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We always talk about the Creator, everything is the creator ever God created everything. God created everything. And then we prayed everything but God.

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And that just doesn't make any sense. I said God created everything. Yes he did okay then why don't you pray to the Creator, then it's all done. There's Our Father who art in heaven. Our father by itself separates him from God. Because when he says our he's acquainting himself with his audience that Christians didn't think women had a soul for ever, right? I mean, here's the Quran 1500 years ago or so, telling us that this is where you're going to be punished from or pulled out through when you're a bad guy. So I'm like, I'm Dr. Daniel Abdur Rahman McBride. I'm a chiropractor here in Central Florida. I am really excited to be part of the deen show with brother Eddie.

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The show media host of my next guest, Dr. Daniel of the man McBride DC has been a physical educational teacher, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist firefighter, and since 1995, a chiropractor using functional neurology to help brain injury and trauma. 1995 is the same year he also accepted submission to the One God Islam. Dr. McGrath his path to Islam was a simple one. He was raised as a Catholic graduating from a Catholic High School with the biggest takeaway from there that there's one Almighty Creator God. The main thought then became how do I worship him correctly? While in chiropractic school, he read the autobiography of Malcolm X and began to investigate Islam.

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He has given he was given the Quran from a friend and found that this is the right way to worship since accepting Assam. He has his family had been blessed with the opportunity to experience Islam while living in the Bahamas, South Africa and finally returning to be with us here on the deen show. In South Florida popping up Masjid slowly. Cool.

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How are you? I'm doing good, good. Alhamdulillah.

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So tell us about this early journey. So you grew up as a Christian Catholic? Absolutely. And from there, tell us a little about the early years. Well, it like the brother was saying earlier, we talked about the exposure we get and the brother Malcolm X. And of course at the time being very white, I couldn't be part of the nation. And that's all I was exposed to.

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Growing up in white America. And then

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when I by the time you finish that book, and you come to the acceptance of orthodox Islam is the right path to take. The next step ALLAH blessed me with the opportunity to read a Koran. I was halfway through it. I called the local masjid and the Imam invited me over and said, if, if this is what you believe this is what you have to do. We made my Shahada and we've been learning ever since.

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In the early years, it was Catherine just reading a little bit about your highlights of your story. And this is what I've seen that really

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beholds you know, really takes a hold of people is that pure monotheism, it's so strong and you can't take it for granted. You knew that there was one Almighty God. Yes, yeah, the

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Christianity, Catholicism, Catholicism with which I was exposed to. We always talked about the Creator, everything is the creator, ever God created everything. God created everything. And then we prayed everything but God, I right. Say that again. Say that again. Literally. We were raised as a Catholic, I was raised to believe God created everything. And then we pray to everything else. One of my younger brothers is is into Christianity now. And

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he says, you know everything in the name of Jesus. And that's, you know, obviously a sin for us. And I said, Well, if you believe Jesus is part of God, then why can't you just say God? And he just spends hours, making no sense whatsoever and arguing why he can't say God, and that just doesn't make any sense. I said, God created everything. Yes, he did. Okay, then why don't you pray to the Creator, then it's all done. And if you think Jesus is God, pray to God. Well, I am I'm praying to Jesus. No, you're not. If you can't say the name, then you are praying to what you label in what you describe. You know, we put on our dollar bills here in America, we say In God we trust. There's

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there's no way you worship the dollar and God at the same time, and you can't pray to something else, or to another name and live with the idea that you're praying to God, at least I couldn't. How was the temple? The I'm sorry, how was the the climate? Same thing with you towards you know, at that time with the on the ground towards Islam at that time, in 1995

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There was no personally there was just no push back. My parents thought it was just a phase I was going through. And they figured I grow out of it. And so there was no pressure in any direction. The I think the biggest pressure comes from my side, worrying about being the only McBride and heaven, you know, at the time. And now we have, you know, I'm blessed with the children in the family. Now, did you go back to like most Christians, they go back to their pastor, they go back to the preacher, they go back to their church and say, Look, I have some questions. I'm trying to figure out this trinity, I believe in God, did you go back and wrestle with it? No, there's there was, it's clear

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that Alhamdulillah A Lot chose me to be a Muslim. He chose each and every one of us to be a Muslim. So after that, it's it's very linear. I mean, there's nothing else to wrestle with. For me, some people may, I tend to be very linear about a lot of things. And there was no, there's no going back. I mean, Islam is the only monotheistic religion. So there's no discussion or thought process with any other option. But now the Christian says, look, but who's dying for your sins? Now? Who's paying the price for your sins? What do you say, man? How can you think someone else is going to be burdened with the sins I created? And how unfair is that?

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I it just doesn't make any sense. And then, when you think about it, if Jesus really died for all of our sins, then then we can go with why be good at all? Right? I mean, cuz he already died. So then there's no reason to be good people at all. But the idea is think about what takes place.

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If if we're going to think Jesus is great, because he died for our sins, the Muslim perspective of Jesus being raised to heaven alive, because we all die and go to heaven, if God forgives us. Well, I think it's a greater honor to go to heaven alive, as we know Jesus did, and then come back because I don't expect to do it.

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That makes I mean about, you know, there's the whole thing about Jesus was a non issue for me. Also, there was no

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idea say, there's no,

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there's no Trinity. It never makes sense. Three never makes one. Yeah, it just doesn't work. So it was it wasn't a problem with you. One that you you're you didn't have no resistance from family, from friends from you, or so at that time. You didn't work for anybody. So you didn't you're working for yourself? No, no, I've always worked for other people. Yeah. But it's a non issue. It was not an issue. No. So how do you from what you see today now? Where it seems like it's become an issue?

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What what do you tell people? Now, people who are in your situation, they don't believe God is three in one, you know, a lot of this stuff, you know, when they look at the authenticity of the Bible, you know, the questioning, but they come to Islam, they may watch some of our programs. They've read the Koran, they see like, wow, this really makes sense. But now, the pushback, right? They might have an employer, they might have family members, and Islam is of the devil, you know, you're joining a call, you're gonna turn into a terrorist, right? Yeah. What advice do you have for him? The idea is that there's enough stress out there in the world, that you really have to find your

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comfortable spot. You do. I'm, it's, it's been hard. We all all of us have struggled at one time or another. We have bosses that cheat us outside of our religion, we have co workers that disrespect us outside of the religion. So it for me, it's simplified things if someone's going to treat me poorly, because of my religion. Well, that's only one thing and that I can deal with. It's really such a

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simple answer. It's a simple question, what do you do? You just get away from it? You literally, I mean, right now, with what I do in functional neurology, it all revolves around the brain. And you are what you tell yourself, you are. Literally you can influence yourself that that quickly, that directly.

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And the brain is constantly changing, the brain will change and adapt to what you put in it. And you're in total control of what you put in yourself. And there was there's just no room, from my perspective, to allow anybody to put that bad stuff in your first exposure to the Quran. Did you have someone? So you said someone gifted you a Koran? Yeah, they actually, I was talking while I was in chiropractic school in Atlanta. I was just discussing with close friends that

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it was something I was interested in. I always wanted to know how to pray to God correctly. And I mentioned the autobiography of Malcolm X. And they said, Oh, my goodness, I was interested years ago, and I still have a Koran. Someone let me borrow. They gave it to me. And I got halfway through it. And that was the end of it. This was exactly it just made sense.

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The Koran, even in the English translation, just completely made sense to me, like the brother was mentioning, all the prophets in there, I had already studied about the Quran has provided me with a cleaner option of all those stories, and then it added to it. There's just a beautiful addition to the thoughts I already had. I like what you were questioning you're like okay, I believe in one and only one God not three and one just one leave it alone don't add or delete to it. And now how do you worship because a lot of people it's in their fitrah their innate nature to believe. But now they just use God Almighty as a as a, you know, genie in the bottle when I need something, you know, just

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rubbed his Latin no doesn't work like that. You were thinking like, how do I actually worship the one God? How do I serve correctly, if they want me to pray every Sunday all day, and kneel down and stand up and kneel down and stand up and kneel down and stand up? Then prayer is probably important. And you see it across the board, you know, multiple religions, and I wanted to do it correctly. Yeah, I did a lot of black Baptist churches, some of you may be familiar with very enthusiastic, I thought maybe it's the level of sincerity. But then it goes back to where you're taking that faith and where you're taking that sincerity. And none of it added up. When it's three in one. It just

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doesn't. It doesn't work. Yeah, if that didn't fit, fit the theology. That's it, but it can. But when you got a hold of la ilaha, Illa, Allah there's nothing worthy of worship except Allah, the Creator has an Earth, this and then Muhammad is his messenger, and is the same way of life that Jesus lived. Moses, Abraham, they all said Leila, and at that time, Moses was the messenger Abraham was measured his time Jesus at His time was a messenger, not God, you know, not part of God, not a son of God. Mohammed has been the last and final messenger, that Allah this is very, very, you know, profound and deep it is. How did you feel after you took your Shahada?

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It it was awesome. It was, I gotta tell you, it was it really is. And then, like I said, I was already halfway through the Quran. So honestly, your life becomes easier. You tell me what the rules are. And now I know exactly what I'm going to do and what I'm not going to do. If I don't know the rules, then how fair is life? That's nothing but stress. I mean, it's like when the police change the speed limit, all of a sudden you get caught? Well, it's not really fair, because you didn't know it change. The Koran is even in the English translation is was so clear. This is exactly how we do things. This is right, this is wrong. These are the rewards. These are the punishments. It makes it

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easier for me to be a father, because imagine if I'm wrong, and my child brings the Quran to me and says, Dad, you're supposed to do it this way. Well, my child's right, and I'm not. It's really simple. My wife and I, if we disagree, and she says, You know, I don't think that's very Islamic. You know, you're you're right. There's, it simplifies. Islam has simplified my life. Beyond any measure. I could have imagined. Your family they also accepted Islam. Yes, they. My wife is also raised in Islam. As a Catholic.

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Yeah, she's and more devout than I was she, she's Haitian Catholic. So that was that's a lot of Catholic variation. So, but yeah.

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And my children were raised that way. Yeah. So it's, it's,

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we had disagreement one time and she said she was gonna call her Wally, because she didn't think I was right. And I was like, well, that's not fair.

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You're probably right then. So it was all done. It's really Islam is, like I said, the Koran is clear. All you have to do is pull up the verse. I mean, even with with the chiropractic that I practice, there's a verse, there's an i 15, and 16. If you read the 96, Surah, and you read through to 15, and 16. A lot talks about how he's going to pull or how our souls are going to be pulled out through the English translation I said, I have says through our forelocks, right through our foreheads through, they're going to be ripped out. For a believer, it's just a little perspiration. perspiration.

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With my functional neurology, where what area now, do you think science should support religion and your religion should support your science there if they're right? Where do you think you make that final decision whether you just do something or you inhibit that bad action? That's the forehead. That's the frontal lobes. That's the forelock. That's the brain. There is no way we knew that 1500 years ago. I mean, remember, just a few 100 years ago, people thought women didn't have a brain. They thought, you know, the Christians didn't think women had a soul for ever, right? I mean, here's the Koran 1500 years ago or so, telling us that this is where you're going to be punished from or

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pulled out through when you're a bad guy. And that's, that's your final inhibition.

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If that's your final initiation of the good or bad you decide to do. It's the forehead. It's the forelock. So it's really science religion, it all agrees on for me. Let's take some questions from the audience. Send it to Lagos llama hoopla.

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Before I asked my question, I want to say, thank you so much for joining us today in South Florida. I know you came a long way. But thank you for you actually, to humble yourself. And us as a millennium, sitting with the with the youth here, in the front line not looking for a chair or anything. That's for me, it's, it means a lot. It means a lot. So thank you, for you for giving us a lesson without telling us this is a lesson

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number my question is actually,

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you're, you're a doctor and you're in higher rank stage of career in your life. And you meet a lot of high stage career in life. How you develop your your message among all stage of people when it comes to at least two minutes conversation about slam.

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I do want to say manipulate the message. But going through the message.

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And thank you so much.

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The I think Brother Abu Bakr said it really well.

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When people meet us,

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we should show our belief, it should be all over us. It really, my co workers, the people in the office that I I'm in

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they, when when people bring us food to the office, you know, there's a doctor's office, they want to encourage our business and there's that those gifts and things. They tell them that I allow my my co workers, a lot of them voted for President Trump just out of control, right. So think about what takes place there. Those same people make sure I get fed well, when food comes in, they clear it for me. I don't even have to say anything.

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So it's literally it's how we project ourselves. It's if, if you're somebody

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a brother down here I respect more than than most.

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All of you may know him brother Nasser, this this brother can so honourable, so and he fixes cars. Now we can say, Oh, he's only a mechanic. No, he's a role model. He gives us 100% of his time and effort. And when I'm down here, that's who I trust. You know what I'm saying? And then you can say, Well, I'm a doctor. Oh my god, there it is. Her hummed Allah. The idea is that all of our actions should speak for ourselves. So that when people come to us, people apologize when they curse in front of me in the office.

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They apologize to me. And I don't even say anything because they know I don't like it. And it's just it's that line, like you talked about it. This is the way we behave. And this is what I expect around me. So if that makes if that answers the question.

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Just like

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my mom, right?

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My Shala I actually

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we went on Dr. Rob Hoffman on I went ombre. And the moment we from Miami, all the way to Makkah. We speak in about publish a book. Actually, we are next to each other. And Masha Allah. That's why I'm asking. You have to tell the people about the books you publish, for everybody to have it.

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And I know you're not feeling

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like actually to publish themselves, but to publish many, many books actually, rather than have the romance writer known for four years. And also the very important to the names of your kids, please.

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Isabella is gonna embarrass me and make me cry up here in front of her body. I'm gonna have to grow big beard to catch it. All right.

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Yes, my children.

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Khadija Tahara and Abdul Rahman.

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The girls couldn't be here. Of course, I told them right away. We weren't going to be here.

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Tahara looked you up right away. She had to give me the scoop what little I already knew but what little she felt I didn't know she had to fill me.

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The one of the first books we did was who's right who's wrong and why?

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Islam, Christianity and Judaism. And what we did was we we took

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Biblical verses and explained with biblical quotes like like Jesus, there's Jesus talks about himself as a prophet. He he mentioned Prof.

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But all the time. He says, at one point, there's a verse in their prayers, you see me pray, you, people don't pray to themselves, right. I mean, it's just pray as you see me pray.

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If I can use the words, if you'll forgive me, he's there's Our Father who art in heaven. Our father by itself separates him from God. Because when he says, Our he's equating himself with his audience, and he never says anybody in his audience is a God, right? So it says, Our Father, then he says, Where is he, and of course, as Muslims, we say, above the heavens, but he's clearly differentiating just those two sentences by themselves. And we spent 13 chapters explaining why the Bible doesn't work to the point where in the Old Testament, there's a verse that says, and you can Google everything up kick, grab a King James Version on your complete pewter and Google up worms. And it

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even says, in the Old Testament, that a man born of a woman is less than a worm. So we've got to kind of rule out anybody who is born of a woman being a god. So it's really and you got to remember, that's a cool reference. Because when we die, what are we going to do? We really do back to the earth, and we become just just food for the environment. So it's yeah, that's what we that the second one we went more into. And we're our goal is always to try to expose non Muslims to Islam. And the second book was more healthcare oriented, with some cool verses out of the Bible, leading us into verses on into the Quran on how to live a healthy lifestyle, food exercise. We included some

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Hadith in that. Where can people get the books? The the the health book is on Amazon, and hold again, that's called

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God's Health Care Initiative, God's healthcare initiative, and they just put your name and the name of the book. Yeah, yeah, it should still be available.

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If not, all right. Yeah. And the other ones who's right, who's wrong? Yes, that we have another brother published it here. And we have copies of it. If you want to, you could reach out to brother Merseyside or brother, Umar brother Rashid. Yeah, reach out to us, and we will make those arrangements to get you a copy. All right. And that's interesting. You mentioned the Lord's Prayer. Islam is in the Lord's prayer or Lord, Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come and die. We'll all done. Exactly. I usually tell Christians, I mean, the Lord's Prayer should actually lead you if you're exactly doing it properly. You're sincerely praying to one guy, because it's

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calling you to pray to one guy exactly right. You should be submitting to one god praying to him alone. And not like you said, jumping all over the place all over the place, playing everything on and with that you've got when Jesus, the story of the biblical Jesus scuze me but still hear the biblical Jesus when he's in the garden, before they're coming to arrest him. What does he do? He goes off by himself. And he kneels down and puts his forehead to the ground and pray earnestly praying, yes, that's that's Christians don't do that. We do that. We do that we follow Jesus better than anyone does. And we shouldn't allow them. It's like current history today. Barack Obama is only

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half black. So why do all these white folks insult his mother and him right, and his grandparents who raised him? You've got to understand, we can't let them take from us what we know is right? We can't do that. Barack Obama is a great American in the sense whether you agree with his politics, and I do that I'm fine with it. But the idea is, he was a much better person than than Donald Trump was right? And we let these people push him in front of us all the time, right? I mean, we got to claim what's ours, Jesus is ours. There's that it's done. And along with all of the other prophets, they're ours. And literally, each one of us whether we were born, or accepted Islam later in life,

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God chose each and every one of us to do this, which is the singularity of that Reverend saying it's someone else and you're doing it because it's your parents know you're here because God chose you to be here. And again, the idea that, like I said, with with the Jesus and the praying and he's ours

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we're the only ones on the right path. That's like actually like Hallelujah.

00:24:36--> 00:24:37

Now that kind of scares me.

00:24:39--> 00:24:59

That's not a word cry. That's crazy. Yes, it is. Thank you. Daniel here on the D show. And you can do what he did pray to one God alone. That's your homework and you could pick up a free copy of the Quran at the deen If you have any other questions, call us one. 800 662 Islam we'll see you next time here to do Peace be with you as salaam alaikum.

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