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The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "wider Eddie" to describe various stages and the importance of achieving the boon of Islam for the most long time in the future. The speakers emphasize the need to be at the lowest level in order to attain the highest level, including the use of tucking and the importance of the book of the water Eddie. The potential consequences of wearing certain clothing, including the use of dams, are also discussed.

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so now listen to my back I'm gonna be in a Muhammad wider Eddie or SOFIA germanium, about

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what was recited in first raka was from the chapter of Zoho, of and Zoho of means ornaments. That which is ornamented, which is full of beautification.

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And Allah uses this word when speaking about those that were of the disbelievers when he says if there are the relationship on our gene, well Hola, hakuna Natsu mutton why the tender Anneli maniac Fulgur Rahmani

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Jamal Gianelli Mejia Corbin Rahman him so often when film watching Mr. Jolly Hale

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is that if all of mankind

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were to be upon one OMA basically on the OMA disbelief, the Jannetty maniac furbearer manually built him so often. We would have made for all of those that disbelieve in Allah subhana wa Tada so often men fitball ceilings from silver well my audit job they handle not only my audit just like what they ascend on stairs you've held on to the apparent will it be up to him have a weapon was stolen and they had taken on it was over over. Will he be using him as a weapon and for their houses we would have made doors

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stolen either adding Hey Tiki own and beds if a restaurant was Ufa, and sacrifice ornaments and beautification. Were in Kulu there Nicola Mamet's our hieratic dunya then Allah says, in all of this is the Matera and higher to dunya it's all enjoyment of this dunya of this earth, what you know, to Endor obligor, Lynwood Turkey, and then Allah switches here says, and the afterlife is for the moon.

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So what's beautiful here is Allah subhanaw taala talks about look, the people that disbelieve in Allah subhanho wa taala, and are not aware of his blessings or are aware and voluntarily leave it off, meaning the obedience of Allah, the humility towards Allah subhanaw taala. And they want the beautification of this life, with the caveat that they sacrifice their faith, they sacrifice their obedience, they sacrifice their OBEDIA their servitude to God, for something of this life. And it just at this point is very important to realize that the highest MACOM

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the highest level, that the human being, should should attain to reach is to be at the lowest level in front of Allah.

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The highest level that the human being should aspire to be, is an abbot.

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We should aspire to be Abdullah, and the mean servant. Rather, it means slave.

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Because a servant can be conditional

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a servant can do and maybe not do a slave has no choice.

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We should not be ashamed to say slave of Allah, that's the highest MACOM for the individual.

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When one wants to transfer from slave and to be a little more than a slave in their perception in this tangible life, that's when they want the things of the dunya. What's so beautiful, is that when someone attains the dunya, they think they're raising themselves up in status, in front of deficient or bad creation. But in actuality, you're lowering yourself in front of Allah, the more of this superfan that Allah describes ceilings from silver and doors and all of this, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Those individuals, they're not going to be close to Allah subhana wa Tada. When he says, After that, we'll ask you not to

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then we're talking, we'll ask you to enter on bigger and more talking and the next life in front of your Lord in the eyes of your Lord is for the most tucking to show you that what is mentioned before from all of this beautiful vacations and things of this dunya of this life.

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It is not for the more talking. That's why it says we'll go to in the ROB beaker, the next life the afterlife, as far as your Lord is concerned.

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It is for the mood tucking.

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Then Allah subhana wa Tada says, well may actually undecorated Manny no pay yet the WHO Shame on him, for who Allah who are in, then Allah transfers and says, and whoever leaves off the vicar of Allah, the remembrance of Allah.

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No a year who Allah says we will appoint for him a che fine. Not only that, for who what law who got in that shaytaan will be for him a companion, a close companion. We're in the Julio suit doing whom and SCBD? Well, yes, and we know what they're doing. And this ties into the beginning. He says we're fairly this Shavon that's appointed him as a Korean as a close friend. Yes, so doing a home in a city, they will close the pathways to them, to guidance to where those individuals will think that they are upon guidance. And that's their worst form of law, to wear when you think that you are upon guidance and in actuality, you are not. And this is very dangerous to wear when we obtain things of

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this life. And we may give an excuse and thinking that that is obedience or we are so involved in disobedience, shame on our caught in our companion

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makes us justify this obedience to where it may be obedience.

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Then Allah concludes this is high tide Agia Anna Alia later beanie, were being a word that in mushy trainee for bit sale. Connie,

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a lot concludes here and talks about this Kadena shape on for the ones that voluntarily leave off the remembrance of Allah. He says until it was so beautiful about the Quran, Allah will tell you at the end of the day, what that person with those descriptions will say, had to either Agia Anna until when they come to us because we're all going to come in front of Allah, don't worry.

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What will they say?

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Gone a year later, benei ouabain they can burn that eventually came.

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He said, Oh, I wish there was between me and you, oh shaytaan the distance between the East and the West? For bitset, according Allah says, and how wretched is this audience.

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So this companion of shaytaan, one of the characteristics is of the ones of those that indulge upon this dunya too much. That's why I mentioned it in the beginning.

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So it's important for us as Muslims, to understand the concept of this world, and Subhanallah the word dunya in and of itself, which is so beautiful in the Arabic language, you know, your read a passage and it gives you an implication or gives you a context. But the words themselves have implications behind.

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The word dunya means something that is low and debased. So something that is low in the bass is that of this life, this life in and of itself. Why? Why is this life low and the bass will be able to enjoy living with talking, because the next life is much better, long lasting. It's full of all all of us a hadith. It's full of all of the beautiful locations. That is why Allah is trying to alert you when talking about gender. But you have to make the sacrifice in this life, to leave off those things that are of indulgence. And that indulgence compromises your faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala it compromises your servitude. So may Allah subhana wa Tada make us anything with tucking in this

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beautiful month of Ramadan. Allah subhanaw taala allowed this month of Ramadan to shine through in our hearts and our minds in our tongues by the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala Sidran will Allah Ania in secret and an open vilasa upon to Allah allow this month Ramadan to be the month of the Quran to shine in our hearts and to be of that of remember it's in consistently throughout the day. Radical offical was some Allah was and we're not allowed to be in a Muhammad water Eddie was our big mind

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