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AI: Summary © The "immature way of life" keeps Latinos from reconnecting with their roots and the "immature way of life" keeps them from fully embracing their culture. The "immature way of life" is a culture that is taught by parents and is used to encourage others to practice their values. The importance of finding the right fit between God and Christ for one's spiritual well-being is discussed, as well as the impact of Islam on society and the "monopoly game." A call to action is offered for parents to visit the website for suggestions and comments.
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greetings of peace, welcome to the deen show. If you haven't subscribed already, subscribe right now, we have an exciting show for you today. You know, the fastest growing ethnicity in America are the Latinos. Brazilians included in this. And you know what way of life they're gravitating towards. When we come back, we have our next guest is going to fill us in on why the Latinos are loving this way of life provides the answers to why you've been created where you go, and when you die. And that satisfaction that you're looking for in the heart that's empty, it fills that void. And the Tinos have figured it out, and it goes back to their roots. That's right. So when we come back here on

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today's show, we got an exciting episode, I'm going to ask you this question. Don't go anywhere.

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This is the

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this is the

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I think we gave it away I was opening up I said, you know, left it as a guest gets wish way of life, but people are looking at you maybe think, you know, with the greeting, maybe people figured it out with the beard or maybe so. So what is it? What is this way of life that when Latinos Brazilians included, when they look back to their roots, like the African Americans, they want to connect, they go back, they want to figure out their heritage. They go back, many of them like Dave Chappelle, went back to Africa, and Quinta contae he's calling on God, Almighty Allah, and they figured out this is our roots, Islam and Latinos. Same thing here, same thing, you know, it's a beautiful thing.

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A lot of Latinos what they're doing now is they're they're rediscovering the roots. They're reading about Islamic Spain and even for myself, you know, doing some research.

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You find that Muslims dominated Spain for 780 years, almost eight centuries. And you look at your name you your name, like Medina, last names like Medina, even Guadalupe, like my last name is banal. kasar, you start asking yourself, where these names come from, and a lot of good, a popular thing to do nowadays, kind of trace your lineage a lot of people doing that with those DNA tests and stuff. And people are discovering, you know, a part of my heritage, traces back to Spain. And it only makes sense, right, because the Spaniards when they came to this part of the world to colonize, they had Muslims with them, you know, we see in Columbus,

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Columbus came when, with ships that were originally owned by Muslims, right? And they had Muslims on there who were guiding them directing them to come here. So you people are starting to rediscover the fact that Mashallah there's Muslims that are a part of my heritage, is from Islam, and it starts triggering, I can interest to want to know more about what is Islam. So it's a beautiful thing there that people are rediscovering reconnecting with who they are now mentioned. So Latinos are the fastest growing ethnicity in America, correct. Then statistics choline, and in the census they are they done a study, and they're finding out that Latinos are the fastest growing population in

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America. And the beautiful thing is within that, they are also the fastest growing population within Islam. Many, many Latinos are leaving their former former religions, primarily Catholicism, for whatever reason, and they're connecting with Islam. And I'm glad that I had the opportunity to do research here myself, and there's numerous reasons why they're reconnecting or they're they're discovering Islam. So it's definitely amongst the Latinos. Islam is the fastest growing religion. Yes. And you actually, you look back into it, you discovered all these things. You also came from a white background? My family's originally from Ecuador, Ecuador, South America, but they were they

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were of the Christian faith. Am I actually my parents were Catholic, Catholic, and they raised me as a Catholic.

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And they've, they've after studying and started learning about Islam, they've also embraced Islam. So yeah, we spoke we had your story, you know, some time ago. And so you went through this journey? Yeah. And how do you feel the more you look into this, the more Islam is providing all those answers, those deep questions that people really seek out the purpose, what's the purpose of life? You know, why am I here in this world fills that void in the heart? Absolutely. I mean, as as the majority of Latinos,

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They're raised Catholic, like we said, and they're taught the belief in God, their belief in God that he's one that He is the Creator, and he's a supreme being. But then there's something else within that, that kind of throws a tangent, the belief in the Trinity and the scenes and how do you kind of correlate every single aspect of that religion and still make sense that it's not, you know, there's, it's monotheistic, and for myself, in many Latinos, it doesn't make sense. So when they when they're introduced to Islam, and the fact that Islam actually

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encourage or actually teaches true monotheism, meaning worshiping God alone, there's no other associates, no, not nothing else with him, no other partners, they start telling themselves what I was taught originally as a child through Catholicism. This is the true implementation here. Another example is the Virgin Mary.

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She's depicted as a woman with a veil. When you look in any other religion in America, you rarely would see that, except in a Muslim, an Islamic practice with the Muslim, the Muslim woman wearing hijab. And as a matter of fact, my grandmother would tell us that, when she used to go to church, in Ecuador, they were required to wear a veil. And so when she saw that my mother started wearing a veil, she started seeing that, wow, this is the this is where they truly practice that which they taught. You know, there's so many other aspects of family values. Islam, teaches encourages family values, for example, when Allah mentions, and worship a lot alone, and Be kind, be kind to your

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parents, and don't ever raise your tone towards them, and show them mercy the way they showed you mercy, as a child, in court and mentioned this. And families in Latino families are very, very close, I mean, your neighbor is, is taught to be your cousin, you, you basically treat them as your cousin, you bring them into you. And so when they see that the family values, especially in this time, where society is trying to remove family values mean, it's very aware where my family's now meet at a table to eat. And Islam, it encourages that, that love and that respect and that admiration for each other in a family. So when I see no see that that's part of Islam, they're drawn

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to that. I mean, there's so many other things language, there's so many things that you can talk about that, that reads the reason why Latinos are starting to discover Islam as the true way of life, you know. And another example with language, it says that, statistically, it said that about 4000 words originate from Arabic and Spanish words, originally from Arabic, for example, like, I'll hold on, caught on in Arabic,

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for example, algebra, algebra, algebra, there's so many things like even when I discovered like where my name came from, while I do pay. A part of it is where the valley and lupa which is a Latin word for what it blew my mind, I was like, wow, this is who we are. And many people are doing that. And it's just an amazing feeling when you when you find that connection, you know, so really, it's just going back to the, to the original way, original way. That's it the pure organic, original way, when you go back, and you look back to your history, the Latinos look back at links back to Islam. Absolutely. Absolutely. And then and it makes sense. You know, as we mentioned, Muslims were in

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Spain for so long, they left their influence if you if you ever vacation in Spain, you see messages that are now have been changed to churches because of the change in the in the in the government, but they're still there, their influences, are there, Arabic writing is all over the wall. So when they're rediscovering that they're asked themselves the question, okay, well, where else? What else is there? If maybe my ancestors, my great, great, great grandfather's were Muslim, then what is it about Islam that, you know, that that, that the reason why they practice it, why? Why is it that they did that? So I want to ask myself, and many people are doing that and you're coming into Islam,

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we got a lot more to talk about. This is an awakening of the mind and the soul so we can really be upon the truth and we can really get that piece that we're all looking for when we get the purpose in life. why we're here, and we're discussing the fastest growing ethnicity, Latinos and the way of life that they're drawn to because it's in their roots. It's in their history. We'll be right back with more here in the day show. Don't go anywhere. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're talking about Latino roots. I say Brazilians included. They're included in this bunch, right? Yes, because they're one of my favorite groups. Also, you know, we train you also train the Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Yes. And we have a lot of really nice people. There also Latino's the

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Brazilians, and I want to there was actually interesting. Picture, health grace, you've heard of him? Yes, people are seeing it right now. He's actually in a job. And he's in front of a Masjid. And it says he's seeking the blessings of God. Yeah. And I've gotten a chance to talk with him. He's a fabulous individual, and some people's faces, you know, they just lights up. It's like the fitrah inside that God has placed in all of us, right, that spiritual chip. And when God's name is mentioned, you talk about the pure, natural way, because Islam is just, it just makes sense. Worship the Creator, not the creation, not worshiping any of the saints, dead people in the ground, doing

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these strange superstitions, weird stuff that push people away from religion. Right? Correct. So they get drawn into this, do you also have this experience? Absolutely. And this is one of the reasons a big reason why Latinos are embracing Islam. You know, there's a, it's that direct connection. There's no no in between, there's no intermediary, you know, there's no, asking other people for help. And, you know, for example, confession and stuff like that, so many Latinos when they discover the fact that it's just you and God, and you can ask him, for whatever help you need, you know, you can ask him for forgiveness, and it's just direct your forehead on the ground. And

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that's it. That's what people are looking for, it's you knows, are a big part of that. Because they have that sense of faith. They have that sense of faith from their upbringing, and the fact that they discover that they don't, there isn't any need for hierarchy. You don't need to be a scholar or or a leader of a Masjid or of a mosque, to have that direct connection, you just be me and you, the normal guy, having having that direct connection, that deep rooted connection, it's a satisfaction to the soul, for sure. That definitely definitely connects. Now, did you also some people have a, an infinity, now they have a deep love for Jesus, peace be upon them? And they don't know that it's a

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pillar of faith to believe in Jesus. But now can you distinguish because people are they grew up in the Latin countries believing that he was God, literal Son of God, right? What do you say about this? When I'm, when I'm talking to Latinos, and and we're speaking about Islam, you know, letting them know about Islam, and we bring up the topic of Jesus because they asked, what do you what is your relationship with Jesus? What? How does Islam view Jesus? And we simply tell them, I follow Jesus example, more now than I did before. I love him more now than I did before. And then when they ask, you know, how is that possible, and we share with them the the story of Jesus from the Quran,

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from the Islamic point of view, and they see that there is a correlation with what they know. It's it draws them in a joy it's an it's an attention grabber draws them in, and one wanting to know more. And especially when we explain to him explain to them the fact that we believe that Jesus was a messenger and prophet. And we clarify from our point of view, the the understanding of this, this concept of the Trinity Trinity, as Muslims, we don't we don't believe in that, because we don't associate Jesus as part of God or one of three, we believe him as a man who came with this message, just like all the other prophets and messengers, and for the mind, it's simpler to grab. It's just

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an easier concept to understand. And they begin to because they already have that love for him. They realize Muslims also have that love, and they actually play the part, you know. And so they begin to draw more into into that aspect and learn more about Islam. There was a famous football player, soccer player that just accepted Islam, and he gave his 13 reasons of why he became Muslim. And he said, Islam actually guided me Well, he actually, when he said exactly what was it that Jesus

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led me to Islam? That's what it was. Jesus led me to Islam. So then he gives examples when Muslims see each other, they greet each other how Jesus greeted with peace. pmtu right example you gave of his mother bless her mother wearing the veil. Yeah, and more. So the worship of only God alone, that's also in the Bible. But then someone says, Why don't I just follow the Bible and just leave off the things that I don't like from there and stick where I'm at. Right?

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When it comes to the way I tell people and I had this conversation actually with a co worker the other day is

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there's no doubt that even even Christian scholars will say that the that the Bible historically doesn't is not a proven fact it's not it hasn't been preserved just the way the way the court and was had many authors and some sometimes you don't even know who the author's name was. So for someone an individual to take

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That book and say this is an authentic book, it's very difficult to no Christian scholar will admit to that fact. They say it's just divine and divine inspiration, divine words. It's it's something for the soul. But we don't want just something to have that that's based on faith. We want something that's concrete. That's based on facts. And with Islam, you get best of both worlds. It's a matter of having faith. But you also have the factual point that gives you that surety that this is a religion from God, and it has been preserved. And a big example is the story of Jesus, the story of Mary, Moses, and all these historical figures that you find in Latino religions, whatever faith they

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follow, they, they find that and they begin to ask themselves, well, let me look into Islam, and Hamdulillah, many, many are accepting Islam is the updated version now updated is just a continuation. Some people say it's, it's the last chapter, right? It's the least the last end of it. And it's a clarification for those questions that many people have, the common person will ask themselves, you know, well, what about what about the Trinity? How do you explain that? And if you're left, just with someone telling you what you just have to believe, for me? It's hard, like you can't just I can't just believe in though I used to tell myself, if this is God's divine word,

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his his religion, the religion, everybody's supposed to follow universal religion, then why is it so difficult to understand? Why isn't it just clear cut? When you look at Islam, or Hamlet, it's, you know, one plus one is two, two plus two is four, it's clear, it's the way it is. And, and many people who give themselves the time who open their minds and hearts to it, they will understand that five is the way of life that has no more updates to it, it's been, you know, you get the phone, the iPad keeps updating, updating. And if you want to go back to a primary, you can't even use it anymore. But as long as you is to seal the seal, and that's it. But and it's it's a beautiful thing.

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And you know, one, one great thing is

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for many Latinos is that there's a balance, you know, allowances in the end that Verily, We have made this nation, a balanced nation. So there's no need for you to be a specific title have a specific title, like, for example, a priest or a nun, to have a level of religiosity. You know, there, you don't have to go to extremes and abandon the world to be very religious, no Islam that teaches us balance. And for Latinos, when they realize wow, I don't have to be extreme in my belief. I just have to worship god alone, and do what he has commanded my five prayers, my fasting, pay with icon though the charity make hard you if I can make the pilgrimage if I can, and then that is enough

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for people and they begin to realize that

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because of that balance, they want to embrace that that's that's a true way of being able to connect with a lot. And I'm sure you're starting to have an infinitive to this. It makes sense. Absolutely. It makes sense. It's common sense worship the Creator, not the creation, deep love for Jesus, but he was a mighty messenger and never ever did he say at any version of the Bible, worship him or take him as a literal Son of God. He was a servant of God calling people to worship God. That said, we got some more to talk about with you on the deen show. You're not going anywhere, are you? I'm not going to be right back. inshallah. Don't go anywhere. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our

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official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show. Now we originally started talking about the roots. The Latinos have roots in Islam. Yeah, African Americans have roots in Islam. Humanity has roots in Islam because the first man who was created Adam, he was neither a Jew or Christian. But he submitted himself to God, Abraham, he didn't submit to anyone creation. He didn't even hear in any of these religions. But when he was told to do what submit to the will of God, that's Islam. Isn't that what I would have this? Absolutely. So let's go back a little bit to Spain, where now you had the Muslims, they were actually the superpowers of the world. Yes. And can you take take because most people is a very

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amazing topic and right and many people don't know about, you know, the the comfort that Jews and Christians and humanity was really, you know, different level at that time. Right. You know, it's

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historically and we know as Muslims that after the death of the Prophet peace be upon him, many of his companions took it upon themselves to start propagating the message of Islam, and they took it to all the four corners of the earth. And not too long after his death, about 78 years, Muslims took it to Spain, and it was led by a man named Tarik Gibbons he had and he took that he took Islam to Spain and with the purpose of course of spreading Islam and we know Islam.

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Islam is peace, Islam is surrendering to Allah. And when you see the the impact that Islam had in Spain, 780 years of governance, and the amount of contribution that Muslims made to that society, I mean medicine, agriculture, irrigation, engineering, I mean, you have everything that came from education, universities,

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during that period, when, when other other ethnicity or other religions were in the dark ages. I mean, you had the society flourishing. And the people who were within that society also benefited Jews and Christians that were living within that society, they benefited from that as well. And they lived amongst the Muslims for almost 800 years in peace, benefiting from those riches that Allah had provided them because of the faith that they were establishing there. And, and even after the, the the caliphate or the divers, they fell, for whatever reason, you know, the Christians they came, they took that over.

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Still, you'll find it that front of Dan and Isabella, when they send Christopher Columbus to the Americas. They sent them with Muslim ships, ships that were owned by Muslims, Muslim navigators using Muslim tool, Islamic tools, or Muslim tools that were for, for navigating. And when they came here, they came here with Muslims. So what happens is Muslims also were here with with Columbus, and whoever else was here, obviously, they began establishing their culture, their culture and their customs, etc. So Islam has, you know, dipped his hand it did its hand in everything are humbled by laws will. And that's one of the beautiful things and many people don't know that many people don't

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realize how, how impactful Islam was, for 800 years, and the level of peace that it brought to anybody whether you were a Jew, Christian, even or not even non religious, you didn't have any denomination, and Muslim. So it's an amazing thing. And when people realize that they can see true Islam at its essence, you have some Latino families, because it's spreading so quickly. They end up seeing their daughter, who was out there being promiscuous, she was at the nightclubs. She was doing all sorts of things, maybe the sun also. And you know what, they really didn't raise havoc. And now she came home, and she don't want to live that life anymore. She don't want to be used and abused by

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men. She don't want to be a * object * toy. And now she's covered her modesty. They see this as something strange. She's they see her bowing down her head five times a day. And now they start to, you know, correlate the two and they see like, Look, Muslims, my daughter, oh, my God, how do you say, Oh, my God is Spanish, either you either knows what's going on terrorist or what's happening here. Right? Yeah. Have you seen this? Absolutely. And it's, and I think it's just

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is due more negative information that is fed through media's you'll find that many, many Latinos who embrace Islam, they go through that, for example. And when I told you it before, is when I accepted Islam was difficult during a difficult time the nation was going through a difficult time on 911. And my dad was the same way, my dad, he said, you know, why convert. Now, Muslims are being harassed, why go through that, and many women who go who embraces them, and are leaving those old lifestyles of fun, and games, and amusements, and drinking and partying, all that stuff, to a life full of peace. And the fact is that they embrace the embrace of fully covering themselves. The

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parents here, they tend to not understand it, and more. So it's just a lack of education. And I think it's a great opportunity for us to share with them and teach them about Islam. But no doubt that you find that there.

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You know, but it is what it is, and I think is just a great opportunity. So a good example to a true story is where this actually is happening. And in one case, particular, the daughter starts wearing the modest dress, right, her character starts getting better. She's not coming home late at night anymore. And she's developing herself to be just a better human being because that's obviously what Islam teaches. Now, we know that there's a lot of temptations out there struggles, so she starts to slip up, she starts going back to some of her old ways. And she ended up taking the hijab off, you know, she was at peace when she was practicing praying. Now, whatever happened, she kind of drifted

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off. The parents now are actually they're not Muslim, but they're begging her to go back right to where she was right. And she kind of stuck in between two worlds. And now you know, this, the lifestyle that's calling but she's miserable now. Yeah, right. She's very unhappy. And obviously because you know, when you when you leave the medication for the soul, when you

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disconnect your heart from his maker. become sick again. So sick again. Yeah, yeah, but my point here was the family now and the beginning. How do you say that again? Oh my god, ideal Adi, Adios.

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Oh my god, but now they've seen it in action Islam and action the right way. Yeah, they want her back where she was in Islam. You know. And it's it's interesting that you say that it's because in the beginning when when they reject her wanting to be a good righteous Muslim is because of those things that are unknown. But then when they see her falling back into those into the wrong path.

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Latinos in general, they know what's right and what's wrong. Even just general as a general rule and humanity, we know what's right and what's wrong. Lying is wrong, stealing is wrong, we know that from just our own natural disposition that is wrong. And that's he knows the hard part is they don't want them to leave their cultural, you know, upbringing, I don't want you to be Muslim, because then you're going to break the family ties, but in reality, actually, Islam closes them. And it's just a matter of they think that they're not going to be able to be part of that, that that social spectrum, again, a big issue is they don't want to partake in that fun or anything like that. And

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it's it's amazing how a family member or family members when they do see them slipping, they're like, put the back on check, to put to get back on the right path. You know, and again, I think the most important thing, and this opportunity for the sister and for the family is to have other Muslims that see non Muslims share with them about Islam, you know, teach them about Islam, so that a situation like this doesn't happen. You see families take a kick their kids out because they embrace Islam. But it's an opportunity for us to open those doors of communication, educate people about what Islam is. And hopefully, make sure that you know, things like that don't happen, you

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know, your organization before we cut out, tell the world a little bit about what you do in your organization, how they can get ahold of you if they want you to come out and speak at an event for Latinos. Well, we started a small nonprofit organization. It's called vamos Islam. And we have we've been doing this for quite some time focusing on increasing the resources

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about Islam in Spanish. So everything we do is strictly in Spanish, from translating articles, providing articles, videos, classes, like we're doing here at at a local mesh aid, and even offering books for children. One of our biggest projects is creating resources for children, Latino children. And as a matter of fact, during Ramadan, we had a great campaign, raising some funds through donations, we were able to send children's books to about 10 countries 10 Latino countries so that they can have those books for their eat. So this is one of the things that we're doing small little tasks that we've been we've embarked on. And if they want to know more about it, they can visit our

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website at www dot Obama's islam.com or Obama's Islam Nino's calm, and they can email us at Obama's Islam at gmail, if they want to know more about it, and if they want to help, we're open for suggestions and comments and we're trying to do the best we can. Thank you very much. How do you say Peace be with you in Spanish Calabasas take on como state so that's what is solid liquid why they concern That's it. That's it when people are pleased calling people to please thank you very much. So

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there you have it, the roots that we want to go back to the original roots. We talked about African Americans going back to Africa, their roots, Quinta King Day, he called on the creator Allah. And that religion he was upon was the submission and surrender to the creator of the creation. Now we talked about lifta Latinos, fastest growing way of life in the world is Islam. And they're a part of it. They've clicked on common sense tells them this more so the heart connects to this. That's right. And what stops most people from really taking the matter seriously. Look, if you end up somewhere on the moon, you want to know why am I here?

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What am I doing in this world? Just taking all the material things that are out there and just piling up money, money.

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And at the end, it's like a Monopoly game. Think about it. You chasing all the money but at the end, when the game is finished, that money's worth what is worth nothing. You leave it all behind. So it's time for a spiritual awakening. You've had all the fun and games and toys of this world but the heart is empty. Islam fills that void void. That's right. And you got one shot to get it right. You can't just do it. Like Burger King, your way it's God's way is the creator's way. We will inshallah See you next time. Subscribe if you haven't already, continue to tune in to the D show. We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you.

Find out why Latinos “including Brazilians” are finding their ROOTS in ISLAM.
Find out why the Latinos who are fasting growing ethnicity in America are gravitating towards ISLAM. From going back to their history to the extremely great family values they find in Islam, to the originality of their language, Spain, love of Jesus and his mother in Islam, along with the very easy and simple to understand concept of God Almighty based on authentic and solid evidences.
You’ll be amazed!

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