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Hello human A*aka rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen salat wa salam ala should have been more saline CD now Mohammed Nuala early he was so happy he married we love it Brothers and Sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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Or praise and thanks again to Allah subhanaw taala okay to sustain and Nareesha we declare that there is none that has the right to be worshipped besides Allah shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, and we send our love greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious imperial family, to his companions and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be upon the Sunnah of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to emulate him in every aspect of our life, to be examples of his of his ummah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and bless this ummah. May Allah bless you and me and this year to come. May 2019 be a

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year of prosperity and goodness for the human humanity at large. Mullah Spangler forgive us for the sins of last week, last month last year, all the sins that we have done this one Juma one except that do our might be enough to have all our sins forgiven. For Allah's Mercy has no limit, Amin will hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we continue with last week's football last week was the first year of 2019. And it's good to see certain faces back, you don't look so happy because it means you back at work. But Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah it's good to be back at work also 2019, we began our discussion and we said it's a very good time, the beginning of the year to set those intentions or

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New Year's resolutions. And it's good for us to sit down near and to put in good habits that hopefully by this time next year, we'll say Alhamdulillah I've achieved something of substance within the year, we can't move forward without reviewing the last month, the last 12 months. And we're going through a review of 2018 to remind ourselves, and when you look at how many things happened, you realize how quickly time goes, how many what things that feel that happened years ago only happened a few months ago. And one issue is replaced with another one another one and you you constantly running from one crisis to the other. This is indicative of the times that we live in. We

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mentioned from my perspective, we are 1.8 billion people strong 50 Muslim countries that are majority Muslims. Yet in spite of this massive number, we are behind the world in many, many areas in terms of progress in terms of technology. And we said most sadly, very, very sadly, in terms of education.

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When they did a study, and I repeat this, I've mentioned this and I'll repeat it again, when they did a study per religion. Muslims have the lowest per capita postgraduate studies of all faiths on Earth, that's very bad. Meaning we are the most illiterate, religious denomination on earth for a Ummah that began with Iqra that is shocking. And they in that lies a solution to the problems that were we are in Allah began transforming a people that was so backwards that killed their own children. You don't find mobile barbaric and backward in that in such darkness. And he advised him with the very first thing not even worship me, not even believing me. He said it Cara, learn read,

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once you begin to educate you educate yourself, you'll move forward. And because of that, we see the problems. We have our list Subhanallah almost half a dozen, oh no sorry, a dozen or more countries in the Muslim world that is plagued with violence, killing, dying suffering. We spoke about the problems in the Middle East, this tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, we spoke about the politics and how that is affecting us here. We mentioned all of that last time. And we said that it is our responsibility. It's our duty to be involved in these issues. Because Allah says, I shall take revenge on the oppressor, in this dunya. And in the next, and I will also take revenge on those who

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saw oppression being done, and they were able to do something about it, but they did nothing. That's us. You know, so even for the tyrant, he's got his he's got his, you know, threat from Allah. And for those of us that see these things, it is not in we cannot be on the sidelines, and just idly sit by we need to do something about it. We mentioned that there were natural disasters, and Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on those who have have passed away. You know, my wife, you know, asked me a question. She said, you know, just just playing devil's advocate, you know, just thinking, sometimes we ask, Why does Allah allow these things to happen? Many times you see a calamity. You

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see children are dying. They did nothing wrong. Why has this happened? And of course, things happen with the wisdom and the decree of Allah. And many times, the problems that we find are

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Not all sort of manmade, Allah has given us the freedom. And we are the ones that abused that the wars that we see in the world of manmade, we are the ones that cause it, the feminine the world, we have, you know, just to be to give you an understanding, never in our history, have we produced so much food, we could feed the entire planet, yet there are people starving, why it's a man made problem. But on beyond that, we as believers also understand that whatever suffering for those who are unjustly treated, or those who go through a hardship not because of the the wrongdoings, they will be a day of accounting, Allah subhanho wa Taala will compensate those who have lost things in

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the dunya with something better in the era, that this chapter in life might not have been so good for certain people, their job was to persevere and have supper, and Allah will give them something better in the akhirah. So that's our belief that whatever situation befalls us, we know it was done with wisdom from Allah, it was done with love and kg. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will never ever treat anyone

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unjustly. But these these calamities are the and we need to prepare ourselves for these things. We see even in the Western world,

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the western world is progressing. And we as Muslims are decreasing, we are going backwards, whereas many other nations are going further away. And we need to think about these things.

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In light of you sending you and I are sending our kids to school, the new academic term begins, our kids are not inferior to the kids in the Western world. Our kids are not any less intelligent than those in Europe and America. Yet those kids in Europe and America will go on to win Nobel prizes, they will cure diseases, they will discover things out in space. Our kids run Allah what what has become of them.

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There's not a problem with the children. And there's a problem with the education that we giving them, or the the attitude, the values we instill in them. And this is we can't fix the big problems on top without fixing it first at the bottom. We begin with our great ones. And yes, it will take us 2030 years. But once we do that, from now plan, we will start seeing our Muslim children, solving the problems in the world. We will see our Muslim children being in the forefront, not for the sake of name and fame. But for the sake of giving something back to humanity. We were a people that prided ourselves on solving problems for the sake of solving problems, not for money, not for

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material gain. But it gave us you know that honor that we giving something back to humanity because we know Allah is gonna reward us for that.

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Areas like chemistry, for example, the word chemistry till today it's an Arabic word, we invented the science, we invented it alkaline, so many words, you find the researchers and those who are, you know, winning awards in these areas, no Muslims SubhanAllah. But it begins with the small steps to fix the big things. So this is we see from a global perspective, then for us in a local perspective, things for us to note, our country of South Africa has its own set of problems and challenges. And we saw this last year where we change our president, and it felt it feels like a lifetime ago that we had our president change when in fact it was a few months ago, we got a new president and I saw

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my in Zuma Ultra Mapusa in and

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the landscape politically is something which is very volatile at the moment. And we dealing with some big issues in our country and our forefathers, but our forefathers, our fathers and our grandfathers rather, they involve themselves in the political problems of the time. Apartheid was the struggle. They got involved. They did not say that this is not a deen problem. I'm a Muslim. And my issue is the akhira. What happens in the politic political world is got nothing to do with me. No, they got involved. And because of that, we see the benefit, we reap the benefits. When we see something wrong, whether it is done against us, or to any person, any person of this humanity, then

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we as Muslims need to get involved. So we we need to involve ourselves politically, and provide answers from an Islamic perspective. Because, as I said last week, the Imams and I'm hamdullah, part of a group of Imams and IDP project, and we we discuss with a very open discussion and we said are we relevant to our congregation?

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Does the football I give you in this gym or once a week? Does it make sense when you go to your job with your family? Does it solve the problems in your life the real problems because we are not a religion we are a dean, a dean is a way of living, that Islam should give you guidance in every aspect from your marriage, to how you run the economy, to how you use the toilet to how you raise your kids, they should be wisdom from Allah subhanaw taala and therefore these problems that we face in our country as Muslims we

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We should be able to provide solutions. Either we don't fully understand our deen or we don't have the we're not implementing it correctly. And that's where the problem is we know the problem is not Islam. But the problem is the Muslims. And that's that's, that's basically it summarizes the times we live in, we say to the non Muslim, don't look at the Muslims look at Islam as you feel the two opposite now. We are the followers of Islam we are the, you know the embodiment of what Islam is supposed to be. But we say don't look at the Muslims don't look at the Muslim countries don't look at Saudi Arabia or Iran or Pakistan, don't look at those countries are not Islam. So what is Islam

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Subhan Allah Islam just a theoretical thing in the book, that's the problem. So back to South Africa, we have an elections coming up 2019 And your vote will count. And you will be accountable for that vote by Allah subhanaw taala. So you shouldn't you should know the issues that are on the horizon. And you need to make the decision, what is best for you, your family, your community, your ummah, the Muslims, the greater humanity, you need to make all those decisions. We need to ask and what are the big problems? The big, big problem? You know, one of the big, big problems that we still suffer is economic inequality that we have one of the most unequal societies on Earth, the

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haves versus the have nots, and 20 odd years on the have nots are getting frustrated, and understandably so. And a time might come Subhanallah a time might come if we don't solve this, this injustice, it's injustice haram that we living in, if this is not fixed, then you will find radical voices revolution, these things become appealing, people will start taking radical steps. When the leadership cannot solve the problems, then it's those outside voices, those destructive influences. So if you can't fix the structure, you tried to fix it fix it doesn't work. Eventually, someone will say just bulldoze the whole thing down. And with time, that's what happens. So we should this

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affects you, it affects me. It affects you and it affects me. And we living as a bit of a Puritan and Hamner you are privileged. I am privileged whoever if you have a job, you can pay your bills, you have food to eat as the person says, Those who are able to sleep in security, and they have enough food, they have shelter, they are safe, and they have enough food to feed their family for that day. When it is infidel you have all the blessings of the dunya your all your needs are met anything else is once. So if you have those three things, then you're privileged when you and I are privileged, and it must the change must come from us that a privilege, we have the opportunity to

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get involved to have from an Islamic perspective to see the current imbalances are wrong. And it must come from us that have privilege to bring about the change. You have this whole discussion about land expropriation. And I said even Subhanallah in the deen even in the deen 1400 years ago, we have guidance for this amazing you look at the Sunnah of Nabil Salam. And you find guidance for a very modern issue. What guidance.

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I don't know if I mentioned this last week that when the people of Makkah came to Medina, the MaHA Genie, they came with nothing, no houses. So this housing issue, they didn't have food, they now have jobs. So very similar to our problems now. And the province of salem said, those of you who have the answer, I'm not telling you how much to give. All I'm saying is you look after one family, don't fix the big problem. Just fix one person, and you fix one person and you fix one person. When you do that, the problem will go away. And you found that hamdulillah when the Prophet humanize this, when when one Sahabi saw another person, another family, he gave more than was required, he

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gave me so you know, take half my house, take half my business take even he said if two wives take the one you like, I'll divorce her and you take the one you like, and what did the muhajir of drama even the one that is receiving? What was his attitude? He said, may Allah bless you in your house and your family and your business. I want to make it myself just show me teach ways the market. How can I will make I'll make it my own way. And after a few weeks of Han Allah, he had enough money to get married and set up his own life. So the Prophet teaches those of us who have to shave and those who don't have to strive and make it your own way to take as little as you need. But on land

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expropriation, you know, the promises of them didn't stop the unsought from giving their houses to the mortgagee. And if you switched off, open up, you just think about this. He didn't stop them when they wanted to give their houses. He didn't say no. But they when they wanted to give the farms to the mortgagee and the unsalted said, Look, I have two farms. I have a farm I'm going to give off to the MaHA Jadine The Prophet said no, don't why, why are you stopping me from giving charity? Why? Because the prophets who knew if he gives it to people who can't farm then half that farm is going to be unproductive. Now we have a food shortage. So he said rather partner with them. You continue

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to farm because that's your expertise, but you

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share the profits, let them help you in some other way selling maybe selling was the good, the the, the people of Makkah were tradespeople. They were not manufacturers, they were farmers. So he said, you join each other partner up, share the proceeds. But those who have the expertise should keep doing that. That's a guidance for us.

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We should share but we should not also allow our assets, our companies, our land to go to a people that are unable to function, operate those things, because then we all lose. And we should begin by educating and imparting skills. Amazing that you think Subhan Allah, Prophet Salam can provide guidance in a modern issue like this. And walleye, if he was here. And he implemented his policies as he did in Medina, one year, we find things would change within one year. So Allah Allah will say,

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we find violence and crime. We spoke about that last week, and we saw racism once again in the eyes. And it's an issue that will stay with us for many, many years. You know,

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racism just on this issue. We know the beaches and people not wanting to interact and we all pray to the Sinaloa and swallow In fact, the Muslims said you find in the terminology, the words they use haram, ALLAH SubhanA says haram for you to give people ugly nicknames. How many of us, when we alone, we use ugly words and nicknames but this one and that one on the color or the race, haram for us to do so. And you know, I found something. I learned something from my son.

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You know, we watch Spider Man cartoon, right. And in the new Spider Man cartoon, the the character, the new Spider Man character is African boy. So watching it and my son, so the guy pulls off his mask and my son, he's only four years old. He said, I don't like the black spider man. So I felt so sad, because he never mentioned color before. And then he said, I like the red spider man, he was talking about the clothing, but the person because the clothing of Spider Man was black, not the person. He doesn't see black and white. So we are the ones that teaches our kids that we will say that Chinese person know that we are the ones that teach racism, racism is not from Allah. Racism is

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not in your fitrah we install that. Yes, we live in a society that is still very race bound. But it's our duty as Muslims to be the forefront in teaching. Again, not to fix society, fix your children, fix yourself. Don't use those words, because you will create that derogatory, you'll create that racism in the hearts of your children. They are born on that fitrah keep them that way, as best you can. Al Hamdulillah. We said we survived the day zero. That is still water in the taps and Hamdulillah. And it showed us how powerless we are. We sometimes think that we are in control, that we are masters of our own destiny. We forget that we are completely subservient to Allah and

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that Sivan, Allah, if our lifestyle is not befitting and pleasing to Allah, Allah stops the rain from coming. Well, Allah says the rain and doesn't stop the rain, who is there to save us from him? Who is there to stop us to? Who can we turn to other than Him? And how many blessings go by without sugar? And how many blessings do we waste? So it just was a wake up call and this is at the mercy of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, he sin master tomb Basa Barak, he gives them lots of difficulty so that they come back small, small loss, small sickness so they can come back

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that they can reflect and they can return because many of us and this is the nature of insulin, we forget Allah in the holiday time in good times. Yes. We don't sit long hours and tagit when we are on our holidays. When do we sit in tagit when someone's in the hospital, when business isn't doing so well. Now we go back to Allah so we as insane unfortunately we only get reminded when things are tough. So Allah gave us a reminder, and then Allah returned the blessings. But now is the test. If we continue to forget and continue to waste, then Allah Now the reminder becomes a punishment afterwards becomes a punishment. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala now, you didn't respond to the

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reminder, now he escalated and Allah Subhan Allah have mercy on us

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from a Muslim perspective in the Muslim community. And this was the reason why we began our series and we might return to this, the etiquettes of disagreement. Video recently began actually last year after Ramadan when we found one organization calling another one caffeine one I'm quoting another one, and this is not this is not in our community wasn't the before and it should never be the end it should never be in the ummah. I have not found a single Hadith

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where the Prophet SAW Selim declared a Muslim, an unbeliever, that fear that fear is to call a Muslim or non Muslim. You will not find it anyway. So from the Sunnah,

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When a person enters and he declares that shahada a declaration of faith, to remove him from that, you need some real substantial evidence not because you disagree with him, not because you he has a different view on certain fundamental matters. Who ever sees the Kalama that is between him and Allah. We judge him based on that what's in the heart belongs to Allah. We know that hadith Subhan Allah Who Salma Hayek would not be the beloved of the Navy. That was his nickname Oussama, the beloved Zaid son. He was like a grandson. He was fighting with a man in the battle, and the man saw dropped and the man shouted a chateau La ilaha illallah and say it's still killed him. Oussama so

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killed him. The prophets have heard about this and he says summer Did you kill him off? He said La Ilaha illa Allah. So Salman said yah, yah rasool Allah He only said that out of fear of the sword. He wasn't scared of Allah, I'm scared of my sword. So what did we should say to him? I shall Coca Cola. Did you open up his heart and see that? Do you know why he said that? And then sama sama tells the Hadith to Samson. He the Prophet continues say how will you respond to Allah on the day he will bring La Ilaha this man will come to Anki and say, I said La Ilaha me so kill me. How will you respond? So sama said I felt so bad how I wished I became a Muslim after that time because Islam

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washes away your sins. He carried this burden on his his neck for his whole life. A man is about to kill him when he said the Kadima hurt us he's safe. How do we Subhanallah declare Masjid organizations as non believers. So we have this issue of sectarianism. She Sunni Sufi Salafi Wahhabi be these things are they and we need to have an understanding and discussion inshallah we'll revisit that series and we'll talk about these things Why do some go promoted some don't go promoted? Why do some you know at

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you know they love for the for the cadet and others are against the fact that why and how do we live past that?

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We will always be differences of opinion.

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Not all sometimes we can live with a multiple of we can agree to disagree or hamdullah no problem, certain things we can't agree to disagree. But even in our disagreement that these respect, even to the enemies even to Abuja, hell Abu Lahab who Allah curse in the Quran, the Prophet Solomon gave them respect. And if you want even more evidence to that, what did Musa What did Allah tell Nabi Musa to fit around? say to him a soft word to a man who says hon, Allah Allah I am Allah say to that man, speak to him respectfully. So your your Salah, making Ramadan, fasting, Hajj performing brother, that does one or two actions of the deen that you disagree with. You want to curse him and

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take him out of Islam, that in yourself is not Islamic. So we should never ever allow this issue. Our belief of Islam should never be to exclude others. Our job is to bring people to the deen. That's our job not to expel that's not your job to be the police, the police. The Shield police says it's your job, you know. So we will talk about this in sha Allah so we can have a better understanding. We sit here in the blue cup, and ready to fix all of you this issue of gentrification. What's the what does this mean? What's happening basically, developers are coming and they buying the land the properties here in the bootcamp now we have this is the cradle of

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recorded the cradle of Islam. It's the first video the second or third, one of the earliest Muslim communities in South Africa. And we have the massage Do you have the advantage five times a day what hamdulillah and what has developed in this very tiny land, this really tiny area is a sense of Islam, a spirit of what in what Islam is, you know, we talk about culture, it's not really it is our culture. But all the beautiful things about culture, all the things that we are proud of here in the blue cup, the neighbor, the good neighborliness, that the cookies being taken over, that anyone's home as soon as soon as these homes are, you know, if you come in, they teach you so warmly. This

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comes from our dean, that's actually the sooner that we see alive. We see aspects of the Dean alive in this area. It's not the colorful houses we trying to save even the buildings or the massage, you know, the we're not worried about the walls.

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It's about the people coming to the masjid. It's about it other than that you hear and before we talk about other people coming into this area, and changing the dynamics, when we stop living by those policies, when we stop being good neighbors, when we stop being respectful to our senior pastors, we stopped being kind to our children, we stopped coming to the masjid, then we have already given up and sold out on that heritage that we like that's the heritage here to teach is not about buildings. It's about people. And it's about that culture and tradition of the Sunnah that we see alive. And here's the cool sisters on Sunday as well. hamdulillah right. So people are going to

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come in because this land is now becoming a very prime area, and people are going to use legal

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It means and financial muscle to come in here. And if we don't protect this, the dynamics will change, we might find that the dance will go off, we might find that Ramadan will come and they won't be cookies being taken upside, you know, one house to the other, we might find the neighbors, the doors are locked in, you can't you know, visit each other, you might find this disappearing unless you do we do something about it. We do something about it. And it's not about burning tires and screaming that slogan. But there needs to be strategic planned response as a community as a people. And it begins with you and me getting involved. Some of you have expertise. There are some

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lawyers sitting here. We know the laws and the rules and how to do this. Some of you will know a lot better than others, you need to get involved.

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We spoke also sadly last week about the passing of some very, very prominent or we're gonna

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share her If Sun chef mordenite son, Rahim, Allah was the president of the

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NGC. Someone I know personally.

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And we don't appreciate these people as I sit until they're gone. We don't appreciate them.

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Many times we criticize our leaders. But when we look at what we have, versus what other countries have, it doesn't just happen overnight. I said this before no one notices the magazine is clean, but let the man should not be clean one day, then people will complain. But no one said chicken duck Allah, the machine was clean every week. doesn't happen overnight, not worth two hours Malika. Don't do that. And I joined one organization in as many Kochi joining an organization. But I said you know, you guys don't do anything I want to get involved in this organization. Hamdulillah, I was more mature. When I joined this. He said he just day to day things just nothing happens. There's no

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progress. So the Emir of that organization says, You don't know how much work it takes to keep it nothing happening, just to keep it going at you know, there is no conflict, just to keep it simple and boring, takes a lot of work. And I when I joined, I understood what he means a lot of effort just to keep things floating. And we need more people to get involved. When we see orlimar passing away. You know, we ask Allah to forgive them and have mercy on him for the faults and reward them for the work that they have done. But it also shows we need new people stepping in, they've done the job well, Hamdulillah, but who's going to fill that position now? Who's going to take over those

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leadership positions?

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So this week, we talk about to mention the president but we talk about solutions.

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Big problems from the OMA and war in Syria, for gentrification in the book up to tsunamis and drought orlimar passing away, it makes you want to put your head in the sand and just say, You know what, they don't want to even worry about this, but you have to worry about it because Allah is gonna ask you, What must you do? First thing I want from each and every one of you and me is to change our mindset from a defeatist mindset to a positive, optimistic mindset. And to take ownership of these problems that these are your problems are my problems. And at the very least, if I can't fix those things, I should be making dua for the people of Syria, for the person in Kaley Cho condo

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to go to school, who doesn't have shoes, for the person whose house was destroyed in the tsunami for the island that is in the cupboard. Now, those are my problems, and I need to make dua. And

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negative criticism adds no value. We have enough people that can tell us the problems. We know what the problems are, we're looking for solutions.

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These problems should affect you. And if they affect you, the solution is not to go and criticize but to get involved to get involved. If you don't like the way your managerial aid is being run. You don't like the way the MDC is doing their thing. You don't like the way the government is doing something. Yes, you can voice your opinion. And if that doesn't work, then go and get involved. And that's your responsibility. And if you're not willing to do that, then you're not serious about that problem. When you're not really caring about your managerial madrasa, your schools, your schools, square, you're the school that your kids go to, you need to get involved. And many of us sometimes

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we are defeated by shaitan before even we try, we become selfish. Everyone's view is my job in my I'm so busy Allah, I work so hard. I don't have time for anything other than myself and my family. Well, everyone works so hard, and everyone doesn't have time and everyone is busy. Everyone has kids, everyone has a job. And if we have that attitude, then nothing is going to succeed. And you feel like your problems are the biggest in the world. Subhan Allah.

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You look at the Sahaba they saw themselves as building a community they built and wallah, he they think about this, a people who are bidding the children alive. They did the basics right. Within 23 years. They were the most powerful, successful

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society on Earth

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23 years the profs Alam transformed a community far backward than us. By doing the basics critically, they weren't super heroes. They just did things over and above themselves. We see our ummah. And I've seen this from the house highest level of communities or organizations. We don't set goals. We don't have a vision, all we're doing is crisis managing crisis managing, is there a plan for how we're going to combat gentrification? Is there a plan for the next drought? Is there a plan? How are we going to address inequality? Is there a plan for these things? Who must come up with a plan? We always assume? Well, the leadership will do it. No, the leadership is not going to do it,

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but they can't do it. So you need to get involved. Or at least ask the question, at least ask the question, what's the plan for your kids for your school for your Mother Teresa? I look at what they look at what syllabus they teaching, am I happy, I'm not happy, get involved. It's your problem. And it's your your community, your Alma your problem. So for 2019 how you can save the Ummah, this is a call to action. This is a call that in sha Allah when we do this with BA 2019 review, we can say we solve one problem we solved something we had this and now it's gone there was a wall and stopped there was an issue and we fixed it

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we begin as we said with yourself and your family and doing the small things sitting good examples or rather good intentions now and good habits now and just some small tips I can give you as a as a checklist to do I can do a you can do begin with your compulsory stuff if you're not performing a five daily Salas on time in it's worked, no excuses. If you're not doing that yet and begin with it, begin with it, and that is your job Inshallah, that'll be enough if you weren't doing that now and in the years time and now you're successfully in a routine of performing your five daily Salah while hamdulillah because that's going to be some began

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as we said before is your your income Hallel check that out. I've you know we did a series on risk and I feel so humbled that people have called me and said they want to change the life the the money the the way in which they earn the income, the way they pay the bond. They didn't get your houses off a rebar base bond, find the solution. And we have a course on the second of February I believe on risk management that Islam is free. But time places are opening up about how you can get out of river and how you can increase yourself soon and so for you solve that improve your relationships with your family. If there is a family member that you haven't spoken to in a long time, pick up the

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phone, send a message tomorrow, okay.

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And now try to implement if you do those are the basics get that right implement one knew sooner in your life. One knew sooner. Whether it is making solid Doha to rock as of the Fajr of the sunrises or reciting ikusi After every worked, making, you know five Salah Watson visa Salam that will be your sunnah and be steadfast in that. Make a debit order 50 ran for an orphanage 10 ran to a madrasa, whatever it might be, that you sadaqa you won't feel it. But Allah will count it and with time that will build into a huge reward with us with Allah with the Mercy of Allah.

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Now's the opportunity. Don't just send your kids to school and tell them to focus on learning and it's important. You also and I also need to learn we need to learn new things all the time. And there's so many platforms behind Allah, Allah is gonna ask you and me about this. Remember, just think about this. The scholars like Buhari from Uzbekistan felt it was the duty to find knowledge even if it was in Yemen and that to walk to find it you and I have knowledge with a click of a button

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ignorance may be for our parents who was an excuse I didn't know any better yet Allah so that's why I did it like that. You and I cannot say that to Allah I didn't know that this problem sada I didn't know that this break show will do. I didn't know this was haram. Yeah, Allah, it's on your phone. So there are so many classes happening. And they're taking people in now. There are so many online options. Muslim Central, as I said, if your phone does not have the Muslim Central app on his phone, it's a dumb phone is not a smartphone. It's a dumb phone. So get the Muslim Central app and see on the which Allah Bronto we're going to have our what's Islam, our series on the women of the Prophet

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Salam is almost done. We'll start a new class, you tell me what you want, and I'll teach it to you in sha Allah 20 minutes a week. You can learn something so let me know. So join a class, read a book.

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Get involved in your local madrasa, your local Masjid

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fix that first image on the corner. And I promise in sha Allah by the Grace of Allah if we all do that, within time, maybe not our generation, but the generation very soon they will get Majid Luxa but you're not gonna get too much luck saw it Burano Islam as it is affixed and the masjid on the corner.

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is not fixed. That's how it works. That's how it works. So begin now and plan for the future. And keep at the very least if you can't do any of these things, at least make dua for us in the community. And remember, Allah Subhana Allah says to us, this is what you and I need to be. Allah says what Gallica Jana, Martin Masato and thus we have made you a just community that you listen to this Oh mostly mean, you will be witness over all of mankind. You are the ones that will be the ones that keep the rest of humanity in check, you will be the leadership not because in power, but in terms of setting the example for humanity. And the messenger will be witness over you and Rasulullah

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saw Salam will hold you will be witness over you. And we know Allah is going to hire Martin, rigidly nurse that you should be you are and should be the best nation that Allah has ever put on this ummah, not just not from genetically or your color, rather, because you command and you instruct and you do what is right, and you forget what is wrong. And you believe in Allah, that if you do these things, this is what's required of you. Allah subhanaw taala is did not put us here simply to do our job, to put food on the table and go on holiday. That's not what we meant to do. We are meant to be his Khalifa on this dunya when Allah said to the angels in Niger and out of the Khalifa, I am

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placing on this dunya my representative My khalifa, he means me and you. So it's time you and I rose to the occasion, and we live the life. And when we close our eyes hamdulillah was a life worth living. We've lived something positive in this dunya when we return to our OB, we can say we fulfilled it, but begins with a small steps. So even if you take one step well Hamdulillah that one step is good enough. And here I begin. You think I'm just too I don't talk theoretically. My closing remarks. This is an invitation to you. On Tuesday evening, the 15th of January.

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We are having our AGM it's going to continue. I hope to see you the if you don't even those of you who can participate participate. We have needs. We need a treasurer. It's wrong that the Imam is doing the finances as well. It's a recipe for disaster. We need a treasurer. We need people with financial expertise. We need people with legal expertise. We have three properties in this area. Subhanallah What if developers want to take the Masjid? We don't know these things. I don't know those things. But there's someone out here that might have the answers. You want to talk about gentrification? Well, we only cry when the budget disappears. It is too late. So we need people to

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get involved. We need people to heat up projects. Subhan Allah is a project has been sitting since I joined here, we see tourists up and down taking photos of the Masjid. Why don't we call them in and teach them five minutes about Islam. But not all of us Pamela shame poor but utterly. With the side can't do all these things are still water getting old. They want to hand it over. People like you you've got the opportunity and if so if you can contribute at least come the at least show your face. At least give a word of advice or word of encouragement. So I hope to see all of you the Tuesday evening often a mother of insha Allah and may Allah bless us as organization and as a

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community as oma in the year to come mean Allah bless you and your kids as they start school. Allah grant them all the Tofik and success in the studies may the law may they be the seeds and one day when they flourish. Be a great generation that we can look back and be proud of one day. I mean Allah protect them I mean to sokola hate shukran so much Salam Wallach, more labor