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Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 22 – Spend more time in the Masjid

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Bilal Philips

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whatever time you can spend additional time in the masjid is good.

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Because it's away from the distractions of the world we can focus more on worship, on reading the Quran

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being more exposed to

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the commandments of God, this is God speaking to us.

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If we're reading God's words as God speaks to us, then obviously that should increase our consciousness of God. So it means reading it with reflection at the border

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of Allah tada barudan Quran Will they not reflect and contemplate on the Koran?

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Or are their hearts sealed? locked up? Amala lubaina?

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What is our state?

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Are we just

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parroting the letters

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let us focus not on completing how many times the Quran in Ramadan.

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But focus on reflecting on what Allah has to say to us what guidance he has left for us in this the only book of Revelation which has been preserved and will be preserved until the last days of this world.