your focus away from Allah subhana wa tada into something that's not Noble. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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is so much greater, and a loss of how to which is, you know, it's so much more pleasing to please Allah subhanaw taala than to please other people because you realize that that trying to do things for the sake of other people is really not that fulfilling at the end of the day, in fact that it makes you less happy, right? But trying to do things to please Allah subhana wa to add those sincere good deeds just between you and Allah, you're actually greater. So you squash the planet shape on from your right, you squash the planet shape on from the left, you see the things that he decorates in front of you, and you go, Wait a minute, I'm not gonna miss Jenna. And the things that Allah has

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prepared for me and paradise for this silly, you know, deed for these things that he's decorating in front of me, right? I'm going to wait for what Allah Subhana Allah has promised me and assured me so you lower your gaze, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for you something far greater. And when he comes to you from behind you with doubts and hesitation, you disable him with the knowledge of this religion that Allah Subhana Allah commanded you to pursue. So yes, he comes to you. He's vigilant, he comes to you from all different directions. But nevertheless his plan is indeed a week plan. Because Allah has enabled you Allah has equipped you and you know, strength and

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weakness. These are both relative terms, right? What was considered a strong enemy, you know, 1000 years ago, would be a very weak enemy today think about the weaponry of an army 1000 years ago if it was the strongest army on Earth at that time, if it was to face the weakest army on earth today, because of what that army is equipped with. Right that army will the the so called strong army will be wiped out so Allah has equipped you with enough to fight the shape on and so you know, despite everything that he has indicated, shape Ani life, verily the shape on and his plan are weak and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant a strength and to grant us victory over him and the evil of

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