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The speakers discuss various series of covers and their intended purposes, including hello movies, Islam hotel tours, and guest satisfaction. They also touch on the importance of having a clear vision for one's success and the need for a clear vision for one's success. There is brief advertisement for a new video about " metallic," and introductions to various categories and news stories. The speakers stress the importance of finding a clear vision for one's success and finding a clear vision for one's success.

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employees, they have to start all over again

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with fire in

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southern cinema so this is going live well over the world. So this one but in sha Allah God that we're starting this new series called Angels. So sisters I'm not starting over I'm just talking about the

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end. I'm not going to translate or go to give to the CEO of every area because it will not be possible I only have about 10 minutes or word by word to say no but the EVA the God in sha Allah Tala automotive, which behind the series called Port Angeles is to entice you all to go and read the command the filter and we're going to make the shortlist Montana incumbent upon ourselves to shop the hotel to have at least one cover to cover. And shuttling is one goal. And the other goal is to do memorize at least one solar from the 29 just off the compound from let's say, whatever,

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because of work hours and heavy. And then we're going to have that in Sharla. At the end of oh my god, we're going to have special prices to those who have of at least whatsoever from the 29th of Ramadan. And then we have our series called His Majesty leaving with the names of urbanization. In this model, we will also try to memorize the 99 names of Allah

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it will be special

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so that's going to be Friday, Saturday Sunday, not just names of Allah how to live with the names of Allah how to implement the names of Allah, we will do that in sha Allah Tala after the awesome Friday sunday sunday and he felt will be served so here we talking about again the goal is to entice you to the program. Let's start from the names of the remember the call me

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what did they call me? Oh, this is giving candies now. Candy Man. All right. Names of the Quran. Allah says this many games of the Quran one of the some of the names of the Quran quickly, quickly, quickly.

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Our head

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One of the names

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and money.

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I'm sorry, that's not yours. It's behind.

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Yeah, these are only

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comments going on here.

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I keep a detailed and muddy Gouda the old names of the thicker a Siraj

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as Barry, and many, as many and many because one of the names of Allah azza wa jal.

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He also talked with him and made him 18. So

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last year, last year, I told you about that this Quran is split into four categories, if you remember the source the source or into four categories, if you remember them, and give you maybe two or three champions, remember those four categories, you just the intro, the first one is a step up, we love. The second thing, what the seven have longer ones, the seven first ones are called 771. And then the third second type of swans they're cold.

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And mean where who sent me

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who said to me, whoever here we go,

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meeting comes from me, those sorts of our overhead

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overhead. And then you have the third categories is cold and metallic. Anything below 100 iron is called a metallic. And the last one The last category is called a Mufasa Mufasa the short ones, okay, these are the four types of categories if

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you want what else now,

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this is just an intro, the Quran have 10 Main, if detail, just remember this thing if I'm going to test you what is if the tag all the pronouns, all the sores, they start with 10 different if the data no more than 10 I'll give you five examples. There's some sort of start with technique such as enhancing or hinder the

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Kitab Alright, so what you know that one so that's who said first here we go. So and then the second trap of if detect called disappear such as some handle lady as well laden, there's some sort of starting to just be so

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this is number two number three, there's the sort that starts with how is it the hygiene of the hedges was such as and if you

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kind of heard

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them you saw this is what we call energy. There are some sort of thought will come up have I missed some sort of a news such as Allah subhana wa COVID says yes and all that is Aluna Canyon.

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What was this some news? So they start this is this some sort of start with with this some start this was the first one is give hand like a question mark, and I'm talking about googly eyes, how do you see and on top of it. You can even be the sort of start with them. And the fifth category is some sort of

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Start with an awesome an oath such as Allah subhana wa COVID This is what they want when they want to have what do they do and Allah swears by certain things so kinda with that let's start quickly with the accent I'm only had about five minutes another five minutes I'm gonna be done the public has something names I've heard you have some names names over Cathy have done

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a chef the

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seven of wands

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I've kept Yes Chef yet

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there is one if you tell me that one the best one I give you all

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will Kitab okay

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that was not the best one. There is one which is now it's called a saga. It's called a Salah one of the names of in fact, it's a solid because the Prophet says that Allah says I split Salah between me and my server into two you know that you have between me and so many into two so there's this hadith is also called a sunnah. And brothers and sisters the Prophet Muhammad says this amazing thing about Tanaka Fatiha he says in this hadith as our city would you believe? And then we heard the sound you can eat said Yo rasool Allah there's a geek in Jannah it has never been opened it just be open today. And then the mirror comes out from that door that day. He says the smell comes out from this

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day from day has never come down at the smell of people the profit from vilasa today you have been blessed with two more money two beautiful white nose to the product is given infrastruc targets that no man has ever been given it is only also one sort of defense

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and the last of solid and low profit before Prophet Mohammed was basically the source versus the sisters upon Salah in it in sort of, you know sort of

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Bukhara but so that's how it starts with Bismillah

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Bismillah if you want to know more about Allah please come and join the his measures team when I talked about the names of Allah subhanaw taala on Fridays and Saturdays and so stay on Sundays talking about these names Allah Bismillah Bismillah we start with this I start my work with bismi I go to home and they open the Lord bismi before they close my door at home

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you see this minute of what's a panel tonight put spot on

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other hand was our hand

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they say in the test I see a watchman is for all mankind is G angels you know it's for all of our hate is this is these are gems by the way and other Haim specifically for meaning what meaning are offered

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very key and medically medically or within or normality or within and Malik is the one who owns something merely medic is like the the potent so when we have Allah the medic but you cannot be medic or you can be medic but you cannot be medic what does the what is the difference? The difference is you can own something medic is somebody who owns something, you can own something but you cannot be medic you're not medic, you guys here all of you you own a house, you own a car you own whatever but you don't own but you cannot be King. Your wives are queens.

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Just say yes.

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But you cannot be kings

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but again there are certain things who are medic but they cannot own anything so it's like like some kings in in Denmark and more with their King of Queens but they cannot make any demands. I cannot give any rules and whatnot. But Allah is Al medic al Malik SubhanaHu taharah medic have many human teeth and then we see ei can what can stay you're among the worship disability here as another Jeff why you're connected with first and why he can stay next year. You only worship is Elia is the purpose and the kind of study is the the means what high interest and what Silla so the higher the goal is the good and then we say yeah kind of study why we say that because we seek

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to worship Him we seek help, you're gonna stay what we are going to infer what you will be we are constantly to worship your property. You are connected, we are constantly then you say eat dinner in

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the offseason what a joke that is what this is about salad when certain things so I have to be straight. So it has to be wide. So that has to be clear. Otherwise, installing.

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This is a gem. So that has to be clear, and it has to be white. It has to be straight. If it's not straight if it's not white.

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If it's not clear, it is not set up to just attack. So we see a similar there's only one a certain must attain certain

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body. And that's what the bank recruit, they're not going to go to work tomorrow.

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Today they will recite from page one to page 26 I believe there was just an aura today in sha Allah who sort of is sort of number two, it has 286. And it is interesting one as far as you say, PA, one, two and 312. And three, please go back and read it in shallow to sort of Bacala quickly it talks in first juice, talk about the money, it talks about the caffeine, and it talks about the hypocrites he talks a lot about hypocrisy because they are the worst hangover tenodesis anything that can affect in a month, the hypocrites are being the lowest in hellfire. And Allah describes them he says feel close to him.

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In your heart, there's a sickness there's the disease for example. And then after that, Allah has also talks about at the very center and the creation of this earth and after Adam talks about the Lux law in India who he is talking only about Alia good and video slot eight This is on interest number one, and after that provider just talks about this to them and the beauty of the camera. And after that the last thing that uterus just talks about is

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the disappearance of the our case the upbringing of the children, it also in the last verse of solar cell of the first just have sort of an Bakara let's say sisters fees again, the goal is to entice you to go and meet people and so make sure that inshallah Jota Hannah, you try to recite the end of this month of Ramadan inshallah getting closer to Allah Subhana Allah may Allah bless and thereby reward you is that gonna help welcome Have a good day code