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I was relying on a shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more discerning Sayidina Muhammad you know it he also had you may in my beloved brothers and sisters said Mr. ecomo rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Opie, oh well, Al Hamdulillah we have made Allah Subhan Allah blessed us with 15 days of fasting. And now we're into the 16th day of Ramadan, may Allah accept what has passed, and may Allah grant us the strength in the Tofik to get the best. As we know the best of Ramadan is the last part. And maybe we end up strongly for those of us who maybe didn't start to well remember it is also how you finish the Veda that insha Allah Allah soprano judges based on the ending of the whole team, I mean, we continue with the day of piano, the day of judgment, and so many names for the day of karma in the Quran haka the striking at work, they are the inevitable, Acharya, that something which is

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allowed, and Yomi Dean the day of reckoning the day of reward of what you have done in your life, this day, undoubtedly will occur and all of us behind Allah, we will be resurrected. And as we mentioned, the Trumpet will be blown a second time, after the first time all of creation will die, then the angel will blow the trumpet a second time and everybody will be resurrected, and everyone will exit the graves. Some will be in a beautiful state, they will stand and be resurrected, shining, beaming covered enlightened lawmakers amongst them under the Ummah, the banner of lobby Mohamed Salah Salem, and other people may Allah protect they will be resurrected on the faces

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deformed, paralyzed blind, because of some deep honesty that they had done during their life. And that is the day Allah subhanaw taala will gather all of creation, the people, the jinn, the juja modules, the animals will all be gathered on this open flat plane where there is no no landmark, no mountain, no cloud, nothing, it just open flat as far as you can see, all of creation, naked except for a few people who Allah subhanaw taala will close now he's also NEMSIS in a hadith, that I will be the first to be restricted out of my cupboard. But maybe Ibrahim will precede me in being closed and we are not going to be naked on the FTM and they'll be Rahim Allah will be the first of all

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people to be covered in a government and then of course the other Gambia and some people of course are hamdulillah will be covered in an hour will not be exposed on the day of TM s for the rest of mankind. As analysis they will be restricted, naked, barefoot uncircumcised, as if though the day they were born, Allah protect us Subhan Allah.

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The only landmark as we know at some point, even when we, when we the only thing that is visible on the day of karma is the Throne of Allah, the arch, the arch, what will make us understand the arch. The arch is the grandest of Allah's creation. In terms of size. The arch is the thing that extends over all in fact, the courtesy, which is a little small footstool, beneath the arch, covers all of the heavens and the earth and the arch is above that. The arch is the ceiling of Jannah. And so wherever the arches above all of creation, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will bring will cause the arch to be placed on the plane of piano. And Allah mentions that actually well Mala Iike the angels Allah

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Azza wa Rahmatullah Arusha Rebecca folk from Yama in Tanzania, Allah says eight special angels, eight unique angels will bring the Arsh on the day of karma to this flat land. And these are the largest and the biggest of the angels that Allah has created, as Pamela should have often said in the slides in surah. Hoffer, verse number seven, seven and eight and nine, Allah mentions these angels and how amazing these angels are. Allah says Allah they know those angels that carry the Throne of Allah woman hola who and the angels around them. So these angels carrying the Irish on the on the shoulders, and then there are angels in constant tawaf around the arch user behind behind the

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Robin. They make, let's say, Subhana Allah, where the Lord well you know, whatever he and they believe in Allah, we're still filling that in Medina Avenue and they continuously make this the fall these angels are asking Allah to forgive us. They say Robina what's the Akula in Ramadan? Oh Lord, your knowledge and your mercy Your mercy encompasses you are kind to everything fulfilled in Medina taboo, have mercy on those who repent to you. What What about wasabi look at him either to him and those who follow your path, have mercy on them and save them from the Jahannam Robina or other sin who Jannetty Adam? Oh Allah, this is the angels making dua to Allah, O Allah into them into Jana,

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Allah to walk the home that you have promised him woman sorry, I mean, II him was watching him react to him, not only them, but the fathers and the wives and the children in the cantle Aziz will Hakeem will relay your almighty, all knowledge of all knowing what to say and save them from the consequences of decisions. Or when a woman a woman in Turkey say it Yo Ma identificado Rahima that way

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have you saved from the sins that they have done? And then they have you had mercy on them. They're like a whole foods with him and they are the ones who that is the great success. So these angels Subhanallah, while they are carrying the Arusha, Allah, they are continuously making Easter is difficult for us and Allah. And so these angels will carry the addition of Allah on the day of piano, to the plains of Kiama. And then, as he said, that between the shoulder and the ears is a distance of 700. We don't know what 700 years means. But it's basically between like the distance of the heavens and the earth, the angels who carry the Throne of Allah. Now, how long would they have

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to maybe that fpml We know that it's going to be on a Friday, then I saw or Islam said that Friday is the most excellent of all days, it is on that day that Allah created Nabhi item. And it is on that day that that that he died that the item died, then was expelled from Jana. And it's on that day that the first Trumpet will be blown. And it's on that day that the Kiama will happen again. So there'll be some says that you need to do as much good as you can on the day of piano and invoke as much Salawat upon me as you can in another Hadith and it says that the the animals are away, and they are the animals and all of creation, the sun, the moon, the stars, they all weigh that Qiyamah

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is gonna be on a Friday. And every day there's a Friday, there is a sense of anxiety in the creation, this could be the day the trumpet is blown spine Allah that is and that is why Allah subhanaw taala legislated that those of us who are basically live in a Friday we are we were in the mentorship, we are in the masjid. So if anyone experiences piano, you will hamdulillah are in the state of Nevada. Allah Subhan So how long is karma? We know it's on Friday, how long is this day? Is difference of opinion but Subhanallah listen to this if and Hadith, the resources, the original manga what Rahu ie, the angels go up and down the road, meaning God up to Allah for yomim Can I make

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it out all from Siena, alpha Santa 50,000 years, 50,000 years is how long 50,000 of our years of courses were relative for us to get it will take us 50,000 years for them. Of course it's a lot quicker. And then everything says How will you be there? I'm just asking, how will it be when Allah will gather you all together like arrows in a quiver for 50,000 years, during which Allah will not look at any one of them. So the first stage of the AMA, as we said is the stage of gathering. Everyone will be put together and stand and stand and stand and it will be long and it will be frantic and they will be madness and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will not even look at the creation,

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because of all the sins that they had done. Allah's disappointment at his creation. And in this time will be long, and it will seem like an endless eternity, except for a few people and really time is relative the resources. As for the believer, the day of resurrection will be like the length of time between the word and answer Salah it will be a short period. But for those who understood we know that when fun times happen, but fun Bucky, I'm simply gonna be fun. But when things are easy, it's quick. And when things are difficult, it is very, very long. So while the people are standing, and they are running, and they are in the

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you know, in the misery, things will get worse and worse. We know the very famous Hadith and resources on the day of Tiana the sun will be thrown close down, the sun will be brought low upon the heads of the people that are also close to the people that they will be left only a distance of one mile. And the Sahaba says we don't know what a mile means here, because this is before the time of mile. Now it could be a distance that almost travels in a few hours, or they used to call a meal is the thing that used to dip the coho the thing that they put the mascara on the eyes, this thing was also called a meal. So there's a hobbyist thing I don't know if it's like the distance of a mile

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or the distance of that little thing that will be on top of the hits of the Muller predictors. And so he said one of the distance of a mile and the Hadith goes on the people will be submerged in perspiration, according to the level of the deeds, some of them will have they will be sweating so much that it will reach the ankles and some to the knees and some to the waist and some of them will basically be drowning in their own perspiration are going to be Salam is pointing towards his mouth Subhanallah so the people be in this state no water no shade nothing. The only shade would be of course the shade of the ash but no one is going to be allowed the yet

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until the chef and this we're going to spin now and tomorrow talk about the indecision. What is Chef ah, what is indecision? So, in Surah Fajr us you find was chef evil water what Witter means odd. Chef means even she find shaft now how does integration and even come about? The concept is you have two people debating and arguing. And a second person joins you and balances you out. So this is called Shiva. Shiva is when someone intervenes on your behalf and balances and helps you out. So this is Shiva. Now whenever Allah talks about Shiva indecision, Allah stresses that he allows indecision, but he doesn't need indecision meaning no one has the power over Allah. There is the

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concept that if I can intercede with us

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put certain certain pressure on you. I don't want to do something but because I have some kind of emotional grip on you, you give in with Allah says there is nothing that can intercede with him. So Mandela the ashram in the evening in ikusi, Allah says none can they intercede with Allah except if he gives permission to them, and Allah says, Welcome in melodica how many melodica they are in the summer what led to Venetia to homeshare the Shiva is of no consequence. The angels are continuously making dua for Allah says they the shefa is ignored no consequence in Lombardia yet done hola hola. Lemon Isha. Only until Allah permits them. So they constantly make the shofar, but it's rejected

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until Allah allows it for people that he is. He's allowed Yoma in Latin Pharaoh Shiva Ilam and Odin Allahu Rahman, what are the Allahu COVID Allah is on that day, no intercession shall avail anybody, nobody, even enemies will Salam Shiva will not avail anyone except the one whom Allah has given permission and whose word is acceptable to Him. And so, having said that, the people become so anxious and this is the Hadith which we all know that people will become so as a state that they will start running to one another asking for Shiva and they will start with Nabil Adam, and they will go to be Adam and say you are the one Allah created with his own hands. You are the one the

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first of us you are father, you live in Jannah and they will praise Him and they will say to him, please go speak to Allah. You've already spoken to Allah speak to Allah to make things easy upon us. And maybe Adam of course say I have never seen my lord angry like he is today. I eat from the tree and I've seen I've seen myself myself I don't I don't they speak to Allah. Now I don't have permission for Shiva go and ask no, no. Why? Because no was the first messenger of Allah. The first Rasool was not renew Islam. And so they would go all of mankind will go to them, you know, and beg him and ask him saying, Oh no, you are like our second father, you are the first messenger please

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make Shiva and he will say these I can't do this. I've never seen Allah angry like it yesterday. I questioned him when he told me not to what's not enough talking about Allah Allah subhana the system we know when the rain comes and those who are on your ship anyone not on the ship? Don't ask about them. And of course not we know Hassan was not from those on the ship and then there'd be no Cydia. Allah please my son. I will say Don't ask me about this. No, I told you. He's not your son. And so when I spoke out of turn, it's not even a sentence behind a lot of the wensen but he obviously is fatherly love over to him. So he says I don't they speak to Allah today. Go to Ibrahim alayhi salam,

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he is the holly he is the special friend of Allah. And so again, we'll go to W Rahim and praise Him and Ibrahim will say the same. This is not for me. I have never seen Allah. as angry as he is today. Enough's enough. See, I told three lies in my lifetime. I can't do stand before Allah, what three lies in WA Brahim. So these are not lies when he was a young man, and they worship the idols and they said, why don't you come to the temple? So he said in the Supreme, I'm not feeling well, that wasn't true. He's not I didn't want to go with you. And the second time when he broke down the idols and the US who broke the idols, he said, ask the big one. He's got the axe, right? It wasn't

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technically the truth. And the third half truth when him and his wife sided were captured by the king of Egypt. And they were going to kill him because they hurt his his her husband, they asked, Who are you? So he said, No, she's my sister. Because to save his life, and also she needs to sustain Islam? And he said, Because I said these three things, and he's thinking about those three things with FTM. Well, how many lives have we said, How many things have we looked at? Forgot? Don't even keep track the MBR? Look at these small things. Yeah, how do I stand before Allah where these things go to Musa and then we were mentioned to us, Allah spoke to you the most. You could speak to

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Allah and he responded, You are Kalam Allah, Oh Musa speak to Allah today. And people say I can't speak to Allah today. I have never seen Allah this angry. I killed a man. Musa as we know before he became enemy, he killed somebody out of his, he is allowed to protect one of his own spine that we think about if we were in that land today. And we saw what these people are doing to the brothers and sisters out of our, our honor and Asia, we might do the same. But son, I mean, Musa said, I can't go speak Theresa, and we'll go to the east and say you are the mercy You are the Messiah. You want to one Allah has appointed, anointed, speak to Allah and he said, This is not for me, and he

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won't mention any sin. Isa has no sin, or any misdeed, but he will say I am not allowed to speak today. Go to Muhammad sallahu wa salam and that's when the whole of creation will go to the NABI Muhammad salallahu Salam, and ask him, please go and intercede. Make Shiva on our behalf, intercede on our behalf with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and then abyssal salat wa salam says, this is this is for me. This is for me. This is my job. I'm supposed to do this. Now In another Hadith, we know and the Hadith which Oh remember that this also says that every Nabhi was given a special dua whatever you ask, you're gonna get Allah gave everyone a gift. When you use this two hour you will

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be given whenever you want, and that is every single Nabhi used it in their lifetime. But I didn't use mine. I kept mine for this for this moment in time, when nobody would they go to Allah Now I'm going to use that DUA and so then it says it says then I will go to the towards the arch. Remember the Archie standing the Throne of Allah where the angels around it and he will ask permission to to make su

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Beneath the arch, this place is called the macabre Muhammad, the position of praise what you say in the dua after the the dua after the Adan Mohamed Allama. Muhammad delta time I started to call it Mohammed and we'll see the 12th leader Abu Muhammad Muhammad this Oh ALLAH given a visa Salam, the common McCollum Muhammad the position of Muhammad, this is the place so then a visa will go to that place, and he will be allowed to enter under the Vietnamese I will go beneath Allah's throne, and I will make sujood before Allah and then Allah will guide me to such praises to a DUA and glorification of him as he has never gotten anyone before Allah is going to inspire them to be

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Salam, what do I have to make, and you will be seen that Sajida for Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah knows how long and then eventually Allah will respond to me something Allah will say, Oh, Muhammad, raise your head, Ask and it will be granted, intercede and intercession will be accepted. So I will raise my head and I'll see you my alma mater, Alma, Alma. And then I'll ask my lord for permission, and then we'll continue the rest of the Shiva and so now ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will actually begin the events of piano. Now the shade of the answer will be allowed for those who are seven special people, some people will now be taken out of the sun, and they will stand under the shade and we know of the

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people that will stand under the shade than me. So seven people, seven types of people will stand under the shade on that day when there is no shade except Darsh. Number one, a good ruler and somehow if you are the if we can even count the or even seven in the world, although annum, but a ruler who is just a just ruler. Number two, a young person in their youth. They did not waste the youth but they spent it in the Ibadah of Allah who grows up worshiping Allah as opportunity for our young. If you missed that opportunity, you can go back and get it for those of us who missed our youth. Right? A man whose heart is attached to the masjid, He comes every week to the masjid to men

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who love each other only for the sake of Allah, they come together and they meet for that purpose and that purpose they separate a man who is called to Zina by as much as anyone you drive on the road and the ladies calling and that doesn't count a lady of honor and dignity and prestige a woman that you love she status. A well to do lady she calls you to that as soon as you say in the half of life yeah Allah this is I can't do this. A man who gives in charity, so much so and he conceals it that he himself does not even keep track his own hand does not know what his other hand has given. A man who remembers Allah when he's alone and maybe this this one, the others are very difficult. i

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The others are difficult. Let's be honest. This last one is perhaps something we can do. Then this is a man who remembers Allah we need all around late at night no one sees him. Any guys before Allah and he cries this we can try to do and this gives them they will be admitted and what do all these things have in common, but just the ruler, no one forces him to be good. The youth no one can watch you you can do whatever you want the man who gives charity when it comes to the most you know one forces you to do it. You are anything requires persistent hard work, you fight you enough's all the time, the man who is alone with a lady, it's you against yourself, you against yourself, the man

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alone crying before Allah. So if you can master yourself, this is the shade and not only will the shade be given when Allah subhanaw taala will allow that the Gambia will be able to give the followers a drink of water every Nabhi will be given a well a pond, the hold and what and then a visa sometimes well his pond will be the biggest because he's Omar hamdulillah will be the biggest the reasons is my pond will be they will be rivers in Jannah and you know like how water flows down a pipe or like a waterfall out of Jannah and it will basically come into my pond. So the water of this pond are going to be Salam is from the river and counter this river in Jannah called on Kota

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and its water will pull out into this pond. Its water is as white as milk sweeter than honey smells like musk purer than the purest of drinks and whoever tastes it will never go thirsty again. And so the NABI Salam himself that he must imagine this the whole ummah will line up to get a drink of water by the hand of the NABI SallAllahu wasallam and every member who is OMA he will know all of us when you think about this, a day will come where if we follow the Sunnah we will stand before the NABI Salaam and you will know who we are, you are my follower, and he will give you this cup of water and when you drink it, you will never be thirsty again. And that that day, when of course

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there is no shade and the sun is above us. And then of course there'll be those who come and they will look to be Muslim but they on the outside that were Muslim on the inside, they were not through and they will be rejected. And so now the process of Kiama will begin the angels will come in position and Jana will be brought and Johanna will be brought everything will be brought on the plane of the AMA. And the records will be given we'll talk all about this tomorrow in sha Allah and Allah Himself who will generally only crumble the team on the day of the AMA we continue inshallah tomorrow, Nila questions last night's Christian moon

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the name of the angel who will blow the trumpet His name is is Rafeal Israel field and today's question on

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which day of the week will Kiama be Monday? Thursday Friday? Saturday which day is Kiama shall easy one

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you see Williams Mashallah.

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As it Abbasid not yesterday

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I don't know if yes, well

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Abdullah Amin okay mashallah Zagal ahead. She couldn't say much for some Allah say no Mohammed on Islam was only a notable enemy, salam Alaikum