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Are we live in a shutdown? rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffleboards serene Sayed number midnight at USRP Jemaine, my beloved brothers sedap Malik Moraga De La Hoya Barakatuh

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Always if we begin with the praise of Allah should Allah Allah Allah Allah there's none worthy of worship besides Allah. And we send our love and greetings salutations to be loving to be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to spice is pure family companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah Spangler bless us to be amongst them. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, one of the most difficult times of the week for me is Thursday night, when I must decide what are we going to have? What are we going to do the hookbait about? And that's why I appreciate any feedback that we get from the gym. Ah, that's why we love to

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do series because you don't have to think about the topic. Last night I asked to be, what are we talking about? And seems everyone is still maybe talking about Ukraine, and USA? How is this relevant to me? It's interesting to talk about, obviously, a big event in the world. But is this really relevant to me. And then I was thinking about it last night of Boston, I still hadn't put any pen to paper. And you realize a lot of the ayat of the Quran only makes sense in a context. For example, when Allah speaks about how overnight, things can change, until we had COVID, we could never have imagined how quickly Allah subhanaw taala can change the dynamics of the world. And

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during this crisis, this war that is going on, even though and even though he doesn't hit so close to home, and we make dua for all the suffering people of the world, Muslim and non Muslim alike, there are certain lessons that we can take out and in the reactions that we find from different groups of people. And I'm sure in your whatsapp groups around the dinner table, you've had conversations, you saw certain different opinions and views being stressed. And so maybe we can take this as a learning opportunity actually use this event to give some Tafseer to the eye or to the Quran. For example, one of the first lessons I want us to learn, we know that we live in a time

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where everyone believes that the opinion counts, that they are experts that you're entitled to give you view whether it's on vaccination, whether it's on cryptocurrency, whether it's an economics, you're an expert before last week, none of us knew even where Ukraine was on the map. And now we are giving expert analysis on the issue and we have an opinion, and people need to listen and take note of it.

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Also, if you look at the news that's out there, you watch one channel, CNN, you'd find a very, very different story. When you watch RT, one channel, it's an invasion. The other channel, it's deliberation, so much information out there that we don't know what is true or not. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us and this is not just for this issue, as I say when it comes to fatawa. Is something Halal haram, what should we do? Yeah, vaccinations. Allah reminds you, you're either an expert, or you are mocha lead, you're either an expert in the field, and then you give an opinion, or you keep quiet and you let the experts talk and you ask the expert, whether it's fixing your car, whether

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it's getting medication, Allah says first, a little victory In Kuntum lotta animal. If you are not an expert on the subject matter. If you're not an expert in Ukraine and Russian politics, you don't have an opinion, you should not be giving an opinion. And also, sometimes we believe that if we watch a YouTube video with someone who claims to be an expert, then I know everything I've done my research, you also want to Well, how do you know this and this to the other? So I've done my research. What is that research? What PhDs have you studied on the matter? So now I watched a few YouTube videos. As I said, we live in an age where this overflow of information, misinformation,

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propaganda, Allah says, Yeah, you will Lavina Ave injure Oakland first Sequent Bina in if a fasik a deviant person comes to you with any news vertebra, ya know, then verify that information and to see what Coleman Bucha Hala or less you will harm someone unknowingly you will give an opinion based on incorrect information and it will have repercussions for someone else for this for this to be pro Allah mafia Illuminati mean and then you will become regretful you tell someone what I watched the video, this medication you know, if you put these onions under your armpits, it will kill cancer mashallah I watched an expert doctor tell me that you give that fatwa to an old person who has

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cancer, don't go for chemo and that person dies, you are liable for that you are liable for that. So Allah says, if you are not an expert in the subject matter, and you get a new lead information, it is your duty to verify and hold your you will be accountable for your opinion. If you give your opinion, the safest way not to be held accountable is to remain silent to say, look, I don't know what's happening. I'm just spectating. Alhamdulillah Allah so I'm gonna hold you accountable for that. Now, I take this again, how many of us are speaking on a subject matter where lives are being lost? When we have no right to have an opinion? Allah. The prophecy says it is enough for it is

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enough for a person to be considered Elia to simply relay whatever he is to simply pass on the forward as received for what has received I don't know what it is for them to receive

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promises, this is lying. This is a type of lying. And he says Nabisco says How bad is it for a man to keep saying, I heard this and that they said so and so my opinion is this and this. If you are not a subject matter expert, then keep quiet. Say no matter the Alon mentions at times like this. When things are at crises, when there's a lot of uncertainty when lives are at stake. He says, Beware of times or fitna, for a wrong word in the time of fitna is more destructive in the sword, the wrong information you put out can cause more harm than the sword. And so the responses, wisdom, to show a man has intellect, actually, to show that you are a person of maturity and wisdom is to

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keep silent a lot not to give his opinion for every time, every discussion, the is whatever the topic is, I need to make my voice heard, I need to add my two cents as part of a weakness of a person. But whenever someone asks a question in the WhatsApp group, you're the first one you need to answer and give a * to you. You're not getting any benefit reward for that. You're only making yourself liable for a mistake. So in times of uncertainty, keep quiet. Let the experts talk. Yes. If it's a informal discussion and say, Look, I don't know anything much about mechanics. I don't know much about cars. But I've read so and so about this car, that car but I'm not the expert, Allah, I

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don't know. That is what you what we should do.

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The second thing that I have found on this, this issue and a hunger, we can talk about this issue, because I don't think people are that emotional about it. Unlike the vaccines, where people are very angry about it, or the issue, people become very angry about it. But even in this issue, you find people that are pro and anti people that say, but why did NATO do and we all sort of on the side of Russia and the other side, but look how Russia is doing and they are and we even find this in our politics here in the Western Cape. The DA is flying the Ukrainian flag the building and opposition parties are saying how can you do that? What about the Palestinian flag and so on and so forth. What

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I find in in very in issues of controversy, we have this them and us mentality that I'm on one side and you on that side and no matter what me or my friends do, we will stick to our our team. I will never i We are so immature, that we can't hold our own friends and our own families accountable. Because this is our group. And we can never comment positively about the opposition, even when because they're my opponent. It's like we are enemies and friends and that's it. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, you are living Amanu Oh, you will believe cuckoo Amina lillahi shahada with Christo people of Eman, be persistently standing firm for Allah injustice. And do not let your

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hatred of a group of people prevent you from being just I give you an example. You might be pro Iran and anti Saudi, that's your politics. Or you might be pro Saudi and anti Iran. That's your politics. It should not be that because you are pro Saudi, and anti Iran, that you turn a blind eye to what Saudi does in Yemen, the atrocities they do they and you should not be turning a blind eye if you're pro Iran, the atrocities is being done in Syria. Now we take this, some people are saying, well, look how bad NATO and what America did in Libya and Syria, and I've got absolutely through, they are not your friends are not our friends. At the same time. Look what Russia did in Syria, in

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Afghanistan, in the Balkans, in the Muslim lands, that they that they forced communism down the throats of people of the Muslim lands. These people are not our friends, Pamela. And the agenda is not aligned to our agendas. Just because your politics sometimes overlaps. Do not confuse this man is my thing. And that man is my enemy. Just because your politics might not align with one person. It doesn't mean whatever he does, he's my enemy until the def Qiyamah. This is immaturity. And so in the context of this discussion, do not justify the atrocities of your friends. Because it is to get at your enemy. And do not and do not, do not take down a legitimate good thing that your enemy does.

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So look, I was saying them as if you might have someone who's your enemy. But when they do something that is right, don't stop it. Don't harm them when they do something, which is right. Look at how beautiful the Sharia is. This is about the Quraysh This is about the people who are killing the Muslims. Allah says yes, they're your enemy. But when they when it comes to justice, don't be blinded by your hatred

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beyond the Subhanallah number three, the fact that we are actually looking for a savior. It so sad when I look at the commentary that people are saying, well, what about Palestine? What about Syria? We are almost looking for these external powers. We don't really care about us or our our deen and our people.

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When are they going to help us? Why don't they help us we almost surprised that they harm our lands and harm our people. Subhanallah it is shows at the level of weakness that we are when the Nabisco Salam says, A time will come when the Muslim world will be so weak

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The enemies will gang up like a PAC, and they will take from your lands and they will kill your people indiscriminately, and you will have no no value, you will have nothing to do to respond. And the Sahaba obviously asked, will we be few in number is that why will be so weak? He said, No, you will be so much. But you're like the phone, the scum of the sea, you know, the foam, it just gets blown wherever the tide takes it. So if NATO pushes one side, we go that side, if Russia pushes that side, we go that side, we are simply a passenger on the politics of the world stage. And you know what is really said, if you look at the refugee situation, so a lot of people of Ukraine Malama can

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easy, they're obviously leaving their homes, and they're going into Western Europe, they're going into Romania, Bulgaria, to look for Poland for safe passage. There's a refugee crisis. Now, this is not new. They were refugees from Syria, from Lebanon, from North Africa, trying to get into Europe for many, many years. Now, all the wars that NATO has done in the Middle East, hon Allah, and all those wars that are being waged in the Middle East, has resulted in millions of refugees. But when they get to the border of Poland, or Hungary, they get stopped. And they are told there is no place here. We don't have the money the place, you go back, and they and they treat them very terribly.

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Now those same countries are opening the doors wide for the Ukrainians. And so we asked what happened yesterday, there was no place. Our society couldn't accommodate you. How is it that a million Ukrainians are easily being admitted? Anyone come? And you know, subhanAllah, they're not even shy to say it? Well, these refugees in Ukraine are not the same like you brown refugees in Africa, and in the Middle East. These are civilized, educated people, you people are uncivilized, uneducated, that I wouldn't mind living next to this family. But you people, we don't want you here. And we are still begging for the assistance. We are still begging to enter the lands, we are still

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looking for them to save us and come in Subhanallah all the wars, yes, our lands has a lot of wars with it. All of it comes back to countries like Russia, countries like America, countries, like Britain, invading our lands, then leaving in ruins and putting dictators there, and ensuring that they will be they won't be peace in those lands for many, many years. Now I ask you spine Allah, are we not tired of being so useless and worthless as a people? Are we not tired that we are begging the people that hate us to take us in into the lens.

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And then at least once is if you want to get back to the stage, if you want to get back to where you have some honor and Iza where you have some meaning and worth in the dunya where you can't just be pushed around like the foam on the sea. He says then detach yourself from the dunya and focus on the Ophira. Focus on what is important. unite yourselves work for what which is better. Point number four and it links to point number number three nations have a time span like people it rises and it falls. Empires rise and they fall under there'll be Allah fantasies in the corner beautiful if you know when a nation's time is up. Allah says we're either we're either Aradhana that when we

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determine that a time for the nation to be destroyed. Our motto na motori fi hub, we allow Allah Subhana Allah says then the wealthy, the affluent, the elite, they run amok in that society, they take control of everything, and they do things for their own pleasure, their own gain. Now all these societies, NATO, Russia, where wherever it is, you'll find the one top 1% owning everything, and they push the policies and the politics for their own benefit. And the 99% the hard working people, you are just pawns in a game between these, these elite. So Allah says, you will find that the elites of the Society for fossa Kofi Ha, they will come at corruption. When when you see a society

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like that, and our country is no different. When the elite and the powerful above the law, when the rich ever say a separate law to the rest of us. Then Allah says, Now the time is up for this nation, they're about to be collapsed. They're about to collapse for hochkar Allah Al COVID, Allah says, and now the word is justified against him for that Myrna had Mira and Allah says and now the time is up for them to be destroyed.

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At the same token, Subhan Allah, Allah is teaching you that if the elite in our society work together for good, when the wealthy, the good, successful Muslim business people, the rich ones, the CEOs, and CEOs that are Muslim, and our audience, and our academics, and our elite within our society, when they work together for good, that's how you build a nation. That's how you bring strength to a nation. Now we might say, what can we do here in South Africa on the global scale politics, but can you even talk to Hanalei about Russia Ukraine? Our words mean mean nothing. Palestine, Syria we can only make dua that's all we can do. Yes, that's that is where we are at the

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moment. But if we want to get to a position where we have power, and we have not is

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Not for the sake of being powerful, but just powerful so that we can defend ourselves. It requires the trophy, it requires the elite in the society to make that step forward. And if we don't do it, we will still be like that foam on the sea. If the elite of our society, the wealthy, the powerful, the educated, the Alama, the business people, if they can't come together, and sit down and work collectively, then we will not have any reason we will not have is as a society. And that is Allah subhanaw. Taala allows us here as a community, as I said, many times, we've got a lot in our favor, we have a lot of opportunity. And if we don't take those opportunities, do not be surprised if war,

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Mala protects, if harm comes to us. And we are the refugees tomorrow may Allah protect because Allah also says and this is number five, Allah says in the Quran for all of us, and prepare against your enemies, whatever you're able to have power and machinery of war by which you may you may strike fear in the hearts of the enemy of Allah and your enemies and those and others besides whom you don't know. But Allah knows them. Allah says, Do not delude yourselves. You're living in peace. You have many enemies out there. Oh, I know who they are, you don't know. And they are just waiting for you to be at a point of weakness, so that you will become victimized by them. Jamaica misdemeanor we

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are in a very weak and vulnerable state as an ummah and as a community locally.

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We need to know and we have not learned from the last few years, how quickly the world can change. When Allah then we are not paying eat to the to the science.

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What brings is, as we see this from Allah and Allah success does not come

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by the number of people that you have, look at the seed of an abyssal Salam, they will not many, and not by the wealth that you have. But the baraka comes in cooperation. The Baraka comes in cooperation. When you when we work together, Allah says, when you unite, if you rather if you are divided, then Allah's mercy and His strength leaves you. And therefore the opposite is true. When you are united on something and you work collaboratively. The Hand of Allah is with the GEMA Hadith, the Hand of Allah, the strength of Allah is with the GEMA.

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On a very small level, if we want to change the narrative, maybe not in your lifetime, maybe not in the lifetime of our kids. But if we want to be more than the scope of the font, the foam and the scum of the sea, then begin to work for something bigger than yourself. Every single one of your hamdulillah young you have something to contribute, get together and work on something. We need to establish ourselves as a community. We need to work for a plan what is the plan for the Muslim ummah in Cape Town for the next 1015 20 years? Why are we not collaborating with Alma we have the resources we have the people we have very smart people, we have the ingredients, but it is not being

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worked together. And in sha Allah We ask Allah Subhana Allah grants the Tofik to do that, but Allah protect us and all the people of the world from suffering. May Allah guide us in times of fitna and keep us safe from fitna and Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon those who are going through hardship and Grantham is mean just a few quick quick announcements. Our Islam from scratch looks like lecture number five came out last night it is on YouTube and Hamlet was a fantastic fantastic lecture we had brothers about he knew and revert had a very very open discussion ever had a discussion like that. So please listen to it and share it especially to your non Muslim friends and family. What is this

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all about? When our own Tunica

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workshop starts the Sunday anyone who is interested in joining please let us know. And then a reminder that tomorrow inshallah from nine o'clock or from 10 o'clock our market here at the hub is opening please support whatever you contribute the is for the greater good Bismillah disciple of hydro Salah Syedna Mohammed, Islam Sunni handler Ramadan Amina Sinha radical Allahu wa barakato