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Adnan Rashid
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all waited on Nabil after the Sula says salam from the OMA II 70 million of the OMA imamo Commencal Nabi system said you Sahaba will be alive when it comes. Where did he sell as a cup? Either he accepts it's metaphorical or yes they accept that WC ism lie no the biller we don't agree with him that there be some lie let me just say that May Allah be upon the one who claims to be a prophet after Muhammad Mirza wrote this okay

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1901 prophet of God

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so the topic is a non that she'd always claim skip HeartMate Laborde page ma Hasakah every Muslim is united on HUD MinnowBoard. So I brought some references in his tenacity. Explain that because he claimed that all Muslims are united on HUD MinnowBoard. This I have Zubayr alizai Subs fatwa Alia this Mujaddid he did work in Pakistan. He's well known. Adnan Rashid loves him as well. This is his book called bit the tKp che namaskar hokum and he writes about deobandis MinnowBoard per Dhaka, the ROG MinnowBoard where's the H Ma? He writes a call of death zero Nasta Mujaddid that the deobandis and he says Alia disco master Senigallia Holika HUD MinnowBoard kebari ajeeb Marie Bucky the edge ma

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he says ajeeb ready but you're kidding me darker Mara. And he quotes gas in the Northeast Hampstead zero NUS which is mocha Sherpa, according to the deobandis in Alma 100. And then more finer details. This is talking by Allah. No Deobandi whoever denies the coat of gas in the Northeast said that Zubaydah is I said puts he can never denies the Bailey's outside but if he does Hadley at least we'll know what to do with them. He says bulky ugly Bill furs bad does the money never we SLRs and not be bad the whole to pill be hard to meet Muhammadiyah me coiffeur acne if for Nabil comes after the business card to me it there is no difference and hot minute but as I said says HUD MinnowBoard

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pit darker Mara amadas a haunted in his fatawa he says Manchaca FICO three he will be here for GodGod for anyone who denies the Azzam and comfort of gas in the Northeast coffin bolted his neck guys in her lung Adnan in his chin has to explain these fatawa and tell us what was the dark of deobandis and brave is on admin booth and they also see Wahhabi shaytani lash Correct. deobandis AOTC al Mohammed, here's the photo explaining for the abuser.

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Okay, because

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he has done it to himself. He has landed himself in a quagmire again, he doesn't know what the * he has done to himself just now. Okay. He is claiming that the Muslims are not united on countrymen over I'm going to now simply challenge him to show me one Muslim scholar, one Muslim scholar Sufi Burrell, Vu Avi, Deobandi archery moto reedy artery, you name any color, any town, any place, any time, any dynasty, any king, any army, any intellectual Academy anywhere in the world, anytime, up to this day, where a Muslim Sunni scholar or even a Shia, even a Shia scholar who said there is another prophet after Muhammad, Salah Salem, and other means someone outside of someone who has an

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foretold isa this ROM has returned its foothold. Asa ibro Maria, the son of Mary is foretold he's will come back in non prophetic capacity and he will do what He has been appointed to do. Give me one scholar of Islam anywhere you don't these things he's bringing they are disputes between Sunni scholars attacking each other over opinions they have some of these views are extreme others are we say Allah have mercy on them for their mistakes. Allah forgive them and for the good work Allah reward them but none of them believe there's another prophet after Muhammad wa salam This is where we are united upon Mirza that Mirza is the John because the prophets are sort of said 30 the jobs

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will come before the Day of Judgment each one of them will claim to be a prophet.

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Okay each one of them okay, there's so one of them and the provision there is a building and it's missing a brick I am that brick in the building. There is no more room for another brick Where's Mirza coming from? So answer my questions. Yeah, Allah You brought this upon yourself Chaka you just buried yourself one second. Okay. Please move me out. Now. Look, the topic was HUD MinnowBoard ridata. What it costs in the Northeast a intensiveness. Adnan didn't address it. He didn't address the fact to have Zubayr alizai His claim was the United on HUD MiniBooNE

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with his own mercy No deobandis Did dark on hot minute but he's saying you know we don't agree with these horse fatawa do disowns you barrel is acid pristine there and you defend this theme of continuity. Either he was right or he was wrong. Then he said that no scholars ever sit in a boy's open this is another lie he has a red of seed of Abraham Arabiya Mala for to heart, the makiya. He said that when knobbies ism said learn to be a body it means no Prophet can now come who abrogate Sharia, Imatinib, who is open he has to open earlier work eat while jawai and read the words of the Sufia then he said no, nobody can come by ESA lesson can come. So make sense this is this this na

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then he said that this is a memory now on his chin. He has 16 pieces and said You shikumen ashram in come to the Sahaba that it might be that some of you are living he has to tell me with Sahaba will be alive when isa lesson comes because he can take it metaphorically then he also has to explain to conceive and your actual sleep is a metaphorical literal once again that being said you will be living an ISA will come either Yes to accept its metaphorical prophecy or yes except that now the blood the prophecy was not true. Then he said Lisa lesson will come in a non profit prophetic capacity he through his own Amanda de bas Imams ut that wouldn't allow within Fatah he says anyone

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who says what Adnan just said is a coffin.

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He just became a coffin according to fatwa of Imam

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Imam, your

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Razia Imams ut Aquila, in how we live photography says and know how we live Fatah we learn photography. Yeah, photography should be

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the word for

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how we live our live photography.

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I don't think it's photography anyway. How much time you have left.

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He said anyone who denies the Naboo Avi Celeste me is a Kafir. We agreed as Zubaydah and his I also said he just

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pasty it's on record you denied it okay, but anyone who denies and who have isa Islami as a caveat that one's gonna be always gonna be the title cannot be taken away my time constraint my time one's gonna be always gonna be easily Salam. When he comes back calling him Nabil. Allah is not wrong. Why? Because he's been an OB already Allah has already sent him he has done his ministry He is coming back as a follower after just like Rasul Allah said, If Musa was to come today he would have no other choice but to follow me. So he's not coming in prophetic capacity. He is coming as a follower and that is Abraham Mariam, the Son, the biological son of Maria Malay, Salam Isa, there's

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only one right so this guy will throw things on the barrel is he and Qasim are not we and I should have an eternity and then God Allah Mahajan, maki Ramadan Maya lame all of them may Allah have mercy on all of them. They we love them we love them for all the good great work they've done in May Allah forgive them for their mistakes right but none of them guess what none of them said there is another Mirza coming after Mirza actually they believe there's another possibility whether the Mirza after Mirza. They are Qadiani is still not clear. If the Prophet or is finished with Meza they are still we had the stream we asked him this question they did not give us give us clear answer. And tomorrow

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Rosie might wake up one day and say I am the ZIL and bruise or Meza and I am the return on Mirza you know you don't receive might get that revelation one day and the Qadiani have to have to send one law I'm not making this up. This is not propaganda. They do not believe that prophethood ended with miza it's still open. This is why show me any Muslim scholar. Any he named igloo RB he named for UT he's not reading from the Mickey Glenn's throwing them in there. Every time we checked his claims he was either spinning them or lying on them. Okay, Rosie, you know you are properly following the son of Meza. May Allah save you from that May Allah protect you. Okay, so Mr. Henson said humko *

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learned ways to spread your Dockery a lucky Lonato was paid on a Boyka dakara did Mr. Say that? May Allah has cursed be upon the one who claims to be a prophet after Muhammad Mirza wrote this okay

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1901 I'm a prophet of God. When Yeshua said

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it is utterly

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wrong no problem 20 seconds Muslim okay first thing he said video one Jack is

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always unhappy. So you accept ESL lesson will come as unhappy but then he says he will come in Prophetic Mission. This is the first 12 Imams ut Eurocopter according to him. This is the point not only him Imam it was barely they also said that he said listen when he comes he will be unhappy he think he won't have prophetic capacity. What does that even mean? As for NLP systems if Musa was alive, he would follow me He never said Allah would remove him from his prophetic capacity now be system the tasks he gave to you. So let's say he said now be selesa

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We'll get what he says he will be in pathetic capacity. This is a lie. He didn't answer my you shikumen Ashram income you have to tell me why nobody says and said to the Sahaba some of you will be living when he said that some combs was that metaphorical or literal. You didn't have to. You have to sleep or you have to say then you mentioned him Dada Mahajan, murky and he said that motto I have. It's fun to hear. He says. Rumi's Kalam is Columbia Law he liked the Quran so in eastern idea him to read his Mujaddid writing he says must never be get the love with Korean do the Tilawat of mastery here today in in Mumbai centuries of freedom looking at Masnavi then he said that no other

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Nabil no one else said he's an OB. So he affirmed the word gas in the note the row indebtedness was right, because he seemed Ratana to Lolly, so he was right. He did it to hurt me. But But Dorcas Zubaydah Elisa is in trouble for putting that fatwa on him. I gave him a BRB he didn't address that as per using the term Nabil the problem with his own demise. They never said I am a Nabi but Khalid would the Deobandi Mujaddid said anyone who says Allah taught me ill he is a Nubira liar. godson note he said that his illness was taught by a legend and Mahana della MacFarlane. So deobandis believes they have a beard they just don't give the title. She has a deceit, no concept of cut Muna

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Bootsma he's doing all of them Alhamdulillah under the bus, and he asked to add to the 30 Lawrence have already died in my god the AON said they've already died before the time not say he wasn't sure this was the second time

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third time and minus a third now how to five way to more left.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Suraj he did not respond to my question did Mirza right. May Allah curse be upon the one who claims to be a prophet? Okay Mirza wrote this and Mirza was Muslim Mirza had el haram just like the Brahimi Ahmadiyya case here Mirza gets stuck in his own quagmire. May Allah curse be upon the one who claims to be a prophet? And then Mizar 1901 claims to be a profit, British colonial profit. Okay, who was defending the British colonial rule? tooth and nail as they say, you know, so, show me one scholar of Islam who said they will be another prophet after Muhammad says and so we are united upon kupperman Naboo Allahu Akbar no Muslims, the OMA of Muhammad Rasool Allah wa

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salam as diverse as you know, divided as it may be, but it will never unite upon the battle, which is another prophet after How can you even claim a prophet after Osama settlement? It's so clear his teaching, he said categorically no longer be a body. Was he lying Salah Listen, there is no prophet after me. Oh Ali, you are to me like Haroon was to Musa but there is no prophet after me. Is he lying out to Billa? He said, If there was a prophet after me it would have been Omar Was he lying? When he said Salallahu Salam that there is a building and it's a beautiful building but it's missing only one brick. And I am that brick one brick not to not to to flick through Murano to a brick like

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argue, to fit into the building.

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Where did you bring Meza from a broken brick or

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trying to squeeze it in the house? The Prophet said the house is complete. The house is complete with the final break all of these evidences you want us to throw them away and believe in someone who's using words like run the country runs our army all these terms and then he's saying May Allah curse be upon the one who claims to be a prophet? You want us to believe it some of the contradictions get alive time's up. Yeah so Adnan as to abuse now because he's been humiliated and He's shivering now. Anyhow, he just said we have a demonic admin but I shouldn't.

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Again, cutting off star Vista.

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He's upset Zubayr Resicert says inone had been a bit darker Mara Amma there's a conscious Bobby's a Hawaiian it's Killough buena de la buena means Jehan nimki put it this is what Muhammad says. Okay, that he said to you Why do

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your minimum Buhari messenger anyhow look why do you have to cut off sorry, is it that bad? Any coverage is

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hobbies Okay start again started again this so he said we agree with and Mohamed dalla

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Ji start

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okay continue just said he agrees with that.

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Don't breed

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and hamdulillah now he accepted the Al Mahana Dylan McFarland photo he said we agree he forgets it says the earlier this Wahhabi or coverage didn't kill Abu

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not a quitter Mohammed Al Mahana Dillon MUFON and then amateurs 100 He says Dear the worst of Kfar the Brave is the worst of kufr he says Dear God was a homosexual knows the blood I don't see ama does enhance it says it he probably agrees with them as well. Then he call it some aha these to call Shughart firstly, learn a ba ba body is Lana fear to legends. It means no profit after me steal his Alma DITA we love this this evening a teammate rathmell and Altova he says, learn to be a body Jonnie la Yachty bada Hoonah be Yan Sasha who that the true meaning is no Nabhi will now come to abrogates to share because they all know we did or not be after the swim lessons and I'm from the

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OMA II submarine of the OMA imamo comin come. He still never answered you shikumen ashram in Camilla bases and said, You Sahaba will be alive when he comes. Where did he sell as a copy? Do you accept? It's metaphorical or yes, they accept that WCM lie no the biller we don't agree with him that database system lied then he caught it by body so quickly refuted press one learn to be a body I already explained the study believe that recently learned to be a buddy but he also said lace a baby What baby who may be that the Messiah who comes will be unhappy number one, then he said karoun Most example that's about Barchetta book. The C word BOD is used in the Quran at Botha rocket to mean in

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absence is why Charlevoix does Devi said here body means ready in my absence no one will be unabIe so he lied against his own rhythm I mentioned the palace this how beautiful would be the past Nevison says the appear before me mint gobbly and its own shine fertile body says this means came all the UK militia area then there'll be some protected the Sharia we accepted then he said the ombre this is only the Mercy it's the Eve as for the learner that has a template some said he was using now between Shadi and Abby mix is clear in his books that Nabil is being used as someone who changes Kuranda abrogates dispensaries misquoting the launder is on him not the Messiah because his

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fourth turn

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and he this is he has to Okay, Mr. Rahim, all of that shenanigans, I'm going to ignore it because it's not relevant. I have given specific specific evidence that there is no prophet Rasul Allah was very categorical. This is something you can't even go miss. Unless you're smoking and you have hallucinations, and you're smoking weed or ganja or some some heavy stuff, and then you think this means something. The Prophet was very clear that there is no prophet after me period full stop. And having heard that you want Muslims to believe in someone like that person? On top of that he himself what is he writing Rowhani Husain volume four page 313 Mirza writes, or could Ayatollah Janta and

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God knows command muscle man who I am a Muslim, or in Sabah guide by Imam and I believe in all those things that Muslims believe in you and us in the world Jamaat Monahan the beliefs that are the Sunnah, Wal jamaa or Kalamata Yabba and the pure proclamation of faith La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, aka Kyle Han, and I believe in it I believe in leilighet Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, or Qibla guitarra namaz, Berto and I face the Qibla and pray towards it or man or both come with the Navy. I am not a claimant to profit or bulky as a mother eco Daraa Islam Hadith summit down rather I consider such a person or disbeliever Mirza is writing in his own writing I believe in all the

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things I know for nothing. Well, Jim, I believe in I believe in lie right Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, I pray towards Kibera and I am not a claimant to prophethood rather I consider such a person or this believer, someone who is out of Islam and in 1901 he smoked something now that he said I

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goddess I am a prophet I'm a messenger I am Christian I'm Canadian on Jesus claimed all of these things by the way I'm not making this up time's up respond to this now a non the sheet firstly put the fourth one has it damaged the lesson learned through all this older man did the bus now he threw his solar cell alone isn't and has it I shattered the law on all way. Now the biller means like we are free of discomfort. He says that not be censored learn about your body. It's so categorical. Why do you then believe in as a demo lesson? What he forgets is gresty knobbies isn't himself said lay sub benei what Boehner Hoonah be that the Messiah who comes will be unabIe. So according to him know

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the biller means navi system was also I'm not even going to see those words. Then hesitation de la Hana said Who under who huntable I'm bi Vallarta Kulu Nana BIA, Bardo that see his heartbeat do not see there's no prophet Prophet asked him his own Amma Allama

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A Imam could table said there is no contradiction here. What she meant is no one will come to abrogate the Sharia it to explain not to be a body the same way now you're gonna be young sexual or who Mullah Ali Carson La La Yachty bada wanna be young sir Shara who were lamea comin Mila to hear that it means and Abby who comes against the Sharia. Then he says lo Nabi systems and lo Asha Ibrahim Lacan se Deacon the BIA. If my son Ibrahim if he would be an OB according to Adnan Rashid Nabi system is gone as it he has gone Mulally car is gone. Even a team has gone even Zubaydah. alizai cyber is gone because he said he said we'll be unabIe Adnan says he won't have prophetic

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capacity Kaoma to come, he can never show these words from any of the Greek or the muddy or see he will be unhappy he will get what he and be unhappy from the OMA of narcissism. As for the quarter has adapted at some, he makes it clear that whenever I have denied being unhappy, I was referring to Shadi and Abby, and the context was because he says how can I go against the Siouxland? Can one go against the Quran? This Naboo of Medina boy, he made it clear from Brahim Allah revealed him one of the Ursula Sula, who Bill hood our deen how can you use you know who Allah Deen equally so this cream is clear. There is no gopher anywhere and be respectful to our elders. Uh, we have a tongue as

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well but Alhamdulillah RTBF

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This is my last time so Bismillah Mandarin Rosie did not address my point where I said that I consider anyone claiming to be a prophet after Muhammad Rasul Allah is a disbeliever Mirza Odyssee himself in his earlier writings. Okay, later on 1901 He claims to be Nabil Rasul Allah, he claims to be Jesus. He claims to be

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Christian and Coniah an avatar of Krishna in Ghana. Yeah, he claims to be all these things and these people want us to take him seriously as a viable option for profited Absolutely not. Okay. We have so much evidence in this regard. And the Hadith recording from Isaiah de la nosedive is like this week

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it is a week report his where is it so so so they will quote ignoring all the authentic evidence all the authentic evidence? If there is a prophet after sort of Lhasa Salam Why did he tell us about it that there is a Punjabi Mongol Prophet coming after me. He will have all these qualities among many of the qualities he will abuse people, he will go to toilet 100 times a day now.

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These are facts he never said he goes to the washroom 100 times a day. He said

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no 15 to 20. And he said at one point I have to do

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Jelani said in The Washington 250 candidates

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he would go to 50 times a day to do not being in good stock he respect and finish it.

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I will Okay, okay, let's go. So look, I'm making my point. Finally Rasulullah have said learn to be a body. And he said there is no prophet after me categorically in so many reports. All these things he's presenting our complete distortions and distractions and this is corruption of our religion and our texts. These people are doing this because Mirza was given to them by the ancestors in the parents, these Punjabi peasants in Qadiani area they started to believe in as a prophet because they didn't know better

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these guys now these guys will go ahead and defend him till till death do us part. So the point is, if Allah guides people, no one can misguide them for like misguide people, no one can guide we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that our Qadiani brothers and sisters

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I have nothing more to say thank you so much.

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